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Updated collection of unique buildings! With each passing day, the military might and authority of Megapolis increases. Speed up this growth with a collection of unique buildings for the military base! Produce military vehicles in factories and get unique materials. Use the materials to construct buildings from the Center of Unique Structures. Prove to the entire world that your military authority is unmatched!

Say "yes" to the project of the century! Build the first man-made mountain in Megapolis. It will bring rainclouds to the desert and become a new asset to our city. Prove that you're a genius expert on landscapes and climatology and get a worthy reward!


Meteorological Laboratory (Fixed Buildsite)
Mountain Construction Center (Fixed Buildsite)
Artificial Mountain (Fixed Buildsite)
Weather Station (Fixed Buildsite)
Hot Air Balloon Ride (Fixed Buildsite)
Quad Bike Hire Point (Fixed Buildsite)
Military Archive (Unique Structure)
Military Academy (Unique Structure)
Reserve Headquarters (Unique Structure)
Quartermaster Service (Unique Structure)
Military Armory (Unique Structure)
Military Supply Administration (Unique Structure)


Quest Artificial Mountain (Quest).png

Artificial Mountain (Timed Quest)


Manhattan Municipal Building (Pack 1)
Triumph Palace (Pack 2)
Triumph of Astana (Pack 3)

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