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"There's a new island in Megapolis: Tourist Island! Develop tourism and build a real resort paradise!"

Tourist Island is a game zone that was added in an update on August 06, 2013.[1] Originally, it could be unlocked for 200,000 Coin sm, but now requires construction of the Hydroport in the main game zone to gain access (players who unlocked the island prior to this change are grandfathered and retain access regardless of whether the Hydroport is completed or not). It has a separate Population sm cap and uses a separate allocation of Power sm and Water sm based only upon the buildings in that zone, although Coin sm are shared between all zones. No production buildings can be build in the Tourist Island zone other than the fixed ones, and several infrastructure buildings are also unavailable. Additional construction sites were added in an update on September 06, 2013[2] Some existing construction sites were enhanced with more/new contracts and levels and a new site was added in an update on February 06, 2014[3]

Tourists were introduced as a new form of currency for contracts on Tourist Island, and must be brought in (earned) using contracts at certain buildings, then entertained (spent) using contracts at other buildings to obtain coins Coin sm. There are two classes of tourists: regular 20px-Tourists.png and premium class 20px-Premium-Class_Tourists.png .

While this zone is referred as Tourist Island in most places, it is called Tourism Island in various parts of the game.



In addition to the expansion zone, the following construction sites become available when the Tourist Island zone is unlocked:


Maritime Terminal
International Terminal
Duty-free Pavilion
Ocean Liner Port
Landing Site

Tourist Attractions

Water Park
Coastal Hotels
Tropical Hotel
Ancient Fort
Safari Park
Large Planetarium

Resource Supply Buildings

Experimental Desalination Plant
Geothermal Plant

Extra Buildings

Beach Accessories Store
Diving School
Star Shard Gift Store
Astronomy Laboratory
Starlight Conference Center
Foucault Tower
Old Fort Restaurant
Pirate Fort Children's Park
Petting Zoo

Initial Buildings

Initially, when unlocked, the Tourist Island expansion is ready with the following buildings and decorations:

6x Wooden House
3x Bungalow
1x Palm Trees
1x Solar Power Plant
1x Nuclear Power Plant
2x Improved Water Tower
2x Modern Water Tower
some road sections


Name Release Date
Quest Indian Summer Indian Summer
(Timed Quest)
September 06, 2013
Quest Mysterious City Mysterious City
(Timed Quest)
March 27, 2015
World Capitals (Beijing) Logo World Capitals: Beijing
(Timed Contest)
March 27, 2015
Quest Taming the Volcano Taming the Volcano
(Timed Quest)
April 07, 2015
Quest Restoring Pompeii Restoring Pompeii
(Timed Quest)
August 25, 2015
Quest Island Cruise Island Cruise
(Timed Quest)
February 04, 2016
Quest Water Town Water Town
(Timed Quest)
March 03, 2016
Quest Lost Colossus Lost Colossus
(Timed Quest)
May 16, 2016
Quest Sea Fort (Quest) Sea Forts
(Timed Quest)
April 06, 2017
Quest Pamukkale Terraces Pamukkale Terraces
(Timed Quest)
June 21, 2018
Quest Airplanes and the Sea Airplanes and the Sea
(Regular Quest)
August 06, 2013
Quest Tourism - Maritime Routes Tourism - Maritime Routes
(Quest Chain)
Quest Tourism - Adventures at Sea Tourism - Adventures at Sea
Quest Tourism - Traveling by Yacht Tourism - Traveling by Yacht
Quest Tourism - Having Fun Tourism - Having Fun
Quest Tourism - Green Island Tourism - Green Island
Quest Tourism - Souvenirs Tourism - Souvenirs
Quest Tourism - Kids' Day Tourism - Kids' Day
Quest Tourism - Coastal Hotels Tourism - Coastal Hotels
Quest Tourism - the First Thousand Tourism - the First Thousand
Quest Tourism - Water Tourism - Water
Quest Tourism - Electricity Tourism - Electricity
Quest Tourism - Natural Resources Tourism - Natural Resources
Quest Tourism - Big Wave Tourism - Big Wave
Quest Tourism - Air Route Tourism - Air Route
Quest Tourism - Serious Profits Tourism - Serious Profits
August 06, 2013
Quest Tourist Island (Quest) Tourist Island (Quest)
(Regular Quest)
February 06, 2014
Quest Water Entertainment (Quest) Water Entertainment
(Regular Quest)
February 06, 2014
Quest First Tourists First Tourists
(Quest Chain)
Quest Island Visitors Island Visitors
Quest A Water Park for Tourists A Water Park for Tourists
Quest Yacht Berth (Tourist Island) Yacht Berth
Quest Family Tourism Family Tourism
Quest Family Tourism End Family Tourism End
Quest Star Tourism Star Tourism
Quest A Show for Tourists A Show for Tourists
Quest Eclipse Seekers Eclipse Seekers
Quest Large Planetarium (Quest) Large Planetarium
Quest Dreams of Stars Dreams of Stars
Quest Stars for Tourists Stars for Tourists
Quest Tourists in Zero-Gravity Tourists in Zero-Gravity
Quest A New Hotel on the Island A New Hotel on the Island
Quest Cosmos Museum Cosmos Museum
Quest Distant Planets Distant Planets
February 06, 2014
Quest Required Resources Required Resources
(Quest Chain)
Quest Harmonious Development Harmonious Development
Quest Tourist Visas Tourist Visas
Quest Improving the City Improving the City
Quest A Breathtaking View A Breathtaking View
Quest Japanese Style Japanese Style
Quest Star Hotel Star Hotel
Quest Sports Tourism Sports Tourism
Quest The Ecology of Construction The Ecology of Construction
February 06, 2014
Quest Seaside Hotels Seaside Hotels
(Quest Chain)
Quest Tourist Business Tourist Business
Quest Traveling by Yacht Traveling by Yacht
Quest Tourist Flying Tourist Flying
Quest Tourist Beach Tourist Beach
Quest Tourist Cruise Tourist Cruise
Quest Large-Scale Tourism Large-Scale Tourism
February 06, 2014
Quest Fresh Water Fresh Water
(Quest Chain)
Quest Earth Energy Earth Energy
Quest Clean Water Clean Water
Quest The Power of Steam The Power of Steam
Quest Getting Water Getting Water
Quest Megapolis Turbines Megapolis Turbines
Quest Perfecting the Water Supply Perfecting the Water Supply
Quest Generating Energy Generating Energy
February 06, 2014
Quest Tropical Hotel (Quest) Tropical Hotel
(Quest Chain)
Quest Tourist Airport Tourist Airport
Quest Airways Airways
Quest VIP Tourists VIP Tourists
Quest Wildlife Park Wildlife Park
Quest Safari in the Park Safari in the Park
Quest The Rise of Tourism The Rise of Tourism
Quest Internal Flights Internal Flights
Quest Exotic Flower Garden Exotic Flower Garden
Quest Active Recreation Active Recreation
80px International Terminal
Quest Island History Museum Island History Museum
Quest Lake View Lake View
Quest Tourist Fishing Tourist Fishing
Quest Island Infrastructure Island Infrastructure
Quest A Cozy Restaurant A Cozy Restaurant
Quest A Zoo for the Little Ones A Zoo for the Little Ones
80px Pirate Fort
Quest Pirate Treasure Pirate Treasure
Quest A Park for Tourists A Park for Tourists
March 18, 2014
Quest To the Beach! To the Beach!
(Quest Chain)
Quest Underwater Attractions Underwater Attractions
Quest Underwater Training Underwater Training
Quest Star Shard Star Shard
Quest Starlight Starlight
Quest The Birth of a Star The Birth of a Star
Quest Cosmic History Cosmic History
Quest Big Bang Theory Big Bang Theory
March 18, 2014
Quest Reward for a Vacation Reward for a Vacation
(Regular Quest)
February 20, 2015


Name Image Details Experience sm Reward Coin sm Reward Extra Congratulatory Text
Island Explorer
Achievement Island Explorer
Unlock Tourist Island 200 Experience sm 1,000 Coin sm You unlocked Tourist Island and you receive a reward and a new title - "Island Explorer". Would you like to tell your friends?
Minister of Tourism
Achievement Minister of Tourism
Build basic vacation facilities on the Island 2,500 Experience sm 15,000 Coin sm Truly epic! You are actively developing the infrastructure on Tourist Island and have earned the title of Minister of Tourism!
Tourism Specialist
Achievement Tourism Specialist
Bring 1,000 tourists to the Island 500 Experience sm 3,000 Coin sm Congratulations! More than a thousand tourists have already been to your Tourist Island. You've earned the right to be called a Tourism Specialist!
Tourism Expert Bring 5,000 tourists to the Island 750 Experience sm 10,000 Coin sm Congratulations! More than 5,000 tourists have already been to your Tourist Island. You've earned the right to be called a Tourism Expert!
Large-Scale Tourism Specialist Bring 10,000 tourists to the Island 950 Experience sm 25,000 Coin sm Congratulations! More than 10,000 tourists have already been to your Tourist Island! You've earned the right to be called a Large-Scale Tourism Specialist!
Large-Scale Tourism Expert Bring 20,000 tourists to the Island 1,500 Experience sm 30,000 Coin sm Congratulations! More than 20,000 tourists have already been to your Tourist Island. You've earned the right to be called a Large-Scale Tourism Expert!
VIP Tourism Specialist
Achievement VIP Tourism Specialist
Bring 1,000 VIP tourists to the island 600 Experience sm 4,000 Coin sm 03 x Rebar Asset Rebar Congratulations! More than a thousand VIP tourists have already visited your Tourist Island. You've earned the right to be called a VIP Tourism Specialist!
VIP Tourism Expert Bring 10,000 VIP tourists to the island 900 Experience sm 28,000 Coin sm 03 x Pipes Asset Pipes Congratulations! More than 10,000 VIP tourists have already visited your Tourist Island. You've earned the right to be called a VIP Tourism Expert!
Tourism Industry Expert
Achievement Tourism Industry Expert
Finish construction of all the Tourist Island buildings 2,000 Experience sm 50,000 Coin sm 03 x Precious Wood Furniture Asset Precious Wood Furniture You've finished building all the Tourist Island buildings and earned the title of Tourism Industry Expert. Would you like to tell your friends?


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