Reputation sm
Reputation ("Popularity") is a measure of how many times a player has assisted their Neighbors. The player's Reputation Level and Reputation Points are indicated by the horizontal 'hearts' Reputation sm bargraph that appears when viewing a neighbor's city. Reputation Points are earned by assisting neighbors with contracts and purchased building construction (but not for gifting Assets).

Assisting Neighbors

When visiting neighbors' cities, players have the option to assist each neighbor by:

  • Reducing a Contract's completion time by 10% of the remaining time.
  • Reducing a Building's construction time by 10% of the remaining time.
  • Restoring an Expired Contract.

Players are able to assist each neighbor a fixed number of times per day, indicated by the number in the red circle on the lower left of each neighbor's avatar and by the vertical lightning bolt bargraph when viewing a neighbor's city. Players receive 1 Reputation sm Reputation Point each time they assist a neighbor and an additional 1 Reputation sm Reputation Point when they use up their daily maximum number of assists for a neighbor.

Every time a player earns 1 Reputation sm Reputation Point, they also earn Coin sm according to a formula based on Reputation Level.[1]

Reputation Level

A player's Reputation Level will increase at set intervals of Reputation Points Reputation sm (as with XP), see Reputation Chart below. As Reputation Level increases, the player will be able to assist each neighbor more times per day. Players are initially able to assist each friend 5 times per day and gain 1 additional assist at every 5th Reputation Level:

Number of
Available at
Reputation sm Level

The maximum Reputation Level a player can reach is 50. Every time a player gains a Reputation Level, they also receive 10 Experience sm and 1,000 Coin sm per level (i.e.: 150 Experience sm and 15,000 Coin sm at Reputation Level 15).

Assistance offers may not expire. Testing has shown that if a player receives an offer of assistance but does not accept it before a contract completes, the offer of assistance is still valid for the next contract started in that production building.
Applying maximum number of assistance offers per day. If a neighbor has fewer active production buildings than the player has available assistance offers, the player can still use up their maximum by applying as many offers as possible, visiting another part of the neighbor's city (e.g. Rocky Mountains), click the available buildings there, then returning to the neighbor's main city. The active production buildings will reset and allow the player to offer assistance again.

Reputation Chart

The following reputation chart shows the amount of Reputation sm required to progress to that level.

Level Reputation sm Level Reputation sm Level Reputation sm Level Reputation sm
10 14900 274,500 4017,000
210 151,000 285,000 4118,000
325 161,100 296,000 4219,000
445 171,200 307,000 4320,000
570 181,300 318,000 4421,000
6100 191,400 329,000 4522,000
7200 201,500 3310,000 4623,000
8300 211,750 3411,000 4724,000
9400 222,000 3512,000 4825,000
10500 232,500 3613,000 4930,000
11600 243,000 3714,000 5035,000
12700 253,500 3815,000
13800 264,000 3916,000


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