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Spin the Wheel of Fortune and win! You can win Istanbul’s most beautiful buildings, or even the grand prize: the Hagia Sophia and a new title!


Istanbul's Architecture (Wheel of Fortune)
White Nights Apartment Complex (2 Megabucks sm.png or 340 000 Coin sm.png)
Ventress Apartment Complex (2 Megabucks sm.png or 190 000 Coin sm.png)
Compass Flower Bed (1 Megabucks sm.png or 70 000 Coin sm.png)
Wavy Walkway (95 000 Coin sm.png)
Stone Walkway (3 000 Coin sm.png)
Floral Promenade (2 500 Coin sm.png)
Marco Polo Tower (5 Megabucks sm.png or 2 800 000 Coin sm.png)


Pedestrian Promenade
Upscale Apartments
Quiet Streets
Fresh Greenery
White Nights
Marco Polo’s Sails

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