Update 02 11 2014
Standard Buildings
Mustangs of Las Colina
Novus Residential Complex
Conrad Miami Hotel

With Update/02.11.2014 there were 3 Standard Buildings integrated.

Standard Buildings

As Standard Building there is one new Decoration Building, one new Residential Building and one new Production Building.

They have the following costs:

Decoration Mustangs of Las Colinas Mustangs of Las Colinas

680,000 Coin sm
or 3 Megabucks sm

Building Novus Residential Complex Novus Residential Complex

550,000 Coin sm
or 4 Megabucks sm

Conrad Miami Hotel Construction Conrad Miami Hotel

3,200,000 Coin sm
or 8 Megabucks sm


With the update there was added an additional level to the Water Treatment Station, the Water Supply System and the Hydro Power Plant.

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