The Wish List allows players to mark up to ten (10) assets needed to complete construction projects so that both human and model neighbors will be aware of a players needs. This allows neighbors to gift needed assets to players by using a wish list filter that is built into the user interface.

Adding Wishlist Items

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Assets can be added to the Wish List from the Construction page for a given building (green plus sign) or via the "Your wish list" menu of the Gifts popup window (Empty Slot). If the Wish List is already full, neither of these options will be active.

Removing Wishlist Items

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Assets can only be removed from the Wish List via the "Your wish list" menu of the Gifts popup window (Delete button).


Screenshots provided by DeadAgent of the SQ Forums.

Step & Description Screenshot
1. Select a building under constrution (one that requires assets to complete.)
Fb remove from wishlist step1
2. Select the Plus (+) symbol next to any assets.
Fb remove from wishlist step2
3. Select Add to wish list
Fb remove from wishlist step3
4. From the wishlist, select the red rectangle in the upper right of any asset tile.
Fb remove from wishlist step4
5. Select Remove from wish list.
Fb remove from wishlist step5

Wish List Management

Model Neighbors give daily asset gifts based partly on the player's wish list and partly on the assets most needed for open construction projects.

Prior to late November 2013, at Level 51 and above, if the player had 10 assets in the Wish List, then the model neighbors would provide one of 5-10 of those assets, then one of each of the next 5-10 assets that were in greatest demand based on the player's active construction projects. Assets that have been received from neighbors but not yet applied to a construction project are not counted against demand.

In late November 2013, a large number of construction projects were started automatically as part of SQ promotions to complete the projects. This threw of the gifting algorithms while those projects were open and, although the foundations for most of the undesired projects could be deleted, the National Laboratory could not. Furthermore, players report continuing to receive 2-4 assets per day for the last two projects started during the promotion, the Lighthouse and Yacht Club, despite having either previously completed these structures or deleted the foundations.[1] Social Quantum has claimed in email correspondence that the gifting of useless assets is not a glitch, but has forwarded customer complaints to the developers.

Wish List Management Tips

  • Less Than 10 Assets: Having less than 10 assets on the Wish List may result in the Model Neighbors sending multiple copies of other non-Wish List assets rather than multiple copies of the desired Wish List assets.
  • Adding Unavailable Assets: Asset that are not currently needed in open construction projects can still be added to the Wish List as follows:
    • Facebook Flash Client - Search for the desired asset in the Build (shopping) window, then add the desired asset the Wish List from there.
    • iOS and Android Mobile Versions - Purchase the foundation for a project that requires the asset, add the desired asset to the Wish List, then delete the foundation using the bulldozer tool.
  • Optimizing Non-Wish List Gifts Received from Model Neighbors: A player can maximize the number of desired assets received from Model Neighbors by avoiding placing the assets already in highest demand on the Wish List, since the Model Neighbors will gift some of those assets automatically. However, this will also result in human neighbors not seeing these items on the player's wish list.
  • Increasing Demand for a Non-Wish List Asset: A player can manipulate which non-Wish List assets are received from the Model Neighbors (assets in highest demand) by temporarily purchasing foundations to various constructable buildings, but not applying received assets to them, then deleting those buildings when the desired amount of the asset has been accumulated.
  • Decreasing Demand for a Non-Wish List Asset: A player can also manipulate which non-Wish List assets are received from the Model Neighbors (assets in highest demand) by applying one or more of an undesired asset to an active construction project. This will reduce the demand for that assets and, the next day, the Model Neighbors will provide the next non-Wishlist Asset instead.
  1. SQ Forum Thread: Useless AI Gifts