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The ruins of a grandiose architectural monument have been found in the Rocky Mountains – the Great Wall of China. Megapolis's economists believe that restoring the Great Wall could bring in many tourists, and plenty of revenue with them. Start restoring the Great Wall of China. Complete the tasks and you'll get a new title and an exceptionally beautiful building as a reward!

Megapolis is giving gifts! Now only, when you buy Megabucks you get even more Megabucks and some wonderful skyscrapers from Ningbo for free! Brighten up your Megapolis with the Ningbo Fortune Center, Ningbo Bank and Ningbo Chamber of Commerce. Don't miss this opportunity, play Megapolis!

Construct the beautiful buildings of an ancient city in your Megapolis – Alexandria, founded by Alexander the Great. You can win any of these buildings on the Wheel of Fortune: the Alexandria Opera House, the Library of Alexandria, the Greco-Roman Museum, the Citadel of Qaitbay, the Roman Amphitheater in Alexandria and the Ras el-Tin Palace. Win them all and get a new title and the Montazah Palace as a reward!


Architecture of Alexandria (Wheel of Fortune)
Chinese Architectural Association (Buildsite)
Terracotta Tower (Buildsite)
Ancient Monument Preservation Committee (Buildsite)


Quest The Great Wall

Great Wall of China (Timed Quest)


Ningbo Chamber of Commerce (Pack 1)
Ningbo Bank (Pack 2)
Ningbo Fortune Center (Pack 3)

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