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Self Help Resources

  1. This Wiki
  2. SQ Megapolis Forum

Official Social Quantum Support

Social Quantum Support: From the Social Quantum support page you can either open a support request, or you can report on a tech support agent.

Opening a Support Ticket

  1. Go to SQ Support Helpdesk
  2. Enter your email address in the Email text field
  3. Choose Platform: Android, Facebook, IOS
  4. Choose Game: Megapolis
  5. Select the Subject
    1. Game loading problems
    2. Payment issues
    3. Quest issues
    4. Other issues
    5. Feedback and suggestions
  6. Enter the description of the issue, the network you are playing on (SQ-Network or FB-Network) and your user_id.
    1. If you need your Facebook ID, use Find My Facebook ID or right click on your game screen and copy ID.
    2. One ticket, one issue.
    3. Don't add multiple issues to the same ticket, even if they are related.
    4. Help Social Quantum help you by keeping your requests simple. If your request is complex, you can submit multiple tickets.
    5. If the requests are related or sequential, open a second ticket after the first ticket has been resolved and then refer to the previous ticket. Do not open all related tickets at once as you can't be sure which ticket will be worked first.
  7. (Optional) Attach a file.
    1. If possible, collect the logs from your system immediately after the problem begins or occurs
    2. ZIP and attach those files to your ticket when you open it. (Sometimes the log files are too big to be attached, in which case you may need to collect the files, then indicate in Step 6 that you have log files available and that you will email them when they are requested.)
Do not direct help requests related to Facebook Billing or Facebook credits to Social Quantum. Their ability to support these topics is extremely limited.