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The following table provides information regarding the real world structures that served as inspiration for the buildings and structures offered through the Wheel of Fortune in the year 2015.

Real World Buildings: Wheel of Fortune
Santa's Grotto.pngThe Italian Company Campari Headquarters.png
Armory Museum.png
Valencia Central Market.png
Wawel Castle.png
2012 + 2013 2014 2015 2016
Chicago Library.png
Change Mall.png
Carlsberg Glyptotek.png
Tourist Information Center.png
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For additional real world buildings, see Real World Buildings of Megapolis.
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Megapolis Real World
Event Building Image Building Location Image
Old Australian Architecture
January 20, 2015
Sydney Conservatorium
Sydney Conservatorium.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Sydney Conservatorium Sydney, Australia
Spiral Fountain
Spiral Fountain.png
Spiral Fountain Sydney, Australia
Biltmore Apartments
Biltmore Apartments.png
Biltmore Apartments Albert Park, Australia
Rialto Towers
Rialto Towers.png
Rialto Building and Winfield Building Melbourne, Australia
RealWorld Rialto Towers.jpg
Rippon Lea Estate
Rippon Lea Estate.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Rippon Lea Estate Elsternwick, Australia
Ozon Hotel
Ozon Hotel.png
Ozone Hotel (Baillieu House) Queenscliff, Australia
Victoria Terrace Apartments
Victoria Terrace Apartments.png
Marion Terrace St Kilda, Australia
Barcelona Architecture
January 30, 2015
Zero Tower
Zero Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Diagonal Zero Zero Barcelona, Spain
Parc del Laberint d'Horta
Parc del Laberint d'Horta.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Parc del Laberint d'Horta Barcelona, Spain
RealWorld Parc del Laberint d'Horta.jpg
Casa Amatler
Casa Amatler.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Casa Amatller Barcelona, Spain
RealWorld Casa Amatler.jpg
Casa Batllo
Casa Batllo.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Casa Batlló Barcelona, Spain
RealWorld Casa Batllo.jpg
Casa Lleo Morera
Casa Lleo Morera.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Casa Lleó Morera Barcelona, Spain
Castle of the Three Dragons
Castle of the Three Dragons.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Castle of the Three Dragons Barcelona, Spain
RealWorld Castle of the Three Dragons.jpg
Temple of the Sacred Heart
Temple of the Sacred Heart.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Sagrat Cor Barcelona, Spain
Valencian Architecture
March 13, 2015
Valencia Central Market
Valencia Central Market.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Mercado Central Valencia, Spain
RealWorld Valencia Central Market.jpg
Serrano Gate
Serrano Gate.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Torres de Serranos Valencia, Spain
RealWorld Serrano Gate.jpg
Bancaja Cultural Center
Bancaja Cultural Center.png
Bancaja Cultural Center Valencia, Spain
Dominican Cathedral
Dominican Cathedral.png
Basílica de San Vicente Ferrer Valencia, Spain
Valencia Cathedral
Valencia Cathedral.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Valencia Cathedral Valencia, Spain
Valencia Arena
Valencia Arena.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Plaza de Toros de Valencia Valencia, Spain
Valencia City Hall
Valencia City Hall.png
Valencia Town Hall Valencia, Spain
RealWorld Valencia City Hall.jpg
Towers of Kuwait
April 03, 2015
United Tower
United Tower.png
United Tower Kuwait City, Kuwait
Al Soor Office Tower
Al Soor Office Tower.png
Al Sour Office Tower Kuwait City, Kuwait
Al Jon Tower
Al Jon Tower.png
Al Jon Tower Kuwait City, Kuwait
RealWorld Al Jon Tower.jpg
Sonic Tower
Sonic Tower.png
Panasonic Tower Kuwait City, Kuwait
Kuwaiti Central Bank
Kuwaiti Central Bank.png
Central Bank of Kuwait HQ Kuwait City, Kuwait
RealWorld Kuwaiti Central Bank.jpg
Dar Al Awadi Tower
Dar Al Awadi Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Dar Al Awadi Tower Kuwait City, Kuwait
RealWorld Dar Al Awadi Tower.jpg
Sharq Tower
Sharq Tower.png
25th/26th February Towers Kuwait City, Kuwait
US Historical Movie Theaters
April 21, 2015
Los Angeles Movie Theater
Los Angeles Movie Theater.png
Los Angeles Theatre Los Angeles, CA, USA
Louis Movie Theater
Louis Movie Theater.png
Loew's Jersey Theatre Jersey City, NJ, USA
RealWorld Louis Movie Theater.jpg
California Movie Theater
California Movie Theater.png
California Theatre of Performing Arts San Bernardino, CA, USA
RealWorld California Movie Theater.jpg
Oakland Movie Theater
Oakland Movie Theater.png
Fox Oakland Theatre Oakland, CA, USA
RealWorld Oakland Movie Theater.jpg
Redwood Movie Theater
Redwood Movie Theater.png
Fox Theatre Redwood City, CA, USA
RealWorld Redwood Movie Theater.jpg
Shanghai Movie Theater
Shanghai Movie Theater.png
TCL Chinese Theatre Los Angeles, CA, USA
Indiana Movie Theater
Indiana Movie Theater.png
Indiana Repertory Theatre Indianapolis, IN, USA
RealWorld Indiana Movie Theater.jpg
Hungarian Architecture
May 05, 2015
Szeged City Hall
Szeged City Hall.png
Szeged City Hall Szeged, Hungary
Kecskemet Theater
Kecskemet Theater.png
József Katona Theater Kecskemét, Hungary
RealWorld Kecskemet Theater.jpg
Grof Palace
Grof Palace.png
Gróf Palace Szeged, Hungary
Unger-Mayer House
Unger-Mayer House.png
Unger–Mayer House Szeged, Hungary
RealWorld Unger-Mayer House.jpg
Kecskemet City Hall
Kecskemet City Hall.png
Kecskemét City Hall Kecskemét, Hungary
Kiskunfelegyhaza City Hall
Kiskunfelegyhaza City Hall.png
Kiskunfélegyháza City Hall Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary
Szeged Synagogue
Szeged Synagogue.png
Szeged Synagogue Szeged, Hungary
RealWorld Szeged Synagogue.jpg
Tangermunde Town Architecture
May 26, 2015
Tangermunde Town Hall
Tangermunde Town Hall.png
Rathaus Tangermünde Tangermünde, Germany
RealWorld Tangermunde Town Hall.jpg
Burgtor Tangermünde, Germany
RealWorld Burgtor.jpg
Owl Tower
Owl Tower.png
Eulenturm Tangermünde, Germany
RealWorld Owl Tower.jpg
Schlossturm Tangermünde, Germany
RealWorld Schlossturm.jpg
New City Gates
New City Gates.png
Neustädter Tor Tangermünde, Germany
RealWorld New City Gates.jpg
Ringhotel Schloss
Ringhotel Schloss.png
Ringhotel Schloss Tangermünde Tangermünde, Germany
RealWorld Ringhotel Schloss.jpg
St. Stephen's Church
St. Stephen's Church.png
St. Stephan Tangermünde, Germany
RealWorld St. Stephen's Church.jpg
Ultra-Modern Architecture
June 05, 2015
Lowry Exhibition Center
Lowry Exhibition Center.png
The Lowry Salford, UK
RealWorld Lowry Exhibition Center.jpg
Chihuahua Technological Park
Chihuahua Technological Park.png
Innovation and Technical and Technological Transfer Park Chihuahua, Mexico
RealWorld Chihuahua Technological Park.jpg
Levinson Hotel
Levinson Hotel.png
Glaza Cottage St Petersburg, Russia
RealWorld Levinson Hotel.jpg
Tianjin Mall
Tianjin Mall.png
Tianjin Riverside 66 Tianjin, China
RealWorld Tianjin Mall.jpg
Bangkok Hotel Complex
Bangkok Hotel Complex.png
Central Embassy Bangkok, Thailand
RealWorld Bangkok Hotel Complex.jpg
Brillat Office Center
Brillat Office Center.png
Pushed Slab Paris, France
Modern Art Foundation
Modern Art Foundation.png
FRAC Centre Orléans, France
Sights of Algeria
June 26, 2015
University of Kharouba
University of Kharouba.png
Université du Caroubier Hussein Dey, Algeria
RealWorld University of Kharouba.jpg
Souk Ahras Theater
Souk Ahras Theater.png
Municipal Theatre Souk Ahras, Algeria
RealWorld Souk Ahras Theater.jpg
Mzab Ghardaia Castle
Mzab Ghardaia Castle.png
Mzab Ghardaïa Ghardaïa, Algeria
RealWorld Mzab Ghardaia Castle.jpg
Algeria Post Office
Algeria Post Office.png
Grande Poste d'Alger Algiers, Algeria
RealWorld Algeria Post Office.jpg
Theater d'Oran
Theater d'Oran.png
Théâtre Régional d'Oran Oran, Algeria
RealWorld Theater d'Oran.jpg
Oran City Hall
Oran City Hall.png
Oran City Hall Oran, Algeria
RealWorld Oran City Hall.jpg
Emir Abdelkader Mosque
Emir Abdelkader Mosque.png
Emir Abdelkader Mosque Constantine, Algeria
RealWorld Emir Abdelkader Mosque.jpg
Modern Irish Architecture
July 07, 2015
Ulster Bank
Ulster Bank.png
Ulster Bank HQ Dublin, Ireland
Polestar Sculpture
Polestar Sculpture.png
Polestar sculpture Letterkenny, Ireland
Devere Hall
Devere Hall.png
Devere Hall, University College Cork Cork, Ireland
Bord Gais Energy Theatre
Bord Gais Energy Theatre.png
Bord Gáis Energy Theatre Dublin, Ireland
Lewis Glucksman Gallery
Lewis Glucksman Gallery.png
Lewis Glucksman Gallery Cork, Ireland
Source Arts Centre Thurles
Source Arts Centre Thurles.png
Source Arts Centre Thurles, Ireland
Aras Chill Dara
Aras Chill Dara.png
Aras Chill Dara Clane, Ireland
RealWorld Aras Chill Dara.jpg
Masterpieces of Catalonian Architecture
July 28, 2015
Casa Bofarull
Casa Bofarull.png
Casa Bofarull Els Pallaresos, Spain
Can Negre Residence
Can Negre Residence.png
Can Negre Sant Joan Despí, Spain
Torre de la Creu
Torre de la Creu.png
Torre de la Creu Sant Joan Despí, Spain
RealWorld Torre de la Creu.jpg
Torre de Sant Jordi
Torre de Sant Jordi.png
Torre Sant Jordi Barcelona, Spain
RealWorld Torre de Sant Jordi.jpg
Casa Llopis Bofill
Casa Llopis Bofill.png
Casa Llopis Bofill Barcelona, Spain
Montserrat Church
Montserrat Church.png
Montserrat Sanctuary Montferri, Spain
Casa Comalat
Casa Comalat.png
Casa Comalat Barcelona, Spain
Icelandic Architecture
August 07, 2015
Perlan Expo Center
Perlan Expo Center.png
Perlan Reykjavík, Iceland
The Sun Voyager
The Sun Voyager.png
The Sun Voyager Reykjavík, Iceland
Skalholt House
Skalholt House.png
Landshöfðingjahúsið - Næpan Reykjavík, Iceland
Laekjargata House
Laekjargata House.png
Tjarnarskóli Reykjavík, Iceland
Borgarbraut Church
Borgarbraut Church.png
Stykkishólmskirkja church Stykkishólmur, Iceland
Landakotskirkja Cathedral
Landakotskirkja Cathedral.png
Landakotskirkja Reykjavík, Iceland
Smaralind Mall
Smaralind Mall.png
Smáralind Shopping Center Reykjavík, Iceland
RealWorld Smaralind Mall.jpg
Architecture of Bahrain
August 28, 2015
Bahrain World Trade Center
Bahrain World Trade Center.png
Bahrain Financial Harbour Manama, Bahrain
RealWorld Bahrain World Trade Center.jpg
Parus Resort & Spa
Parus Resort & Spa.png
Elite Resort & Spa Manama, Bahrain
Arcapita Business Center
Arcapita Business Center.png
Arcapita Bank HQ Manama, Bahrain
RealWorld Arcapita Business Center.jpg
Bahrain Diplomatic Center
Bahrain Diplomatic Center.png
Diplomat Commercial Office Tower Manama, Bahrain
RealWorld Bahrain Diplomatic Center.jpg
Almoayyed Tower
Almoayyed Tower.png
Almoayyed Tower Manama, Bahrain
Manama Hotel
Manama Hotel.png
Four Seasons Hotel Manama, Bahrain
RealWorld Manama Hotel.jpg
Vaillamar Tower
Vaillamar Tower.png
Villamar Towers Manama, Bahrain
Reflection of the Heavens
September 11, 2015
Time Warner Center
Time Warner Center.png
Time Warner Center New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Time Warner Center.jpg
Glass Fountain
Glass Fountain.png
1880 Century Park East Fountain Los Angeles, CA, USA
RealWorld Glass Fountain.jpg
Dune House
Dune House.png
Dune House Thorpeness, UK
RealWorld Dune House.jpg
Corning Museum of Glass
Corning Museum of Glass.png
Corning Museum of Glass New York City, NY, USA
Omicron Hotel
Omicron Hotel.png
Eight Office Complex Marousi, Greece
RealWorld Omicron Hotel.jpg
Expo Hotel Valencia
Expo Hotel Valencia.png
Feria Valencia Valencia, Spain
RealWorld Expo Hotel Valencia.jpg
Crystal Cathedral
Crystal Cathedral.png
Crystal Cathedral Garden Grove, CA, USA
RealWorld Crystal Cathedral.jpg
Architecture of the Ottoman Empire
October 02, 2015
Dolmabahce Palace
Dolmabahce Palace.png
Dolmabahçe Palace Istanbul, Turkey
RealWorld Dolmabahce Palace.jpg
Jaffa Clock Tower
Jaffa Clock Tower.png
Jaffa Clock Tower Jaffa, Israel
RealWorld Jaffa Clock Tower.jpg
National Gallery of Macedonia
National Gallery of Macedonia.png
National Gallery of Macedonia Skopje, Macedonia
RealWorld National Gallery of Macedonia.jpg
Bosphorus House
Bosphorus House.png
House Hotel Bosphorus Istanbul, Turkey
RealWorld Bosphorus House.jpg
Aynalikavak Palace
Aynalikavak Palace.png
Aynalıkavak Palace Istanbul, Turkey
RealWorld Aynalikavak Palace.jpg
Atif Pasha Mansion
Atif Pasha Mansion.png
Ahmet Afif Paşa Yalısı Istanbul, Turkey
RealWorld Atif Pasha Mansion.jpg
Ciragan Palace Kempinski
Ciragan Palace Kempinski.png
Çırağan Palace Istanbul, Turkey
RealWorld Ciragan Palace Kempinski.jpg
Abandoned Castles
October 22, 2015
Bannerman Castle
Bannerman Castle.png
Bannerman's Castle Fishkill, NY, USA
RealWorld Bannerman Castle.jpg
Don Mariano Mansion
Don Marino Mansion.png
The Ruins Talisay, Philippines
Palace of Prince Halim
Palace of Prince Halim.png
Abandoned Said Halim Pasha Palace – 'Champollion House' Cairo Governorate, Egypt
RealWorld Palace of Prince Halim.jpg
Stamerienas Palace
Stamerienas Palace.png
Stāmeriena Palace Vidzeme, Latvia
Preili Palace
Preili Palace.png
Preiļi Palace Preiļi, Latvia
Pidhirtsi Castle
Pidhirtsi Castle.png
Pidhirtsi Castle Pidhirtsi, Ukraine
Lordly Manor
Lordly Manor.png
Muromtzevo Castle Sudogda, Russia
San Diego Architecture
November 02, 2015
Yacht Harbor Hotel
Yacht Harbor Hotel.png
San Diego Marriott Marquis Hotel (right) San Diego, CA, USA
RealWorld Yacht Harbor Hotel.jpg
501W Office Building
501W Office Building.png
501 West Broadway San Diego, CA, USA
RealWorld 501W Office Building.jpg
Celadon Tower
Celadon Tower.png
Celadon at 9th & Broadway San Diego, CA, USA
RealWorld Celadon Tower.jpg
Omni San Diego Hotel
Omni San Diego Hotel.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Omni San Diego Hotel San Diego, CA, USA
RealWorld Omni San Diego Hotel.jpg
Broadway 115 Tower
Broadway 115 Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg One America Plaza San Diego, CA, USA
RealWorld Broadway 115 Tower.jpg
Rio Vista Tower
Rio Vista Tower.png
Rio Vista Tower San Diego, CA, USA
RealWorld Rio Vista Tower.jpg
San Diego Library
San Diego Library.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg San Diego Public Library San Diego, CA, USA
RealWorld San Diego Library.jpg
South China Architecture
November 12, 2015
Sector Hotel
Sector Hotel.png
Grand Century Place Hong Kong, China
RealWorld Sector Hotel.jpg
Red Torch Sculpture
Red Torch Sculpture.png
May Wind sculpture Qingdao, China
RealWorld Red Torch Sculpture.jpg
Macau Botanical Garden
Macau Botanical Garden.png
Glass sculpture near Casino Lisboa Macau, China
Kotai Hotel
Kotai Hotel.png
Hard Rock Hotel City of Dreams Macau, China
Macau Bank of China
Macau Bank of China.png
Bank of China Building Macau, China
Macau Art Museum
Macau Art Museum.png
Macau Museum of Art Macau, China
Hong Kong Space Museum
Hong Kong Space Museum.png
Hong Kong Space Museum Hong Kong, China
Christmas Town Halls
December 21, 2015
Kopenick Town Hall
Kopenick Town Hall.png
Köpenick City Hall Berlin, Germany
Basel Town Hall
Basel Town Hall.png
Basel City Hall Basel, Switzerland
Mannheim Old Town Hall
Mannheim Old Town Hall.png
Old Town Hall Mannheim, Germany
Kirchheim unter Teck Town Hall
Kirchheim unter Teck Town Hall.png
Kirchheim unter Teck Town Hall Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany
Freiburg New Town Hall
Freiburg New Town Hall.png
Freiburg City Hall Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Dortmund Old Town Hall
Dortmund Old Town Hall.png
Altes Stadthaus Dortmund, Germany
RealWorld Dortmund Old Town Hall.jpg
Leipzig Old Town Hall
Leipzig Old Town Hall.png
Old Town Hall Leipzig, Germany
Real World Buildings of Megapolis
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