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Research Contest IX Background.png
"A research contest is starting in Megapolis. Compete with other players for the title of tireless researcher and win rewards!"

"The residents are asking the mayor to: host Research Contest IX"

"To win, produce research equipment, send it out on exploratory expeditions, complete scientific missions and earn points. Excellent prizes await tireless researchers."

Research Contest IX is the ninth Research contest released by Social Quantum. It is a timed contest in which the player has 7 days to produce research equipment and send them on expeditions to accrue contest points toward placement on a leaderboard comprising 30 players. It was released as part of an update on March 04, 2021[1].

In the contest there are four leagues in which the player is assigned to it, dependent on his development of expedition equipment.

Requirements: Level 42


Besides regular research missions the player can complete contest missions that give different type of rewards — coins Coin sm.png, megabucks Megabucks sm.png, building materials, ATEs 28px-Act_of_Territorial_Expansion.png or building coupons. Every mission for each expedition prototype is randomly generated and change when the previous one is completed.

Icon Atmospheric Probes.png Atmospheric Probes
IconS AP-16 Atmospheric Probe.png
AP-16 Atmospheric Probe
  1. Analysis of relative air humidity
  2. Determining the rate of precipitation
  3. Compiling a temperature variation graph
  4. Aerial filming
  5. Filming a timelapse video of a sunset and a sunrise
  6. Panorama of intermontane plateaus and heights
  7. Strong wind gust warning
  8. Search for areas of low atmospheric pressure
  9. Compilation of a precipitation map
  10. Tree canopy analysis
  11. Compilation of a wind rose
  12. Atmospheric pressure monitoring
  13. Determining the level of optical visibility
  14. Determining the relative humidity of air
  15. Rainwater composition study
IconS AP-28 Atmospheric Probe.png
AP-28 Atmospheric Probe
  1. Air mass formation analysis
  2. Calculation of the speed of atmospheric circulation
  3. Live-streaming of wave formation
  4. Timelapse of the formation of a thundercloud
  5. Testing of a new positioning system
  6. Determination of a area with elevated humidity
  7. Compiling a local temperature map
  8. Determination of upper cloud boundaries
  9. Monitoring of high mountain plants
  10. Expansion of the precipitation movement graph
  11. Analysis of carbon dioxide content
IconS AP-33 Atmospheric Probe.png
AP-33 Atmospheric Probe
  1. Atmospheric pressure calculation
  2. Upper-wind observation
  3. High precision cyclone imaging
  4. Soil erosion analysis
  5. Freeze-free period duration assessment
  6. Black soil mapping
  7. Atmospheric circulation study
  8. Measurement of horizontal sight distance
  9. Greenhouse gas classification
  10. Measurement of the water vapor level
  11. Analysis of ultraviolet radiation intensity
IconS AP-41 Atmospheric Probe.png
AP-41 Atmospheric Probe
  1. Testing of the new telemetric system
  2. Filming of the halo effect
  3. Photo documentation of a parhelion
  4. Collection of data on a moraine complex
  5. Study of atmospheric streams in the ionosphere
  6. Compilation of an agroclimatic belt diagram
  7. Measurement of electrical storm fields
  8. Observation of mountain ice slopes
  9. Hydrological cycle aberration study
  10. Air ionization data collection
IconS AP-59 Atmospheric Probe.png
AP-59 Atmospheric Probe
  1. Whirlwind center appearance calculation
  2. Aerial dust concentration study
  3. Fata Morgana photography
  4. Tundra territory data study
  5. Continental glacier mapping
  6. Mapping of active volcanoes
  7. Determination of amount of cloud cover
  8. Sulphur dioxide level measurement
  9. Measurement of the intensity of radio-magnetic radiation
  10. Forecasting terrestrial temperature anomalies
IconS AP-66 Atmospheric Probe.png
AP-66 Atmospheric Probe
  1. Launching an atmospheric probe
  2. Forecasting of hazardous atmospheric events
  3. Collection of data on cosmic storms
  4. Ozone layer coverage mapping
  5. Collection of data on typhoons
  6. Measurement of radioactive noise
  7. Measurement of atmospheric pollution
  8. Measurement of the amount of harmful emissions
  9. Rainbow formation macrography

Icon Deep-Submergence Vehicles.png Deep-Submergence Vehicles
IconS SM-14 Deep-Submergence Vehicle.png
SM-14 Deep-Submergence Vehicle
  1. Seawater sample study
  2. Chemical analysis of water
  3. Forecasting of changes in water temperature
  4. Mapping undersea currents
  5. Measurement of the length of continental shallows
  6. Average water temperature measurement
  7. Measurement of underwater light intensity
  8. Underwater current speed calculation
  9. Benthic water temperature analysis
  10. Detection of aerial vehicle fragments
  11. Seaweed sample study
  12. Descent with a camera into an underwater cave
  13. Photo documentation of new species
  14. Filming deep sea fauna
  15. Filming the discovery of new species
IconS SM-26 Deep-Submergence Vehicle.png
SM-26 Deep-Submergence Vehicle
  1. Determination of sea floor landscape type
  2. Determining the main underwater deposits
  3. Compilation of a water density table
  4. Measurement of the concentration of chlorophyll in water
  5. Sea bottom salt deposit sample collection
  6. Searching for new resources on the sea bottom
  7. 3D filming of an underwater archaeological expedition
  8. 3D filming of a sea bottom investigation
  9. Analysis of nutritious substances in the ocean
  10. Measuring the electrical conductivity of water
  11. Mapping underwater deposits
  12. Mapping underwater resources
IconS SM-34 Deep-Submergence Vehicle.png
SM-34 Deep-Submergence Vehicle
  1. Collection of sea sediment samples
  2. Mapping sea bottom precipitates
  3. Measuring the desalination of surface waters
  4. Discovering admixtures in underwater soil
  5. Studying evaporation heat requirements
  6. Deepwater filming of a giant whale
  7. Infra-red scanning of a coral archipelago
  8. A documentary film about bathyscaphe submersion
  9. Determining the speed of the warming of the World Ocean
  10. Marine reef change forecast
  11. Oceanic soil distribution map
  12. Compiling a map of the ancient sea bottom
IconS SM-45 Deep-Submergence Vehicle.png
SM-45 Deep-Submergence Vehicle
  1. Studying the hydrothermal conditions on the sea bottom
  2. Measurement of water pollution concentration
  3. Studying the magnetic waves of the Earth
  4. Monitoring the hydrological sections of the sea bottom
  5. Studying rock formations in the shelf
  6. Magnetic anomaly detection
  7. Measurement of plankton density
  8. Determination of deep hydrocarbon deposits
  9. Search of undersea geysers
  10. Ice shelf movement diagram
  11. Measurement of temperature changes at depth
IconS SM-54 Deep-Submergence Vehicle.png
SM-54 Deep-Submergence Vehicle
  1. Measuring the power of geyser eruptions
  2. Radiometric thorium survey
  3. Observation of an underwater earthquake
  4. Studying underwater volcanoes
  5. Photo of a shelf crack
  6. Recording of a shelf break
  7. Search for archeological artifacts
  8. Undersea waterfall mapping
  9. Sea bottom flag installation
  10. Forecasting sea floor lowering
  11. Studying deepwater fish mutations
IconS SM-69 Deep-Submergence Vehicle.png
SM-69 Deep-Submergence Vehicle
  1. Tectonic split movement analysis
  2. Maximum depth submersion
  3. Live-streaming an underwater volcano eruption
  4. Time-lapse of underwater geysers
  5. Tsunami mapping
  6. Tectonic plate displacement measurement
  7. Deepsea rift study
  8. Search for radioactive waste disposal sites
  9. Analysis of radioactive water admixtures

Icon Drilling Machines.png Drilling Machines
IconS TBM-11 Drilling Machine.png
TBM-11 Drilling Machine
  1. Determining rock formation composition
  2. Cave system atlas compilation
  3. Mapping underground labyrinths
  4. Search for effective coal layers
  5. Granite layer measurement
  6. Determination of aluminum deposit depth
  7. Cryogenic erosion analysis
  8. Ground water sample collection
  9. Survey of rare earth minerals
  10. Detection of weak underground tremors
  11. Night filming in a crystal cave
  12. Underwater ecosystem photography
  13. Hydrological survey
  14. Valuable rock extraction monitoring
  15. Valuable rock deposit forecasting
IconS TBM-23 Drilling Machine.png
TBM-23 Drilling Machine Vehicle
  1. Copper deposit data collection
  2. Geothermal gradient calculation
  3. Underground radiance study
  4. Survey of potential gold deposits
  5. Seismic event monitoring
  6. Filming of the Journey to the Center of the Earth
  7. Rare mineral analysis
  8. Valuable metal analysis
  9. Expansion of the rare metals map
  10. Expansion of the the karst topography map
  11. Heat source distribution analysis
IconS TBM-31 Drilling Machine.png
TBM-31 Drilling Machine Vehicle
  1. Geovisor testing
  2. Paleomagnetic lithosphere study
  3. Determination of tectonic splits and scarps
  4. Drill sample extraction
  5. Detailed Earth cutaway photograph
  6. Non-biological gas survey
  7. Dinosaur skeleton discovery
  8. Underground ocean search
  9. Compiling an archaeological map
  10. Measuring the conductivity of an underground geological formation
  11. Sinkhole hazard assessment
IconS TBM-45 Drilling Machine.png
TBM-45 Drilling Machine Vehicle
  1. Seismic activity data collection
  2. Seismic depth scanning
  3. 3D seismic surveying
  4. Lithosphere plate movement hyperlapse recording
  5. Compiling a graph of seismic activity
  6. Mapping the earth’s core
  7. Crustal liquid assessment
  8. Detection of active magnetic zones
  9. Detection of toxic metals
IconS TBM-56 Drilling Machine.png
TBM-56 Drilling Machine Vehicle
  1. Study of a helium stream in the lithosphere
  2. Discovery of supercritical water
  3. Live-streaming of a volcano diatreme
  4. Discovery of rifts in the Earth’s core
  5. Geophysical cryolithic zone mapping
  6. Geomagnetic pole model assessment
  7. Determination of caldera energy generation potential
  8. Background radiation measurement
  9. Radioactive balance measurement
IconS TBM-68 Drilling Machine.png
TBM-68 Drilling Machine Vehicle
  1. Magma source approach
  2. Infra-red filming of the Earth’s core
  3. Analysis of Earth’s core plate dynamics
  4. Radiocarbon analysis of the lithosphere
  5. Structural analysis of the deep lithosphere
  6. Creation of a seismic model
  7. Study of an active volcano caldera
  8. Precise earthquake forecasting

Icon Research Vessels.png Research Vessels
IconS RV-10 Research Vessel.png
RV-10 Research Vessel
  1. Littoral territory study
  2. Studying the adaptations of sea denizens
  3. Online map of shark attacks
  4. Tracking the movement of water masses
  5. Water sample collection
  6. Marine acidity analysis
  7. Measurement of carbon dioxide diffusion
  8. Measuring the concentration of lead in water
  9. Shore border change study
  10. Sea fauna sample collection
  11. Fish migration photography
  12. Audio recording of whales singing
  13. Filming the underwater world
  14. Compilation of a seal migration schedule
  15. Calculation of the speed of sound in the ocean
  16. Looking for fauna in the oceanic core
IconS RV-24 Research Vessel.png
RV-24 Research Vessel
  1. Hydrobiological measurements
  2. Calculation of the specific weight of phytoplankton
  3. Calculation of water pollution levels
  4. Seabed terrain study
  5. Geological filming of the seabed
  6. Milky seas photograph
  7. Hydroacoustic testing
  8. Cataloguing rising plankton
  9. Compiling a magnetic map of the Earth
  10. Interactive map of the Great Barrier Reef
  11. Determining chlorophyll concentration in water
IconS RV-32 Research Vessel.png
RV-32 Research Vessel
  1. Search for submerged treasures
  2. Determining the speed of ocean acidification
  3. Water isotope characteristics study
  4. Timelapse of a glacier melting
  5. Photo documentation of iceberg creation
  6. Hydrothermal field discovery
  7. Studying oceanic circulation processes
  8. Mapping floating ice
  9. Mapping iceberg movements
  10. Determination of changes in ice coverage
IconS RV-47 Research Vessel.png
RV-47 Research Vessel
  1. Drilling antarctic ice
  2. Hunting a giant squid
  3. Placement of underwater microphones in the Antarctic
  4. Discovery of the source of a mysterious radio signal
  5. Search for iron and manganese concretions
  6. Dead zone mapping
  7. Climate change reconstruction
  8. Determination of the marine accumulation zone
  9. Studying the Red Tide phenomenon
  10. Analysis of marine animal mutations
IconS RV-55 Research Vessel.png
RV-55 Research Vessel
  1. Oceanic lithosphere data collection
  2. Compilation of a solar radiation table
  3. Micropaleontological studies
  4. Live-stream from the Bermuda Triangle
  5. Installation of automatic buoy stations
  6. Discovery of new underwater volcanoes
  7. Projection of the rate of increase of the garbage patch
  8. Monitoring of oil spots
  9. Background radiation measurement
  10. Oceanic waste filtering
IconS RV-62 Research Vessel.png
RV-62 Research Vessel
  1. Testing an experimental diving robot
  2. Affixing a camera upon a whale's back
  3. Tsunami prediction
  4. Whirlpool formation study
  5. Tsunami wave detection
  6. Installation of wave generators
  7. Seismic studies
  8. Neutrino stream detection
  9. Extraction of uranium from seawater


Accelarators can be used to increase the speed of component production and assembly. A acceleration lasts 24 hours.

Acceleration x4 Acceleration x8 Acceleration x12 Acceleration x16 Acceleration x20
Research Accelerator x4.png
Research Accelerator x8.png
Research Accelerator x12.png
Research Accelerator x16.png
Research Accelerator x20.png
for 50,000 Coin sm.png for 500,000 Coin sm.png for 3 Megabucks sm.png for 5 Megabucks sm.png for 10 Megabucks sm.png

Alternatively, the Acceleration x20 can be actived for 15 Megabucks sm.png instantly.

Lucky Clover

Lucky Clover.png

For 10 Megabucks sm.png the player can buy a lucky clover that increases the probability of the contest missions (not regular missions) and sometimes the amount of contest points (up to 100%). Once the clover is purchased it lasts until the end of the contest.


These buildings are the prizes the lucky few at the top of the leader boards will get at the end of the event.

3rd Position2nd Position1st Position
Any Leagues01 x BC (10) Certificate 10.pngBronze TBM-11 Drilling Machine MonumentSilver TBM-11 Drilling Machine MonumentGold TBM-11 Drilling Machine Monument
Bronze TBM-11 Drilling Machine Monument.png
Silver TBM-11 Drilling Machine Monument.png
Gold TBM-11 Drilling Machine Monument.png
For all three variations:
2x3 plot
Instant build
5,000 Experience sm.png and 80,000 Population Limits.png
Can be sold for 400,000 Coin sm.png


SQ Internal Info:
  • Name: Исследовательские соревнования (translates to Research competition)
  • ID: 20082500 (competition_research_event9)