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The Wright Stuff is a collection of Wheel of Fortune buildings that can be accessed through the Extra building menu and is available for a limited time.

It was available for a limited time beginning on Fri May 24, 2013 [1] and again on Tue June 23, 2015 [2] (with 1 Megabucks sm.png spin price and 1 minute build duration)

Buildings Available

The Wright Stuff
Wingspread House.png
Gammage Theatre.png
Rondelle Theatre.png
Wingspread House Gammage Theatre Rondelle Theatre
2x2 Plot
6 hours build
2x3 Plot
9 hours build
1x2 Plot
2 hours build
18 Power sm.png and 11 Water sm.png 20 Power sm.png and 16 Water sm.png 9 Power sm.png and 6 Water sm.png
12,500 Population Limits.png and 750 Experience sm.png 20,250 Population Limits.png and 1,250 Experience sm.png 5,750 Population Limits.png and 375 Experience sm.png
660 Coin sm.png and 29 Experience sm.png every 3 hours
Coin per Minute: 3.67 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.16 Experience sm.png
275 Coin sm.png and 12 Experience sm.png every 3 hours
Coin per Minute: 1.53 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.07 Experience sm.png
8 Coin sm.png and 7 Experience sm.png every 8 hours
Coin per Minute: 0.02 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.01 Experience sm.png
Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png
Ennis house.png
Greek Orthodox Church.png
House by a waterfall.png
Ennis House Greek Orthodox Church House by a Waterfall
2x3 Plot
12 hours build
2x2 Plot
6 hours build
2x2 Plot
12 hours build
37 Power sm.png and 24 Water sm.png 19 Power sm.png and 2 Water sm.png 21 Power sm.png and 17 Water sm.png
27,250 Population Limits.png and 2,625 Experience sm.png 17,250 Population Limits.png and 1,375 Experience sm.png 18,250 Population Limits.png and 1,625 Experience sm.png
1,560 Coin sm.png and 66 Experience sm.png every 8 hours
Coin per Minute: 3.25 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.14 Experience sm.png
No periodic benefits 980 Coin sm.png and 26 Experience sm.png every 4 hours
Coin per Minute: 4.08 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.11 Experience sm.png
Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png

Reward Building

After obtaining all The Wright Stuff buildings through the Wheel of Fortune, you receive:

Imperial Hotel

Imperial Hotel
  • 3x4
  • Level 3
  • 36 hours build
  • 58 Power sm.png and 31 Water sm.png
  • 3,350 Experience sm.png and 50,000 Population Limits.png cap increase
  • 1,950 Coin sm.png and 95 Experience sm.png every 7 hours
    Coin per Minute: 4.64 Coin sm.png
    XP per Minute: 0.23 Experience sm.png[3]
  • Can be sold for 700 Coin sm.png

Building the Imperial Hotel completes the Achievement:

Wright's Successor Achievement

Wright's Successor
  • 30,000 Coin sm.png
  • 1,050 Experience sm.png
  • 3 x Glass Asset Glass.png