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Skyscrapers tower among the sands of Saudi Arabia as a testament to its architectural mastery! Want to see them in your Megapolis? Spin the Wheel of Fortune and win Alturki Business Park, the Ad Dammam Publishing House, Cement Tower, Air Liquide Tower, Hugayet Tower, Khobar Gate Tower and the magnificent Mousa Tower! Try your luck!


Desert Towers (Wheel of Fortune set)
Doha Banana Cafe (9 Megabucks sm.png or 2,706,000 Coin sm.png)
Giant Pearl Monument (7 Megabucks sm.png or 415,000 Coin sm.png)
Elephant Statue (2 Megabucks sm.png or 380,000 Coin sm.png)
Shibuya Forum (9 Megabucks sm.png or 5,566,000 Coin sm.png)
General Electric Building (9 Megabucks sm.png or 4,500,000 Coin sm.png)
Mission San Xavier del Bac (9 Megabucks sm.png or 4,869,000 Coin sm.png)

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