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The following table provides information regarding the real world structures that served as inspiration for the buildings and structures offered through the Wheel of Fortune in the year 2018.

Real World Buildings: Wheel of Fortune
Santa's Grotto.pngThe Italian Company Campari Headquarters.png
Armory Museum.png
Valencia Central Market.png
Wawel Castle.png
2012 + 2013 2014 2015 2016
Chicago Library.png
Change Mall.png
Carlsberg Glyptotek.png
Tourist Information Center.png
2017 2018 2019 2020

For additional real world buildings, see Real World Buildings of Megapolis.
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Megapolis Real World
Event Building Image Building Location Image
Elegant Architecture
January 08, 2018
Change Mall
Change Mall.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg One New Change London, UK
RealWorld Change Mall.jpg
London Pavilion
London Pavilion.png
Red Sun Pavilion London, UK
RealWorld London Pavilion.jpg
White Walls Business Center
White Walls Business Center.png
White Walls Nicosia, Cyprus
RealWorld White Walls Business Center.jpg
11 Avenue Business Center
11 Avenue Business Center.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg 100 Eleventh Avenue New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld 11 Avenue Business Center.jpg
Montpelier Hotel
Montpelier Hotel.png
Courtyard Marriott Montpellier Montpellier, France
RealWorld Montpelier Hotel.jpg
Golden Angel Mall
Golden Angel Mall.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Golden Angel Prague, Czech Republic
RealWorld Golden Angel Mall.jpg
Guthrie Theater
Guthrie Theater.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Guthrie Theater Minneapolis, MN, USA
RealWorld Guthrie Theater.jpg
Fairy-Tale Stockholm
January 22, 2018
Stockholm Merchant's House
Stockholm Merchant's House.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Villa Lusthusporten Stockholm, Sweden
RealWorld Stockholm Merchant's House.jpg
Gamekeeper's House
Gamekeeper's House.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Jägarhyddan Stockholm, Sweden
Headland Stately Home
Headland Stately Home.png
Villa Täcka Udden Stockholm, Sweden
RealWorld Headland Stately Home.jpg
Riddarholm Church
Riddarholm Church.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Riddarholm Church Stockholm, Sweden
RealWorld Riddarholm Church.jpg
Regnbogen Restaurant
Regnbogen Restaurant.png
Arnoldhuset Stockholm, Sweden
RealWorld Regnbogen Restaurant.jpg
Skansen Tavern
Skansen Tavern.png
Flickorna Helin Stockholm, Sweden
RealWorld Skansen Tavern.jpg
Stockholm Publishing House
Stockholm Publishing House.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Norstedt Building Stockholm, Sweden
RealWorld Stockholm Publishing House.jpg
French Chateaux
February 05, 2018
Chateau d'Ecouen
Chateau d'Ecouen.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Château d'Écouen Écouen, France
RealWorld Chateau d'Ecouen.jpg
Chateau de Balleroy
Chateau de Balleroy.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Château de Balleroy Balleroy, France
RealWorld Chateau de Balleroy.jpg
Chateau de Breteuil
Chateau de Breteuil.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Château de Breteuil Choisel, France
RealWorld Chateau de Breteuil.jpg
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Château de Maisons Maisons-Laffitte, France
RealWorld Maisons-Laffitte.jpg
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Vaux-le-Vicomte Maincy, France
RealWorld Vaux-le-Vicomte.jpg
Chateau de Rambouillet
Chateau de Rambouillet.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Château de Rambouillet Rambouillet, France
RealWorld Chateau de Rambouillet.jpg
Chateau de Grosbois
Chateau de Grosbois.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Château de Grosbois Boissy-Saint-Léger, France
RealWorld Chateau de Grosbois.jpg
Timeless Aesthetic
February 19, 2018
Washington Post Office
Washington Post Office.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Old Post Office Washington, D.C., USA
RealWorld Washington Post Office.jpg
Abberley Clock Tower
Abberley Clock Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Abberley Clock Tower Abberley, UK
RealWorld Abberley Clock Tower.jpg
Worcester Hospital
Worcester Hospital.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Worcester State Hospital Worcester, MA, USA
RealWorld Worcester Hospital.jpg
Dunedin Town Hall
Dunedin Town Hall.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Dunedin Town Hall Dunedin, New Zealand
RealWorld Dunedin Town Hall.jpg
Boston Custom House
Boston Custom House.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Custom House Tower Boston, MA, USA
RealWorld Boston Custom House.jpg
Minneapolis Town Hall
Minneapolis Town Hall.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Minneapolis City Hall Minneapolis, MN, USA
RealWorld Minneapolis Town Hall.jpg
Königsberg Cathedral
Königsberg Cathedral.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Königsberg Cathedral Kaliningrad, Russia
RealWorld Königsberg Cathedral.jpg
Beauty of Symmetry
March 05, 2018
Yu-Hang Hotel
Yu-Hang Hotel.png
Grand New Century Hotel Yuhang Hangzhou Hangzhou, China
RealWorld Yu-Hang Hotel.jpg
Sichuan Library
Sichuan Library.png
Sichuan Provincial Library Chengdu, China
RealWorld Sichuan Library.jpg
Hangzhou Business Center
Hangzhou Business Center.png
UDC Twin Towers Hangzhou, China
RealWorld Hangzhou Business Center.jpg
Dalian Towers
Dalian Towers.png
Dalian Twin Towers Dalian, China
RealWorld Dalian Towers.jpg
Magma Apartments
Magma Apartments.png
Magma Towers Monterrey, Mexico
RealWorld Magma Apartments.jpg
Wanxiang City Office Center
Wanxiang City Office Center.png
Wanxiang City Complex Hangzhou, China
Zhengzhou Hotel
Zhengzhou Hotel.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Zhengzhou Greenland Central Plaza Zhengzhou, China
RealWorld Zhengzhou Hotel.jpg
Architecture of Phoenix
March 19, 2018
Central Avenue Complex
Central Avenue Complex.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Renaissance Square Phoenix, AZ, USA
RealWorld Central Avenue Complex.jpg
Monterey Tower
Monterey Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Great American Tower Phoenix, AZ, USA
RealWorld Monterey Tower.jpg
Bank of Phoenix
Bank of Phoenix.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg U.S. Bank Center Phoenix, AZ, USA
RealWorld Bank of Phoenix.jpg
Art Plaza
Art Plaza.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg BMO Tower Phoenix, AZ, USA
RealWorld Art Plaza.jpg
Phoenix Plaza
Phoenix Plaza.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Phoenix Plaza Phoenix, AZ, USA
RealWorld Phoenix Plaza.jpg
Phoenix City Hall
Phoenix City Hall.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Phoenix City Hall Phoenix, AZ, USA
RealWorld Phoenix City Hall.jpg
Phoenix Tower
Phoenix Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg CityScape Tower 1 Phoenix, AZ, USA
RealWorld Phoenix Tower.jpg
Ethiopian Architecture
April 02, 2018
Fasilides Fortress
Fasilides Fortress.png
Fasilides' castle at Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Fasil Ghebbi Gondar, Ethiopia
RealWorld Fasilides Fortress.jpg
Iyasu Castle Ruins
Iyasu Castle Ruins.png
Iyasu I's palace at Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Fasil Ghebbi Gondar, Ethiopia
RealWorld Iyasu Castle Ruins.png
Gondar Library
Gondar Library.png
Library of Emperor Yohannes at Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Fasil Ghebbi Gondar, Ethiopia
RealWorld Gondar Library.jpg
Mentewab Castle
Mentewab Castle.png
Empress Mentewab's castle at Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Fasil Ghebbi Gondar, Ethiopia
RealWorld Mentewab Castle.jpg
Royal Baths of Fasilides
Royal Baths of Fasilides.png
Fasilides' Bath Gondar, Ethiopia
RealWorld Royal Baths of Fasilides.jpg
Fasil Ghebbi Fortress
Fasil Ghebbi Fortress.png
Fasilides' archive at at Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Fasil Ghebbi Gondar, Ethiopia
RealWorld Fasil Ghebbi Fortress.jpg
Church of Saint George
Church of Saint George.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Church of Saint George Lalibela, Ethiopia
RealWorld Church of Saint George.jpg
Architecture of Palermo
April 23, 2018
Massimo Theater
Massimo Theater.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Teatro Massimo Palermo, Italy
RealWorld Massimo Theater.jpg
Pretoria Fountain
Pretoria Fountain.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Fontana Pretoria Palermo, Italy
RealWorld Pretoria Fountain.jpg
Mosaic Museum
Mosaic Museum.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Church of San Cataldo Palermo, Italy
RealWorld Mosaic Museum.jpg
Porta Felice Gate
Porta Felice Gate.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Porta Felice Palermo, Italy
RealWorld Porta Felice Gate.jpg
Mondello Bathhouse
Mondello Bathhouse.png
Old Bath House Palermo, Italy
RealWorld Mondello Bathhouse.jpg
Politeama Theatre
Politeama Theatre.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Teatro Politeama Palermo, Italy
RealWorld Politeama Theatre.jpg
Villa Palagonia
Villa Palagonia.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Villa Palagonia Bagheria, Italy
RealWorld Villa Palagonia.jpg
The Heights of Jakarta
May 14, 2018
Capital Tower
Capital Tower (Jakarta).png
Equity Tower Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta Business Center
Jakarta Business Center.png
Sinarmas MSIG Tower Jakarta, Indonesia
Batavia Tower
Batavia Tower.png
Menara BCA Jakarta, Indonesia
Sudirman Center
Sudirman Center.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Sahid Sudirman Center Jakarta, Indonesia
Pakubuwono Tower
Pakubuwono Tower.png
Pakubuwono Signature Jakarta, Indonesia
Cemindo Tower
Cemindo Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Cemindo Tower Jakarta, Indonesia
Thamrin Tower
Thamrin Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Wisma 46 Jakarta, Indonesia
Torun Landmarks
June 04, 2018
Torun Old City Hall
Torun Old City Hall.png
Old City Town Hall Toruń, Poland
RealWorld Torun Old City Hall.jpg
House on Szeroka Street
House on Szeroka Street.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg 46 Szeroka Street Toruń, Poland
Artus Court
Artus Court.png
Artus House Toruń, Poland
RealWorld Artus Court.jpg
Torun Bank
Torun Bank.png
PKO Bank Toruń, Poland
RealWorld Torun Bank.jpg
Torun Police Station
Torun Police Station.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Former Police Station Building Toruń, Poland
RealWorld Torun Police Station.jpg
Torun New City Hall
Torun New City Hall.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Torun City Hall Toruń, Poland
Torun Post Office
Torun Post Office.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Main Post Office Toruń, Poland
RealWorld Torun Post Office.jpg
A Vacation in Rome
June 25, 2018
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Altare della Patria Rome, Italy
Altare della Patria.jpg
Brancaccio Garden
Brancaccio Garden.png
Garden of Palazzo Brancaccio Rome, Italy
RealWorld Brancaccio Garden.jpg
Oratory of San Filippo Neri
Oratory of San Filippo Neri.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Oratorio dei Filippini Rome, Italy
RealWorld Oratory of San Filippo Neri.jpg
Sant'Andrea al Quirinale
Sant'Andrea al Quirinale.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Church of Saint Andrew's at the Quirinal Rome, Italy
RealWorld Sant'Andrea al Quirinale.jpg
Santa Maria in Cosmedin
Santa Maria in Cosmedin.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Santa Maria in Cosmedin Rome, Italy
RealWorld Santa Maria in Cosmedin.jpg
Villa Doria Pamphili
Villa Doria Pamphili.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Villa Doria Pamphili Rome, Italy
RealWorld Villa Doria Pamphili.jpg
Barberini Palace
Barberini Palace.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Palazzo Barberini Rome, Italy
RealWorld Barberini Palace.jpg
Masterpieces of Belarusian Architecture
July 16, 2018
Opera and Ballet Theater
Opera and Ballet Theater.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg National Opera and Ballet of Belarus Minsk, Belarus
RealWorld Opera and Ballet Theater.jpg
Slutsk Brama from Nesvizh
Slutsk Brama from Nesvizh.png
Slutsk Brama Nyasvizh, Belarus
RealWorld Slutsk Brama from Nesvizh.jpg
Minsk Art Museum
Minsk Art Museum.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Belarusian National Arts Museum Minsk, Belarus
RealWorld Minsk Art Museum.jpg
Yanka Kupala Theater
Yanka Kupala Theater.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Janka Kupala National Theatre Minsk, Belarus
RealWorld Yanka Kupala Theater.jpg
Kossovo Castle
Kossovo Castle.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Kosava Castle Kosava, Belarus
RealWorld Kossovo Castle.jpg
Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace
Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Gomel Palace Gomel, Belarus
RealWorld Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace.jpg
Nesvizh Castle
Nesvizh Castle.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Nesvizh Castle Nyasvizh, Belarus
RealWorld Nesvizh Castle.jpg
Landmarks of Syracuse
August 06, 2018
Syracuse University
Syracuse University.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Hall of Languages Syracuse, NY, USA
RealWorld Syracuse University.jpg
Syracuse Legal Services
Syracuse Legal Services.png
101-103 E Water St Syracuse, NY, USA
RealWorld Syracuse Legal Services.jpg
Syracuse City Hall
Syracuse City Hall.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Syracuse City Hall Syracuse, NY, USA
RealWorld Syracuse City Hall.jpg
Onondaga District Office
Onondaga District Office.png
Onondaga County Courthouse Syracuse, NY, USA
RealWorld Onondaga District Office.jpg
Lyman Hall
Lyman Hall.png
Lyman Hall Syracuse, NY, USA
RealWorld Lyman Hall.jpg
Bank of Syracuse
Bank of Syracuse.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Syracuse Savings Bank Building Syracuse, NY, USA
RealWorld Bank of Syracuse.jpg
John Crouse College
John Crouse College.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Crouse College Syracuse, NY, USA
RealWorld John Crouse College.jpg
Polish Palaces
August 27, 2018
Oskar Schoen's Palace
Oskar Schoen's Palace.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Oskar Schöen's Palace Sosnowiec, Poland
RealWorld Oskar Schoen's Palace.jpg
Zelenski Family Manor
Zelenski Family Manor.png
Zelenski Family Palace Grodkowice, Poland
RealWorld Zelenski Family Manor.jpg
Brynek Palace
Brynek Palace.png
Brynek Palace Brynek, Poland
RealWorld Brynek Palace.jpg
Paulinum Palace
Paulinum Palace.png
Pałac Paulinum Jelenia Góra, Poland
RealWorld Paulinum Palace.jpg
Naklo Palace
Naklo Palace.png
Donnersmarck Palace Nakło, Poland
RealWorld Naklo Palace.jpg
Donnersmarck Palace
Donnersmarck Palace.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg New Castle Świerklaniec, Poland
RealWorld Donnersmarck Palace.jpg
Plawniowice Palace
Plawniowice Palace.png
Pławniowice Palace Pławniowice, Poland
RealWorld Plawniowice Palace.jpg
Modern Architecture of Korea
September 17, 2018
Seoul Finance Corporation
Seoul Finance Corporation.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg International Finance Center Seoul Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Seoul Finance Corporation.jpg
Seoul Biophysics Laboratory
Seoul Biophysics Laboratory.png
Seoul, South Korea
Seongnam University
Seongnam University.png
Gachon University Hall Seongnam, South Korea
RealWorld Seongnam University.jpg
Yongsan-gu Cosmetics Company
Yongsan-gu Cosmetics Company.png
AmorePacific headquarters Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Yongsan-gu Cosmetics Company.jpg
Tangent Business Park
Tangent Business Park.png
Hyundai Development Company headquarters Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Tangent Business Park.jpg
Game Company Office
Game Company Office.png
NCSOFT R&D Center Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Game Company Office.jpg
Jung-gu Tower
Jung-gu Tower.png
Signature Towers Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Jung-gu Tower.jpg
Architecture of Lviv
October 08, 2018
Lviv Opera House
Lviv Opera House.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet Lviv, Ukraine
RealWorld Lviv Opera House.jpg
House of Scientists
House of Scientists.png
House of Scientists Lviv, Ukraine
RealWorld House of Scientists.jpg
Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum
Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Lviv National Museum Lviv, Ukraine
RealWorld Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum.jpg
Lviv Town Hall
Lviv Town Hall.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Lviv Town Hall Lviv, Ukraine
RealWorld Lviv Town Hall.jpg
Potocki Palace
Potocki Palace.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Potocki Palace Lviv, Ukraine
RealWorld Potocki Palace.jpg
University of Lviv
University of Lviv.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg University of Lviv Lviv, Ukraine
RealWorld University of Lviv.jpg
Lviv Central Station
Lviv Central Station.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Lviv railway station Lviv, Ukraine
RealWorld Lviv Central Station.jpg
October 29, 2018
Falling House
Falling House.png
Scream Pavilion
Scream Pavilion.png
Abandoned Water Tower
Abandoned Water Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Donnersmarck Steel Mill complex water tower Zabrze, Poland
RealWorld Abandoned Water Tower.jpg
Sinister House
Sinister House.png
Black Magician's Mansion
Black Magician's Mansion.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Agecroft Cemetery Mortuary Chapel Manchester, UK
Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship (Halloween).png
Upturned Mansion
Upturned Mansion.png
Architecture of Yerevan
November 19, 2018
Armenian Opera and Ballet Theater
Armenian Opera and Ballet Theater.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Yerevan Opera Theatre Yerevan, Armenia
RealWorld Armenian Opera and Ballet Theater.jpg
Institute of Ancient Manuscripts
Institute of Ancient Manuscripts.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Matenadaran Yerevan, Armenia
RealWorld Institute of Ancient Manuscripts.jpg
Ministry of Justice of Armenia
Ministry of Justice of Armenia.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Government House Yerevan, Armenia
RealWorld Ministry of Justice of Armenia.jpg
Yerevan City Hall
Yerevan City Hall.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Yerevan City Hall Yerevan, Armenia
RealWorld Yerevan City Hall.jpg
Yerevan Cinema
Yerevan Cinema.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Moscow Cinema Yerevan, Armenia
RealWorld Yerevan Cinema.jpg
Komitas Museum-Institute
Komitas Museum-Institute.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Komitas Museum Yerevan, Armenia
RealWorld Komitas Museum-Institute.jpg
Armenian National Assembly
Armenian National Assembly.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg National Assembly Yerevan, Armenia
RealWorld Armenian National Assembly.jpg
Postmodern Dallas
December 10, 2018
San Jacinto Tower
San Jacinto Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg 2100 Ross Avenue Dallas, TX, USA
Texas Woman's University
Texas Woman's University.png
TWU Dallas Center Dallas, TX, USA
Frost Tower
Frost Tower.png
Frost Tower Dallas, TX, USA
Harwood Office Center
Harwood Office Center.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg 717 Harwood Dallas, TX, USA
Patterson Street Tower
Patterson Street Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Renaissance Tower Dallas, TX, USA
Dallas Business Center
Dallas Business Center.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Trammell Crow Center Dallas, TX, USA
Noel Plaza
Noel Plaza.png
Three Galleria Tower Dallas, TX, USA
Christmas Skyscrapers of New York
December 31, 2018
Waldorf Astoria Hotel Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Waldorf Astoria New York New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Waldorf Astoria Hotel.jpg
Flatiron Building Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Flatiron Building New York City, NY, USA
Flatiron Building.jpg
American Radiator Building Wikipedia FavIcon.svg American Radiator Building New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld American Radiator Building.jpg
Woolworth Building Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Woolworth Building New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Woolworth Building.jpg
American International Building Wikipedia FavIcon.svg 70 Pine Street New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld American International Building.jpg
New Yorker Hotel Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Wyndham New Yorker Hotel New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld New Yorker Hotel.jpg
New York Life Building Wikipedia FavIcon.svg New York Life Building New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld New York Life Building.jpg
Real World Buildings of Megapolis
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