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The following table provides information regarding the real world structures that served as inspiration for the buildings and structures offered through the Wheel of Fortune in the year 2016.

Real World Buildings: Wheel of Fortune
Santa's Grotto.pngThe Italian Company Campari Headquarters.png
Armory Museum.png
Valencia Central Market.png
Wawel Castle.png
2012 + 2013 2014 2015 2016
Chicago Library.png
Change Mall.png
Carlsberg Glyptotek.png
Tourist Information Center.png
2017 2018 2019 2020

For additional real world buildings, see Real World Buildings of Megapolis.
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Megapolis Real World
Event Building Image Building Location Image
Miami Skyscrapers
January 06, 2016
Miami Tower
Miami Tower.png
Miami Tower Miami, FL, USA
RealWorld Miami Tower.jpg
Marina Blue
Marina Blue.png
Marinablue Miami, FL, USA
RealWorld Marina Blue.jpg
Asia Tower
Asia Tower.png
Asia Miami, FL, USA
RealWorld Asia Tower.jpg
Southeast Financial Center
Southeast Financial Center.png
Southeast Financial Center Miami, FL, USA
One Broadway
One Broadway.png
One Broadway Miami, FL, USA
RealWorld One Broadway.jpg
Brickell Office Center
Brickell Office Center.png
1450 Brickell Miami, FL, USA
Metropolitan Office Center
Metropolitan Office Center.png
Met 2 Miami, FL, USA
Ghent Architecture
January 21, 2016
St Nicholas' Church in Ghent
St Nicholas' Church in Ghent.png
Saint Nicholas' Church Ghent, Belgium
Belfry of Ghent
Belfry of Ghent.png
Belfry of Ghent Ghent, Belgium
Old Post Office
Old Post Office (Ghent).png
Old Post Office Ghent, Belgium
Flute Player House
De Fluitspeler House.png
De Fluitspeler Ghent, Belgium
Royal Dutch Theater
Royal Dutch Theater.png
Royal Dutch Theater Ghent, Belgium
Ghent Town Hall
Ghent Town Hall.png
Town Hall Ghent, Belgium
St. Bavo's Cathedral
St. Bavo's Cathedral.png
St Bavo's Cathedral Ghent, Belgium
Futuristic Architecture
February 01, 2016
Tribunal Superior Eleitoral
Tribunal Superior Eleitoral.png
Tribunal Superior Eleitoral Brasília, Brazil
RealWorld Tribunal Superior Eleitoral.jpg
Acoustic Shell
Acoustic Shell.png
Concha Acústica Brasília, Brazil
RealWorld Acoustic Shell.jpg
Oscar Niemeyer Museum
Oscar Niemeyer Museum.png
Oscar Niemeyer Museum Curitiba, Brazil
Oscar Niemeyer Museum.jpg
Church of Saint Francis of Assisi
Church of Saint Francis of Assisi.png
Church of Saint Francis of Assisi Pampulha, Brazil
RealWorld Church of Saint Francis of Assisi.jpg
Popular Theater of Niteroi
Popular Theater of Niteroi.png
Teatro Popular de Niteroi Niterói, Brazil
RealWorld Popular Theater of Niteroi.jpg
Pantheon of Freedom
Pantheon of Freedom.png
Tancredo Neves Pantheon of the Fatherland and Freedom Brasília, Brazil
Pantheon of Fatherland and Freedom, Tancredo Neves.jpg
Pedro Calmon Theater
Pedro Calmon Theater.png
Pedro Calmon Theatre Brasília, Brazil
RealWorld Pedro Calmon Theater.jpg
Zagreb Architecture
February 18, 2016
Croatian National Theater
Croatian National Theater.png
Croatian National Theatre Zagreb, Croatia
Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.jpg
St. Mark's Church in Zagreb
St. Mark's Church in Zagreb.png
St. Mark's Church Zagreb, Croatia
Lotrscak Tower
Lotrscak Tower.png
Lotrščak Tower Zagreb, Croatia
Lutheran Church in Zagreb
Lutheran Church in Zagreb.png
Evangelical Church Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb Glavni Station
Zagreb Glavni Station.png
Zagreb Main Station Zagreb, Croatia
Art Pavilion
Art Pavilion.png
Art Pavilion Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb Cathedral
Zagreb Cathedral.png
Zagreb Cathedral Zagreb, Croatia
Hospitable Incheon
February 29, 2016
Ironwood Hotel
Ironwood Hotel.png
Posco Tower-Songdo/Oakwood Hotel Songdo Incheon, South Korea
RealWorld Northeast Asia Trade Tower.jpg
Eco-Style Motel
Eco-Style Motel.png
Ekonomy Hotel - Goodstay Incheon, South Korea
Incheon Air Motel
Incheon Air Motel.png
Incheon Airtel Incheon, South Korea
RealWorld Incheon Air Motel.jpg
Shin Mini-Hotel
Shin Mini-Hotel.png
BENIKEA Wolmido the Bliss Hotel Incheon, South Korea
Haven Road Hotel
Haven Road Hotel.png
Harbor Park Hotel Incheon, South Korea
Akai Hotel
Akai Hotel.png
Orakai Songdo Park Hotel Incheon, South Korea
United Hotel
United Hotel.png
Hotel Skypark Songdo Incheon, South Korea
RealWorld United Hotel.jpg
Extravagant Architecture
March 10, 2016
Vanguard Mall
Vanguard Mall.png
Sky SOHO Shanghai, China
'Flame' Art Center
'Flame' Art Center.png
Cathay Art Center
Cathay Art Center.png
Chongqing Guotai Arts Center Chongqing, China
RealWorld Cathay Art Center.jpg
Ordos Opera House
Ordos Opera House.png
Opera House Ordos, China
RealWorld Ordos Opera House.jpg
Beijing Business Center
Beijing Business Center.png
SOHO Shangdu Beijing, China
RealWorld Beijing Business Center.jpg
Yangshuo Hills Hotel
Yangshuo Hills Hotel.png
Dinosaur Museum
Dinosaur Museum.png
China Dinosaurs Park Changzhou, China
Krakow Landmarks
March 28, 2016
Wawel Castle
Wawel Castle.png
Wawel Cathedral Kraków, Poland
Krakow Town Hall
Krakow Town Hall.png
Town Hall Tower Kraków, Poland
RealWorld Krakow Town Hall.jpg
St. Mary's Basilica
St. Mary's Basilica.png
St. Mary's Basilica Kraków, Poland
RealWorld St. Mary's Basilica.jpg
Krakow Cloth Hall
Krakow Cloth Hall.png
Kraków Cloth Hall Kraków, Poland
RealWorld Krakow Cloth Hall.jpg
Juliusz Slowacki Theater
Juliusz Slowacki Theater.png
Juliusz Słowacki Theatre Kraków, Poland
RealWorld Juliusz Slowacki Theater.jpg
Jagiellonian University
Jagiellonian University.png
Collegium Novum Kraków, Poland
RealWorld Jagiellonian University.jpg
Krakow Barbican
Krakow Barbican.png
Kraków Barbican Kraków, Poland
RealWorld Krakow Barbican.jpg
New Baku
April 07, 2016
Port Baku Towers 2
Port Baku Towers 2.png
Port Baku Tower, Phase II Baku, Azerbaijan
RealWorld Port Baku Towers 2.jpg
Oil Company Headquarters
Oil Company Headquarters.png
Sofaz HQ Baku, Azerbaijan
RealWorld Oil Company Headquarters.jpg
Trump Tower Baku
Trump Tower Baku.png
Trump International Hotel & Tower Baku, Azerbaijan
RealWorld Trump Tower Baku.jpg
Altes Plaza
Altes Plaza.png
Altes Plaza Baku, Azerbaijan
RealWorld Altes Plaza.jpg
Office Center in Baku
Office Center in Baku.png
Baku White City Office Building Baku, Azerbaijan
RealWorld Office Center in Baku.jpg
Baku Tower
Baku Tower.png
Baku Tower Baku, Azerbaijan
RealWorld Baku Tower.jpg
Kavkaz Hotel
Kavkaz Hotel.png
Qafqaz Sport Hotel Baku, Azerbaijan
RealWorld Kavkaz Hotel.jpg
Cubist World
April 21, 2016
Hotel 67
Hotel 67.png
Habitat 67 Montreal, Canada
RealWorld Hotel 67.jpg
Vinyl Record Store
Vinyl Record Store.png
Soundhouse Sheffield, UK
RealWorld Vinyl Record Store.jpg
Library of Nice
Library of Nice.png
La Tete Carrée Library Nice, France
RealWorld Library of Nice.jpg
Hotel Viura
Hotel Viura.png
Hotel Viura Villabuena de Álava, Spain
RealWorld Hotel Viura.jpg
Architects Union Building
Architects Union Building.png
Union of Romanian Architects Bucharest, Romania
RealWorld Architects Union Building.jpg
Cube Apartments
Cube Apartments.png
The Cube Birmingham, UK
RealWorld Cube Apartments.jpg
Summit Shopping Mall
Summit Shopping Mall.png
Vershina Trade and Entertainment Center Surgut, Russia
Persian Fairytale
May 02, 2016
Citadel of Arg-e Bam
Citadel of Arg-e Bam.png
Arg e Bam Bam, Iran
RealWorld Citadel of Arg-e Bam.jpg
Omar Khayyam Monument
Omar Khayyam Monument.png
Mausoleum of Omar Khayyám Nishapur, Iran
RealWorld Omar Khayyam Monument.jpg
National Garden Central Gate
National Garden Central Gate.png
National Garden Gate Tehran, Iran
RealWorld National Garden Central Gate.jpg
Eram Garden
Eram Garden.png
Eram Garden Shiraz, Iran
RealWorld Eram Garden.jpg
Ali Qapu Palace
Ali Qapu Palace.png
Ālī Qāpū Isfahan, Iran
RealWorld Ali Qapu Palace.jpg
Forty Columns Palace
Forty Columns Palace.png
Chehel Sotoun Isfahan, Iran
RealWorld Forty Columns Palace.jpg
Falak-ol-Aflak Castle
Falak-ol-Aflak Castle.png
Falak-ol-Aflak Castle Khorramabad, Iran
RealWorld Falak-ol-Aflak Castle.jpg
Cape Town Architecture
May 12, 2016
Portside Tower
Portside Tower.png
Portside Tower Cape Town, South Africa
RealWorld Portside Tower.png
Metlife Center
Metlife Center.png
Metlife Center Cape Town, South Africa
RealWorld Metlife Center.jpg
Atlantic House
Atlantic House.png
Atlantica Cape Town, South Africa
RealWorld Atlantic House.jpg
South Africa Investment Corp
South Africa Investment Corp.png
Mutual Building Cape Town, South Africa
RealWorld South Africa Investment Corp.jpg
South African Reserve Bank
South African Reserve Bank.png
South African Reserve Bank Building Cape Town, South Africa
RealWorld South African Reserve Bank.jpg
Topaz Apartments
Topaz Apartments.png
Topaz Luxury Apartments Cape Town, South Africa
RealWorld Topaz Apartments.jpg
Triangle House
Triangle House.png
Triangle House Cape Town, South Africa
RealWorld Triangle House.jpg
Desert Towers
May 30, 2016
Mousa Tower
Mousa Tower.png
Al Khaledya Tower Dammam, Saudi Arabia
RealWorld Mousa Tower.jpg
Alturki Business Park
Alturki Business Park.png
Al Turki Business Park Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
RealWorld Alturki Business Park.jpg
Ad Dammam Publishing House
Ad Dammam Publishing House.png
Dar Al Youm Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Cement Tower
Cement Tower.png
Eastern Cement Tower 2 Khobar, Saudi Arabia
RealWorld Cement Tower.jpg
Air Liquide Tower
Air Liquide Tower.png
Al Tuwairqi Tower Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Hugayet Tower
Hugayet Tower.png
Al Hugayet tower Khobar, Saudi Arabia
RealWorld Hugayet Tower.jpg
Khobar Gate Tower
Khobar Gate Tower.png
Al Khobar Gate Tower Khobar, Saudi Arabia
RealWorld Khobar Gate Tower.jpg
June 06, 2016
Black Amphora Publishing Complex
Black Amphora Publishing Complex.png
Kyobo Tower Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Black Amphora Publishing Complex.jpg
Book Zebra Mini-mart
Book Zebra Mini-mart.png
ABC Emporio Kannur, India
RealWorld Book Zebra Mini-mart.jpg
Monica Bookstore
Monica Bookstore.png
Santa Monica Parking Structure #6 Santa Monica, CA, USA
RealWorld Monica Bookstore.jpg
Capital Book Supermarket
Capital Book Supermarket.png
Halifax Central Library Halifax, Canada
RealWorld Capital Book Supermarket.jpg
O'Donnell's Book Yard
O'Donnell's Book Yard.png
National Center for Civil and Human Rights Atlanta, GA, USA
Birmingham Book Forum
Birmingham Book Forum.png
Library of Birmingham Birmingham, UK
RealWorld Birmingham Book Forum.jpg
Mao's Book Fair
Mao's Book Fair.png
National Library Beijing, China
RealWorld Mao's Book Fair.jpg
Architecture of Honolulu
June 27, 2016
Hawaii Skyscraper
Hawaii Skyscraper.png
One Waterfront Towers Honolulu, HI, USA
RealWorld Hawaii Skyscraper.jpg
Keola La'i Condominium
Keola La'i Condominium.png
Keola Lai Honolulu, HI, USA
RealWorld Keola La'i Condominium.jpg
Honolulu Business Center
Honolulu Business Center.png
1132 Bishop Street Honolulu, HI, USA
RealWorld Honolulu Business Center.jpg
Nauru Tower
Nauru Tower.png
Nauru Tower Honolulu, HI, USA
RealWorld Nauru Tower.jpg
Moana Business Center
Moana Business Center.png
Moana Pacific Honolulu, HI, USA
RealWorld Moana Business Center.jpg
Hawaii Center
Hawaii Center.png
First Hawaiian Center Honolulu, HI, USA
RealWorld Hawaii Center.jpg
Honolulu Plaza
Honolulu Plaza.png
Imperial Plaza Honolulu, HI, USA
RealWorld Honolulu Plaza.jpg
Tales of Islamabad
July 14, 2016
Prime Minister Secretariat
Prime Minister Secretariat.png
Prime Minister's Secretariat Islamabad, Pakistan
RealWorld Prime Minister Secretariat.jpg
Moghul Gazebo
Moghul Gazebo.png
Moghul Gazebo Islamabad, Pakistan
RealWorld Moghul Gazebo.jpg
Pakistan Monument
Pakistan Monument.png
Pakistan Monument Islamabad, Pakistan
RealWorld Pakistan Monument.jpg
Islamabad Church
Islamabad Church.png
St Thomas’ Church Islamabad, Pakistan
RealWorld Islamabad Church.jpg
Supreme Court of Pakistan
Supreme Court of Pakistan.png
Supreme Court of Pakistan Islamabad, Pakistan
RealWorld Supreme Court of Pakistan.jpg
Shah Faisal Mosque
Shah Faisal Mosque.png
Faisal Mosque Islamabad, Pakistan
Islamabad Business Center
Islamabad Business Center.png
Saudi-Pak Tower Islamabad, Pakistan
RealWorld Islamabad Business Center.jpg
Skyscrapers of Austria
July 28, 2016
Millennium Tower
Millennium Tower.png
Millennium Tower Vienna, Austria
Millennium Tower.jpg
Mischek Tower
Mischek Tower.png
Mischek Tower Vienna, Austria
RealWorld Mischek Tower.jpg
Hoch Zwei Tower
Hoch Zwei Tower.png
Hoch Zwei Vienna, Austria
RealWorld Hoch Zwei Tower.jpg
City Tower 1
City Tower 1.png
City-Tower 1 Vienna, Austria
RealWorld City Tower 1.jpg
Linz City Library
Linz City Library.png
Wissensturm Linz, Austria
RealWorld Linz City Library.jpg
Florido Tower
Florido Tower.png
Florido Tower Vienna, Austria
RealWorld Florido Tower.jpg
Andromeda Tower
Andromeda Tower.png
Andromeda Tower Vienna, Austria
RealWorld Andromeda Tower.jpg
Architecture of Bamberg
August 25, 2016
Weissenstein Castle
Weissenstein Castle.png
Schloss Weißenstein Pommersfelden, Germany
RealWorld Weissenstein Castle.jpg
Bamberg Town Hall
Bamberg Town Hall.png
Old Town Hall Bamberg, Germany
RealWorld Bamberg Town Hall.jpg
Bamberg Academy
Bamberg Academy.png
Wilhelmspost Bamberg, Germany
RealWorld Bamberg Academy.jpg
Bamberg High Court
Bamberg High Court.png
Landgericht Bamberg Bamberg, Germany
RealWorld Bamberg High Court.jpg
Bamberg Cathedral
Bamberg Cathedral.png
Bamberg Cathedral Bamberg, Germany
RealWorld Bamberg Cathedral.jpg
Seehof Palace
Seehof Palace.png
Schloss Seehof Memmelsdorf, Germany
RealWorld Seehof Palace.jpg
Altenburg Castle
Altenburg Castle.png
Castle of Altenburg Altenburg, Germany
RealWorld Altenburg Castle.jpg
Havana Architecture
September 05, 2016
Havana Capitol
Havana Capitol.png
El Capitolio Havana, Cuba
RealWorld Havana Capitol.jpg
Don Quixote Monument
Don Quixote Monument (Havana).png
Don Quixote statue Havana, Cuba
RealWorld Don Quixote Monument.jpg
Havana Cathedral
Havana Cathedral.png
Havana Cathedral Havana, Cuba
RealWorld Havana Cathedral.jpg
La Fuerza Fortress
La Fuerza Fortress.png
Castillo de la Real Fuerza Havana, Cuba
RealWorld La Fuerza Fortress.jpg
Paseo de Marti House
Paseo de Marti House.png
Houses on the Paseo de Marti Havana, Cuba
RealWorld Paseo de Marti House.jpg
Havana Museum of the Revolution
Havana Museum of the Revolution.png
Museum of the Revolution Havana, Cuba
RealWorld Havana Museum of the Revolution.jpg
Havana Grand Theater
Havana Grand Theater.png
Gran Teatro de La Habana Havana, Cuba
RealWorld Havana Grand Theater.jpg
Scottish Architecture
September 26, 2016
Scottish Parliament Building
Scottish Parliament Building.png
Scottish Parliament Building Edinburgh, UK
RealWorld Scottish Parliament Building.jpg
Glasgow Business Center
Glasgow Business Center.png
Pacific House Glasgow, UK
RealWorld Glasgow Business Center.jpg
Scottish Modern Dance School
Scottish Modern Dance School.png
Scottish School of Contemporary Dance Dundee, UK
RealWorld Scottish Modern Dance School.jpg
Cadogan Street Office Center
Cadogan Street Office Center.png
The Direct Line Insurance and RBS Building Glasgow, UK
Glasgow Royal Theatre
Glasgow Royal Theatre.png
Theatre Royal Glasgow, UK
RealWorld Glasgow Royal Theatre.jpg
Corrour Lodge
Corrour Lodge.png
Corrour Lodge Rannoch Moor, UK
RealWorld Corrour Lodge.jpg
Glasgow Central Mosque
Glasgow Central Mosque.png
Glasgow Central Mosque Glasgow, UK
RealWorld Glasgow Central Mosque.jpg
Architecture of Portland
October 13, 2016
Mirabella Tower
Mirabella Tower.png
Mirabella Portland Portland, OR, USA
RealWorld Mirabella Tower (WoF).jpg
Portland Building
Portland Building.png
Portland Building Portland, OR, USA
Portland Building.jpg
Portland Telecom Building
Portland Telecom Building.png
KOIN Center Portland, OR, USA
RealWorld Portland Telecom Building.jpg
Portland Congress Center
Portland Congress Center.png
Congress Center Portland, OR, USA
RealWorld Portland Congress Center.jpg
Portland Business Center
Portland Business Center.png
1000 Broadway Portland, OR, USA
RealWorld Portland Business Center.jpg
Eliot Tower
Eliot Tower.png
Eliot Tower Portland, OR, USA
RealWorld Eliot Tower.jpg
Ardea Tower
Ardea Tower.png
The Ardea Portland, OR, USA
RealWorld Ardea Tower.jpg
Wurzburg Architecture
October 31, 2016
Wurzburg Residence
Wurzburg Residence.png
Würzburg Residence Würzburg, Germany
Würzburg Residence.jpg
Falcon House
Falcon House.png
Falkenhaus Würzburg, Germany
RealWorld Falcon House.jpg
Cannon Tower
Cannon Tower.png
Maschikuli Tower at Marienberg Fortress Würzburg, Germany
RealWorld Cannon Tower.jpg
Wurzburg Town Hall
Wurzburg Town Hall.png
Old Town Hall Würzburg, Germany
RealWorld Wurzburg Town Hall.jpg
Conti Manor
Conti Manor.png
Hof Conti Würzburg, Germany
RealWorld Conti Manor.jpg
Neumunster Church
Neumunster Church.png
Neumünster Würzburg, Germany
RealWorld Neumunster Church.jpg
Marienberg Fortress
Marienberg Fortress.png
Marienberg Fortress Würzburg, Germany
RealWorld Marienberg Fortress.jpg
Holiday Mansions
November 21, 2016
Atlanta Mansion
Atlanta Mansion.png
Tyler Perry's Atlanta mansion Atlanta, GA, USA
RealWorld Atlanta Mansion.jpg
Mellon Mansion
Mellon Mansion.png
Bunny Mellon's Virginia estate Upperville, VA, USA
RealWorld Mellon Mansion.jpg
Woodside Mansion
Woodside Mansion.png
The Buck Estate Woodside, CA, USA
RealWorld Woodside Mansion.jpg
Long Island Mansion
Long Island Mansion.png
Kings Point Mansion Kings Point, NY, USA
RealWorld Long Island Mansion.jpg
Barrington Mansion
Barrington Mansion.png
8569 Balata Dr Ooltewah, TN, USA
Nashville Manor
Nashville Manor.png
Hillcrest Manor Nashville, TN, USA
RealWorld Nashville Manor.jpg
Pink Flamingo Mansion
Pink Flamingo Mansion.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Dean Gardens Atlanta, GA, USA
Christmas Fairytale
December 19, 2016
Adler Hotel
Adler Hotel.png
Hotel Bogatyr Sochi, Russia
RealWorld Adler Hotel.jpg
Cae Mabon
Cae Mabon.png
Cae Mabon roundhouse Llanberis, UK
RealWorld Cae Mabon.jpg
Castrolanda Windmill
Castrolanda Windmill.png
Castrolanda Windmill Castro, Brazil
RealWorld Castrolanda Windmill.jpg
Watermill House
Watermill House.png
Old mill Vernon, France
RealWorld Watermill House.png
Pencil Cottage
Pencil Cottage.png
Pencil Cottage Shanklin, UK
RealWorld Pencil Cottage.jpg
Gaudi Gingerbread House
Gaudi Gingerbread House.png
Park Güell entrance pavilion Barcelona, Spain
RealWorld Gaudi Gingerbread House.jpg
Basilica Agoniae Domini
Basilica Agoniae Domini.png
Church of All Nations Jerusalem, Israel
RealWorld Basilica Agoniae Domini.jpg
Real World Buildings of Megapolis
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