Update 22 08 2014 v1 Update 22 08 2014 v2

Spin the Wheel of Fortune! You can win the best financial centers in the world: the Shares Fund, the One Financial Square, the Innovation Center, the Fund Center, the City Spire Tower, the Investment Center and the International Finance Center. Find chests in Megapolis! The more chests you open, the higher your chances of finding figurines. You can get gifts for figurines: the World Trade Center San Antonio, the Musée du Luxembourg, the Pharaoh Plaza and the H Building. Play Megapolis and fortune is sure to smile on you!

Super special offer! Right now, buying Megabucks is even more of a bargain. Buy Megabucks and get up to 450 Megabucks and a gigantic tower as a gift. Hurry! This offer is for a limited time only!


Financial Centers (Wheel of Fortune)
Pharmaceutical Company (5 Megabucks sm or 660,000 Coin sm)
Noah's Ark Residential Complex (Buildsite)


Chest Figurine 08.22.2014

Chest 8 (Mysterious Chest)


Bow Tower (Pack 1)
Vivaldi Tower (Pack 2)
Hearst Tower (Pack 3)

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