The Ziggurat is an infrastructure structure located on the far north-east of Desert. It was originally introduced on February 23, 2017 as part of the timed quest called Ziggurat.[1]

A total of 300 assets are needed to complete construction of the Ziggurat. This is equivalent to 375 Megabucks sm if one were to buy every asset instead of waiting to receive them from neighbors.



Ziggurat Frame

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
RebarAsset Rebar 5x1 Megabucks sm5 Megabucks sm
Tech DrawingAsset Tech Drawing 5x1 Megabucks sm5 Megabucks sm
10 Assets 10 Megabucks sm


Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Circular SawAsset Circular Saw 12x1 Megabucks sm12 Megabucks sm
CordsAsset Cords 11x1 Megabucks sm11 Megabucks sm
Signal AmplifiersAsset Signal Amplifiers 10x1 Megabucks sm10 Megabucks sm
StepladderAsset Stepladder 12x1 Megabucks sm12 Megabucks sm
Tech DrawingAsset Tech Drawing 13x1 Megabucks sm13 Megabucks sm
Temperature ControllerAsset Temperature Controller 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
TransformersAsset Transformers 7x2 Megabucks sm14 Megabucks sm
80 Assets 87 Megabucks sm

Ziggurat District

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
AnemostatAsset Anemostat 11x1 Megabucks sm11 Megabucks sm
GlassAsset Glass 10x1 Megabucks sm10 Megabucks sm
Paint MixerAsset Paint Mixer 12x1 Megabucks sm12 Megabucks sm
Paving StoneAsset Paving Stone (Venetian) 13x1 Megabucks sm13 Megabucks sm
PipesAsset Pipes 9x1 Megabucks sm9 Megabucks sm
Solar Heating SystemAsset Solar Heating System 9x3 Megabucks sm27 Megabucks sm
TurfAsset Turf 10x1 Megabucks sm10 Megabucks sm
TurnstilesAsset Turnstiles 11x1 Megabucks sm11 Megabucks sm
Ventilation SystemAsset Ventilation System 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
100 Assets 118 Megabucks sm

Ziggurat City

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
AsphaltAsset Asphalt 14x1 Megabucks sm14 Megabucks sm
Lawn EdgingAsset Border Tape 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
Express ElevatorAsset Express Elevator 10x2 Megabucks sm20 Megabucks sm
HelipadAsset Helipad 10x5 Megabucks sm50 Megabucks sm
LoudspeakerAsset Loudspeaker 12x1 Megabucks sm12 Megabucks sm
Perforator DrillAsset Perforator 13x1 Megabucks sm13 Megabucks sm
Road PaintAsset Road Paint 11x1 Megabucks sm11 Megabucks sm
Road SignsAsset Road Signs 14x1 Megabucks sm14 Megabucks sm
Steam RollerAsset Steam Roller 11x1 Megabucks sm11 Megabucks sm
110 Assets 160 Megabucks sm


LevelPopulation LimitsXPPowerWaterAdditional Access
Level 02,000 Population Limits (+2,000)200 Experience sm (+200)10 Power sm (+10)8 Water sm (+8)
Level 17,000 Population Limits (+5,000)400 Experience sm (+200)22 Power sm (+12)17 Water sm (+9)
Level 216,000 Population Limits (+9,000)600 Experience sm (+200)40 Power sm (+18)27 Water sm (+10)
Level 326,000 Population Limits (+10,000)700 Experience sm (+100)60 Power sm (+20)38 Water sm (+11)
Level 437,000 Population Limits (+11,000)1,000 Experience sm (+300)82 Power sm (+22)50 Water sm (+12)
Total/Max37,000 Population Limits2,900 Experience sm82 Power sm50 Water sm


SQ Internal Info:
  • Name: Зиккурат (translates to Ziggurat)
  • ID: 10021279 (ziggurat_place)
  • The game file shows the release date as February 20, 2017.


  1. SQ Forum: Update 02.23.2017

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