Update 12 11 2015 v1
Update 12 11 2015 v2

Develop Las Megas and unlock new territories to build on! Upgrade the International Port and the Assembly Plant and build new wonderful stations, trains and ferries. With the new Drive Game Center, Phoenix Concert Hall and the Cherry Mall, your Las Megas will be an even more exciting place to visit. Play Megapolis and develop your city!


South China Architecture (Wheel of Fortune)
Las Megas Road Station (Buildsite)
Zorah Plateau Station (Buildsite)
Paimor Station (Buildsite)
Drive Game Center (Buildsite)
Phoenix Concert Hall (Buildsite)
Cherry Mall (Buildsite)
Langham Place Hotel (3 Megabucks sm or 6 409 000 Coin sm)
Microhouse (3 Megabucks sm or 828 000 Coin sm)


Notre Dame de Paris (Pack 1)
Palace of Fontainebleau (Pack 2)
Chartres Cathedral (Pack 3)


Nybras Train (Las Megas Train)
Marlin Ferry (Las Megas Ferry)
International Port
Assembly Plant

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