The Resource Warehouse is a warehouse for industrial resources located on the central south east border of the Central Region expansion zone in Industrial Complex. It was originally introduced on July 15, 2015 as part of the timed quest called Industrial Complex.[1] This building automatically provided once Industrial Complex unlocked.

The warehouse is used to store all the Industrial Resources collected from industries to be delivered to Cargo Depot by trains.

A total of 400 assets and additional 220,000 Coin sm worth diagrams are needed to complete construction of the Resource Warehouse. This is equivalent to 400 Megabucks sm if one were to buy every asset instead of waiting to receive them from neighbors.

Events and Achievements


Resource Warehouse: Mechanized Resource Warehouse (Level 1)

Resource Warehouse L1
Requires Rewards
  • 110 Megabucks sm or 110 asset gifts
  • 60,000 Coin sm worth asset
  • 96 Power sm (+96) and 54 Water sm (+54)
Asset Image Amount Price Cost
BracketAsset Bracket 10x1 Megabucks sm10 Megabucks sm
Concrete SlabsAsset Concrete Slabs 12x1 Megabucks sm12 Megabucks sm
Drainage DeviceAsset Drainage Devices 17x1 Megabucks sm17 Megabucks sm
ForkliftAsset Loader 18x1 Megabucks sm18 Megabucks sm
PlywoodAsset Plywood 13x1 Megabucks sm13 Megabucks sm
PolyurethaneAsset Polyurethane 13x1 Megabucks sm13 Megabucks sm
Simple DiagramAsset Simple Diagram 1x60,000 Coin sm60,000 Coin sm
Sound InsulationAsset Sound Insulation 12x1 Megabucks sm12 Megabucks sm
Tech DrawingAsset Tech Drawing 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm

Resource Warehouse: Automated Resource Warehouse (Level 2)

Resource Warehouse L2
Requires Rewards
  • 130 Megabucks sm or 130 asset gifts
  • 60,000 Coin sm worth asset
  • 168 Power sm (+72) and 96 Water sm (+42)
Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Air ExtractorAsset Air Extractor 16x1 Megabucks sm16 Megabucks sm
Gypsum FibreboardAsset Gypsum Fibreboard 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
Hard HatAsset Hard Hat 14x1 Megabucks sm14 Megabucks sm
Holding AngleAsset Holding Angle 16x1 Megabucks sm16 Megabucks sm
InsulationAsset Insulation 12x1 Megabucks sm12 Megabucks sm
Insulation FoamAsset Insulation Foam 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
Luminescent LampsAsset Luminescent Lamps 14x1 Megabucks sm14 Megabucks sm
Simple DiagramAsset Simple Diagram 1x60,000 Coin sm60,000 Coin sm
ToolsAsset Tools 11x1 Megabucks sm11 Megabucks sm
Versatile BucketAsset Versatile Bucket 17x1 Megabucks sm17 Megabucks sm

Resource Warehouse: National Resource Warehouse (Level 3)

Resource Warehouse L3
Requires Rewards
  • 160 Megabucks sm or 160 asset gifts
  • 100,000 Coin sm worth asset
  • 260 Power sm (+92) and 150 Water sm (+54)
Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Barrier TapeAsset Barrier Tape 16x1 Megabucks sm16 Megabucks sm
Ceramic GraniteAsset Ceramic Granite 17x1 Megabucks sm17 Megabucks sm
Chain-Link FencingAsset Chain-Link Fencing 18x1 Megabucks sm18 Megabucks sm
Light ConcreteAsset Light Concrete 18x1 Megabucks sm18 Megabucks sm
Motion SensorsAsset Motion Sensors 17x1 Megabucks sm17 Megabucks sm
Organic ResinsAsset Organic Resins 15x1 Megabucks sm15 Megabucks sm
Painting EquipmentAsset Painting Equipment 13x1 Megabucks sm13 Megabucks sm
Fire ExtinguisherAsset Powder Fire Extinguishers 16x1 Megabucks sm16 Megabucks sm
RollerAsset Roller 12x1 Megabucks sm12 Megabucks sm
Safety GogglesAsset Safety Goggles 18x1 Megabucks sm18 Megabucks sm
Standard DiagramAsset Standard Diagram 1x100,000 Coin sm100,000 Coin sm


SQ Internal Info:
  • Name: Магистральный склад ресурсов (translates to Bulk storage resources)
  • ID: 23088 (mining_warehouse_place)


  1. SQ Forum: Update 07.15.2015
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