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The following table provides information regarding the real world structures that served as inspiration for the buildings and structures offered through the Wheel of Fortune in the year 2020.

Real World Buildings: Wheel of Fortune
Santa's Grotto.pngThe Italian Company Campari Headquarters.png
Armory Museum.png
Valencia Central Market.png
Wawel Castle.png
2012 + 2013 2014 2015 2016
Chicago Library.png
Change Mall.png
Carlsberg Glyptotek.png
Tourist Information Center.png
2017 2018 2019 2020

For additional real world buildings, see Real World Buildings of Megapolis.
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Megapolis Real World
Event Building Image Building Location Image
Modern Architecture of South Korea
January 20, 2020
Tourist Information Center
Tourist Information Center.png
South Korea
Creative Agency
Creative Agency.png
South Korea
Postal Service Information Center
Postal Service Information Center.png
South Korea
Medical Innovation Center
Medical Innovation Center.png
South Korea
Health Center
Health Center.png
South Korea
Power Company Office
Power Company Office.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Emporis Logo.svg KEPCO Headquarters Naju, South Korea
RealWorld Power Company Office.jpg
Daegu Conference Center
Daegu Conference Center.png
EXCO Daegu, South Korea
RealWorld Daegu Conference Center.jpg
Scenic Germany
February 10, 2020
Fussen High Castle
Fussen High Castle.png
High Castle Füssen, Germany
RealWorld Fussen High Castle.jpg
Bad Bentheim Swan Island
Bad Bentheim Swan Island.png
Bad Bentheim Schwein Bad Bentheim, Germany
RealWorld Bad Bentheim Swan Island.jpg
Ochsenfurt Powder Tower
Ochsenfurt Powder Tower.png
Pulverturm Ochsenfurt, Germany
RealWorld Ochsenfurt Powder Tower.jpg
Ochsenfurt Town Hall
Ochsenfurt Town Hall.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Ochsenfurt Town Hall Ochsenfurt, Germany
RealWorld Ochsenfurt Town Hall.jpg
Bad Bentheim Gate Tower
Bad Bentheim Gate Tower.png
Lower Gate at Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Bentheim Castle Bad Bentheim, Germany
RealWorld Bad Bentheim Gate Tower.jpg
Furstenau Castle
Furstenau Castle.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Schloss Fürstenau Michelstadt, Germany
RealWorld Furstenau Castle.jpg
Bentheim Castle
Bentheim Castle.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Bentheim Castle Bad Bentheim, Germany
RealWorld Bentheim Castle.jpg
Reaching for the Sky
March 02, 2020
Abu Dhabi Investment Company
Abu Dhabi Investment Company.png
Emporis Logo.svg IPIC Square Abu Dhabi, UAE
RealWorld Abu Dhabi Investment Company.jpg
Jongno Tower
Jongno Tower (Wheel of Fortune).png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Emporis Logo.svg Jongno Tower Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Jongno Tower.jpg
Pasig Central Bank
Pasig Central Bank.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Emporis Logo.svg UnionBank Plaza Pasig, Philippines
RealWorld Pasig Central Bank.jpg
Abraj Office Center
Abraj Office Center.png
Emporis Logo.svg Abraj Atta'Awuneya Twin Towers Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
RealWorld Abraj Office Center.jpg
Liaoning Hotel
Liaoning Hotel.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg China Netcom Dalian Dalian, China
RealWorld Gloria Hedge Fund.jpg
Megabox Trade Center
Megabox Trade Center.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Enterprise Square Five Hong Kong, China
RealWorld Megabox Trade Center.jpg
Goryeo Hotel
Goryeo Hotel.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Emporis Logo.svg Koryo Hotel Pyongyang, North Korea
RealWorld Goryeo Hotel.jpg
Cottages on the Water
March 23, 2020
Flagship Eco-Hostel
Flagship Eco-Hostel.png
Seahorn Eco-House
Seahorn Eco-House.png
Schwimmhaus Oldenburg, Germany
RealWorld Schwimmhaus.jpg
Fjord Floating Sauna
Fjord Floating Sauna.png
Oslo Fjord Sauna "Måken" float Oslo, Norway
RealWorld Fjord Floating Sauna.jpg
Nautilus House Yacht
Nautilus House Yacht.png
Nautilus n/a
RealWorld Nautilus House Yacht.png
Meridian Cottage
Meridian Cottage.png
Modernist House
Modernist House.png
Futuristic Architecture
April 13, 2020
Dolomita Hotel
Dolomita Hotel.png
ArchDaily Logo.png Dolomitenblick Terento, Italy
Cocoon Hotel
Cocoon Hotel.png
Crystal Hostel
Crystal Hostel.png
Moebius Exhibition Hall
Moebius Exhibition Hall.png
Moebius House Gangneung-si, South Korea
Dubli Kassa Guest House
Dubli Kassa Guest House.png
ArchDaily Logo.png Dupli Casa Ludwigsburg, Germany
RealWorld Dubli Kassa Guest House.jpg
Shell Hotel
Shell Hotel.png
ArchDaily Logo.png Shell Kitasaku District, Japan
RealWorld Shell Hotel.jpg
Bruno Scenic Hostel
Bruno Scenic Hostel.png
Modern South Korea
May 04, 2020
Harp Park Condominium
Harp Park Condominium.png
ArchDaily Logo.png Songpa Micro Housing Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Harp Park Condominium.jpg
New World Business Center
New World Business Center.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Emporis Logo.svg ArchDaily Logo.png Shinsegae International Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld New World Business Center.jpg
Health Center
Health Center (2).png
South Korea
Banpo-dong Building
Banpo-dong Building.png
South Korea
Trio Business Center
Trio Business Center.png
South Korea
Supermarket Chain Office
Supermarket Chain Office.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg E-Mart Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Supermarket Chain Office.jpg
Tesis Building
Tesis Building.png
South Korea
Newest from the Year Past
May 25, 2020
Ningbo Exhibition Center
Ningbo Exhibition Center.png
ArchDaily Logo.png Ningbo Urban Planning Exhibition Center Ningbo, China
RealWorld Ningbo Exhibition Center.jpg
Buce Flago Apartments
Buce Flago Apartments.png
Desert Oasis Cottage
Desert Oasis Cottage.png
Siren Hostel
Siren Hostel.png
Ti Xo Zun Villa
Ti Xo Zun Villa.png
Groningen Universal Hotel
Groningen Universal Hotel.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Emporis Logo.svg ArchDaily Logo.png Forum Groningen Groningen, Netherlands
RealWorld Groningen Universal Hotel.jpg
Wuxi Taihu Theatre
Wuxi Taihu Theatre.png
ArchDaily Logo.png Wuxi TAIHU Show Theatre Wuxi, China
RealWorld Wuxi Taihu Theatre.jpg
Ancient Sabils
June 15, 2020
Sabil-Kuttab of Katkhuda
Sabil-Kuttab of Katkhuda.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Sabil-Kuttab of Katkhuda Cairo, Egypt
RealWorld Sabil-Kuttab of Katkhuda.jpg
Sebil-Fountain of Abdülhamid
Sebil-Fountain of Abdülhamid.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Sebil-fountain of Abdülhamid I Istanbul, Turkey
RealWorld Sebil-Fountain of Abdülhamid.jpg
Sabil Tusun Pasha
Sabil Tusun Pasha.png
Sabil wa Kuttab Tusun Pasha Cairo, Egypt
RealWorld Sabil Tusun Pasha.jpg
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Sabil-Kuttab of Sultan Qaytbay Cairo, Egypt
RealWorld Sabil-Kuttab.jpg
Sabil Nafisa al-Bayda
Sabil Nafisa al-Bayda.png
Sabil Nafisa al-Bayda Cairo, Egypt
RealWorld Sabil Nafisa al-Bayda.jpg
Sabil at al-Darb al-Ahmar
Sabil at al-Darb al-Ahmar.png
Sabil Ruqayya Dudu Cairo, Egypt
RealWorld Sabil at al-Darb al-Ahmar.jpg
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Sabil-Kuttab-Wakala of Sultan Qa'it Bay Cairo, Egypt
RealWorld Sabil-Wakala.jpg
Architecture and Enlightenment
July 06, 2020
Linxia Grand Theater
Linxia Grand Theater.png
ArchDaily Logo.png Linxia Grand Theater Linxia City, China
RealWorld Linxia Grand Theater.jpg
University of Milan
University of Milan.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Emporis Logo.svg IULM Knowledge Transfer Centre Milan, Italy
RealWorld University of Milan.jpg
Moldova Cultural Center
Moldova Cultural Center.png
Uppsala University
Uppsala University.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg ArchDaily Logo.png Segerstedthuset Uppsala, Sweden
RealWorld Uppsala University.jpg
Chu Hai College
Chu Hai College.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg ArchDaily Logo.png Chu Hai College of Higher Education Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, China
RealWorld Chu Hai College.jpg
University of Düsseldorf
University of Düsseldorf.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Emporis Logo.svg ArchDaily Logo.png FOM University Düsseldorf, Germany
RealWorld University of Düsseldorf.jpg
Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University
Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg ArchDaily Logo.png Mori Hosseini Student Center Daytona Beach, FL, USA
RealWorld Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University.jpg
Sights from the Girona Province
July 27, 2020
Fort Alfonso XII
Fort Alfonso XII.png
Torre d'Alfons XII Girona, Spain
RealWorld Fort Alfonso XII.jpg
Banyoles Villa
Banyoles Villa.png
Casa Anamaria
Casa Anamaria.png
Hotel Casa Anamaria Ollers, Spain
RealWorld Casa Anamaria.jpg
Cathedral Treasury Museum
Cathedral Treasury Museum.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Girona Cathedral Girona, Spain
RealWorld Cathedral Treasury Museum.jpg
La Constance Club
La Constance Club.png
Church of Sant Cristofol
Church of Sant Cristofol.png
Church of Sant Cristòfol de Beget Beget, Spain
RealWorld Church of Sant Cristofol.jpg
Forsa Veillat Bridge
Forsa Veillat Bridge.png
Old Bridge of Besalú Besalú, Spain
RealWorld Forsa Veillat Bridge.jpg
Paradoxical Architecture
August 17, 2020
Loop Mansion
Loop Mansion.png
ArchDaily Logo.png The LOOP Gallery Chongqing, China
RealWorld Loop Mansion.jpg
Rhombus House
Rhombus House.png
Rhombhouse ? n/a
RealWorld Rhombus House.jpg
Vintage Fashion Salon
Vintage Fashion Salon.png
ArchDaily Logo.png Heli-stage Shaoxing, China
RealWorld Vintage Fashion Salon.jpg
Penthouse Mansion
Penthouse Mansion.png
RealWorld Penthouse Mansion.jpg
Stripes Business Center
Stripes Business Center.png
Trihouse n/a
RealWorld Stripes Business Center.jpg
Bunker Parking-Box
Bunker Parking-Box.png
Tesla Cyberhouse n/a
RealWorld Bunker Parking-Box.jpg
Cruise Floating Villa
Cruise Floating Villa.png
Wojciech Morsztyn Luxury Houseboats n/a
RealWorld Cruise Floating Villa.jpg
Architecture of the Desert
September 07, 2020
Majlis Tower
Majlis Tower.png
Emporis Logo.svg Barzan Tower Doha, Qatar
RealWorld Majlis Tower.jpg
Vortex Tower
Vortex Tower.png
Pigeon Towers at Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Katara Doha, Qatar
RealWorld Vortex Tower.jpg
Pigeon Fort
Pigeon Fort.png
Zubara Fort
Zubara Fort.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Al Zubara Fort Zubarah, Qatar
RealWorld Zubara Fort.jpg
Umm Salal Fort
Umm Salal Fort.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Barzan Towers Umm Salal Mohammed, Qatar
RealWorld Umm Salal Fort.jpg
Umm Salal Watchtower
Umm Salal Watchtower.png
Barzan Palace
Barzan Palace.png
Architecture of Ceuta
September 28, 2020
Trujillo Hotel
Trujillo Hotel.png
Edificio Trujillo Ceuta, Spain
RealWorld Trujillo Hotel.jpg
Statue of Hercules
Statue of Hercules.png
Statue of Hercules Ceuta, Spain
RealWorld Statue of Hercules.jpg
Fort Aranguren
Fort Aranguren.png
Tower of Aranguren Ceuta, Spain
RealWorld Fort Aranguren.jpg
Melilla Lighthouse
Melilla Lighthouse.png
Melilla Lighthouse Melilla, Spain
RealWorld Melilla Lighthouse.jpg
Melilla Big Department Store
Melilla Big Department Store.png
Massimo Dutti Melilla, Spain
RealWorld Melilla Big Department Store.jpg
House with Dragons
House with Dragons.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Casa de los Dragones Ceuta, Spain
RealWorld House with Dragons.jpg
Ceuta City Hall
Ceuta City Hall.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Palacio de la Asamblea Ceuta, Spain
RealWorld Ceuta City Hall.jpg
Brno Architecture
October 19, 2020
Brno Main Station
Brno Main Station.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Brno main railway station Brno, Czech Republic
RealWorld Brno Main Station.jpg
Plague Column
Plague Column.png
Plague Column Brno, Czech Republic
RealWorld Plague Column.jpg
Perfume Shop
Perfume Shop.png
FAnn perfumery Brno, Czech Republic
RealWorld Perfume Shop.jpg
Mahen Theater
Mahen Theater.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Mahen Theatre Brno, Czech Republic
RealWorld Mahen Theater.jpg
Brno Palace of Justice
Brno Palace of Justice.png
Palace of Justice Brno, Czech Republic
RealWorld Brno Palace of Justice.jpg
Jurkovic House
Jurkovic House.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Jurkovič House Brno, Czech Republic
RealWorld Jurkovic House.jpg
Low-Beer Villa
Low-Beer Villa.png
Löw-Beer Villa Brno, Czech Republic
RealWorld Low-Beer Villa.jpg
Towers of Sao Paulo
November 09, 2020
Berrini One
Berrini One.png
Emporis Logo.svg ArchDaily Logo.png Berrini One São Paulo, Brazil
RealWorld Berrini One.jpg
Sao Paulo Bank Head Office
Sao Paulo Bank Head Office.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Emporis Logo.svg Banco Safra São Paulo, Brazil
RealWorld Sao Paulo Bank Head Office.jpg
Ipiranga Plaza
Ipiranga Plaza.png
Emporis Logo.svg Sancta Maggiore Hospital São Paulo, Brazil
RealWorld Ipiranga Plaza.jpg
Eco Berrini
Eco Berrini.png
Emporis Logo.svg Eco Berrini São Paulo, Brazil
RealWorld Eco Berrini.jpg
Torre Norte
Torre Norte.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Emporis Logo.svg Torre Norte São Paulo, Brazil
RealWorld Torre Norte.jpg
Torre Morumbi
Torre Morumbi.png
Emporis Logo.svg WTorre Morumbi São Paulo, Brazil
RealWorld Torre Morumbi.jpg
Brookfield Towers
Brookfield Towers.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Emporis Logo.svg Company Business Towers São Paulo, Brazil
RealWorld Brookfield Towers.jpg
Palace and Park Architecture
December 07, 2020
Chantilly Palace
Chantilly Palace.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Château de Chantilly Chantilly, France
RealWorld Chantilly Palace.jpg
Chateau de Villandry
Chateau de Villandry.png
Pavillon de l'Audience at Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Château de Villandry Villandry, France
RealWorld Chateau de Villandry.jpg
Rocaille Pavilion
Rocaille Pavilion.png
Pavillon Louis XV at Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Parc de Bagatelle Paris, France
RealWorld Rocaille Pavilion.jpg
Bagatelle Palace Tower
Bagatelle Palace Tower.png
Pompe-à-feu du Château de Bagatelle Paris, France
RealWorld Bagatelle Palace Tower.jpg
Francis Dewes House
Francis Dewes House.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Francis J. Dewes House Chicago, IL, USA
RealWorld Francis Dewes House.jpg
Chateau de Bagatelle
Chateau de Bagatelle.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Château de Bagatelle Paris, France
RealWorld Chateau de Bagatelle.jpg
Chantilly Castle Guest Wing
Chantilly Castle Guest Wing.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Château de Chantilly
(west wing)
Chantilly, France
RealWorld Chantilly Castle Guest Wing.jpg
Christmas Cheer
December 28, 2020
King Manor
King Manor.png
Winter Apple Handicraft Workshop
Winter Apple Handicraft Workshop.png
Coastal Pavilion
Coastal Pavilion.png
Bucharest Hotel
Bucharest Hotel.png
Brockenhurst Park Gatehouse
Brockenhurst Park Gatehouse.png
North Lodge Brockenhurst, UK
RealWorld Brockenhurst Park Gatehouse.jpg
Kroff Mansion
Kroff Mansion.png
4 Willard Place Hudson, NY, USA
RealWorld Kroff Mansion.jpg
Benjamin Freeman House
Benjamin Freeman House.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Benjamin Stanley Freeman House North Attleborough, MA, USA
RealWorld Benjamin Freeman House.jpg
Real World Buildings of Megapolis
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