Update 04 02 2013

For the related quest, see Quest/Central Park.

Build: 1546 Source: [SQ Forums]

Unannounced updates

April 3, 2013

Salary sm2.png Salary sm.png
  • In addition to the quest, on April 3, 2013, a new Salary Salary sm2 icon was added. The envelope with money Salary sm has been replaced with a wallet and credit cards Salary sm2.

April 4, 2013

  • Reputation Reputation sm bar was adjusted so that the Reputation level appears on the left side instead of the right.
  • Edward 130404
    Social Quantum introduced an action counter Ui action counter on the neighbor tile. They also updated the action bar counter on the neighbor's city view.
  • Social Quantum updated the multi-tier construction UI for Android clients. On construction projects thatange for free gifts. There is also an added option to cancel sending Facebook sharing and requests. The way to send gifts in the wishlist has changed. The city renaming bug has been fixed.