State Capital
Create your own state or join an existing one to exchange materials with other mayors and help each other. Unite in states with players around the world!

The State is a gameplay feature introduced on December 12, 2017. Each state itself represents a group of players who work together on developing their state by completing tasks, exchanging building materials, etc...

Properties of a State

State SQ
  • A state may contain a maximum of 30 members.
    • An empty state will automatically be deleted.
  • The members are assigned into 3 roles: Governor, Deputy Governor and Mayor.
    • The creator of the state is automatically positioned as Governor; and any players who joins are positioned as Mayors.
    • The Governor may appoint (or unappoint) any one as Deputy Governor (assistant).
    • The Governor may leave the position by appointing anyone else Governor.
    • The Governor can be automatically removed should he be inactive for a long time.
  • A state can be of three types:
    • Open: anyone can join the state anytime
    • By Application: anyone can apply to join, the Governor or a Deputy Governor can accept the invitation.
    • Closed: Only a member of the state can invite others to join.
  • Statics on the upper left corner in the state's window shows:
    • State type
    • Member quantity
    • companioned members of the player (before joining/ creating the state)
    • collected experience by all per week (reset after begin of new week)
    • sended material gifts by all per week (reset after begin of new week)

Creating State

State Background

Besides joining an existing state, the player has the opportunity to create an own state. Therefore (s)he has to reached at least Level 15.

Creating State

Founding a new state costs 500,000 Coin sm. The player can customise his state by following paramaters:

  1. Name (between 3 and 30 letters; cannot be changed)
  2. Coat of Arms
  3. Country (to be selected from 239 choices including "All", "Other", "International State")
  4. Description (maximum 100 characters)
  5. State type
  6. Entering level (between 15 and 1000)

Creating Coat of Arms
The state emblem is also has to be specified when the state is created and can be changed at any time. The coat of arms can compose up to 3 parts: symbol, shape and background. After creating the state, the state emblem will be displayed in the friends' ribbon. It can be chosen between 24 symbols, 19 shapes, 20 backgrounds and the 6 proposed colors (green, blue, dark grey, red, silver and yellow) for each of the emblem parts.
This results 1,887,840 possible emblem combinations!

Since the initiation of state contests the state can obtain aditional state symbols and shapes.

Joining/ Leaving State

If the staffs set the state type on "open", any player can join the state at any time as long as (s)he reached the required entering level. If the state type is "closed", the player needs an invitation by state members. Sending an application for joining is possible if the type is set on "by application", the (Deputy) Governor decides whether to accept the invitation or deny. As soon as the player joins a state, the State Hall changes its level, depending on the state's development level, and the state's coat of arms appears on the State Hall ribbons. Leaving the state is possible at any time, and will undo all state progress for the player.

Developing State

Info State 1
InfoChain Arrow
Info State 2
InfoChain Arrow
Info State 3
Complete state tasks. Time waits for no one!Get materials for the State Capital!Earn experience and make your State famous!
State Experience

The state's development identifies by collected State Experience. To earn state experience the members have to complete tasks at the different State Administrations. Every district has its own administration building. At the beginning every state has level 1. New districts and infrastructures are unlocked if the state reaches higher levels. As of now, the experience bar reaches a maximum of 650,000 19px-State_Experience.png (Level 9).

Level 1
Miami Background
Freeport & Miami
Level 2
Miami Main Station Background
Miami Main Station
Level 3
Venice Background
Level 4
South District Background
South District
Level 5
Chinatown Background
Level 6
North District Background
Level 7
Capital Airport Background
Capital Airport
Level 8
Beverly Hills Background
Beverly Hills
Level 9
Manhattan Background

Level Up Progression Rewards
Level State XP Unlocks
Level 1 19px-State_Experience.png Freeport (pre-built) and Miami District
Level 2 8,000 19px-State_Experience.png Miami Main Station
Level 3 18,000 19px-State_Experience.png Venice
Level 4 40,000 19px-State_Experience.png South District
Level 5 100,000 19px-State_Experience.png Chinatown
Level 6 175,000 19px-State_Experience.png North District
Level 7 270,000 19px-State_Experience.png Capital Airport
Level 8 400,000 19px-State_Experience.png Beverly Hills
Level 9 650,000 19px-State_Experience.png Manhattan

The state can also be developed by upgrading quarter buildings (business districts, complexes etc.), train stations, resource buildings and infrastructures. For each building there are 3 building materials to invest in all which can be obtained by completing tasks at the Center of Ocean Transport. A member can own 500 materials at once.

Quarter Buildings

The quarter buildings don't give additional State Experience but are important to unlock new task boxes at the corresponding district administration building. They have like all state buildings 4 upgradable levels, except for quarter buildings in rebuilding process that can have up to 24 (and maybe more) levels. The names and artworks for the different quarter buildings are random generated, but every name appears once. Even the rebuild levels of one quarter building have different artworks. All rebuild levels of a quarter building require the same amount of materials as of the last upgrade level (Level 4). Idea after the rebuilding is to change the look so that one building doesn't resemble other ones — many buildings can have the same artwork — or because the player don't like the current artwork etc. Only the (Deputy) Governor can activate the rebuild process.

List of possible State Tasks
State Task Tax
  • Collect XX in taxes from building: ABCD.
  • Collect XX in taxes in the ZONE location.
  • Collect XX in taxes.
  • Collect taxes XX time(s) from building: ABCD.
  • Collect taxes XX time(s) in the ZONE location.
  • Collect taxes XX time(s).
State Task Resident
  • House XX resident(s) from building: ABCD.
  • House XX resident(s) in the ZONE location.
  • House XX resident(s).
  • House residents XX time(s) from building: ABCD.
  • House residents XX time(s) in the ZONE location.
  • House residents XX time(s).
State Task Tourist
  • Bring XX VIP tourist(s) to Tourist Island.
  • Bring XX tourist(s) to Tourist Island.
  • Complete XX contract(s) for VIP tourists on Tourist Island.
  • Complete XX contract(s) for tourists on Tourist Island.
  • Complete XX contract(s) to bring VIP tourists to Tourist Island.
  • Complete XX contract(s) to bring tourists to Tourist Island.
  • Earn XX coin(s) from contracts for VIP tourists on Tourist Island.
  • Earn XX coin(s) from contracts for tourists on Tourist Island.
State Task Rail
  • Collect XX coin(s) from international railway trains.
  • Collect XX coin(s) from railway stations.
  • Collect XX coin(s) from the station ABCD.
  • Collect XX passenger(s) from railway stations.
  • Collect XX passenger(s) from the station ABCD.
  • Complete XX contract(s) at the Central Station.
  • Complete XX train journey(s) in the metro.
  • Complete the Central Station contract "ABCD" XX time(s).
  • Earn XX coin(s) by completing Central Station contracts.
  • Earn XX coin(s) by completing metro train journeys.
  • Transport XX passenger(s) on international railway trains.
State Task Military
  • Complete XX military operation(s).
  • Earn XX military influence point(s).
  • Make XX military vehicle(s) of the class: ABCD.
  • Sell XX military vehicle(s) of the class: ABCD.
State Task Airport
  • Earn XX coin(s) by completing contracts at any Airport
  • Complete XX contract(s) at the Large Airport
  • Earn XX coin(s) by completing contracts at the Large Airport
  • Earn XX coin(s) by completing contracts at the Large Airport using: ABCD.
  • Complete XX contract(s) at the Large Airport using: ABCD.
  • Earn XX coin(s) by completing contracts at the Las Megas Airport
  • Earn XX coin(s) by completing contracts at the Las Megas Helipad
  • Complete XX contract(s) at the Small Airport
  • Earn XX coin(s) by completing contracts at the Small Airport
  • Bring XX tourist(s) to Tourist Island using the Helipad
  • Bring XX VIP tourist(s) to Tourist Island using the Airport

During an update on January 20, 2020 the old production buildings were removed and therefore the contract tasks as well.

List of removed State Tasks
State Task Contract
  • Complete XX contract(s) at the factory: ABCD.
  • Complete XX contract(s) in Business Island business centers.
  • Complete XX contract(s).
  • Complete the contract "ABCD" XX time(s).
  • Earn XX coin(s) by completing contracts at factory: ABCD.
  • Earn XX coin(s) by completing contracts in the Business Island business centers.
  • Earn XX coin(s) by completing contracts.


The State gameplay feature is remarkable for providing the possibility for players to send messages. Maximally 50 messages are visible in the chat history and one message can contain up to 100 characters, emojis included. Additionally state members can send material requests and can share required materials (max 5 items of the same type). The green request button Material Request State is left of the message input-box. A request lasts 8 hours and disappears after members sended all 5 items or the timer reached zero.
Messages appears automatically in the chatroom by following events:

  • material requests
  • requests to rebuild a quarter building (by the (Deputy) Governor)
  • joining/ leaving of members
  • level up of the state
  • nomination/ dismissal of the Deputy Governor
  • earning new emblem parts from contests

Besides the "chat section" there is a "news section" (symbol: envelope) where only the governor and deputy governor(s) can send messages to the state community.

State Contests

State Contest Announcement Art

State Contest

Since an update on October 18, 2018 state members can compete against other states all around the world. A state contest lasts 7 days and repeats instantly again. Ten contests form one season → 70 days for a whole season. Since the contest Food Industry on November 21, 2019 the period of a contest was reduced to 6 weeks (equals 42 days). During the contests the state has to collect State Experience 19px-State_Experience.png to reach higher leagues and obtain season rewards (buildings, Megabucks sm, Building Coupons and emblem parts) by earning ranking points. Every member of a state enter automatically the contest. Does a member leave or join a state after a contest started he won't be able to get all rewards that the state wins.
There are 7 leagues:

Village League Village League (all states beginns initially here)
Town League Town League
City League City League
District League District League
Regional League Regional League
Federal League Federal League
World League World League

A state has to compete against 29 other states in a contest. Unlike in other leagues all states that reached the world league are combined in one group. Every league has a requirement of minimum State Experience to not move down. Is a season over the state is no more able the get season rewards but can still compete in "after contests" and can therefore earn ranking points and rewards. As a new season beginns the state starts in that league that the state would get into (stay, move up or move down) after the last contest.

For more information like "What are ranking points?", tap on the green info button in the upper left corner of the contest window. (Android/iOS)

Chest Piggy Bank

The bank is a feature added to the state contests and was introduced on August 08, 2019. State members have to earn state experience where all efforts of the members added up. It's a 10-stage progress where every stage has rewards and is labeled with a progress chest icon. A Chest Piggy Bank event lasts 3 days and after these all state members receive all rewards of the unlocked stages. Otherwise if the state earned 30,000 19px-State_Experience.png before the timer expires, all members get all rewards instantly after reaching state 10. The event starts one day after a state contest has begun. A member has to earn state experience if he want to receive all unlocked rewards by the state. The building rewards were previously in 4-n-Action Bargain sets available. Expectional for the first 6 weeks in which the buildings originate from the very first 4-n-Action Bargain set that was never released.

Stage Chest Icon Points Reward
0 Piggy Chest 0
1 Piggy Chest 1 50 19px-State_Experience.png
2 Piggy Chest 2 150 19px-State_Experience.png
3 Piggy Chest 3 300 19px-State_Experience.png 1 Megabucks sm
4 Piggy Chest 4 800 19px-State_Experience.png 3x Required Materials
Required Materials
5 Piggy Chest 5 1,500 19px-State_Experience.png A special building
Table below
6 Piggy Chest 6 2,500 19px-State_Experience.png 5x Required Materials
Required Materials
7 Piggy Chest 7 5,000 19px-State_Experience.png 01 x Building Coupon for 10 materials Certificate 10
8 Piggy Chest 8 10,000 19px-State_Experience.png 3 Megabucks sm
9 Piggy Chest 9 20,000 19px-State_Experience.png 01 x Building Coupon for 10 materials Certificate 10
10 Piggy Chest 10 30,000 19px-State_Experience.png 5 Megabucks sm
Chest Piggy Bank Buildings
Building Basic Info Rewards Release
Government Reception House
Government Reception House
2x3 Plot
Instant build
31 Power sm and 24 Water sm
6,600 Experience sm and 45,000 Population Limits
8,000 Coin sm and 180 Experience sm every 6 hours
Coins per Minute: 22.22 Coin sm
XP per Minute: 0.50 Experience sm
Can be sold for 1,500 Coin sm
August 09, 2019
Montgomery Tower
Montgomery Tower
2x2 Plot
Instant build
35 Power sm and 28 Water sm
8,700 Experience sm and 66,000 Population Limits
12,000 Coin sm and 220 Experience sm every 6 hours
Coins per Minute: 33.33 Coin sm
XP per Minute: 0.61 Experience sm
Can be sold for 2,000 Coin sm
August 16, 2019
Waterfall with Cliff
Waterfall with Cliff
3x3 Plot
Instant build
No resource needed
3,000 Experience sm and 32,000 Population Limits
Can be sold for 500 Coin sm
August 23, 2019
Republican Party Headquarters
Republican Party Headquarters
2x3 Plot
Instant build
56 Power sm and 36 Water sm
1,000 Experience sm and 76,000 Population Limits
1,800 Coin sm and 45 Experience sm every 5 hours
Coins per Minute: 6 Coin sm
XP per Minute: 0.15 Experience sm
Can be sold for 100,000 Coin sm
August 30, 2019
Antaeus Hotel Complex
Antaeus Hotel Complex
3x3 Plot
Instant build
89 Power sm and 63 Water sm
1,200 Experience sm and 78,000 Population Limits
5,200 Coin sm and 80 Experience sm every 6 hours
Coins per Minute: 14.44 Coin sm
XP per Minute: 0.22 Experience sm
Can be sold for 120,000 Coin sm
September 06, 2019
Orbit Hotel
Orbit Hotel
2x3 Plot
Instant build
62 Power sm and 57 Water sm
1,500 Experience sm and 54,000 Population Limits
5,200 Coin sm and 104 Experience sm every 7 hours
Coins per Minute: 12.38 Coin sm
XP per Minute: 0.25 Experience sm
Can be sold for 150,000 Coin sm
September 13, 2019
4-n-Action Bargain 11
4-n-Action Bargain Set 11 September 20, 2019

November 07, 2019
4-n-Action Bargain 01
4-n-Action Bargain Set 01 November 08, 2019

December 26, 2019
4-n-Action Bargain 02
4-n-Action Bargain Set 02 December 27, 2019

February 13, 2020
4-n-Action Bargain 03
4-n-Action Bargain Set 03 February 14, 2020

April 2, 2020
4-n-Action Bargain 04
4-n-Action Bargain Set 04 April 3, 2020

May 21, 2020
4-n-Action Bargain 05
4-n-Action Bargain Set 05 May 22, 2020

July 9, 2020
4-n-Action Bargain 06
4-n-Action Bargain Set 06 July 10, 2020

August 27, 2020
4-n-Action Bargain 07
4-n-Action Bargain Set 07 August 28, 2020

October 15, 2020


The World Leaderboard shows the top 1000 states with the most earned ranking points of all time. The Season Leaderboard shows the best 1000 states of the running season.


Name Release Date
Soccer Season Logo Soccer Season October 18, 2018
Winter Sports Championship Logo Winter Sports Championship January 10, 2019
Eco-Season Logo Eco-Season April 04, 2019
Showbusiness Logo Showbusiness July 04, 2019
Startup Logo Startup September 26, 2019
Food Industry Logo Food Industry November 21, 2019
Cars Logo Cars January 16, 2020
Robotics Logo Robotics March 12, 2020
Animals Logo Animals May 07, 2020
Medieval Forts Logo Medieval Forts July 02, 2020

Tips and Suggestions

  • Joining an existing State with many members brings more neighbors that i.a. can send materials to the player
  • At collecting experience and materials: Accept similar (or identical) tasks as far as possible
  • It is suggestive to finish the six infrastructures for the area first (police stations, fire stations, hospitals, rail stations*, water purification plant and power plant) and then beginning to upgrade quarter buildings
  • It should be focused on upgrading all quarter buildings by their first 4 levels before they get rebuilt
  • Tasks with the goal, to complete the same contract multiple times from a fixed production building, are not recommended because the player is forced to pay with Megabucks sm to finish them in time
  • Railroad task are not recommened to accept because they seem impossible to accomplish within the defined time -> upgrading all train stations makes in this case not much sense
  • Leave or join a state between seasons to earn season rewards, otherwise you won't get the possibility
  • Avoid hard tasks as long as possible while other players in your state are able to deal with them
  • Should you be a new player since January 20, 2020 and a experience task appears where you should finish contracts from deprecated buildings (→ Pre-2020 production buildings), contact the support via app in the settings to remove them

List of selectable countries

List of selectable countries
* All • International State
A State Flag Afghanistan Afghanistan • State Flag Aland Islands Aland Islands • State Flag Albania Albania • State Flag Algeria Algiers[t 1]State Flag American Samoa American Samoa • State Flag Andorra Andorra • State Flag Angola Angola • State Flag Anguilla Anguilla • State Flag Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda • State Flag Argentina Argentina • State Flag Armenia Armenia • State Flag Aruba Aruba • State Flag Australia Australia • State Flag Austria Austria • State Flag Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
B State Flag Bahamas Bahamas • State Flag Bahrain Bahrain • State Flag Bangladesh Bangladesh • State Flag Barbados Barbados • State Flag Belarus Belorussia • State Flag Belgium Belgium • State Flag Belize Belize • State Flag Benin Benin • State Flag Bermuda Bermuda • State Flag Bhutan Bhutan • State Flag Bolivia Bolivia • State Flag Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina • State Flag Botswana Botswana • State Flag Brazil Brazil • State Flag Brunei Brunei • State Flag Bulgaria Bulgaria • State Flag Burkina Faso Burkina Faso • State Flag Burundi Burundi
C State Flag Cambodia Cambodia • State Flag Cameroon Cameroon • State Flag Canada Canada • State Flag Canary Islands Canary Islands • State Flag Cape Verde Cape Verde • State Flag Caribbean Netherlands Caribbean Netherlands • State Flag Cayman Islands Cayman Islands • State Flag Central Afr. Republic Central Afr. Republic • State Flag Romania Chad • State Flag Chagos Archipelago Chagos Archipelago • State Flag Chile Chile • State Flag China China • State Flag Christmas Island Christmas Island • State Flag Columbia Columbia • State Flag Comoros Comoros • State Flag Cook Islands Cook Islands • State Flag Costa Rica Costa Rica • State Flag Cote d'Ivoire Cote d'Ivoire • State Flag Croatia Croatia • State Flag Cuba Cuba • State Flag Curacao Curacao • State Flag Cyprus Cyprus • State Flag Czech Republic Czech Republic
D State Flag Denmark Denmark • State Flag Djibouti Djibouti • State Flag Dominica Dominica • State Flag Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
E State Flag East Congo East Congo[t 2]State Flag East Timor East Timor • State Flag Ecuador Ecuador • State Flag Egypt Egypt • State Flag El Salvador El Salvador • State Flag Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea • State Flag Eritrea Eritrea • State Flag Estonia Estonia • State Flag Ethiopia Ethiopia
F State Flag Falkland Islands Falkland Islands • State Flag Faroe Islands Faroe Islands • State Flag Fiji Fiji • State Flag Finland Finland • State Flag France France • State Flag France French Guiana • State Flag French Polynesia French Polynesia
G State Flag Gabon Gabon • State Flag Gambia Gambia • State Flag Georgia Georgia • State Flag Germany Germany • State Flag Ghana Ghana • State Flag Gibraltar Gibraltar • State Flag Greece Greece • State Flag Greenland Greenland • State Flag Grenada Grenada • State Flag Guadeloupe Guadeloupe • State Flag Guam Guam • State Flag Guatemala Guatemala • State Flag Guernsey Guernsey • State Flag Guinea Guinea • State Flag Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau • State Flag Guyana Guyana
H State Flag Haiti Haiti • State Flag Honduras Honduras • State Flag Hong Kong Hong Kong • State Flag Hungary Hungary
I State Flag Iceland Iceland • State Flag India India • State Flag Indonesia Indonesia • State Flag Iran Iran • State Flag Iraq Iraq • State Flag Ireland Ireland • State Flag Isle of Man Isle of Man • State Flag Israel Israel • State Flag Italy Italy
J State Flag Jamaica Jamaica • State Flag Japan Japan • State Flag Jersey Jersey • State Flag Jordan Jordan
K State Flag Kazakhstan Kazakhstan • State Flag Kenya Kenya • State Flag Kiribati Kiribati • State Flag Kosovo Kosovo • State Flag Kuwait Kuwait • State Flag Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
L State Flag Laos Laos • State Flag Latvia Latvia • State Flag Lebanon Lebanon • State Flag Lesotho Lesotho • State Flag Liberia Liberia • State Flag Libya Libya • State Flag Liechtenstein Liechtenstein • State Flag Lithuania Lithuania • State Flag Luxembourg Luxembourg
M State Flag Macau Macau • State Flag Macedonia Macedonia • State Flag Madagascar Madagascar • State Flag Malawi Malawi • State Flag Malaysia Malaysia • State Flag Maldives Maldives • State Flag Mali Mali • State Flag Malta Malta • State Flag Marshall Islands Marshall Islands • State Flag Martinique Martinique • State Flag Mauritania Mauritania • State Flag Mauritius Mauritius • State Flag Mayotte Mayotte • State Flag Mexico Mexico • State Flag Micronesia Micronesia • State Flag Moldavia Moldavia • State Flag Monaco Monaco • State Flag Mongolia Mongolia • State Flag Montenegro Montenegro • State Flag Montserrat Montserrat • State Flag Morocco Morocco • State Flag Mozambique Mozambique • State Flag Myanmar Myanmar
N State Flag Namibia Namibia • State Flag Nauru Nauru • State Flag Nepal Nepal • State Flag Netherlands Netherlands • State Flag France New Caledonia • State Flag New Zealand New Zealand • State Flag Nicaragua Nicaragua • State Flag Niger Niger • State Flag Nigeria Nigeria • State Flag Niue Niue • State Flag Norfolk Norfolk • State Flag North Korea North Korea • State Flag Norway Norway
O State Flag Oman Oman
P State Flag Pakistan Pakistan • State Flag Palau Palau • State Flag Palestine Palestine • State Flag Panama Panama • State Flag Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea • State Flag Paraguay Paraguay • State Flag Peru Peru • State Flag Philippines Philippines • State Flag Poland Poland • State Flag Portugal Portugal • State Flag Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Q State Flag Qatar Qatar
R State Flag France Reunion • State Flag Romania Romania • State Flag Russia Russia • State Flag Rwanda Rwanda
S State Flag Sahrawi Republic Sahrawi Republic • State Flag Saint Barthelemy Saint Barthelemy • State Flag Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis • State Flag Saint Lucia Saint Lucia • State Flag Saint Vincent Saint Vincent • State Flag Samoa Samoa • State Flag San Marino San Marino • State Flag Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome and Principe • State Flag Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia • State Flag Senegal Senegal • State Flag Serbia Serbia • State Flag Seychelles Seychelles • State Flag Sierra Leone Sierra Leone • State Flag Singapore Singapore • State Flag Sint Maarten Sint Maarten • State Flag Slovakia Slovakia • State Flag Slovenia Slovenia • State Flag Solomon Islands Solomon Islands • State Flag Somalia Somalia • State Flag South Africa South Africa • State Flag South Korea South Korea • State Flag South Sudan South Sudan • State Flag Spain Spain • State Flag Sri Lanka Sri Lanka • State Flag Sudan Sudan • State Flag Suriname Suriname • State Flag Swaziland Swaziland • State Flag Sweden Sweden • State Flag Switzerland Switzerland • State Flag Syria Syria
T State Flag Taiwan Taiwan • State Flag Tajikistan Tajikistan • State Flag Tanzania Tanzania • State Flag Thailand Thailand • State Flag Togo Togo • State Flag Tokelau Tokelau • State Flag Tonga Tonga • State Flag Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago • State Flag Tunisia Tunisia • State Flag Turkey Turkey • State Flag Turkmenistan Turkmenistan • State Flag Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) • State Flag Tuvalu Tuvalu
U State Flag UAE UAE • State Flag Uganda Uganda • State Flag Ukraine Ukraine • State Flag United Kingdom United Kingdom • State Flag United States United States • State Flag Uruguay Uruguay • State Flag Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
V State Flag Vanuatu Vanuatu • State Flag Vatican Vatican • State Flag Venezuela Venezuela • State Flag Vietnam Vietnam • State Flag Virgin Islands Virgin Islands
W State Flag West Congo West Congo[t 3]
Y State Flag Yemen Yemen
Z State Flag Zambia Zambia • State Flag Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
  1. Algiers is the name of the capital of Algeria, which is supposed to be the name!
  2. The flag used in the game is swapped with West Congo
  3. The flag used in the game is swapped with East Congo
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