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The following table provides information regarding the real world structures that served as inspiration for the Decoration categories of buildings found in Megapolis.

For additional real world buildings, see Real World Buildings of Megapolis.
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Megapolis Real World
Building Image Building Location Image
Aachen Bismarck Tower
Aachen Bismarck Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Bismarck Tower Aachen, Germany
RealWorld Aachen Bismarck Tower.jpg
Acropolis Park
Decoration Acropolis Park.png
Aeolus Pavilion
Aeolus Pavilion.png
Aeolus Pavilion Filton, UK
RealWorld Aeolus Pavilion.jpg
Aircraft Monument
Decoration Aircraft Monument.png
IL-2 Monument Samara, Russia
RealWorld Aircraft Monument.jpg
Akhun Watchtower
Akhun Watchtower.png
Akhun Tower Sochi, Russia
RealWorld Akhun Watchtower.jpg
Alexandrian Dragon Sculpture
Alexandrian Dragon Sculpture.png
Alley of Peace
Decoration Alley of Peace.png
Aloha Fountain
Aloha Fountain.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Waterfront Park fountain Charleston, SC, USA
RealWorld Aloha Fountain.jpg
Amari Swimming Pool
Decoration Amari Swimming Pool.png
Angel of the North Statue
Angel of the North Statue.png
The Giant Mermaid of Cumbernauld statue Cumbernauld, UK
RealWorld Mermaid Sculpture.jpg
Antelope Sculpture
Antelope Sculpture.png
The Eland sculpture Johannesburg, South Africa
RealWorld Antelope Sculpture.jpg
Arabesque Flowerbed
Decoration Arabesque Flowerbed.png
Archway Alley
Archway Alley.png
Double-arch topiary walkway at Iglesias de San Rafael Zarcero, Costa Rica
RealWorld Archway Alley.jpg
Art Park
Art Park.png
ARTivity on the Green Winston-Salem, NC, USA
RealWorld Art Park.jpg
Asgard Park
Decoration Asgard Park.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Red Sand Garden at Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne, Australia
RealWorld Asgard Park.jpg
Ash Alley
Decoration Ash Alley.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Fraxinus no fixed location
RealWorld Ash Alley.jpg
Ash Grove
Decoration Ash Grove.png
Ash Trees
Decoration Ash Trees.png
Avant-garde Fountain
Avant-garde Fountain.png
L'Oiseau de feu (The Firebird) sculpture, Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Stravinsky Fountain Paris, France
RealWorld Avant-garde Fountain.jpg
Azadi Tower
Azadi Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Azadi Tower Tehran, Iran
RealWorld Azadi Tower.jpg
Balboa Park
Balboa Park.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Botanical Building San Diego, CA, USA
RealWorld Balboa Park.jpg
Basketball Park
Basketball Park.png
Bosque de la Esperanza Altos de Cazuca, Colombia
RealWorld Basketball Park.jpg
Bear Statue
Decoration Bear Statue.png
Perm Bear Perm, Russia
RealWorld Bear Statue.jpg
Belgian Christmas Tree
Belgian Christmas Tree.png
Electric Christmas Tree Brussels, Belgium
RealWorld Belgian Christmas Tree.jpg
Beverly Observation Tower
Beverly Observation Tower.png
Beverly Hills High School: Tower Of Hope Los Angeles, CA, USA
RealWorld Beverly Observation Tower.jpg
Oil rig drilling from under the Beverly Hills High School
Big Fish Sculpture
Big Fish Sculpture.png
The Big Fish Belfast, UK
RealWorld Big Fish Sculpture.jpg
Birdcage Park
Birdcage Park.png
Giant Birdcage Installation Nanjing, China
Birli Alley
Birli Alley.png
Brilliance Blackpool, UK
Bremen Musicians Statue
Bremen Musicians Statue.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Town Musicians of Bremen statue Bremen, Germany
Broughton Garden
Broughton Garden.png
Broughton Castle Garden Broughton, UK
RealWorld Broughton Garden.jpg
Buckingham Fountain
Decoration Buckingham Fountain.png
Buckingham Fountain Chicago, IL, USA
RealWorld Buckingham Fountain.jpg
Bull Statue
Decoration Bull Statue.png
Charging Bull sculpture New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Bull Statue.jpg
Burdett-Coutts Fountain
Burdett-Coutts Fountain.png
The Victoria or Burdett-Coutts Memorial Drinking-Fountain London, UK
RealWorld Burdett-Coutts Fountain.jpg
Cactus Sculpture
Cactus Sculpture.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Cactus sculpture at Jardin de Cactus Guatiza, Spain
Cat City Fountain
Cat City Fountain.png
Cat Fountain Kuching, Malaysia
RealWorld Cat City Fountain.jpg
Catraia Fountain
Catraia Fountain.png
Font de la Nau de l'Aigua Valencia, Spain
RealWorld Catraia Fountain.jpg
Champ de Mars
Champ de Mars.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Field of Mars Saint Petersburg, Russia
RealWorld Champ de Mars (decoration).jpg
Chiang Rai Clock Tower
Chiang Rai Clock Tower.png
Golden Clocktower Chiang Rai, Thailand
Church of the Holy Spirit Belltower
Church of the Holy Spirit Belltower.png
Belltower of Holy Spirit Orthodox Church Białystok, Poland
RealWorld Church of the Holy Spirit Belltower.jpg
Cinematic Arts Fountain
Cinematic Arts Fountain.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Hong Kong Film Awards statue Hong Kong, China
Circle Waters Park
Circle Waters Park.png
Navy Yards Central Green Philadelphia, PA, USA
City Gazebo
Decoration City Gazebo.png
ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion Stuttgart, Germany
RealWorld City Gazebo.jpg
City of the Future Clock
City of the Future Clock.png
City of Dream LED Display Macau, China
RealWorld City of the Future Clock.jpg
Clock Tower
Clock Tower.png
Dubai Clock Tower Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Clock Tower.jpg
Cloud Gate Sculpture
Cloud Gate Sculpture.png
Cloud Gate sculpture Chicago, IL, USA
RealWorld Cloud Gate sculpture.jpg
Clydesdale Sculpture
Clydesdale Sculpture.png
Heavy Horse sculpture Glasgow, UK
RealWorld Clydesdale Sculpture.jpg
Confederation Square
Confederation Square.png
National War Memorial Ottawa, Canada
RealWorld Confederation Square.jpg
D-Tower Sculpture
D-Tower Sculpture.png
D-Tower Doetinchem, The Netherlands
RealWorld D-Tower Sculpture.jpg
Dancers Sculpture
Dancers Sculpture.png
Bailarines de Vallarta statue Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
RealWorld Dancers Sculpture.jpg
Desert Oasis Installation
Desert Oasis Installation.png
Camel statues in front of the One&Only Royal Mirage Hotel Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Desert Oasis Installation.jpg
Designer Pavilion
Designer Pavilion.png
Mobile Art Pavilion Paris, France
Dinosaur Fountain
Dinosaur Fountain.png
Dinosaur Fountain Santa Monica, CA, USA
RealWorld Dinosaur Fountain.jpg
Dolphins Fountain
Dolphins Fountain.png
Dolphins Fountain Mali Lošinj, Croatia
RealWorld Dolphins Fountain.jpg
Don Quixote Monument
Don Quixote Monument.png
Quijote Monument at Plaza de España Madrid, Spain
Dove Pavilion
Dove Pavilion.png
Columbary in the gardens of Schönbrunn Vienna, Austria
Dragon Fountain
Dragon Fountain.png
Dragon Mart Fountain Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Dragon Fountain.jpg
Dragon Tower
Decoration Dragon Tower.png
Dragon LED Tower Fujisawa, Japan
RealWorld Dragon Tower.jpg
Dragons Sculpture
Dragons Sculpture.png
Dragon Sculpture in front of Science and Technology Museum Shanghai, China
Drinking Fountain
Drinking Fountain.png
Frazer Fountain Sydney, Australia
Dubai Frame Viewing Platform
Dubai Frame Viewing Platform.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Dubai Frame Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Dubai Frame Viewing Platform.jpg
Easter Island Idols
Easter Island Idols.png
Moai statues Hanga Roa, Chile
RealWorld Easter Island Idols.jpg
Eastern Tea Ceremony Park
Eastern Tea Ceremony Park.png
Al Murabba Roundabout Al Ain, UAE
RealWorld Eastern Tea Ceremony Park.jpg
Echo Temple Terrace
Echo Temple Terrace.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Haga Echo Temple Solna, Sweden
Egg of Creation Sculpture
Egg of Creation Sculpture.png
Egg of Creation Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Egg of Creation Sculpture.jpg
Elephant Fountain
Elephant Fountain.png
Ganesh Fountain in Little India, Brickfields Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
RealWorld Elephant Fountain.jpg
Elephant Statue
Elephant Statue.png
Elephant Pair New York City, NY, USA
Elk Fountain
Elk Fountain.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Elk sculpture Portland, OR, USA
RealWorld Elk Fountain.jpg
Emerald Alley
Decoration Emerald Alley.png
Top floor of Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Terraces Haifa, Israel
RealWorld Emerald Alley.jpg
Euskadi Park
Euskadi Park.png
Plaza Euskadi Bilbao, Spain
Face Sculpture
Face Sculpture.png
Tindaro Paris, France
RealWorld Face Sculpture.jpg
Fiber Wave Sculpture
Fiber Wave Sculpture.png
Fiberwave Pavilion Chicago, IL, USA
Flower Pavilion
Flower Pavilion.png
A-Art House Inujima, Japan
Tiananmen Square Flower Basket Beijing, China
RealWorld Flowerbasket.jpg
Flowering Dolphins Fountain
Flowering Dolphins Fountain.png
Beijing Olympic Gardens Beijing, China
RealWorld Flowering Dolphins Fountain.jpg
Flowing Garden
Decoration Flowing Garden.png
Eras De Cristo Granada, Spain
RealWorld Flowing Garden.jpg
Fontana Maggiore
Fontana Maggiore.png
Fontana Maggiore Perugia, Italy
RealWorld Fontana Maggiore.jpg
Fountain 71
Fountain 71.png
71 Fountain Columbus, OH, USA
RealWorld Fountain 71.jpg
Fountain of Melodies Filarmonia Park Baku, Azerbaijan
RealWorld Fountain of Melodies.jpg
Four Arches Installation
Four Arches Installation.png
Four Arches sculpture Los Angeles, CA, USA
RealWorld Four Arches Installation.jpg
Frame Topiary
Frame Topiary.png
Topiary at 2011 International Horticultural Exposition Xi'an, China
Frank Lloyd Wright Spire
Frank Lloyd Wright Spire.png
Scottsdale Spire Scottsdale, AZ, USA
RealWorld Frank Lloyd Wright Spire.jpg
French Park
Decoration French Park.png
Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden Chonburi Province, Thailand
RealWorld French Park.jpg
Friendship Monument
Friendship Monument.png
Friendship Rings monument Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Friendship Monument.jpg
Frog Fountain
Frog Fountain.png
Frog Fountain Fort Worth, TX, USA
RealWorld Frog Fountain.jpg
Fruit Park
Decoration Fruit Park.png
The Fruit and Scent Playground Stockholm, Sweden
RealWorld Fruit Park.jpg
Galaxy Sculpture
Galaxy Sculpture.png
Al-Falak Roundabout Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
RealWorld Galaxy Sculpture.jpg
Garden Meadow
Decoration Garden Meadow.png
Inner City Rooftop Garden on Observatory Tower Sydney, Australia
RealWorld Garden Meadow.jpg
Gazebo in Ploskovice
Gazebo in Ploskovice.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Ploskovice Castle Park Gazebo Ploskovice, Czech Republic
RealWorld Gazebo in Ploskovice.jpg
Geometric Park
Geometric Park.png
Geometric Garden Herning, Denmark
RealWorld Geometric Park.jpg
Geometry Playground
Geometry Playground.png
Galindez Slope Bilbao, Spain
RealWorld Geometry Playground.jpg
Giant Wisteria
Giant Wisteria.png
Wisteria at Ashikaga Flower Park Ashikaga, Japan
RealWorld Giant Wisteria.jpg
Glasgow Green Fountain
Glasgow Green Fountain.png
Drinking Fountain, Glasgow Green Glasgow, UK
RealWorld Glasgow Green Fountain.jpg
Glass Symphony Installation
Glass Symphony Installation.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Le Moretti Paris, France
Gravity Vortex Sculpture
Gravity Vortex Sculpture.png
Turkish Pavilion, EXPO 2015 Milan, Italy
RealWorld Gravity Vortex Sculpture.jpg
Green Labyrinth Park
Green Labyrinth Park.png
Labyrint Drielandenpunt Vaals, Netherlands
RealWorld Green Labyrinth Park.jpg
Gulliver Park
Gulliver Park.png

Gulliver Park (Old).png
Parque Gulliver Valencia, Spain
RealWorld Gulliver Park.jpg
Gyeonghoeru Pavilion
Decoration Gyeonghoeru Pavilion.png
Gyeonghoeru (Royal Banquet Hall) at Gyeongbokgung Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld Gyeonghoeru Pavilion.jpg
Harding Installation
Harding Installation.png
Northshore sculpture Ottawa, Canada
RealWorld Harding Installation.jpg
Hoge Veluwe National Park
Hoge Veluwe National Park.png
St. Hubertus Hunting Lodge Hoge Veluwe National Park, Netherlands
Jachthuis Sint Hubertus.jpg
Indian Park
Indian Park.png
Sculpture at Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Buddha Park near Vientiane, Laos
Indianapolis Monument
Indianapolis Monument.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument Indianapolis, IN, USA
RealWorld Sailors' Monument.jpg
Irvine Carousel
Irvine Carousel.png
Irvine Spectrum Carousel Irvine, CA, USA
'Jade Eye' Sculpture
'Jade Eye' Sculpture.png
Torch Square Xichang, China
RealWorld 'Jade Eye' Sculpture.jpg
Jurmala Observation Tower
Jurmala Observation Tower.png
Observation Tower Jurmala, Latvia
RealWorld Jurmala Observation Tower.jpg
Kenyan Monument
Decoration Kenyan Monument.png
The Kenya Independence Monument Nairobi, Kenya
RealWorld Kenyan Monument.jpg
Knowledge Sculpture
Knowledge Sculpture.png
Knowledge Sculpture Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
RealWorld Knowledge Sculpture.jpg
Korkeasaari Tower
Korkeasaari Tower.png
Korkeasaari Lookout Tower Helsinki, Finland
RealWorld Korkeasaari Tower.jpg
Kosmaj Monument
Kosmaj Monument.png
Monument to Kosmaj partisan division from WWII Kosmaj, Serbia
RealWorld Kosmaj Monument.jpg
Lake of Enlightenment
Decoration Lake of Enlightenment.png
Central Garden of Getty Center Los Angeles, CA, USA
RealWorld Lake of Enlightenment.jpg
Lake Summerhouse
Lake Summerhouse.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg The Roman Boathouse, Birkenhead Park Birkenhead, UK
Lanzin Park
Lanzin Park.png
Esplanade du Palais des Congrès de Montréal Montreal, Canada
Leaf Park
Decoration Leaf Park.png
Musical Park Donetsk, Ukraine
RealWorld Leaf Park.jpg
Lincoln Park
Lincoln Park.png
Natural Broadwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago, IL, USA
RealWorld Lincoln Park.jpg
Lion Fountain in Szeged
Lion Fountain in Szeged.png
Four Winged Lions Fountain Szeged, Hungary
RealWorld Lion Fountain in Szeged.jpg
also called Well of Kings
Lion Statue
Decoration Lion Statue.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Medici lions Florence, Italy
RealWorld Lion Statue.jpg
Los Abanicos Square
Decoration Los Abanicos Square.png
Plaza de Los Abanicos Cuernavaca, Mexico
RealWorld Los Abanicos Square.jpg
Lotus Sculpture
Lotus Sculpture.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Lotus Square Macau, China
RealWorld Lotus Sculpture.jpg
Louisiana University Fountain
Louisiana University Fountain.png
Fleur de lis fountain Lafayette, LA, USA
RealWorld Louisiana University Fountain.jpg
MacDonald Gardens
MacDonald Gardens.png
Stone Summer House of Macdonald Gardens Park Ottawa, Canada
RealWorld MacDonald Gardens.jpg
Maqam Echahid Monument
Maqam Echahid Monument.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Maqam Echahid Algiers, Algeria
RealWorld Maqam Echahid Monument.jpg
Mariana Column
Mariana Column.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Mariana Column Prague, Czech Republic
RealWorld Mariana Column.png
Marlin Sculpture
Marlin Sculpture.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Pez Vela (Sailfish) sculpture Manzanillo, Mexico
RealWorld Marlin Sculpture.jpg
Mateus Gardens
Mateus Gardens.png
Mateus Gardens at Palacio de Mateus Mateus, Portugal
RealWorld Mateus Gardens.jpg
May Lily Fountain
May Lily Fountain.png
Landyshi Fountain, Constantine Palace Park
(фонтан "Ландыши")
Strelna, Russia
RealWorld May Lily Fountain.jpg
Meditation Pond
Meditation Pond.png
Landform Ueda Edinburgh, UK
RealWorld Meditation Pond.jpg
Mermaid Sculpture
Decoration Mermaid Sculpture.png
The Giant Mermaid of Cumbernauld statue Cumbernauld, UK
RealWorld Mermaid Sculpture.jpg
Midland Installation
Midland Installation.png
? Nagoya Station Sculpture Nagoya, Japan
Midland Park
Midland Park.png
Midland Square Sculpture Nagoya, Japan
Montpellier Triumphal Arch
Montpellier Triumphal Arch.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Promenade du Peyrou Montpellier, France
Mother Nature Installation
Mother Nature Installation.png
The Force of Nature II sculpture Doha, Qatar
RealWorld Mother Nature Installation.jpg
Multimedia Pavilion
Multimedia Pavilion.png
Multimedia Pavilion Jinhua, China
RealWorld Multimedia Pavilion.jpg
Mur River Observation Tower
Mur River Observation Tower.png
Observation Tower on the River Mur Gosdorf, Austria
RealWorld Mur River Observation Tower.jpg
Muscat Pavilion
Muscat Pavilion.png
Riyam Monument Muscat, Oman
RealWorld Muscat Pavilion.jpg
Mustangs of Las Colinas
Decoration Mustangs of Las Colinas.png
Mustangs of Las Colinas installation Irving, TX, USA
RealWorld Mustangs of Las Colinas.jpg
Nicolaus Copernicus Monument
Nicolaus Copernicus Monument.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Nicolaus Copernicus Monument Toruń, Poland
Nijmegen Rabbit Sculpture
Nijmegen Rabbit Sculpture.png
Lookout Rabbit Nijmegen, Netherlands
RealWorld Nijmegen Rabbit Sculpture.jpg
Norbulingka Pavilion
Norbulingka Pavilion.png
Tsokyil Potrang Lhasa, China
RealWorld Norbulingka Pavilion.jpg
Observation Tower
Observation Tower.png
Observation tower Lommel Lommel, Belgium
RealWorld Observation Tower (dec).jpg
Omega Fountain
Omega Fountain.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Omega Fountain St. Petersburg, Russia
Octo Installation
Octo Installation.png
Octo 3 sculpture Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Octo Installation.jpg
Overture Installation
Overture Installation.png
Ouverture au Monde sculpture Lausanne, Switzerland
RealWorld Overture Installation.jpg
Parc Monceau
Parc Monceau.png
Classical colonnade in Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Parc Monceau Paris, France
RealWorld Parc Monceau.jpg
Patriot Ridge Park
Patriot Ridge Park.png
Receptor Springfield, VA, USA
RealWorld Patriot Ridge Park.jpg
Pavilion Crystal Fountain
Pavilion Crystal Fountain.png
Pavilion Crystal Fountain Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
RealWorld Pavilion Crystal Fountain.jpg
Pearl Pedestal
Decoration Pearl Pedestal.png
Pearl Fountain Doha, Qatar
RealWorld Pearl Pedestal.jpg
Pegasus Fountain
Pegasus Fountain.png
Fountain of Pegasus Bagnaia, Italy
PL Peace Tower
Decoation PL Peace Tower.png
Dai Heiwa Kinen Tō Tondabayashi, Japan
RealWorld PL Peace Tower.jpg
Plovdiv Fountain
Plovdiv Fountain.png
Spiral Fountain, Central (Tsentralen/Centralen) Square Plovdiv, Bulgaria
RealWorld Plovdiv Fountain.jpg
Potsdam Belvedere
Potsdam Belvedere.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Belvedere auf dem Klausberg Potsdam, Germany
Praça do Chafariz
Decoration Praca do Chafariz.png
Fountain Square Roundabout Goiânia, Brazil
RealWorld Praça do Chafariz.jpg
Quinta da Regaleira Garden
Quinta da Regaleira Garden.png
Portal dos Guardiães Sintra, Portugal
RealWorld Quinta da Regaleira Garden.jpg
Red Road Park
Red Road Park.png
BUGA 05 Plaground Munich, Germany
RealWorld Red Road Park.jpg
Retiro Park Tree
Retiro Park Tree.png
Sculptured Cypress Trees, Retiro Park Madrid, Spain
RealWorld Retiro Park Tree.jpg
Riad Al Ochak
Riad Al Ochak.png
Riad Al Ochak Tetouan, Morocco
RealWorld Riad Al Ochak.jpg
Rialto Park
Decoration Railto Park.png
Rialto Bridge Venice, Italy
RealWorld Rialto Park.jpg
Rise Sculpture
Rise Sculpture.png
Rise sculpture Belfast, UK
RealWorld Rise Sculpture.jpg
Rings of Saturn Installation
Rings of Saturn Installation.png
Rings of Saturn sculpture Heidelberg, Australia
RealWorld Rings of Saturn Installation.jpg
Rockcliffe Park
Rockcliffe Park.png
Rockcliffe Park Pavillion Ottawa, Canada
RealWorld Rockcliffe Park.jpg
Rova Gate
Rova Gate.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Main Gate, Rova of Antananarivo Antananarivo, Madagascar
RealWorld Rova Gate.jpg
Sabatini Gardens
Decoration Sabatini Gardens.png
Sabatini Gardens Madrid, Spain
RealWorld Sabatini Gardens.jpg
Sailing Ship Fountain
Sailing Ship Fountain.png
Ship Fountain, Al Hudaiba Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Sailing Ship Fountain.jpg
Sails Monument
Sails Monument.png
Pomnik Żagle Gdynia, Poland
RealWorld Sails Monument.jpg
Salalah Plaza
Decoration Salalah Plaza.png
Roundabout Salalah, Oman
RealWorld Salalah Plaza.jpg
Salamone Square
Decoration Salamone Square.png
Plaza Pedro Pereyra Lapride, Argentina
San Jacinto Monument
San Jacinto Monument.png
San Jacinto Monument La Porte, TX, USA
RealWorld San Jacinto Monument.jpg
Scarlet Ribbon Park
Scarlet Ribbon Park.png
Shanghai Houtan Park Shanghai, China
Schwetzingen Garden
Schwetzinger Garden.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Arkadenalleen at Schlossgarten Schwetzingen Schwetzingen, Germany
Science Monument
Science Monument.png
Ylym Monument Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Scottish Loch
Decoration Scottish Loch.png
Landform Ueda Edinburgh, UK
RealWorld Meditation Pond.jpg
Seahorse Sculpture
Seahorse Sculpture.png
Belfast Seahorse sculpture Belfast, UK
RealWorld Seahorse Sculpture.jpg
Shadowy Pavilion
Shadowy Pavilion.png
Shadows Pavilion Ann Arbor, MI, USA
RealWorld Shadowy Pavilion.jpg
Sherburne Fountain
Decoration Sherburne Fountain.png
Sherbourne Common Toronto, Canada
RealWorld Sherburne Fountain.jpg
Ship in a Bottle' Sculpture
Ship in a Bottle' Sculpture.png
Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle sculpture London, UK
RealWorld Ship in a Bottle' Sculpture.jpg
Siesta Park
Decoration Siesta Park.png
Burj Khalifa Tower Park Dubai, UAE
Silver Lining Installation
Silver Lining Installation.png
Dawn's Silver Lining Salina, KS, USA
RealWorld Silver Lining Installation.jpg
Singapore Fountain
Singapore Fountain.png
Fountain of Wealth Singapore, Singapore
RealWorld Singapore Fountain.jpg
Solar Installation
Solar Installation.png
Riverbank Solar Trees Adelaide, Australia
RealWorld Solar Installation.jpg
Solstice Sculpture
Solstice Sculpture.png
Solstice sculpture Tampa, FL, USA
RealWorld Solstice Sculpture.jpg
Sound Waves Installation
Sound Waves Installation.png
The Soundwave Xiangyang, China
RealWorld Sound Waves Installation.jpg
Space Pavilion
Space Pavilion.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg DRL10 Pavilion London, UK
RealWorld Space Pavilion.jpg
Spiral Watchtower
Spiral Watchtower.png
Vitra Slide Tower Weil am Rhein, Germany
RealWorld Spiral Watchtower.jpg
Splash Sculpture
Splash Sculpture.png
Fish Dance Restaurant Kobe, Japan
RealWorld Splash Sculpture.jpg
Square Frere-Orban
Square Frere-Orban.png
Square Frère-Orban Brussels, Belgium
RealWorld Square Frere-Orban.jpg
St. George Monument
Decoration Saint George Monument.png
St. George Monument at Manezhnaya Square Moscow, Russia
RealWorld St. George Monument.jpg
Stamp Sculpture
Stamp Sculpture.png
Free Stamp Cleveland, OH, USA
Statue of Lovers
Decoration Statue of Lovers.png
The Meeting Place statue at St Pancras railway station London, UK
RealWorld Statue of Lovers.jpg
Strathcona Provincial Park
Strathcona Provincial Park.png
Play structure at Strathcona Park Ottawa, Canada
RealWorld Strathcona Provincial Park.jpg
Superkilen Park
Decoration Superkilen Park.png
Superkilen Urban Park Superkilen, Denmark
RealWorld Superkilen Park.jpg
Swans Installation
Swans Installation.png
Swans in Flight sculpture Newcastle, UK
RealWorld Swans Installation.jpg
Symbol of Ethiopia Monument
Symbol of Ethiopia Monument.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Lion of Judah Monument Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Symphony Flowerbed
Decoration Symphony Flowerbed.png
Mozart Memorial Statue Vienna, Austria
RealWorld Symphony Flowerbed.jpg
Syracuse Memorial Square
Syracuse Memorial Square.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Soldiers and Sailors Monument Syracuse, NY, USA
Talking Lamp Installation
Talking Lamp Installation.png
Talking Lamp Malmö, Sweden
Tall Tree & The Eye Sculpture
Tall Tree & The Eye Sculpture.png
Tall Tree & The Eye sculpture Bilbao, Spain
RealWorld Tall Tree & The Eye Sculpture.jpg
Tashkeel Skate Park
Tashkeel Skate Park.png
Tashkeel's Skate Park Dubai, UAE
RealWorld Tashkeel Skate Park.jpg
Tea Pavilion
Tea Pavilion.png
Tea House Bethesda, MD, USA
RealWorld Tea Pavilion.jpg
Temple Tree Park
Temple Tree Park.png
Sole Arena Bad Essen, Germany
RealWorld Temple Tree Park.jpg
Thai Square
Decoration Thai Square.png
Democracy Monument Bangkok, Thailand
RealWorld Thai Square.jpg
Tigers Sculpture
Tigers Sculpture.png
Sculpture of Tigers, Tiger Beach Ocean Park Dalian, China
RealWorld Tigers Sculpture.jpg
Tivoli Fountain
Tivoli Fountain.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Fontana dell'Ovato Tivoli, Italy
Torch Lighthouse
Torch Lighthouse.png
Lily Tower Shenyang, China
RealWorld Torch Lighthouse.jpg
Toronto High Park
Toronto High Park.png
High Park Toronto, Canada
RealWorld Toronto High Park.jpg
Toulouse Garden
Toulouse Garden.png
Gardens of the Palais de la Berbie Albi, France
RealWorld Toulouse Garden.jpg
Transformed Flower
Transformed Flower.png
Transformed Flower Kansas City, MO, USA
RealWorld Transformed Flower.jpg
Traveling Man Sculpture
Traveling Man Sculpture.png
The Traveling Man - Walking Tall sculpture Dallas, TX, USA
RealWorld Traveling Man Sculpture.jpg
Tree in a House
Tree in a House.png
Tree in the House Almaty, Kazakhstan
RealWorld Tree in a House.jpg
Trio Sculpture
Trio Sculpture.png
Group of Bears statue, Central Park New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Trio Sculpture.jpg
Tulip Sculpture
Tulip Sculpture.png
Tulip Sculpture Landskrona, Sweden
RealWorld Tulip Sculpture.jpg
Twisted House
Twisted House.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Twisted House Indianapolis, IN, USA
RealWorld Twisted House.jpg
Unity sculpture
Unity Sculpture.png
Berlin sculpture Berlin, Germany
RealWorld Unity sculpture.jpg
Vaillancourt Fountain
Vaillancourt Fountain.png
Vaillancourt Fountain San Francisco, CA, USA
RealWorld Vaillancourt Fountain.jpg
Valencia Flowerbed
Decoration Valencia Flowerbed.png
Jardines del Turia Valencia, Spain
RealWorld Valencia Flowerbed.jpg
Vaulted Willow Pavilion
Vaulted Willow Pavilion.png
Vaulted Willow Edmonton, Canada
Vaulted Willow, Permanent Public Art Pavilion, Borden Park, Edmonton, Canada.jpg
Victoria Clock Tower
Victoria Clock Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Victoria Clock Tower Christchurch, New Zealand
Villandry Garden
Villandry Garden.png
Garden of Château de Villandry Villandry, France
RealWorld Villandry Garden.jpg
Von Hornsleth Installation
Decoration Von Hornsleth Installation.png
Star of Vejle sculpture Vejle, Denmark
RealWorld Von Hornsleth Installation.jpg
Washington Square Park
Washington Square Park.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Washington Square Park New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld Washington Square Park.jpg
Wave' Sculpture
Wave' Sculpture.png
The Wave sculpture Blackpool, UK
Water Wall Fountain
Water Wall Fountain.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park Houston, TX, USA
RealWorld Water Wall Fountain.jpg
YIELD Sculpture
YIELD Sculpture.png
Yield sculpture Bentonville, AR, USA
RealWorld YIELD Sculpture.jpg
Real World Buildings of Megapolis
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