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The following table provides information regarding the real world structures that served as inspiration for the buildings involved in 4-n-Action Bargains.

For additional real world buildings, see Real World Buildings of Megapolis.
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Megapolis Real World
Set Building Image Building Location Image
9/2/2014 Government Reception House
Government Reception House.png
Morozov Mansion Moscow, Russia
RealWorld Government Reception House.jpg
Chongqing Grand Theatre
Chongqing Grand Theatre.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Chongqing Grand Theatre Chongqing, China
RealWorld Chongqing Grand Theatre.jpg
Blue Planet Aquarium
Blue Planet Aquarium.png
Blue Planet Aquarium Copenhagen, Denmark
RealWorld Blue Planet Aquarium.jpg
Changzhou Scientific Center
Changzhou Scientific Center.png
Guangdong Science Center Guangzhou, China
RealWorld Changzhou Scientific Center.jpg
West India Tower
West India Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Torre Comercial América San Pedro Garza García, Mexico
RealWorld West India Tower.jpg
Republican Party Headquarters
Republican Party Headquarters.png
Renessans Apartment Building
(ЖК Ренессанс)
Kazan, Russia
RealWorld Republican Party Headquarters.jpg
Orbit Hotel
Orbit Hotel.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Hesperia Tower L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain
RealWorld Orbit Hotel.jpg
10/14/2014 Montreal Art Center
Montreal Art Center.png
Le 2-22 Montreal, Canada
RealWorld Montreal Art Center.jpg
Leyweg Office
Leyweg Office.png
Leyweg Municipal Office The Hague, Netherlands
RealWorld Leyweg Office.jpg
Karolinska Institute Campus
Karolinska Institute Campus.png
Karolinska Institute Aula Stockholm, Sweden
RealWorld Karolinska Institute Campus.jpg
Los Angeles Police Department
Los Angeles Police Department.png
Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters Los Angeles, CA, USA
RealWorld Los Angeles Police Department.jpg
Luminous Tokyo
Luminous Tokyo.png
Luminous Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
RealWorld Luminous Tokyo.jpg
Shanghai Tower
Shanghai Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Shanghai Tower Shanghai, China
RealWorld Shanghai Tower.jpg
The Rock Office Tower
The Rock Office Tower.png
De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek Office Amsterdam, Netherlands
RealWorld The Rock Office Tower.jpg
11/04/2014 Moor House
Moor House.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Moor House London, UK
RealWorld Moor House.jpg
Grattan Street Center
Grattan Street Center.png
Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Melbourne, Australia
RealWorld Grattan Street Center.jpg
Changzhou Business Center
Changzhou Business Center.png
Wujin Council Offices Wujin, China
RealWorld Changzhou Business Center.jpg
Hasselt Court of Justice
Hasselt Court of Justice.png
Hasselt Court of Justice Hasselt, Belgium
RealWorld Hasselt Court of Justice.jpg
Victoria Tower
Victoria Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Scandic Victoria Tower Stockholm, Sweden
RealWorld Victoria Tower.jpg
56 Leonard Tower
56 Leonard Tower.png
56 Leonard Street New York City, NY, USA
RealWorld 56 Leonard Tower.jpg
Fenchurch Street Tower
Fenchurch Street Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg 20 Fenchurch Street London, UK
RealWorld Fenchurch Street Tower.jpg
12/17/2014 Holstentor Museum
Holstentor Museum.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Holstentor Lübeck, Germany
RealWorld Holstentor Museum.jpg
Historical Museum of the Palatinate
Historical Museum of the Palatinate.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Historical Museum of the Palatinate Speyer, Germany
RealWorld Historical Museum of the Palatinate.jpg
Raushen Tower
Raushen Tower.png
"Rauschen" Water Tower Svetlogorsk, Russia
RealWorld Raushen Tower.jpg
Wernigerode Town Hall
Wernigerode Town Hall.png
Wernigerode Town Hall Wernigerode, Germany
RealWorld Wernigerode Town Hall.jpg
Royal Palace in Dresden
Royal Palace in Dresden.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Dresden Castle Dresden, Germany
RealWorld Royal Palace in Dresden.jpg
Leipzig New City Hall
Leipzig New City Hall.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg New Town Hall Leipzig, Germany
RealWorld Leipzig New City Hall.jpg
Wernigerode Castle
Wernigerode Castle.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Wernigerode Castle Wernigerode, Germany
RealWorld Wernigerode Castle.jpg
1/9/2015 Cleveland Museum
Cleveland Museum.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, OH, USA
RealWorld Cleveland Museum.jpg
Ohio Museum
Ohio Museum.png
Theatre Agora Lelystad, Netherlands
RealWorld Ohio Museum.jpg
Design Museum
Design Museum.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Vitra Design Museum Weil am Rhein, Germany
RealWorld Design Museum.jpg
Museum of Fine Arts
Museum of Fine Arts.png
Eye Film Institute Amsterdam, Netherlands
RealWorld Museum of Fine Arts.jpg
Ontario Tower
Ontario Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Ontario Tower London, UK
RealWorld Ontario Tower.jpg
Charlton Business Center
Charlton Business Center.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg One Wall Centre Vancouver, Canada
RealWorld Charlton Business Center.jpg
Istiklal Tower
Istiklal Tower.png
Dumankaya IKON Istanbul, Turkey
RealWorld Istiklal Tower.jpg
3/20/2015 Goethe Institute
Goethe Institute.png
Fridtjof-Nansen-Haus Göttingen, Germany
RealWorld Goethe Institute.jpg
Tianjin Hotel
Tianjin Hotel.png
Yuan's mansion in the Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Austro-Hungarian concession Tianjin, China
RealWorld Tianjin Hotel.jpg
Valie Mansion
Valie Mansion.png
Valie Mansion Independence, Missouri, USA
RealWorld Valie Mansion.jpg
Salt Lake City Administration Building
Salt Lake City Administration Building.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Salt Lake City and County Building Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
RealWorld Salt Lake City Administration Building.jpg
Applied Arts Museum
Applied Arts Museum.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Museum of Applied Arts (Budapest) Budapest, Hungary
RealWorld Applied Arts Museum.jpg
Royal Pavilion
Royal Pavilion.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Royal Pavilion Brighton, England, UK
RealWorld Royal Pavilion.jpg
Petit Palais
Petit Palais.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Petit Palais Paris, France
RealWorld Petit Palais.jpg
4/15/2015 Bruges City Hall
Bruges City Hall.png
Bruges City Hall Bruges, Belgium
RealWorld Bruges City Hall.jpg
Gouda City Hall
Gouda City Hall.png
Gouda City Hall Gouda, Netherlands
RealWorld Gouda City Hall.jpg
Cologne City Hall
Cologne City Hall.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Cologne City Hall Cologne, Germany
RealWorld Cologne City Hall.jpg
Aachen City Hall
Aachen City Hall.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Aachen City Hall Aachen, Germany
RealWorld Aachen City Hall.jpg
Hanover Museum
Hanover Museum.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Lower Saxony State Museum Hanover, Germany
RealWorld Hanover Museum.jpg
Mechelen City Hall
Mechelen City Hall.png
Mechelen City Hall Mechelen, Belgium
RealWorld Mechelen City Hall.jpg
New City Hall in Hanover
New City Hall in Hanover.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg New Town Hall Hanover, Germany
RealWorld New City Hall in Hanover.jpg
5/15/2015 IT Company Office
IT Company Office.png
Cancom HQ Scheppach, Germany
RealWorld IT Company Office.jpg
Parque Cristal
Parque Cristal.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Parque Cristal Caracas, Venezuela
RealWorld Parque Cristal.jpg
Bangalore Campus
Bangalore Campus.png
Infosys Bangalore Campus Bangalore, India
RealWorld Bangalore Campus.jpg
Cardinal Place
Cardinal Place.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Cardinal Place London, UK
RealWorld Cardinal Place.jpg
Caldea Building
Caldea Building.png
Edifici de Caldea Les Escaldes, Andorra
RealWorld Caldea Building.jpg
Mian Xin Office Building
Mian Xin Office Building.png
Jing Mian Xin Cheng Beijing, China
RealWorld Mian Xin Office Building.jpg
Torre Bankia
Torre Bankia.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Torre Bankia Madrid, Spain
RealWorld Torre Bankia.jpg
6/16/2015 Rivonia Finance Center
Rivonia Finance Center.png
102 Rivonia Sandton, South Africa
RealWorld Rivonia Finance Center.jpg
Norwegian Science Center
Norwegian Science Center.png
Inspiria Science Centre Graalum, Norway
RealWorld Norwegian Science Center.jpg
Akron Museum
Akron Museum.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Akron Art Museum Akron, OH, USA
RealWorld Akron Museum.jpg
Trento Science Center
Trento Science Center.png
MUSE Science Museum Trento, Italy
RealWorld Trento Science Center.jpg
Centara Grand Hotel
Centara Grand Hotel.png
Centara Grand Bangkok, Thailand
RealWorld Centara Grand Hotel.jpg
Baiyoke Tower II
Baiyoke Tower II.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Baiyoke Tower II Bangkok, Thailand
RealWorld Baiyoke Tower II.jpg
Maxis Tower
Maxis Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Maxis Tower Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
RealWorld Maxis Tower.jpg
8/4/2015 University of Adelaide
University of Adelaide.png
Innova21, University of Adelaide Adelaide, Australia
RealWorld University of Adelaide.jpg
Jeffrey Smart Building
Jeffrey Smart Building.png
Jeffrey Smart Building, University of South Australia Adelaide, Australia
RealWorld Jeffrey Smart Building.jpg
Commonwealth Law Courts
Commonwealth Law Courts.png
Adelaide Commonwealth Law Courts Adelaide, Australia
RealWorld Commonwealth Law Courts.jpg
Altitude Business Center
Altitude Business Center.png
Altitude Adelaide, Australia
RealWorld Altitude Business Center.jpg
St Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral
St Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral.png
St Francis Xavier's Cathedral Adelaide, Australia
RealWorld St Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral.jpg
St Peter's Anglican Cathedral
St Peter's Anglican Cathedral.png
St Peter's Cathedral Adelaide, Australia
RealWorld St Peter's Anglican Cathedral.jpg
Bonython Hall
Bonython Hall.png
Bonython Hall Adelaide, Australia
RealWorld Bonython Hall.jpg
8/25/2015 HANDS Apartments
HANDS Apartments.png
HANDS HQ Seoul, South Korea
RealWorld HANDS Apartments.jpg
Bookstore Beans
Bookstore Beans.png
Dynamics Bookstore Building Kanazawa, Japan
RealWorld Bookstore Beans.jpg
Joseph Salon
Joseph Salon.png
St. Joseph’s Hospital Tacoma, WA, USA
RealWorld Joseph Salon.jpg
Marco Polo Sanatorium
Marco Polo Sanatorium.png
Marco Polo Tower Hamburg, Germany
RealWorld Marco Polo Sanatorium.jpg
Snailtower Tartu, Estonia
RealWorld Snailtower.jpg
Torre The Point
Torre The Point.png
The Point Guayaquil, Ecuador
RealWorld Torre The Point.jpg
Hotel Sofitel
Hotel Sofitel.png
Hotel Sofitel Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
RealWorld Hotel Sofitel.jpg
9/22/2015 Chojnice Town Hall
Chojnice Town Hall.png
Chojnice Town Hall Chojnice, Poland
RealWorld Chojnice Town Hall.jpg
Rzeszow Bank
Rzeszow Bank.png
PKO BP Rzeszów, Poland
RealWorld Rzeszow Bank.jpg
Rostock Town Hall
Rostock Town Hall.png
Rostock Town Hall Rostock, Germany
RealWorld Rostock Town Hall.jpg
Stralsund Town Hall
Stralsund Town Hall.png
Stralsund Town Hall Stralsund, Germany
RealWorld Stralsund Town Hall.jpg
Coastal Academy
Coastal Academy.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Akademia Pomorska Słupsk, Poland
Slupsk City Hall
Slupsk City Hall.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Słupsk Town Hall Słupsk, Poland
RealWorld Slupsk City Hall.jpg
Murwik Naval Academy
Murwik Naval Academy.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Naval Academy Mürwik Flensburg, Germany
RealWorld Murwik Naval Academy.jpg
10/12/2015 Pabst Mansion
Pabst Mansion.png
Pabst Mansion Milwaukee, WI, USA
RealWorld Pabst Mansion.jpg
Fitzgerald House
Fitzgerald House.png
Fitzgerald House Los Angeles, CA, USA
RealWorld Fitzgerald House.jpg
Goodrich Mansion
Goodrich Mansion.png
Goodrich Mansion Milwaukee, WI, USA
RealWorld Goodrich Mansion.jpg
Oakley Court Hotel
Oakley Court Hotel.png
Oakley Court Hotel Bray, UK
RealWorld Oakley Court Hotel.jpg
Margam Castle
Margam Castle.png
Margam Castle Margam, UK
RealWorld Margam Castle.jpg
Tyntesfield Wraxall, UK
RealWorld Tyntesfield.jpg
Scarborough Castle
Scarborough Castle.png
Grand Hotel Scarborough Scarborough, UK
RealWorld Scarborough Castle.jpg
11/19/2015 Baumraum Treehouse
Baumraum Treehouse.png
King of the Frogs Treehouse Münster, Germany
RealWorld Baumraum Treehouse.jpg
Loch Goil Lodge
Loch Goil Lodge.png
The Lodge on Loch Goil Lochgoilhead, UK
RealWorld Loch Goil Lodge.jpg
Mirrorcube Hotel
Mirrorcube Hotel.png
Tree Hotel Harads, Sweden
RealWorld Mirrorcube Hotel.jpg
Lion Sands Hotel
Lion Sands Hotel.png
Chalkley's Treehouse Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa
RealWorld Lion Sands Hotel.jpg
UFO Hotel
UFO Hotel.png
The UFO Room Harads, Sweden
RealWorld UFO Hotel.jpg
Baobab Hotel
Baobab Hotel.png
Hotel Nothofagus Panguipulli, Chile
RealWorld Baobab Hotel.jpg
Burgess's Treehouse
Burgess's Treehouse.png
Horace Burgess's Treehouse Crosville, TN, USA
RealWorld Burgess's Treehouse.jpg
12/14/2015 Burke Place
Burke Place.png
Bourke Place Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne Tower
Melbourne Tower.png
Melbourne Central Office Tower Melbourne, Australia
Riparian Plaza
Riparian Plaza.png
Riparian Plaza Brisbane, Australia
Sydney Place
Sydney Place.png
Suncorp Place Sydney, Australia
Aurora Tower
Aurora Tower.png
Aurora Tower Brisbane, Australia
Gold Coast Tower
Gold Coast Tower.png
Q1 Gold Coast, Australia
Perth Tower
Perth Tower.png
Central Park Perth, Australia
01/18/2016 Kalenic Monastery
Kalenic Monastery.png
Kalenić Monastery Kalenićki Prnjavor, Serbia
Rajhl Palace
Rajhl Palace.png
Rajhl Palace Subotica, Serbia
Subotica City Hall
Subotica City Hall.png
Subotica City Hall Subotica, Serbia
National Museum of Serbia
National Museum of Serbia.png
National Museum of Serbia Belgrade, Serbia
Zrenjanin Cathedral
Zrenjanin Cathedral.png
Cathedral of St. John of Nepomuk Zrenjanin, Serbia
St. Mark's Church
St. Mark's Church.png
St. Mark's Church Belgrade, Serbia
Church of Saint Sava
Church of Saint Sava.png
Church of Saint Sava Belgrade, Serbia
02/11/2016 Katowice Bank
Katowice Bank.png
PKO Bank Katowice, Poland
Church of Peter and Paul in Katowice
Church of Peter and Paul in Katowice.png
Church of St. Peter and Paul Katowice, Poland
Silesian Museum
Silesian Museum.png
Silesian Museum Katowice, Poland
Academy of Music
Academy of Music.png
Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music Katowice, Poland
Mickiewicz High School
Mickiewicz High School.png
III Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Adama Mickiewicza Katowice, Poland
Episcopal Palace in Katowice
Episcopal Palace in Katowice.png
Bishops Palace Katowice, Poland
Franciscan Monastery in Katowice
Franciscan Monastery in Katowice.png
Panewniki Franciscan Monastery Katowice, Poland
03/17/2016 Tel Aviv Vision Tower
Tel Aviv Vision Tower.png
Vision Tower Tel Aviv, Israel
RealWorld Tel Aviv Vision Tower.jpg
Electra Tower
Electra Tower.png
Electra Tower Tel Aviv, Israel
RealWorld Electra Tower.jpg
Champion Tower
Champion Tower.png
Champion Tower Bnei Brak, Israel
RealWorld Champion Tower.jpg
City Gate Tower
City Gate Tower.png
Moshe Aviv Tower Ramat Gan, Israel
RealWorld City Gate Tower.jpg
Kings City
Kings City.png
Kings City Eilat, Israel
RealWorld Kings City.jpg
Notre Dame of Jerusalem
Notre Dame of Jerusalem.png
Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center Jerusalem, Israel
RealWorld Notre Dame of Jerusalem.jpg
Abu Ghosh Monastery
Abu Ghosh Monastery.png
New Mosque of Abu Ghosh Abu Ghosh, Israel
RealWorld Abu Ghosh Monastery.jpg
04/18/2016 Okinawa Science Center
Okinawa Science Center.png
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Onna, Japan
Welios Science Center
Welios Science Center.png
Welios Science Center Wels, Austria
Arizona Science Center
Arizona Science Center.png
Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium Tucson, AZ, USA
University of Melbourne
University of Melbourne.png
Alan Gilbert Building at University of Melbourne Melbourne, Australia
Gangnam Finance Center
Gangnam Finance Center.png
Gangnam Finance Center Seoul, South Korea
Montreal Tower
Montreal Tower.png
1000 de La Gauchetière Montreal, Canada
Great American Tower
Great American Tower.png
Great American Tower at Queen City Square Cincinnati, OH, USA
05/19/2016 Mercu Building
Mercu Building.png
Mercu UEM Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Menara Vista Business Center
Menara Vista Business Center.png
Menara Sentral Vista Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Wisma Tower
Wisma Tower.png
Wisma Tun Sambanthan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kerja Raya Business Complex
Kerja Raya Business Complex.png
Menara Kerja Raya Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Vertical Mall
Vertical Mall.png
The Vertical Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Trio Business Complex
Trio Business Complex.png
The Troika Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Shell Tower
Shell Tower.png
Menara Shell Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
06/20/2016 Pythagoras Tower
Pythagoras Tower.png
KAFD Parcel 3.04 Office Tower Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Sky Villas Tower
Sky Villas Tower.png
Villas in the Sky Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Parsec Business Center
Parsec Business Center.png
King Abdullah Financial District Hotel Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Fata Morgana Office Center
Fata Morgana Office Center.png
KAFD Parcel 4.10 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Samba Tower
Samba Tower.png
Samba Tower Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Riyadh Trade Center
Riyadh Trade Center.png
KAFD World Trade Center Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Capital Market Tower
Capital Market Tower.png
Capital Market Authority Tower Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
07/11/2016 Bishop Manor
Bishop Manor.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Bishop Castle near Rye, CO, USA
RealWorld Bishop Manor.jpg
Fidler Manor
Fidler Manor.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Honeycrock Farm Salfords, UK
Petite-Somme Manor
Petite-Somme Manor.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Jemeppe Castle Hargimont, Belgium
Aigas Manor
Aigas Manor.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Aigas Field Centre near Beauly, UK
Egeskov Castle
Egeskov Castle.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Egeskov Castle Kværndrup, Denmark
Rosenborg Castle
Rosenborg Castle.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Rosenborg Castle Copenhagen, Denmark
Christiansborg Castle
Christiansborg Castle.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Christiansborg Castle Copenhagen, Denmark
08/08/2016 Willis Office Building
Willis Office Building.png
Willis Building Ipswich, UK
Christopher Restaurant
Christopher Restaurant.png
The Christopher Inn Columbus, OH, USA
Creteil Apartments
Creteil Apartments.png
Choux de Créteil Paris, France
Les Choux de Créteil, Paris.jpg
Flanders House
Flanders House.png
Orgues de Flandre Paris, France
Tower 42
Tower 42.png
Tower 42 London, UK
Tower 42.jpg
Silberturm Frankfurt, Germany
Cityplex Tower
Cityplex Tower.png
CityPlex Towers Tulsa, OK, USA
09/16/2016 Wood Street Tower
Wood Street Tower.png
Tower at PNC Plaza Pittsburgh, PA, USA
RealWorld Wood Street Tower.jpg
Ariba Center Tower
Ariba Center Tower.png
K&L Gates Center Pittsburgh, PA, USA
RealWorld Ariba Center Tower.jpg
Steel Tower
Steel Tower.png
U.S. Steel Tower Pittsburgh, PA, USA
RealWorld Steel Tower.jpg
Oxford Center 1 Tower
Oxford Center 1 Tower.png
One Oxford Centre Pittsburgh, PA, USA
RealWorld Oxford Center 1 Tower.jpg
Gulf Tower
Gulf Tower.png
Gulf Tower Pittsburgh, PA, USA
RealWorld Gulf Tower.jpg
Fifth Avenue Office
Fifth Avenue Office.png
Fifth Avenue Place Pittsburgh, PA, USA
RealWorld Fifth Avenue Office.jpg
Pittsburgh Center Tower
Pittsburgh Center Tower.png
BNY Mellon Center Pittsburgh, PA, USA
RealWorld Pittsburgh Center Tower.jpg
10/06/2016 Doha Post Office
Doha Post Office.png
Doha General Post Office Doha, Qatar
Hamad Terminal
Hamad Terminal.png
Emiri terminal at Hamad International Airport Doha, Qatar
Qatar Grand Hotel
Qatar Grand Hotel.png
Holiday Villa Hotel & Residence City Centre Doha, Qatar
Doha Plaza
Doha Plaza.png
Crowne Plaza Doha Doha, Qatar
Sarah Tower
Sarah Tower.png
Sara Tower Residences Doha, Qatar
Aspire Tower
Aspire Tower.png
Aspire Tower Doha, Qatar
Al Dana Tower
Al Dana Tower.png
RasGas Tower Doha, Qatar
11/14/2016 Indira Gandhi Planetarium
Indira Gandhi Planetarium.png
Indira Gandhi Planetarium Lucknow, India
Galileo Galilei Planetarium
Galileo Galilei Planetarium.png
Galileo Galilei Planetarium Buenos Aires, Argentina
Malaysian Scientific Center
Malaysian Scientific Center.png
Pusat Sains Negara Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
International Congress Palace
International Congress Palace.png
Hangzhou International Conference Center Hangzhou, China
Dominion Observatory
Dominion Observatory.png
Dominion Observatory Ottawa, Canada
Urania Observatory
Urania Observatory.png
Urania Vienna, Austria
Griffith Observatory
Griffith Observatory.png
Griffith Observatory Los Angeles, CA, USA
12/05/2016 Shenzhen Business Center
Shenzhen Business Center.png
Shenzhen, China
A8 Business Center
A8 Business Center.png
A8 Music Building Shenzhen, China
Guotong Tower
Guotong Tower.png
Guotong Building Shenzhen, China
Jiangsu Tower
Jiangsu Tower.png
Jiangsu Tower Shenzhen, China
Industrial Park Tower
Industrial Park Tower.png
ZTE Tower Shenzhen, China
Golden Center Tower
Golden Center Tower.png
Jinzhonghuan International Business Building Shenzhen, China
Kerry Plaza Tower
Kerry Plaza Tower.png
Kerry Plaza Tower 2 Shenzhen, China
01/09/2017 Villa Mini Hotel
Villa Mini Hotel.png
Villa Joma Hotel Jūrmala, Latvia
New Artist Hotel
New Artist Hotel.png
Riga Art Nouveau Museum Riga, Latvia
White Whirlwind Hotel
White Whirlwind Hotel.png
26 Juras Street Jurmala, Latvia
Glass Grove Hotel
Glass Grove Hotel.png
Dzintaru 32 Jūrmala, Latvia
Zeimuls Hotel
Zeimuls Hotel.png
Centre of Creative Services of Eastern Latvia Rēzekne, Latvia
Mercury Hotel
Mercury Hotel.png
National Library of Latvia Riga, Latvia
Great Amber Hotel
Great Amber Hotel.png
Great Amber Concert Hall Liepāja, Latvia
01/30/2017 Torre Altus
Torre Altus.png
Torre Altus Mexico City, Mexico
Paseo de la Reforma Hotel
Paseo de la Reforma Hotel.png
The St. Regis Mexico City Mexico City, Mexico
Torre Amsterdam
Torre Amsterdam.png
Torre Amsterdam Mexico City, Mexico
Torre Diana
Torre Diana.png
Torre Diana Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico City Tower
Mexico City Tower.png
Torre Ejecutiva Pemex Mexico City, Mexico
Torre Latino
Torre Latino.png
Torre Reforma Latino Mexico City, Mexico
Torre Reforma
Torre Reforma.png
Torre Reforma Mexico City, Mexico
03/13/2017 Montreal Hotel
Montreal Hotel.png
Château Champlain Montreal, Canada
Marathon Tower
Marathon Tower.png
1250 René-Lévesque Montreal, Canada
Telecoms Company Office
Telecoms Company Office.png
700 de La Gauchetière Montreal, Canada
De Maisonneuve Boulevard Office
De Maisonneuve Boulevard Office.png
KPMG Tower Montreal, Canada
Bourse Tower
Bourse Tower.png
Tour de la Bourse Montreal, Canada
Montreal Media Tower
Montreal Media Tower.png
Bell Media Tower Montreal, Canada
McGill Tower
McGill Tower.png
1501 McGill College Montreal, Canada
04/10/2017 Leeds Business School
Leeds Business School.png
Rose Bowl Leeds, UK
Leeds Trading House
Leeds Trading House.png
Victoria Gate Leeds, UK
TV and Radio Tower
TV and Radio Tower.png
Broadcasting Tower Leeds, UK
Bridge Place
Bridge Place.png
Bridgewater Place Leeds, UK
Harewood House
Harewood House.png
Harewood House Harewood, UK
Leeds Corn Exchange
Leeds Corn Exchange.png
Leeds Corn Exchange Leeds, UK
Leeds Town Hall
Leeds Town Hall.png
Leeds Civic Hall Leeds, UK
Real World Buildings of Megapolis
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