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Social Quantum, Megapolis' game developers, is a project for publishing and development of game applications for social communities which combines unique interactive game space modeling technologies with current trends in social networks development.[1]

Company goal

SQ's goal is creation of quality and interesting game applications for social networks which would enable everyone to make an exciting journey to the virtual game world.[1]

Company mission

SQ's mission is development of information technologies in the scope of traditional and mobile social networks.

Only in existence since late-2011, the company has already reached several milestones:

  • Social Quantum studios are situated in CIS and Eastern Europe
  • the audience of its game applications is around 5 million unique visitors a day and over 50 million registered users
  • its game applications are leading in the social network "" by the amount of users and popularity.

The main advantage of game applications by Social Quantum is based on the opportunity of direct communication, engagement of friends in the game process and mutual development on a friendly game field. The distinctive features of its games are high quality graphics and the multiple level gameplay.[1]


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