Ever thought of something that might make the gameplay simpler? Share with us too.

Production Headquarters

Production Headquarters might be a government building (in each zone separately or one united on mainland) which will inform the player about all the running production contracts. It might tell us how long it will take to finish a certain running contract. While clicking on the name, it might take us to the building's location. This feature will not affect any profitability changes to the actual gameplay because contracts do not expire.

Greeting Neighbour

The idea is to show a message when someone visits the player. It'll be preset by the player to greet the visiting Neighbors. To make the game more challenging, it might be programmed in the way where the player will have to renew the message manually to be shown to another visitor (after the first one complete visit).

Confirmation on spending Megabuck on PC

Just like mobile, there should be a confirmation dialogue which prompt the user if mayors' actually wants to spend the Megabuck. This would prevent accidental expenditure.

New Game Zone


Since requests of new land by many many players it would be a good idea to introduce a new game zone, where all buildings - fixed or movable - should have a futuristic architecture. Also there should be introduced a new system of transportation: the Hyperloop.

"On the Mars" / "Martian Valley"

After "decades" of successful space exploration, the citizens of Megapolis have built cities on the nearest planet Mars. In an attempt to fluently run the business on Mars, the mayor of Megapolis is invited to visit Mars and manage and develop the life on Mars.