Underground Parking Lot Entrance (Foundation)
Underground Parking Lot Entrance Construction
Plot Fixed
Cost 60,000 Coin sm
3 Megabucks sm
20 Power sm
18 Water sm
Provides 250 Experience sm
Population limit:

14,000 Population Limits

No periodic benefit
Construction Instant
Underground Parking Lot Entrance Initial

The Underground Parking Lot Entrance is an infrastructure building located on the coast to the west of the Marina expansion territory. It was added during an update on 04.01.2014 as part of the timed quest called Fake Hills Residential Complex (Quest).[1]

A total of 75 assets are needed to complete construction of the Underground Parking Lot Entrance. This is equivalent to 75 Megabucks sm if one were to buy every asset instead of waiting to receive them from neighbors.

Quests and Achievements



Underground Parking Lot Entrance (Level 1)

Underground Parking Lot Entrance L1
Requires Rewards
  • 75 Megabucks sm or 75 asset gifts
  • 40 (+20) Power sm and 38 (+20) Water sm
Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Steam Roller Asset Steam Roller x 13 1 Megabucks sm 13 Megabucks sm
Friend-or-Foe Identification System Asset Friend-or-Foe Identification System x 12 1 Megabucks sm 12 Megabucks sm
Surveillance Systems Asset Surveillance Systems x 10 1 Megabucks sm 10 Megabucks sm
Signal Lights Asset Signal Lights x 10 1 Megabucks sm 10 Megabucks sm
Foam Glass Asset Foam Glass x 10 1 Megabucks sm 10 Megabucks sm
Self-Tapping Screw Asset Self-Tapping Screw x 8 1 Megabucks sm 8 Megabucks sm
Barrier Tape Asset Barrier Tape x 7 1 Megabucks sm 7 Megabucks sm
Circular Saw Asset Circular Saw x 5 1 Megabucks sm 5 Megabucks sm


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