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Social Quantum Network is one of two servers available to players. The other is the Facebook Network.


Although the FAQs below says otherwise, a game on Facebook Network can also be played on SQ Network via using the mobile platform's game manager (Play Games / Game Center). Although you can't solely connect to a game on SQ Network, which you can on Facebook Network.

Q: Can I migrate my city from Facebook Network to SQ-Network (or SQ-Network to Facebook Network)?
A: No. Cities cannot be migrated between networks. [1]

Q: Can I migrate (or share) my city from my current Android/iOS client to a new Android/iOS client? (e.g., a new tablet or smartphone)
A: No. Cities cannot be migrated or shared across multiple devices on the SQ-Network. [2]

A2: Yes - you can migrate your old city from an old iPhone to a new iPhone and share your city with both phones on the SQ network.  Steps for AT&T -> Sprint iPhone 5 -> iPhone 5s on Budawpi's Megapolis Blog .

Q: Can I play my SQ-Network city on Facebook or SQ-Network?
A: No. Only FB-Network cities are playable on Facebook.

Q: If my device crashes or my game is deleted, can it be recovered by using my User ID?
A: Yes, all that is needed is your current User ID[3]


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