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Come to the Megapolis Store and see the new buildings from beautiful Dubai! Add sophistication to your city and build the Bin Suroor Mosque, B2B Business Center and the Eastern Tea Ceremony Park today!


B2B Business Center (11 Megabucks sm.png or 4,637,000 Coin sm.png)
Bin Suroor Mosque (11 Megabucks sm.png or 1,009,000 Coin sm.png)
Eastern Tea Ceremony Park (11 Megabucks sm.png or 835,000 Coin sm.png)
Butterfly Garden (9 Megabucks sm.png or 10,221,000 Coin sm.png)
La Comedie de Bethune Theater (9 Megabucks sm.png or 5,178,000 Coin sm.png)
Dubai Bank Building (9 Megabucks sm.png or 3,557,000 Coin sm.png)

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