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New additions to the Megapolis Store: amazing buildings and locations. Build Edas Tower, Auris Hotel and the Frank Lloyd Wright Spire. Make your city even more beautiful!


Edas Tower (9 Megabucks sm.png or 9,236,000 Coin sm.png)
Auris Hotel (9 Megabucks sm.png or 3,539,000 Coin sm.png)
Frank Lloyd Wright Spire (7 Megabucks sm.png or 224,000 Coin sm.png)
Al Manara Tower (9 Megabucks sm.png or 4,267,000 Coin sm.png)
Kean University (11 Megabucks sm.png or 5,219,000 Coin sm.png)
Moomin House (9 Megabucks sm.png or 1,658,000 Coin sm.png)

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