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The following table provides information regarding the real world structures that served as inspiration for the production categories of buildings found in Megapolis.

For additional real world buildings, see Real World Buildings of Megapolis.
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Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Agora Tower
Agora Tower L4.png
Azerbaijan Tower Baku, Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan Tower.jpg
Aquaventure Water Park
Aquaventure Water Park.png
Aquaventure Water Park Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Aquaventure Water Park.jpg
Assembly Line
Prodbuilding Assembly Line.png
Unilever Riverhorse Park Durban, South Africa
RealWorld Assembly Line.jpg
Subway Train L6.png
Amtrak USA
Analytical Finance Center
Analytical Finance Center L4.png
The Wave in Vejle Vejle, Denmark
The Wave in Vejle.jpg
Canadian National Gallery
Canadian National Gallery L2.png
National Gallery of Canada Ottawa, Canada
RealWorld Canadian National Gallery.jpg
Car Dealership
Car Dealership.png
Honda AutoCenter Pleven, Bulgaria
RealWorld Car Dealership.jpg
Cebu Taoist Temple
Cebu Taoist Temple L2.png
Cebu Taoist Temple Cebu City, Philippines
RealWorld Cebu Taoist Temple.jpg
Computer Store
Computer Store.png
German History Museum Extension Berlin, Germany
RealWorld Computer Store.jpg
Conrad Miami Hotel
Conrad Miami Hotel L4.png
Conrad Hong Kong (left) Hong Kong, China
RealWorld Conrad Miami Hotel (left).jpg
Espirito Santo Plaza (right) Miami, FL, USA
RealWorld Conrad Miami Hotel (right).jpg
Diamond Conference Room
Diamond Conference Room L3.png
Energy Commission HQ Putrajaya, Malaysia
RealWorld Diamond Conference Room.jpg
Dongdaemun Business Center
Dongdaemun Business Center L3.png
Dongdaemun Design Plaza Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Dongdaemun Business Center.jpg
Drifting Islands Cultural Complex
Drifting Islands Cultural Complex L3.png
Seoul Floating Islands Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Drifting Islands Cultural Complex.jpg
Fusionopolis Multifunctional Complex
Fusionopolis Multifunctional Complex L3.png
Fusionopolis Singapore, Singapore
RealWorld Fusionopolis Multifunctional Complex.jpg
Gate to the East
Gate to the East L4.png
Gate to the East Suzhou, China
RealWorld Gate to the East.jpg
Heavenly Abode Hotel
Heavenly Abode Hotel.png
Sky Habitat Singapore Bishan, Singapore
RealWorld Heavenly Abode Hotel.jpg
Household Goods Facility
Prodbuilding Household Goods Facility.png
Metaprint Manufactory Tallinn, Estonia
RealWorld Household Goods Facility.jpg
Household Goods Store
Prodbuilding Household Goods Store.png
Parnian Collection's International HQ Scottsdale, AZ, USA
RealWorld Household Goods Store.jpg
Jumble Business Center
Jumble Business Center L1.png
ADAC HQ Munich, Germany
RealWorld Jumble Business Center.jpg
Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts L4.png
Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts Kansas City, MO, USA
RealWorld Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.jpg
Logistics Center
Logistics Center L2.png
Institute for Astrophysics Observatory Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
RealWorld Logistics Center.jpg
M-City L4.png
M-City Moscow, Russia
RealWorld M-City.jpg
Subway Train L0.png
Metrorail (Miami) train Miami-Dade County, FL, USA
RealWorld Miami.jpg
North Station
North Station L3.png
Dresden Hauptbahnhof Dresden, Germany
RealWorld North Station.jpg
Nuclear Research Center
Nuclear Research Center (Production).png
AT&T Building Nashville, TN, USA
RealWorld Nuclear Research Center (Production).jpg
Nuclear Research Center (old)
Nuclear Research Center (Old).png
Oguzkent Hotel ? Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Observation Tower
Observation Tower L4.png
Olympic Park Observation Tower Beijing, China
RealWorld Observation Tower.jpg
Ottawa Conference Center
Ottawa Conference Center.png
Shaw Centre Ottawa, Canada
RealWorld Ottawa Conference Center.jpg
Subway Train L5.png
Type 4 MAX cars (Siemens S70) Portland metropolitan area, OR, USA
RealWorld Portland.jpg
Power Engineering Institute
Power Engineering Institute L2.png
Wisconsin Energy Institute Madison, WI, USA
RealWorld Power Engineering Institute.jpg
Prime Finance Center
Prodbuilding Prime Finance Center.png
? Platinum Tower Manama, Bahrain
Research Center
Prodbuilding Research Center.png
Liberty Science Center Jersey City, NJ, USA
RealWorld Research Center.jpg
Sawmill L3.png
Bonnefanten Museum Maastricht, Netherlands
RealWorld Sawmill.jpg
Sofitel Marrakech Spa Hotel
Sofitel Marrakech Spa Hotel.png
Sofitel Marrakech Lounge & Spa Marrakesh, Morocco
RealWorld Sofitel Marrakech Spa Hotel.jpg
St. Louis
Subway Train L1.png
St. Louis Metrolink trail St. Louis Metropolitan Area, MO and IL, USA
RealWorld St. Louis.jpg
Subway Train L2.png
Red Line (Washington Metro) Montgomery County, MD and Washington DC, USA
RealWorld Washington.jpg
Zoo Administration Building
Zoo Administration Building L5.png
Moscow Zoo Entrance Moscow, Russia
RealWorld Zoo Administration Building.jpg

Tourist Island Buildings

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
International Terminal
International Terminal (Tourist Island) L1.png
Sondica Airport Bilbao, Spain
3962 bilbao-airport.jpg
Maritime Terminal
Maritime Terminal L3.png
Z10 Towers Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
RealWorld Maritime Terminal.jpg
Jelly Fish 45 Vancouver, Canada
RealWorld Maritime Terminal Domes.jpg


Wikipedia FavIcon.svg McDonald Observatory Jeff Davis County, TX, USA
RealWorld Observatory.jpg
Safari Park


Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Enid A. Haupt Conservatory New York City, NY, USA
Water Park


Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Disney's Typhoon Lagoon near Orlando, FL, USA
RealWorld Water Park (Tourist Island).jpg

Rocky Mountains Buildings

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Mountain Heliport
Mountain Heliport L1.png
Barclays London Heliport London, UK
RealWorld Mountain Heliport.jpg
Mountain Hotel
Mountain Hotel L1.png
Mount Washington Hotel Bretton Woods, NH, USA
RealWorld Mountain Hotel.jpg

Additional Buildings

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Production Laboratory
Production Laboratory L2.png
Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories Iowa City, IA, USA
RealWorld Production Laboratory.jpg

Industrial Complex Buildings

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Catalyst Plant
Catalyst Plant L3.png
Laboratory of Molecular Biology Cambridge, UK
RealWorld Catalyst Plant.jpg
Westfalen Power Station Cooling Towers Hamm, Germany
RealWorld Catalyst Plant Cooling Towers.jpg
Coal Industrial Center
Coal Industrial Center L3.png
This building was part of the Industrial Complex timed quest, find the real world building


Diamond Mining Industrial Center
Diamond Mining Industrial Center L3.png
Vysota 239 Chelyabinsk, Russia
RealWorld Diamond Mining Industrial Center.jpg
High-tech Plant
High-tech Plant L3.png
TCS Siruseri Chennai, India
RealWorld High-tech Plant.jpg
Iron Ore Industrial Center
Iron Ore Industrial Center L3.png
This building was part of the Industrial Complex timed quest, find the real world building


Jewelry Factory
Jewelry Factory L3.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Transparent Factory Dresden, Germany
RealWorld Laboratory Complex.jpg
Logistics Office
Logistics Office L3.png
Chassé Theater Breda, Netherlands
Breda - Chassé Theater.jpg
Microchip Plant
Microchip Plant L3.png
Cyber Gateway Hyderabad, India
RealWorld Microchip Plant.jpg
Mining Office
Mining Office L2.png
This building was part of the Industrial Complex timed quest, find the real world building


Oil Industrial Complex
Oil Industrial Complex L4.png
Incineration Line Roskilde, Denmark
RealWorld Oil Industrial Complex.jpg
Optic Fiber Plant
Optic Fiber Plant L3.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Lusail Sports Arena Lusail, Qatar
RealWorld Optic Fiber Plant.jpg
Platinum Mining Complex
Platinum Mining Complex L4.png
This building was part of the Industrial Complex timed quest, find the real world building


Railroad Depot
Railroad Depot L4.png
This building was part of the Industrial Complex timed quest, find the real world building


Resource Warehouse
Resource Warehouse L3.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg USA pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai, China
RealWorld Resource Warehouse.jpg
Silicon Industrial Complex
Silicon Industrial Complex L4.png
WKK Energy Plant Utrecht, Netherlands
RealWorld Silicon Industrial Complex.jpg
Steelworks L3.png
Dangjin Coal-Fired Power Plant Dangjin, South Korea
RealWorld Steelworks.jpg
Timber Cutting Complex
Timber Cutting Complex L3.png
This building was part of the Industrial Complex timed quest, find the real world building


Uranium Enrichment Plant
Uranium Enrichment Plant L3.png
Units 7,8 and 9 of Incheon LNG Combined Cycle Power Plant Incheon, South Korea
RealWorld Uranium Enrichment Plant.jpg

Military Bases & Factories

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Airbase L3.png
Old terminal of Zvartnots International Airport Zvartnots, Armenia
RealWorld Airbase.jpg
Military Aircraft Factory
Military Aircraft Factory L4.png
Terminal 3 of Shenzen Bao'an International Airport Shenzhen, China
RealWorld Military Aircraft Factory.jpg
Military Shipyard
Military Shipyard L2.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Palace of Justice Savona, Italy
Military Space Factory
Military Space Factory Full.png
NATO HQ Brussels, Belgium
RealWorld Military Space Factory.jpg
Military Spaceport
Military Spaceport L3.png
King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
RealWorld Military Spaceport.jpg
Naval Base
Naval Base L5.png
Fort Ontario Oswego, NY, USA
RealWorld Naval Base.jpg
Submarine Base
Submarine Base L3.png
Oakley HQ Foothill Ranch, CA, USA
RealWorld Submarine Base.jpg

Cosmic Conquest Buildings

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Manned Rocket Launchpad
Manned Rocket Launchpad L1.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Launch Pad 1/5 at Baikonur Cosmodrome Baikonur, Kazakhstan
Orbital Shuttle Assembly Plant
Orbital Shuttle Area.png
Endeavor Building at Nvidia HQ Santa Clara, CA, USA
RealWorld Orbital Shuttle Area.jpg
Orbital Shuttle Engine Plant
Shuttle Crew Compartment Plant
Space Shuttle Hull Plant
Space Shuttle Tailpiece Plant
Orbital Shuttle Launchpad
Orbital Shuttle Launchpad L1.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Launch Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center Cape Canaveral, FL, USA
RealWorld Orbital Shuttle Launchpad.jpg
Spaceship Assembly Plant
Spaceship Area.png
Futuristic Spacport n/a
RealWorld Spaceship Area.jpg
Spaceship Engine Plant
Spaceship Crew Compartment Plant
Spaceship Hull Plant
Spaceship Tailpiece Plant
Spaceship Launchpad
Spaceship Launchpad L1.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Launch Pad 35/1 at Plesetsk Cosmodrome Mirny, Russia
RealWorld Spaceship Launchpad.jpg

Expedition Buildings

Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Deep-Submergence Vehicle Assembly Plant
Deep-Submergence Vehicle Area.png
Shanghai Oriental Sports Center Shanghai, China
RealWorld Deep-Submergence Vehicle Area.jpg
Nose Section Plant
Engine Plant
Tail Section Plant
Mechanical Arm Plant
Deepwater Vehicle Submergence Center
Deepwater Vehicle Submergence Center L1.png
Spruce Goose Hangar Dome Long Beach, CA, USA
RealWorld Deepwater Vehicle Submergence Center.jpg
Research Vessel Terminal
Research Vessel Terminal L1.png
Druzhba Holiday Center Yalta, Crimean Peninsule
Holiday Center, Ukraine.jpg
Real World Buildings of Megapolis
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