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Quest Sports Center (Quest)
Quest Stay in Shape
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Sports Center (Quest)Stay in ShapeBody in MotionNo Holds BarredSwimming Like a Fish
Quest Sports Center


The Sports Center (Quest) quest unlocks once the following conditions have been met:

  • List requirements such as level, previous quest completion required, other quest cannot be running, themed event required running, etc.


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Sports Center Construction Build the Sports Complex (Sports Center) foundation
Costs: 200,000 Coin sm or 3 Megabucks sm, 25 Power sm and 15 Water sm
Gives: 750 Experience sm and 5,000 Population sm cap increase
Contract Sporting Goods Complete the Sports Equipment (Sporting Goods) contract (at the Household Goods Facility)
Costs: 500 Coin sm and 8 hours
Gives: 5,800 Coin sm and 43 Experience sm


You're off to a great start! Laying a foundation for the future Sports Center sure makes you want to keep on building, doesn't it?
  • XP Reward: 120 Experience sm
  • Coin Reward: 1,500 Coin sm