The following table provides information regarding the real world structures that served as inspiration for the buildings involved in timed quests in the year 2012 and 2013.

  Real World Buildings: Timed Quests
Fairy Tale Castle.png Coast Guard Administration Building.png
Metalmorphoses Fountain.png
Eastern Pavilion.png
Edenheim Royal Hotel L2.png
2012 + 2013 2014 2015 2016
New Moon Hotel.png
Private Show Club The Pearl.png
Academy of Arts L2.png
Slide Pavilion L2.png
2017 2018 2019 2020

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Megapolis Real World
Event Building Image Building Location Image
Christmas Story Pedestal Coach
Pedestal Coach.png
Ice carriage at Winterlude 2003 Ottawa, Canada
Fairy Tale Castle
Fairy Tale Castle.png
Cinderella's Castle Magic Kingdom, Bay Lake, Florida, U.S.
Tokyo Disneyland, Urayasu, Chiba, Japan
RealWorld Fairy Tale Castle.jpg


Megapolis Real World
Event Building Image Building Location Image
Evacuation at Sea Coast Guard Administration Building
Coast Guard Administration Building.png
The Beehive (NZ Parliament) Wellington, New Zealand
RealWorld Coast Guard Administration Building.jpg
Ship Design Office
Prodbuilding Ship Engineering Office.png
Biosphere 2 Main Building Oracle, AZ, USA
RealWorld Ship Design Office.jpg
Roter Sand Lighthouse Near Wangerooge, Germany
RealWorld Lighthouse.jpeg
Lovers' Day Palace of Love
Palace of Love L3.png
Palace of Fine Arts Theatre San Francisco, CA, USA
RealWorld Palace of Love.jpeg
In Search of Atlantis Main Laboratory Complex
Main Laboratory Complex L5.png
DARPA HQ Arlington, VA, USA
RealWorld Main Laboratory Complex.jpg
Helipad entrance
Helipad L5.png
Oakley HQ Foothill Ranch, CA, USA
RealWorld Submarine Base.jpg
Atlantis L2.png
Acropolis of Athens Athens, Greece
RealWorld Atlantis.jpg
Megapolis-Dakar Rally Tuning Shop
Tuning Shop.png
H16 Tieringen, Germany
RealWorld Tuning Shop.jpg
Grand Prix Hotel
Building Grand Prix Hotel.png
Torres São Rafael/São Gabriel Lisbon, Portugal
RealWorld Grand Prix Hotel.jpg
Sports Car Museum
Sports Car Museum.png
Shanghai Auto Museum Shanghai, China
RealWorld Sports Car Museum.jpeg
Soccer Cup in Megapolis! Radio Station
Radio Station.png
Otto Bock HealthCare Building Berlin, Germany
RealWorld Radio Station.jpg
Soccer Club Office
Soccer Club Office 3.png
BMW Museum Munich, Germany
RealWorld Soccer Club Office.jpeg
Press Center
Building Press Center.png
Frosilos Copenhagen, Denmark
RealWorld Press Center.jpeg
Hurricane "Vitalina" Insurance Company
Building Insurance Company.png
Phoenix Companies HQ Hartford, CT, USA
RealWorld Insurance Company.jpg
Central Alert System
Central Alert System.png
Emirates Tower (Newcastle Airport) Newcastle, UK
RealWorld Central Alert System.jpeg
Traffic Control Center
Building City Traffic Control Center.png
Salam Towers Doha, Qatar
RealWorld Traffic Control Center.jpg
Public Utility Service
Public Utility Service L2.png
Seoul City Hall Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Public Utility Service.jpeg
Weather Modification Center
181px-Weather Modification Center.png
Karen Demirchyan Complex Tsitsernakaberd hill, Yerevan, Armenia
RealWorld Weather Modification Center.jpeg
Central Park Metropolitan Museum of Art
200px-Metropolitan Museum of Art.png
Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, NY, USA
RealWorld Metropolitan Museum of Art.jpeg
The Lost Bay Gift Shop
Gift Shop.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Ron Jon Surf Shop Cocoa Beach, FL, USA
Sea Fort
Sea Fort.png
Mont Saint-Michel Mont Saint-Michel, France
RealWorld Sea Fort.jpg
Dream Island Residential Complex
Dream Island.png
Zebra Tower Warsaw, Poland
RealWorld Dream Island Residential Complex.jpg
Coastal Hotel Coastal Hotel
Coastal Hotel.png
Grand Hyatt Hotel Dubai Dubai, UAE
ReaWorld Coastal Hotel (Building).jpg
Grosvenor Hotel
Grosvenor Hotel.png
Grosvenor House West Marina Beach Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Grosvenor Hotel.jpg
Elite Spa Resort Macau Grand Hotel
Macau Grand Hotel.png
Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau, China
RealWorld Macau Grand Hotel.jpg
Paradise Luxury Hotel
Paradise Luxury Hotel L2.png

Paradise Luxury Hotel L2 (Old).png
Raffles Dubai Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Paradise Luxury Hotel.jpg
Spa Resort
Spring L3.png
The Palace of the Lost City at Sun City Sun City Resort, South Africa
RealWorld Spa Resort.jpg
Ocean Dome Artificial Beach
Ocean Dome Artificial Beach L2.png
Seagaia Ocean Dome Miyazaki, Japan
RealWorld Ocean Dome Artificial Beach.jpeg
Large Hadron Collider Futuroscope Pavilion
Futuroscope Pavilion.png
Le Kinémax (Futuroscope Theme Park) Poitou-Charentes, France
RealWorld Futuroscope Pavilion.jpeg
Hotel Copernicus
Hotel Copernicus.png
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Seattle, WA, USA
RealWorld Hotel Copernicus.jpg
Institute for the Study of Elementary Particles
Institute for the Study of Elementary Particles.png
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley, CA, USA
National Laboratory
National Laboratory L2.png
Traffic Police Headquarter Kazan, Russia
RealWorld National Laboratory.jpg
Large Hadron Collider
Large Hadron Collider L1.png
Large Hadron Collider Meyrin, Switzerland
RealWorld Large Hadron Collider.jpeg
Dinosaurs in Megapolis Institute of Epigenetics
Institute of Epigenetics.png
Norfolk Terrace Residence Halls (UEA) Norwich, UK
RealWorld Institute of Epigenetics.jpeg
Conservatory at Gardens by the Bay Singapore, Singapore
RealWorld Incubator.jpeg
Museum of Paleontology
Museum of Paleontology.png
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Bilbao, Spain
RealWorld Museum of Paleontology.jpeg
The Land of the Dinosaurs Guest Center
Guest Center L1.png
Jurassic Park Visitor Center
RealWorld Guest Center.jpg
Hotel Complex
Hotel Complex L2.png
Loews Don CeSar Hotel St. Pete Beach, FL, USA
RealWorld Hotel Complex.jpeg
Diplodocus Breakfast Cafe
Diplodocus Breakfast Cafe.png
Zigong Dinosaur Museum Zigong, China
RealWorld Diplodocus Breakfast Cafe.jpg
Baseball in Megapolis Major League Training Camp
Major League Training Camp.png
Changzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium Changzhou, China
RealWorld Major League Training Camp.jpeg
Sports Medicine Center
Sports Medicine Center L1.png
European Parliament Building Brussels, Belgium
RealWorld Sports Medicine Center.jpg
Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat Factory
Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat Factory.png
Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Louisville, KY, USA
RealWorld Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat Factory.jpg
National Championship Baseball Federation Headquarters
Baseball Federation Headquarters L1.png
CCTV Headquarters Beijing, China
RealWorld Baseball Federation Headquarters.jpg
Championship Press Center
Championship Press Center L1.png
Lord's Media Centre London, UK
RealWorld Championship Press Center.jpeg
Hotel for Championship Attendees
Hotel for Championship Attendees L1.png
Bella Sky Hotel Copenhagen, Denmark
RealWorld Hotel for Championship Attendees.jpeg
Megapolis Quantums Fan Club
Megapolis Quantums Fan Club.png
La Bolla di Genova Genoa, Italy
RealWorld Megapolis Quantums Fan Club.jpg
Large Baseball Stadium
Large Baseball Stadium.png
Yankee Stadium New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Large Baseball Stadium.jpeg
Washington Monument
Washington Monument.png
National Mall with Washington Monument Washington D.C., USA
RealWorld Washington Monument.jpeg
Batter Monument
Batter Monument.png
James O'Rourke Statue Bridgeport, CT, USA
RealWorld Batter Monument.jpg
Championship Cup
Championship Cup.png
FIFA World Cup Trophy no fixed location
Real World Championship Cup.jpeg
Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore.png
Mount Rushmore Keystone, SD, USA
RealWorld Mount Rushmore.jpeg
Fall of a Meteorite Bunker House
Bunker House.png
House of Creativity (House-fortress) Moscow, Russia
Emergency Services Center
Emergency Services Center L2.png
Siège de la SONATRACH à Oran Oran, Algeria
RealWorld Emergency Services Center.jpg
Galaxy Garden
Galaxy Garden.png
Galaxygarden Hōnaunau, HI, USA
RealWorld Galaxy Garden.jpg
Meteorite Museum
Meteorite Museum.png
Apple Store Fifth Avenue New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Meteorite Museum.jpeg
Danger from Space Radio Telescope
Radio Telescope L3.png
Sardinia Radio Telescope San Basilio, Italy
RealWorld Radio Telescope.jpg
Space Telescope Communications Center
Space Telescope Communications Center.png
Edmonton Space Science Centre Edmonton, Canada
RealWorld Space Telescope Communications Center.jpg
Astrophysics Analysis Center
Astrophysics Analysis Center.png
Hyundai Motors Group Industrial Pavilion Yeosu, South Korea
RealWorld Astrophysics Analysis Center.jpg
Astronomy Center
Astronomy Center.png
Crystal Island Moscow, Russia
RealWorld Astronomy Center.jpg
Operation Cosmic Shield Flight Control Complex Initial
Flight Control Complex Initial.png
Galileo Galilei Planetarium Buenos Aires, Argentina
RealWorld Flight Control Complex Initial.jpg
Flight Control Complex
Flight Control Complex L1.png
Infosys Pune Office Building Pune, India
RealWorld Radiolocation Center.jpeg
Astronaut Campus
Astronaut Campus.png
Villa Beekbergen Beekbergen, The Netherlands
RealWorld Astronaut Campus.jpg
Astronaut Training Center
Astronaut Training Center.png
Science North Sudbury, Canada
RealWorld Astronaut Training Center.jpg
Institute of Thermal Engineering
Institute of Thermal Engineering L1.png
Kubuswoningen (Cube houses) Rotterdam & Helmond, Netherlands
RealWorld Institute of Thermal Engineering.jpeg
Calakmul Building (La Lavadora) Mexico City, Mexico
Apollo Lunar Module
Apollo Lunar Module.png
Apollo Lunar Module Moon
RealWorld Apollo Lunar Module.jpg
Saviors of the Planet Monument
Saviors of the Planet Monument.png
Statue of Atlas New York, NY, USA
RealWorld Saviors of the Planet Monument.jpeg
History Comes to Life Swallow's Nest
Swallows Nest L1.png
Swallow's Nest Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine
RealWorld Swallow's Nest.jpeg
Austrian Manor
Austrian Manor L1.png
Beast's Castle in Walt Disney World Resort Orlando, USA
Chillon Castle
Chillon Castle L1.png
Château de Pierrefonds Pierrefonds, France
Schloss Drachenburg
Schloss Drachenburg L1.png
Schloss Drachenburg Königswinter, Germany
RealWorld Schloss Drachenburg.jpeg
Pena National Palace
Pena National Palace L1.png
Pena National Palace São Pedro de Penaferrim, Portugal
RealWorld Pena National Palace.jpeg
Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle L1.png
Schloss Neuschwanstein Hohenschwangau, Germany
RealWorld Neuschwanstein Castle.jpeg
Casa Loma Castle
Casa Loma Castle.png
Casa Loma Toronto, Canada
RealWorld Casa Loma Castle.jpeg
Megapolis University Academic Building
Megapolis University (Building) L2.png
MIT Maclaurin Buildings and Great Dome Cambridge, MA, USA
RealWorld Academic Building.jpeg
Campus L1.png
Cahill Center for Astronomy Pasadena, CA, USA
RealWorld Campus.jpeg
Calculus Lab
Calculus Lab L1.png
Stata Center at MIT Cambridge, MA, USA
RealWorld Calculus Lab.jpeg
University Library
University Library L1.png
New York Public Library Main Branch New York, NY, USA
Auditorium L1.png
Kresge Auditorium at MIT Cambridge, MA, USA
RealWorld Auditorium.jpeg
Alpha Sigma Fraternity House
Alpha Sigma Fraternity House.png
Bishop's Palace Galveston, TX, USA
RealWorld Alpha Sigma Fraternity House.jpg
Studentinnenverbindungshaus Kappa Mu Delta
Kappa Mu Delta Sorority House.png
Woodville George Town, Malaysia
RealWorld Kappa Mu Delta Sorority House.jpg
Heritage Center
Heritage Center.png
Biblioteca Virgilio (UNESCO World Heritage Center) Bogotá, Columbia
RealWorld Heritage Center.jpg
Indian Summer Chapel of Los Lomas
Chapel of Las Lomas.png
Chapel of Mirador de Palmira Cuernavaca, Mexico
Villa Acosta
Villa Acosta.png
Cuixmala Resort Emiliano Zapata, Mexico
Exotic Garden
Exotic Garden.png
Bacardi & Co. Bottling Plant Cuautitlán, Mexico
Embot bacardi expansion 1971.jpg
Airport (Tourist Island) L1-0.png
Sondica Airport Bilbao, Spain
3962 bilbao-airport.jpg
Tropical Hotel
Tropical Hotel L3.png
Royal Wings Hotel Antalya, Turkey
Pool3 at the Royal Wings Hotel.jpg
Fitness Facility
Tropical Hotel L4.png
Hotel W Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
RealWorld MegaTrade Corporation.jpeg
Ancient Fort
Ancient Fort L2.png
Trakai Castle Trakai, Lithuania
RealWorld Ancient Fort.jpeg
Sailboat Tower
Sailboat Tower.png
Swan Bells Perth, Australia
RealWorld Sailboat Tower.jpeg
Orient Hotel
Orient Hotel.png
Hotel Tivoli Oriente Lisboa, Portugal
Basketball without Borders Sports Rehab Center
Sports Rehab Center L2.png
Rush University Medical Center (new tower) Chicago, IL, USA
RealWorld Sports Rehab Center.jpeg
Health Food Restaurant
Health-Food Restaurant L1.png
Redwoods Treehouse Restaurant Warkworth, New Zealand
RealWorld Health-Food Restaurant.jpg
Youth Charity Center
Youth Charity Center L3.png
Sports and Leisure Center Saint-Cloud, France
RealWorld Youth Charity Center.jpg
Residential Complex for Young Athletes
Residential Complex for Young Athletes L1.png
Hotel Sol Marina Palace Nessebrar, Bulgaria
RealWorld Residential Complex for Young Athletes.jpg
Sacred Heart Hospital
Sacred Heart Hospital.png
Prentice Women's Hospital Building Chicago, IL, USA
RealWorld Sacred Heart Hospital.jpeg
Basketball League Championship Basketball Development League
Basketball Development League L1.png
Target Arena Minneapolis, MN, USA
MBL Headquarters
MBL Headquarters L1.png
Conrad Hotel Beijing, China
Basketball Hall of Fame
Basketball Hall of Fame L1.png
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Springfield, MA, USA
RealWorld Basketball Hall of Fame.jpg
Megapolis Basketball Arena
Megapolis Basketball Arena L3.png
Golden State Warriors Arena (planned) San Francisco, CA, USA
RealWorld Megapolis Basketball Arena.jpg
Basketball Monument
Basketball Monument.png
Basketball Monument Vilnius, Lithuania
Pyramid Arena
Pyramid Arena.png
Pyramid Arena Memphis, TN, USA
RealWorld Pyramid Arena.jpeg
City Manager SQ City
SQ City L5.png
Moscow International Business Center (MIBC) Moscow, Russia
RealWorld SQ City.jpeg
SQ City:
Hilton Complex
City Center Tower (Blue)
SQ City L2.png
MIBC Federation Tower Moscow, Russia
RealWorld Hilton Complex-City Center Tower.jpg
SQ City:
Unigard Tower (Orange)
SQ City L3.png
MIBC Mercury City Tower Moscow, Russia
RealWorld Unigard Tower.jpg
SQ City:
Mirabella Tower (Blue)
SQ City L4.png
MIBC City of Capitals Moscow, Russia
RealWorld Mirabella Tower.jpg
SQ City:
Atrium Compound (Green)
SQ City L5.png
MIBC Imperia Tower Moscow, Russia
RealWorld Atrium Compound.jpeg
Institute of Cytology and Genetics
Institute of Cytology and Genetics.png
Humax Pavilion Tokyo, Japan
RealWorld Institute of Cytology and Genetics.jpeg
Torre del Agua Exhibition Center
Torre del Agua Exhibition Center.png
Water Tower Zaragoza, Spain
RealWorld Torre del Agua Exhibition Center.jpeg
Experimental Energy Lab
Experimental Energy Lab.png
The Erickson Vancouver, Canada
Home and Hearth Inc
Home and Hearth Inc.png
Al Durrah Centre Sharjah, UAE
Izola Villa
Building Izola Villa.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Villa Isola Bandung, Indonesia
RealWorld Izola Villa.jpg
Solaris Residence
Solaris Residence.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort Niagara Falls, Canada
RealWorld Solaris Residential Complex.jpeg
Grace Residential Complex
Grace Residential Complex.png
The Grace Vancouver, Canada
RealWorld Grace Residential Complex.jpg
Gothic Compound
Gothic Residential Complex.png
Cathedral of Learning Pittsburgh, PA, USA
RealWorld Gothic Compound.jpeg
Crescendo Residential Complex
Crescendo Residential Complex.png
Edelweiss Moscow, Russia
RealWorld Crescendo Residential Complex.jpeg
Oktoberfest Bavarian Restaurant
Bavarian Restaurant L1.png
Bavarian Inn Lodge Frankenmuth, MI, USA
RealWorld Bavarian Restaurant.jpg
Stage L1.png
Waldbühne Berlin, Germany
RealWorld Stage.jpeg
Bavarian Statue
Bavarian Statue.png
Bavaria Statue Munich, Germany
RealWorld Bavarian Statue.jpeg
National Museum of Bavaria
National Museum of Bavaria.png
Bavarian National Museum Munich, Germany
RealWorld National Museum of Bavaria.jpeg
Yacht Club Yacht and Cutter Design Bureau
Yacht and Cutter Design Bureau.png
An der Alster 1 Hamburg, Germany
RealWorld Yacht and Cutter Design Bureau.jpg
Sea Fountain
Sea Fountain.png
Fountain in Moerenuma Park Sapporo, Japan
RealWorld Sea Fountain.jpg
Christopher Columbus Museum
Christopher Columbus Museum.png
La Casa de Colón Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
RealWorld Christopher Columbus Museum.jpeg
Unknown Threat Relic Radiation Laboratory
Relic Radiation Laboratory L1.png
Museum of Aviation Belgrade, Serbia
RealWorld Relic Radiation Laboratory.jpeg
Radiation Neutralizer
Radiation Neutralizer L1.png
The Green Building Museum of Hangzhou Hangzhou, China
RealWorld Radiation Neutralizer.jpg
Radiation Transcoder Tower
Radiation Transcoder L1.png
Tai Po Lookout Tower Hong Kong, China
RealWorld Radiation TranscoderA.jpeg
Radiation Transcoder Building Channel 4 Television Headquarters London, UK
RealWorld Radiation TranscoderB.jpeg
Abandoned Skyscraper
Abandoned Skyscraper.png
Buffalo Central Terminal Buffalo, NY, USA
RealWorld Abandoned Skyscraper.jpg
Megapolis Cup Regatta National Watersports Federation
National Watersports Federation L2.png
Jesolo Magica Jesolo, Italy
RealWorld National Watersports Federation.jpg
Concert Stage
Concert Stage L1.png
Floating Stage Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Concert Stage.jpg
Speedboat Route
Speedboat Route L2.png
The Wave (not built) St. Petersburg, FL, USA
RealWorld Speedboat Route.jpg
Repair Shop
Repair Shop L1.png
Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Hong Kong, China
RealWorld Repair Shop.jpg
Bleachers L1.png
Miami Marine Stadium Miami, FL, USA
RealWorld Bleachers.jpg
Yachts and Cutters Salon
Yachts and Cutters Salon.png
Capital Hill Residence Moscow, Russia
RealWorld Yachts and Cutters Salon.jpg
Round the World Fountain
Round the World Fountain.png
Unisphere New York, NY, USA
RealWorld Round the World Fountain.jpeg
Megapolis Yacht
Megapolis Yacht.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Maltese Falcon Valletta, Malta (Homeport)
RealWorld Megapolis Yacht.jpg
It's Time to Innovate! Center for Innovative Search-Engine Technologies
Center for Innovative Search-Engine Technologies L2.png
BEKO Masterplan Belgrade, Serbia
RealWorld Center for Innovative Search-Engine Technologies.jpg
University of Information Technologies
University of Information Technologies L1.png
Public Service Hall Tbilisi, Georgia
RealWorld University of Information Technologies.jpeg
Software Development Office
Software Development Office L1.png
New Century Art Centre Chengdu, China
RealWorld Software Development Office.jpg
Conference Center
Conference Center L1.png
KRISP IT Park Chennai, India
RealWorld Conference Center.jpg
System Testing Office
System Testing Office L1.png
520 West 28th Street (Luxury apartment building) New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld System Testing Office.jpg
Idea Fountain
Idea Fountain.png
The Atlas Fountain York, UK
RealWorld Idea Fountain.jpeg
Gadget Store
Gadget Store.png
Park Bulvar Shopping Mall Baku, Azerbaijan
RealWorld Gadget Store.jpg
Thanksgiving Family Estate
Family Estate L5.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg 671 Lincoln Avenue (House from Home Alone) Winnetka, IL, USA
Mega Mart
Mega Mart L4.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Mall of America Bloomington, MN, USA
RealWorld Mega Mart.jpg
Thanksgiving Parade Area
Thanksgiving Parade Area L2.png
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Thanksgiving Parade Area.jpg
Mayflower Monument
Mayflower Monument.png
Mayflower II Plymouth, MA, USA
RealWorld Mayflower Monument.jpg
Christmas in Megapolis Christmas Season Hotel
Christmas Season Hotel L1.png
Plaza Hotel New York New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Christmas Season Hotel.jpeg
New Year's Eve in Times Square Times Square
Times Square L2.png
Times Square New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Times Square.jpeg
Times Square Tower
Times Square Tower L1.png
Times Square Tower New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Times Square Tower.jpg
Paramount Theatre
Paramount Theatre L1.png
Paramount Theatre New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Paramount Theatre.jpeg
New York Times Building
New York Times Building L2.png
One Times Square New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld New York Times Building.jpeg
Wax Figure Museum
Wax Figure Museum.png
Madam Tussaud's NYC New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Wax Figure Museum.jpeg
Real World Buildings of Megapolis
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