Update 01 28 2014
Special Buildings
Victory Stadium
Hockey Arena
Aspen Arena
Glacier Stadium
Snow Queen Skating Palace
Timed Quest
The Winter Games in Megapolis
Brotherhood of Nations Fountain
Blimp Base

With Update/01.28.2014 there were 5 Special Buildings integrated.Also there got a Timed Quest integrated into the game.

Special Buildings

As Special Buildings there are five new fixed buildings that are placed to the south west of the Rocky Mountains expansion zone.

They have the following costs:

Victory Stadium Construction Victory Stadium

30,000 Coin sm
or 2 Megabucks sm

Hockey Arena Construction Hockey Arena

45,000 Coin sm
or 2 Megabucks sm

Aspen Arena Construction Aspen Arena

70,000 Coin sm
or 3 Megabucks sm

Glacier Stadium Construction Glacier Stadium

100,000 Coin sm
or 4 Megabucks sm

Snow Queen Skating Palace Construction Snow Queen Skating Palace

120,000 Coin sm
or 5 Megabucks sm

Timed Quest

(see The Winter Games in Megapolis)

Quest The Winter Games in Megapolis
Aside the new buildings a new Timed Quest called The Winter Games in Megapolis was also implemented. Like the most Timed Quests this one has 11 stages to complete and there have to be built Victory Stadium, Hockey Arena, Aspen Arena, Glacier Stadium, Snow Queen Skating Palace.

As bonuses for completing special stages you get in the mids Brotherhood of Nations Fountain and at the end Blimp Base.

Brotherhood of Nations Fountain Brotherhood of Nations Fountain Bonus Building
Blimp Base Blimp Base Bonus Building
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