Songdo Expo Center (Foundation)
Songdo expo center foundation
Plot 3x3
Cost 300,000 Coin sm
3 Megabucks sm
25 Power sm
15 Water sm
Provides 750 Experience sm
Population limit:

10,000 Population Limits

No periodic benefit
Construction Instant

Songdo Expo Center is construction site bought from the shop, introduced in the update on 10.08.2013.[1] It can be placed anywhere in the playable game area.

Songdo Expo Center Frame (Level 1)

Requires Rewards
  • 50 Megabucks sm or 40 asset gifts
  • ?? (+?) Power sm and ?? (+?) Water sm
  • Adds +40,000 Population sm to the Population Cap (Total: +50,000 Population sm)
  • Experience sm when the last asset is placed

Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Air Conditioning System Asset Air Conditioning System x 5 3 Megabucks sm 15 Megabucks sm
Projector Asset Projector x 5 1 Megabucks sm 5 Megabucks sm
Banknote Detector Asset Banknote Detector x 10 1 Megabucks sm 10 Megabucks sm
Metal Detector Asset Metal Detector x 10 1 Megabucks sm 10 Megabucks sm
Escalators Asset Escalators x 10 1 Megabucks sm 10 Megabucks sm


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