UPDATE - 04 Feb 2016 - Cruise Around The Islands

UPDATE - 04 Feb 2016 - Cruise Around The Islands

Are you ready to go on an unforgettable journey? Then organize a cruise around the islands of Megapolis!

Build the Bon Voyage Cruise Liner, Mirra Marina, First Encounter Lighthouse and many other wonderful buildings in Megapolis, Tourist Island and the Rocky Mountains. Get a reward and have an amazing experience!


Mirra Marina (Buildsite)
First Encounter (Buildsite)
Fiery Love Hotel (Buildsite)
Warm Winds Thermae (Buildsite)
St. Valentine’s Church (Buildsite)
Northern Romance Restaurant (Buildsite)
Flow Spa Complex (Buildsite)
Aqua Vitae Hotel (Buildsite)
Cruise PR Campaign (Buildsite)


Quest Island Cruise

Island Cruise (Timed Quest)

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