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The incredible architecture of modern skyscrapers makes the heart beat faster! Build stunning New York skyscrapers in Megapolis: One57, the Conde Nast Building and the Bank of America Tower. You can get them completely free when you buy Megabucks, and get a bonus along with them – even more Megabucks!

The Wheel of Fortune spins for you! Win and build the Murano Skyscraper, the Philadelphia Hotel, the G. Fred DiBona Jr. Building, the Bell Atlantic Tower and the BNY Mellon Center. As a reward, you'll get One Liberty Place and a new title: Architect of Philadelphia. Luck is on your side


Towers of Philadelphia (Wheel of Fortune)
The Cube (9 Megabucks sm.png or 3 400 000 Coin sm.png)
Liberty Tower (7 Megabucks sm.png or 3 118 000 Coin sm.png)
Belltower House (2 Megabucks sm.png or 1 350 000 Coin sm.png)
Cullen Hotel (9 Megabucks sm.png or 1 602 000 Coin sm.png)
Adatara Hotel (9 Megabucks sm.png or 3 448 000 Coin sm.png)
Wedding Palace (9 Megabucks sm.png or 148 000 Coin sm.png)
Han Show Theater (9 Megabucks sm.png or 3 488 000 Coin sm.png)


Bank of America Tower (Pack 1)
One57 (Pack 2)
Conde Nast Building (Pack 3)

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