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The following table provides information regarding the real world structures that served as inspiration for buildings available only in the State Capital or acquired by State Contests.

For additional real world buildings, see Real World Buildings of Megapolis.
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Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Center of Ocean Transport
Center of Ocean Transport.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel Kobe, Japan
Freeport Administration
Freeport Administration.png
Freeport Bridge
Freeport Bridge.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Lazarevsky Bridge ? Saint Petersburg, Russia
RealWorld Freeport Bridge.jpg


Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Miami Administration
Miami Administration.png
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abu Dhabi, UAE
RealWorld Miami Administration.jpg
Miami Fire Station
Miami Fire Station L4.png
Miami Hospital
Miami Hospital L4.png
Miami Main Station
Miami Main Station L3.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Mactan–Cebu International Airport Lapu-Lapu, Philippines
Miami Oceanarium
Miami Oceanarium.png
Miami Police Station
Miami Police Station L4.png
Miami Purification Station
Miami Purification Station L3.png
Ardley ERF near Bicester, UK
RealWorld Miami Purification Station.jpg
Miami-South District Road Junction
Miami-South District Road Junction.png
Miami Wind Power Plant
Miami Wind Power Plant L3.png

South District

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Auto Show
South District Auto Show.png
South District Carnival.png
South District Pond.png
South Region Administration
South Region Administration.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Philadelphia Police Department HQ Philadelphia, PA, USA
South Region Fire Station
South Region Fire Station L4.png
South Region Hospital
South Region Hospital L4.png
South Region Police Station
South Region Police Station L4.png
South Region Power Station
South Region Power Station L3.png
Enecogen Power Plant Rotterdam, Netherlands
RealWorld South Region Power Station.jpg
South Region Train Station
South Region Train Station L1.png
South Region Water Processing Station
South Region Water Processing Station L3.png
Tortoise Park
South District Tortoise Park.png


Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Pier (East)
Venice Pier (East).png
Pier (South)
Venice Pier (South).png
Ship Compass
Venice Ship Compass.png
Venice Administration
Venice Administration.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Palazzo Giusti Venice, Italy
RealWorld Venice Administration (left).jpg
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Ca' d'Oro Venice, Italy
RealWorld Venice Administration (right).jpg
Venice Entry Bridge
Venice Entry Bridge.png
Venice Exit Bridge
Venice Exit Bridge.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Chaotianmen Bridge Chongqing, China
RealWorld Venice West Through Arch Bridge.jpg
Venice Fire Station
Venice Fire Station L4.png
Venice Hospital
Venice Hospital L4.png
Venice Island Bridge I
Venice Island Bridge I.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Seri Wawasan Bridge Putrajaya, Malaysia
RealWorld Venice Central Bridge.jpg
Venice Island Bridge II
Venice Island Bridge II.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg L'Umbracle Valencia, Spain
Venice Police Station
Venice Police Station L4.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Salem Custom House Salem, MA, USA
RealWorld Venice Police Station.jpg
Venice Station
Venice Station L1.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Budapest Keleti railway station Budapest, Hungary
Venice Tidal Power Plant
Venice Tidal Power Plant L3.png
EC1 Łódź, Poland
Venice Water Processing Station
Venice Water Processing Station L3.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Museum De Cruquius Cruquius, The Netherlands
Porta Magna at the Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Venetian Arsenal Venice, Italy
RealWorld Venice Water Processing Station towers.jpg


Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Art Park
Art Park (Chinatown).png
Chinatown Administration
Chinatown Administration.png
Chinatown Bridge
Chinatown Bridge.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Zhivopisny Bridge Moscow, Russia
Chinatown Fire Station
Chinatown Fire Station L4.png
Chinatown Hospital
Chinatown Hospital L4.png
Chinatown Lake
Chinatown Lake.png
Chinatown Pier
Chinatown Pier.png
Chinatown Police Station
Chinatown Police Station L4.png
Chinatown Pond
Chinatown Pond.png
Chinatown Power Station
Chinatown Power Station L3.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Avedøre Power Station Avedøre, Denmark
RealWorld Chinatown Power Station.jpg
Chinatown Train Station
Chinatown Train Station L1.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Beijing West railway station Beijing, China
Chinatown Water Processing Station
Chinatown Water Processing Station L3.png
Dragon Installation
Dragon Installation.png
Meditation Park
Meditation Park (Chinatown).png

North District

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
North District Administration
North District Administration.png
North District Arch Park
North District Arch Park.png
North District Bridge
North District Bridge.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Samuel Beckett Bridge Dublin, Ireland
North District Camp Tents
North District Camp Tents.png
North District Concert Stage
North District Concert Stage.png
North District Container
North District Container.png
North District Fire Station
North District Fire Station L4.png
North District Fruit Fair
North District Fruit Fair.png
North District Green Park
North District Green Park.png
North District Hospital
North District Hospital L4.png
North District Lakeside Bar
North District Lakeside Bar.png
North District Playground
North District Playground.png
North District Police Station
North District Police Station L4.png
North District Pool
North District Pool.png
North District Power Station
North District Power Station L3.png
Huntly Power Station Huntly, New Zealand
RealWorld North District Power Station.jpg
North District Station
North District Station L1.png
North District Walkway
North District Walkway.png
North District Water Processing Station
North District Water Processing Station L3.png

Capital Airport

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Airport (State) L1.png
Terminal A
Terminal A L1 A.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, Terminals 1 & 2 Tangerang, Indonesia
Terminal B
Terminal B L1 A.png
Terminal C
Terminal C L1 A.png
Terminal D
Terminal D L1 A.png
Terminal E
Terminal E L1 A.png
Terminal F
Terminal F L1 A.png
Terminal G
Terminal G L1 A.png
Terminal H
Terminal H L1 A.png

Beverly Hills

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Beverly Hills Achievement Park
Beverly Hills Achievement Park.png
Beverly Hills Administration
Beverly Hills Administration.png
Beverly Hills Air Memorials
Beverly Hills Air Memorials.png
Beverly Hills Bridge
Beverly Hills Bridge.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Tianjin Eye Tianjin, China
RealWorld Beverly Hills Bridge.jpg
Beverly Hills Fair
Beverly Hills Fair.png
Beverly Hills Fire Station
Beverly Hills Fire Station L4.png
Beverly Hills Flag Memorials 1
Beverly Hills Flag Memorials 1.png
Beverly Hills Flag Memorials 2
Beverly Hills Flag Memorials 2.png
Beverly Hills Hospital
Beverly Hills Hospital L4.png
Beverly Hills Playground
Beverly Hills Playground.png
Beverly Hills Police Station
Beverly Hills Police Station L4.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Beverly Hills City Hall Beverly Hills, CA, USA
Beverly Hills Pool
Beverly Hills Pool.png
Beverly Hills Research Park
Beverly Hills Research Park.png
Beverly Hills Solar Plant
Beverly Hills Solar Plant L3.png
Beverly Hills Station
Beverly Hills Station L1.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Palm Atlantis Monorail Station Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Beverly Hills Station.jpg
Beverly Hills Submarine Station
Beverly Hills Submarine Station.png
Beverly Hills Table Tennis Court (Double)
Beverly Hills Table Tennis Court Double.png
Beverly Hills Table Tennis Court (Single)
Beverly Hills Table Tennis Court Single.png
Beverly Hills Tennis Courts
Beverly Hills Tennis Courts.png
Beverly Hills Vegan Park
Beverly Hills Vegan Park.png
Beverly Hills Water Processing Station
Beverly Hills Water Processing Station L3.png


Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Manhattan Administration
Manhattan Administration.png
Manhattan Fire Station
Manhattan Fire Station L4.png
Manhattan Hospital
Manhattan Hospital L4.png
Manhattan Park 1
Manhattan Park 1.png
Manhattan Park 2
Manhattan Park 2.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Unisphere New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Round the World Fountain.jpg
Manhattan Park 3
Manhattan Park 3.png
Manhattan Park 4
Manhattan Park 4.png
Manhattan Park 5
Manhattan Park 5.png
Manhattan Park 6
Manhattan Park 6.png
Violin Shaped Swimming Pool Bedford, NY, USA
RealWorld Manhattan Park 6.jpg
Manhattan Park 7
Manhattan Park 7.png
Manhattan Park 8
Manhattan Park 8.png
Manhattan Park 9
Manhattan Park 9.png
Manhattan Park 10
Manhattan Park 10.png
Labyrint Drielandenpunt Vaals, Netherlands
RealWorld Green Labyrinth Park.jpg
Manhattan Park 11
Manhattan Park 11.png
Manhattan Park Lane 1
Manhattan Park Lane 1.png
Manhattan Park Lane 2
Manhattan Park Lane 2.png
Manhattan Police Station
Manhattan Police Station L4.png
Manhattan Nuclear Power Plant
Manhattan Nuclear Power Plant L3.png
Wastewater Treatment Plant Gut Großlappen Munich, Germany
RealWorld Manhattan Nuclear Power Plant.jpg
Manhattan Train Station
Manhattan Train Station L1.png
Manhattan Artesian Well
Manhattan Artesian Well L3.png
Shenzhen East Waste-to-Energy Plant Shenzhen, China
RealWorld Hydrothermal Power Plant.jpg
Real World Buildings of Megapolis
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