The Santa's Hideaway is a Snowville building located in Snowville, southeast of Christmas Tree. It was originally introduced on December 14, 2017.[1]


Mining Game

Santa's Hideaway II Game
Task of the mining game is to burst snow (white) and ice blocks (light blue) with explosive devices to obtain materials (only for snowville buildings), baubles baubles 19px-Lollipop.png, coins Coin sm, explosive devices, chests or bombs that explode instantly. The wood blocks are indestructible. The explosive devices can be produced at three different firework factories (Firework Factory I, Firework Factory II and Firework Factory III) or can be purchased with Megabucks sm.

Effects of the explosive devices:

1 block; simple burst effect[2]
all blocks in 1 row; simple burst effect[2]; can be placed only on empty fields
Box of Fireworks
Box of Fireworks:
to 8 blocks (on the line of the placement); can burst snow and ice; can be placed only on empty fields

Some blocks are covered because they are outlined of other ones that have to be bursted to uncover them. When a block below the grey line - layer counter on the right side - is burst open, the grey line (layer) move down. Chests can be opened by 1 Megabucks sm (initial 3 Megabucks sm) and comprise materials, baubles baubles 19px-Lollipop.png, or explosive devices.

Santa's Hideaway II Vault

Every 50-60 layers there appears a vault full of different presents.


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Santa's Hideaway
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SQ Internal Info:
  • Name: Тайник Санты (translates to Santa's Stash)
  • ID: 20102053 (new_santa_mine)


  1. SQ Forum: Update 12.14.2017
  2. 2.0 2.1 Can burst snow on first application; for ice blocks it needs two devices of this sort
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