Quest ID Quest Name Image Introduced Date
12012 Bridge Needed
Quest Bridge Needed
Release: Initial
12023 Water Supply System
Quest Water Supply System (Quest)
Release: Initial
12025 Landscape Design
Quest Landscape Design
Release: Initial
12026 White-Collar Workers
Quest White-Collar Workers
Release: Initial
12027 Modern Houses
Quest Modern Houses
Release: Initial
12028 Luxury Cottages
Quest Luxury Cottages
Release: Initial
12029 Experimental Greenhouse
Quest Experimental Greenhouse (Quest)
Release: Initial
12030 Education and Culture
Quest Education and Culture
Release: Initial
12031 Contracts and Experiments
Quest Contracts and Experiments
Release: Initial
12032 New Houses
Quest New Houses
Release: Initial
12036 Time for Fun
Quest Time for Fun
Release: Initial
12037 City Football
Quest City Football
Release: Initial
12038 City Beach
Quest City Beach
Release: Initial
12039 Riviera
Quest Riviera
Release: Initial
12041 Shopping Malls
Quest Shopping Malls
Release: Initial
12042 Luxury Houses
Quest Luxury Houses I
Release: Initial
12043 For the Common Good!
Quest For the Common Good!
Release: Initial
12044 Mayor's Residence
Quest Mayor's Residence
Release: Initial
12045 City Administration
Quest City Administration
Release: Initial
12046 City Landmarks
Quest City Landmarks
Release: Initial
12047 Car Dealership
Quest Car Dealership (Quest)
Release: Initial
12048 Luxury Houses
Quest Luxury Houses II
Release: Initial
12049 Power for the City
Quest Power for the City
Release: Initial
12051 Baroque Style
Quest Baroque Style
Release: Initial
12052 Nightlife
Quest Nightlife
Release: Initial
12053 Research Center
Quest Research Center (Quest)
Release: Initial
12054 Water Attractions
Quest Water Attractions
Release: Initial
12055 Outdoor Activities
Quest Outdoor Activities
Release: Initial
12056 Walks in the Park
Quest Walks in the Park
Release: Initial
12057 Greenhouse
Quest Greenhouse (Quest)
Release: Initial
12058 New Territories
Quest New Territories II
Release: Initial
12059 The City is Growing!
Quest The City is Growing!
Release: Initial
12060 New Expansion
Quest New Expansion
Release: Initial
12061 A Giant City
Quest A Giant City
Release: Initial
12065 Hydro Power Plant
Quest Hydro Power Plant (Quest)
Release: Initial
12067 City Zoo
Quest City Zoo
Release: Initial
12068 Scientific Research
Quest Scientific Research
Release: Initial
12069 District Court
Quest District Court
Release: Initial
12070 Tourism Development
Quest Tourism Development
Release: Initial
12071 Wonders of the World
Quest Wonders of the World
Release: Initial
12072 Economic Development
Quest Economic Development
Release: Initial
12073 Nuclear Power
Quest Nuclear Power
Release: Initial
12080 Forest Resources
Quest Forest Resources
Release: Initial
12081 Work at the Sawmill
Quest Work at the Sawmill
Release: Initial
12082 More Contracts!
Quest More Contracts!
Release: Initial
12083 Wood Processing Plant
Quest Wood Processing Plant
Release: Initial
12091 Everyday is Sunday
Quest Everyday is Sunday
Release: Initial
12092 High Demands
Quest High Demands
Release: Initial
12094 Knowledge is Power!
Quest Knowledge is Power!
Release: Initial
12095 Scientific Center
Quest Scientific Center
Release: Initial
12096 Statue of Liberty
Quest Statue of Liberty
Release: Initial
12097 Drugstore and Post Office
Quest Drugstore and Post Office
Release: Initial
12099 Business Center
Quest Business Center
Release: Initial
12167 Japanese Style
Quest Japanese Style
Release: Initial
13001 Residential Buildings
Quest Residential Buildings
Release: Initial
13002 Trade Taxes
Quest Trade Taxes
Release: Initial
13003 First Contracts
Quest First Contracts
Release: Initial
13004 Power Generation for Beginners
Quest Power Generation for Beginners
Release: Initial
20101 Home Sweet Home!
Quest Home Sweet Home!
Release: Initial
20102 The City is Growing!
Quest The City is Growing
Release: Initial
20103 Suburban Housing
Quest Suburban Housing
Release: Initial
20104 Fashionable Housing
Quest Fashionable Housing
Release: Initial
20107 Alternative Power Sources
Quest Alternative Power Sources
Release: Initial
20108 Powerful Thermal Power Plant
Quest Powerful Thermal Power Plant
Release: Initial
20109 Business Class
Quest Business Class
Release: Initial
20110 Fuel Expenses
Quest Fuel Expenses
Release: Initial
20111 Friday Evening
Quest Friday Evening
Release: Initial
20115 Japanese Village
Quest Japanese Village
Release: Initial
20201 Sports Ground
Quest Sports Ground
Release: Initial
20202 Greenery
Quest Greenery
Release: Initial
20203 Garden City
Quest Garden City
Release: Initial
20204 Infrastructure and Logistics
Quest Infrastructure and Logistics
Release: Initial
20205 Beautiful Windows
Quest Beautiful Windows
Release: Initial
20206 Italian Cuisine
Quest Italian Cuisine
Release: Initial
20207 Consumer Goods
Quest Consumer Goods
Release: Initial
20208 Retail Outlets
Quest Retail Outlets
Release: Initial
20209 Water for the City!
Quest Water for the City!
Release: Initial
20210 Tax Office
Quest Tax Office (Quest)
Release: Initial
20211 Police Station
Quest Police Station (Quest)
Release: Initial
20212 Everybody Likes Movies!
Quest Everybody Likes Movies!
Release: Initial
20213 City Water Supply
Quest City Water Supply
Release: Initial
20215 City Expansion
Quest City Expansion
Release: Initial
20216 New Territories
Quest New Territories
Release: Initial
20217 Territory Expansion
Quest Territory Expansion
Release: Initial
Sinking Ocean Liner
Quest Emergency!
It's no simple matter to coordinate all of these services at once!
Quest It’s No Simple Matter to Coordinate All of These Services at Once!
The most important thing here is the people!
Quest The Most Important Thing Here is the People!
Get well soon, everybody!
Quest Get Well Soon, Everybody!
Developments in Shipbuilding Technology
Quest Developments in Shipbuilding Technology
The Ship Design Office's First Orders
Quest The Ship Design Office's First Orders
Help from Foreign Experts
Quest Help from Foreign Experts
A Final Test
Quest A Final Test
Quest Evacuation at Sea
January 22, 2013
Soccer Cup in Megapolis!
Preparations for the Championship
Quest Preparations for the Championship
Everything for Soccer Fans
Quest Everything for Soccer Fans
Sports Construction
Quest Sports Construction
Soccer Fans
Quest Soccer Fans
Soccer Stadium
Quest Soccer Stadium
Megapolis Soccer Club
Quest Megapolis Soccer Club
Youth Soccer Championship
Quest Youth Soccer Championship
Exhibition Match
Quest Exhibition Match
Quest Soccer Cup in Megapolis!
March 12, 2013
Large Hadron Collider
Nuclear Research Center
Quest Nuclear Research Center
Scientific Research Facility
Quest Scientific Research Facility
National Laboratory
Quest National Laboratory
International Scientists
Quest International Scientists
Large Hadron Collider
Quest Large Hadron Collider
First Scientific Contract
Quest First Scientific Contract
Extra Equipment
Quest Extra Equipment
Hotel for Scientists
Quest Hotel for Scientists
Plasma Research
Quest Plasma Research
Quest Large Hadron Collider (Quest)
May 14, 2013
Megapolis-Dakar Rally
Preparations for the Rally
Quest Preparations for the Rally
Communications Center
Quest Communications Center
Rally Starting Point
Quest Rally Starting Point
Sports and TV
Quest Sports and TV
Striving for Perfection
Quest Striving for Perfection
Grand Prix Hotel
Quest Grand Prix Hotel
Motorcycle Racers
Quest Motorcycle Racers
Auto Racing
Quest Auto Racing
Fast and Furious
Quest Fast and Furious
Quest Megapolis-Dakar Rally
March 01, 2013
In Search of Atlantis
Preparations for Construction
Quest Preparations for Construction
Main Laboratory Complex
Quest Main Laboratory Complex
Weather Office
Quest Weather Office
Secret Technologies
Quest Secret Technologies
Quest Radar
We're Not Alone in the Universe
Quest We're Not Alone in the Universe
Quest Sealab
Historical Legacy
Quest Historical Legacy
Restoration of Atlantis
Quest Restoration of Atlantis
Quest In Search of Atlantis
February 19, 2013
Elite Spa Resort
Amazing Fountain
Quest Amazing Fountain
Spa Resort
Quest Spa Resort
Financing Construction
Quest Financing Construction
Aqua Therapy
Quest Aqua Therapy
Tourist Hotel
Quest Tourist Hotel
A Vacation for the Entire Family
Quest A Vacation for the Entire Family
A Swanky Hotel
Quest A Swanky Hotel
A Little Piece of Paradise
Quest A Little Piece of Paradise
Artificial Beach
Quest Artificial Beach
Wet Workout
Quest Wet Workout
Quest Elite Spa Resort
May 03, 2013
Hurricane "Vitalina"
Alert System
Quest Alert System
Traffic Control Center
Quest Traffic Control Center
Ground Transportation
Quest Ground Transportation
Public Utility Service
Quest Public Utility Service
Public Utility Department
Quest Public Utility Department
Public Utility Center
Quest Public Utility Center
Power Supply
Quest Power Supply
Weather Modification Center
Quest Weather Modification Center
Quest Hurricane "Vitalina"
March 22, 2013
20949 Airplanes and the Sea
Quest Airplanes and the Sea
August 06, 2013
20950 First Tourists
Quest First Tourists
February 06, 2014
20951 Island Visitors
Quest Island Visitors
February 06, 2014
20952 A Water Park for Tourists
Quest A Water Park for Tourists
February 06, 2014
20953 Water Entertainment
Quest Water Entertainment (Quest)
February 06, 2014
20954 Seaside Hotels
Quest Seaside Hotels
February 06, 2014
20955 Tourist Business
Quest Tourist Business
February 06, 2014
20956 Yacht Berth
Quest Yacht Berth (Quest)
February 06, 2014
20957 Traveling by Yacht
Quest Traveling by Yacht
February 06, 2014
20958 Tourist Flying
Quest Tourist Flying
February 06, 2014
20959 Tourist Beach
Quest Tourist Beach
February 06, 2014
20960 Tourist Cruise
Quest Tourist Cruise
February 06, 2014
20961 Large-Scale Tourism
Quest Large-Scale Tourism
February 06, 2014
20962 Family Tourism
Quest Family Tourism I
February 06, 2014
20963 Family Tourism
Quest Family Tourism II
February 06, 2014
20964 Star Tourism
Quest Star Tourism
February 06, 2014
20965 A Show for Tourists
Quest A Show for Tourists
February 06, 2014
20966 Eclipse Seekers
Quest Eclipse Seekers
February 06, 2014
20967 Large Planetarium
Quest Large Planetarium (Quest)
February 06, 2014
20968 Dreams of Stars
Quest Dreams of Stars
February 06, 2014
20969 Stars for Tourists
Quest Stars for Tourists
February 06, 2014
20970 Tourists in Zero-Gravity
Quest Tourists in Zero-Gravity
February 06, 2014
20971 A New Hotel on the Island
Quest A New Hotel on the Island
February 06, 2014
20972 Cosmos Museum
Quest Cosmos Museum
February 06, 2014
20973 Distant Planets
Quest Distant Planets
February 06, 2014
20975 Required Resources
Quest Required Resources
February 06, 2014
20976 Harmonious Development
Quest Harmonious Development
February 06, 2014
20977 Tourist Visas
Quest Tourist Visas
February 06, 2014
20978 Improving the City
Quest Improving the City
February 06, 2014
20979 A Breathtaking View
Quest A Breathtaking View
February 06, 2014
20980 Japanese Style
Quest Japanese Style (TI)
February 06, 2014
20981 Star Hotel
Quest Star Hotel
February 06, 2014
20982 Fresh Water
Quest Fresh Water
February 06, 2014
20983 Earth Energy
Quest Earth Energy
February 06, 2014
20984 Clean Water
Quest Clean Water
February 06, 2014
20985 The Power of Steam
Quest The Power of Steam
February 06, 2014
20986 Getting Water
Quest Getting Water
February 06, 2014
20987 Megapolis Turbines
Quest Megapolis Turbines
February 06, 2014
20988 Perfecting the Water Supply
Quest Perfecting the Water Supply
February 06, 2014
20989 Generating Energy
Quest Generating Energy
February 06, 2014
20995 Tourist Island
Quest Tourist Island (Quest)
February 06, 2014
20996 Sports Tourism
Quest Sports Tourism
February 06, 2014
20997 The Ecology of Construction
Quest The Ecology of Construction
February 06, 2014
21001 Building Materials
Quest Building Materials
Release: Initial
21002 Registering with the SQ Network
Quest Registering with the SQ Network
Release: Initial
21003 Give a Name to your City!
Quest Give a Name to your City!
Release: Initial
21004 Give a Name to your City!
Quest Give a Name to your City!
Release: Initial
Valentine's Day
A Lucrative Business
Quest A Lucrative Business
Profit Agency
Quest Profit Agency
A Lucrative Script
Quest A Lucrative Script
Lucrative Mastery
Quest Lucrative Mastery
Tasty Souvenirs
Quest Tasty Souvenirs
Designer Gifts
Quest Designer Gifts
Delivering Gifts
Quest Delivering Gifts
Unique Knickknacks
Quest Unique Knickknacks
Master Class
Quest Master Class
A New Restaurant
Quest A New Restaurant
Quest Valentine's Day
February 07, 2014
22016 New Possibilities
Quest New Possibilities
February 03, 2015
22017 Breaking New Ground
Quest Breaking New Ground
February 03, 2015
22018 Water Supply
Quest Water Supply
March 21, 2016
70001 Resort City
Quest Resort City
November 23, 2012
70002 Italian Style
Quest Italian Style
November 23, 2012
70003 A Life of Elegance
Quest A Life of Elegance
November 23, 2012
70004 Business Life
Quest Business Life
November 23, 2012
70005 Budget-priced Accommodation
Quest Budget-priced Accommodation
November 27, 2012
70006 City Reading
Quest City Reading
November 27, 2012
70007 A New Sport
Quest A New Sport
November 27, 2012
70008 Capital Investment
Quest Capital Investment
November 27, 2012
70009 Beautiful and Trendy
Quest Beautiful and Trendy
November 30, 2012
70010 Peak Conquest
Quest Peak Conquest
November 30, 2012
70011 Vacation Time
Quest Vacation Time
November 30, 2012
70012 Crowded City
Quest Crowded City
November 30, 2012
70013 Service and Repair
Quest Service and Repair
December 04, 2012
70014 Like in Thailand
Quest Like in Thailand
December 04, 2012
70015 Amusement Palace
Quest Amusement Palace
December 04, 2012
70016 Complex Construction
Quest Complex Construction
December 04, 2012
70017 Life and Money
Quest Life and Money
December 07, 2012
70018 Avant-Garde Art
Quest Avant-Garde Art
December 07, 2012
70019 Life on the Move
Quest Life on the Move
December 07, 2012
70020 Park Area
Quest Park Area
December 11, 2012
70021 A Life of Luxury
Quest A Life of Luxury
December 11, 2012
70022 Christmas for Everyone
Quest Christmas for Everyone
December 21, 2012
70023 A Fairy Tale Comes True
Quest A Fairy Tale Comes True
December 21, 2012
70024 Magic Land
Quest Magic Land
December 21, 2012
70025 Little Folk
Quest Little Folk
December 25, 2012
70026 Fairy Tale Management
Quest Fairy Tale Management
December 25, 2012
70027 Shake Shop
Quest Shake Shop
December 25, 2012
70028 Presents for Everyone!
Quest Presents for Everyone!
December 25, 2012
70029 Winter Sports
Quest Winter Sports
December 25, 2012
70030 Olympic Sports
Quest Olympic Sports
December 25, 2012
70031 Modern Library
Quest Modern Library
December 25, 2012
70032 Winter Holidays
Quest Winter Holidays
December 25, 2012
70033 History of the Northern Countries
Quest History of the Northern Countries
December 25, 2012
70034 Russian New Year's Eve
Quest Russian New Year's Eve
December 25, 2012
70035 The Land of Adventure
Quest The Land of Adventure
January 04, 2013
70036 In Classical Greek style
Quest In Classical Greek style
January 04, 2013
70037 Efficient Bank
Quest Efficient Bank
January 04, 2013
70038 Lotus Pond
Quest Lotus Pond
January 09, 2013
70039 Fancy Park
Quest Fancy Park
January 09, 2013
70040 Sky-High
Quest Sky-High
January 09, 2013
70041 Best City on Earth
Quest Best City on Earth
January 11, 2013
70042 City of Youth
Quest City of Youth
January 11, 2013
70043 Real Wedding
Quest Real Wedding
January 11, 2013
70044 Business before Pleasure
Quest Business before Pleasure
January 11, 2013
70045 Keeping Fit
Quest Keeping Fit
January 15, 2013
70046 Triumph of Management
Quest Triumph of Management
January 15, 2013
70047 Comfort and Progress
Quest Comfort and Progress
January 15, 2013
70048 The Colossal Arena
Quest The Colossal Arena
January 15, 2013
70049 Oaks and Ash Trees
Quest Oaks and Ash Trees
January 18, 2013
70050 Defending the Law
Quest Defending the Law
January 18, 2013
70051 High Art
Quest High Art
January 18, 2013
70052 Advanced Architecture
Quest Advanced Architecture
January 18, 2013
70053 New City Heights
Previously known as Top Floor Tea
Quest New City Heights
January 25, 2013
70054 Hotel Courtyard
Quest Hotel Courtyard
January 25, 2013
70055 History Comes to Life
Quest History Comes to Life (Quest)
January 25, 2013
70056 To Protect and Serve
Quest To Protect and Serve
January 25, 2013
70057 A Roof and Three Square Meals
Quest A Roof and Three Square Meals
January 29, 2013
70058 Ancient Wisdom
Quest Ancient Wisdom
January 29, 2013
70059 Lion's Courage
Quest Lion's Courage
January 29, 2013
70060 Elegant and Tasteful
Quest Elegant and Tasteful
February 01, 2013
70061 Urban Expansion
Quest Urban Expansion
February 01, 2013
70062 The Other Side of the City
Quest The Other Side of the City
February 01, 2013
70063 To the North!
Quest To the North!
February 01, 2013
70064 Continued Development
Quest Continued Development
February 01, 2013
70065 Back to the North
Quest Back to the North
February 01, 2013
70066 The Long Road North
Quest The Long Road North
February 01, 2013
70067 Wisdom Bridge
Quest Wisdom Bridge
February 01, 2013
70068 Bridges and Rivers
Quest Bridges and Rivers
February 01, 2013
70069 Business before Pleasure
Quest Business before Pleasure (2)
February 01, 2013
70070 Peace of Mind
Quest Peace of Mind
February 01, 2013
70071 Incredible Art
Quest Incredible Art
February 05, 2013
70072 Some Serious Laundry
Quest Some Serious Laundry
February 05, 2013
70073 The Art of Living Well
Quest The Art of Living Well
February 05, 2013
70074 The Bright Side of Life
Quest The Bright Side of Life
February 05, 2013
Lovers' Day
Lovers' Day
Quest Lovers' Day (Task)
Bridal Salon
Quest Bridal Salon
Palace of Love
Quest Palace of Love
Final Touches
Quest Final Touches
Quest Lovers' Day
February 08, 2013
70088 Heart of the City
Quest Heart of the City
February 12, 2013
70089 Who Brought the Love?
Quest Who Brought the Love?
February 12, 2013
70090 Arrows of Love
Quest Arrows of Love
February 12, 2013
70091 Pink Waterlily
Quest Pink Waterlily
February 12, 2013
70092 Fidelity of Love
Quest Fidelity of Love
February 12, 2013
70093 Your Little Paris
Quest Your Little Paris
February 12, 2013
70099 Twin Skyscrapers
Quest Twin Skyscrapers
February 15, 2013
Christmas Story
It's Christmas Time!
Quest It's Christmas Time!
Christmas Surprises
Quest Christmas Surprises
Ice Pegasus
Quest Ice Pegasus
Ice Hearts
Quest Ice Hearts
Ice Labyrinth
Quest Ice Labyrinth
Merry Christmas!
Quest Merry Christmas!
Quest Christmas Story
December 14, 2012
70107 To the Sky!
Quest To the Sky!
February 15, 2013
70108 Megapolis is always with you!
Quest Megapolis is always with you!
Release: Initial
70109 Japanese Water Fountain
Quest Japanese Water Fountain
February 22, 2013
70110 Bright Life
Quest Bright Life
February 22, 2013
70111 Glory and Majesty
Quest Glory and Majesty
February 22, 2013
70112 Ancient Temple
Quest Ancient Temple
February 22, 2013
70113 True Thirst
Quest True Thirst
February 22, 2013
70114 Struggle for Water
Quest Struggle for Water
February 22, 2013
70115 First Batch
Quest First Batch
February 22, 2013
70116 More Clean Water!
Quest More Clean Water!
February 22, 2013
70117 Clean Water Forever!
Quest Clean Water Forever!
February 22, 2013
70118 Clean Energy
Quest Clean Energy
February 22, 2013
70119 Energy Crisis
Quest Energy Crisis
February 22, 2013
70120 First Module
Quest First Module
February 22, 2013
70121 Power Module
Quest Power Module
February 22, 2013
70122 Tidal Energy
Quest Tidal Energy
February 22, 2013
70126 The Engine of Commerce
Quest The Engine of Commerce
February 26, 2013
70127 Living in Paradise
Quest Living in Paradise
February 26, 2013
70128 Money Likes to be Counted
Quest Money Likes to be Counted
February 26, 2013
70129 Expensive and Stylish
Quest Expensive and Stylish
March 05, 2013
70130 Sport for the Brave!
Quest Sport for the Brave!
March 05, 2013
70131 Meditation and Yoga
Quest Meditation and Yoga
March 05, 2013
70132 City of Fountains
Quest City of Fountains
March 05, 2013
70133 Bed of Roses
Quest Bed of Roses
March 05, 2013
70134 Jobs for Everyone
Quest Jobs for Everyone
March 05, 2013
70135 Music as a Profession
Quest Music as a Profession
March 07, 2013
70136 Steel Will
Quest Steel Will
March 07, 2013
70137 Eureka!
Quest Eureka!
March 07, 2013
70138 Underwater Road
Quest Underwater Road
March 07, 2013
70144 Lucky Island
Quest Lucky Island
March 15, 2013
70145 Island of Friends
Quest Island of Friends
March 15, 2013
70146 Golden Island
Quest Golden Island
March 15, 2013
70147 Construction is Going On!
Quest Construction is Going On!
March 15, 2013
70148 Small Parts
Quest Small Parts
March 15, 2013
70149 Splendid Hotel
Quest Splendid Hotel
March 15, 2013
70150 Historical Museum
Quest Historical Museum
March 15, 2013
70151 City of Miracles
Quest City of Miracles
March 15, 2013
70152 Fastest Cars
Quest Fastest Cars
March 15, 2013
70153 Tall Towers
Quest Tall Towers
March 15, 2013
70154 Power of Money
Quest Power of Money
March 19, 2013
70155 Siesta
Quest Siesta
March 19, 2013
70156 Sea Lord
Quest Sea Lord
March 19, 2013
70159 Data Processing
Quest Data Processing
March 26, 2013
70160 Splendid Hotel
Quest Splendid Hotel (Quest)
March 26, 2013
70161 Tower of Wealth
Quest Tower of Wealth
March 26, 2013
70162 Sacred Sites
Quest Sacred Sites
March 26, 2013
70163 Seaside Hotel
Quest Seaside Hotel
March 29, 2013
70164 Towers of Megapolis
Quest Towers of Megapolis
March 29, 2013
70165 Parks of Megapolis
Quest Parks of Megapolis
March 29, 2013
70166 Magnificent Statue
Quest Magnificent Statue
March 29, 2013
Central Park
Quest Administration
Large Construction Site
Quest Large Construction Site
Still Waters
Quest Still Waters
Luxury Housing
Quest Luxury Housing
Quest Exotica
Sports Field
Quest Sports Field
Sports Club
Quest Sports Club
A New Bridge
Quest A New Bridge
City Zoo
Quest City Zoo (Central Park)
A Question of Money
Quest A Question of Money
Quest Hotel
New Residents
Quest New Residents
Quest Central Park
April 05, 2013
70180 Victoria - That's Victory
Quest Victoria- That's Victory
April 05, 2013
70181 Visitors of the City
Quest Visitors of the City
April 05, 2013
70182 Oriental Square
Quest Oriental Square
April 05, 2013
70183 Megapolis' Main Arena
Quest Megapolis' Main Arena
April 05, 2013
70184 New Path
Quest New Path
April 09, 2013
70185 New Megapolis Area
Quest New Megapolis Area
April 09, 2013
70188 Office Tower
Quest Office Tower
April 09, 2013
The Lost Bay
Sea Fort
Quest Sea Fort
The Lost Bay
Quest The Lost Bay
Treasure Hunting
Quest Treasure Hunting
Hiking Tour
Quest Hiking Tour
Treasure Hunting 2
Quest Treasure Hunting 2
Scientific Research Expedition
Quest Scientific Research Expedition
The Mysterious Grotto
Quest The Mysterious Grotto
Quest The Lost Bay (Quest)
April 12, 2013
70198 Venetian Cathedral
Quest Venetian Cathedral
April 16, 2013
70200 Working at the Polygon
Quest Working at the Polygon
April 16, 2013
70201 Dreams Can Come True!
Quest Dreams Can Come True!
April 16, 2013
70202 More Electricity!
Quest More Electricity!
April 16, 2013
70203 Qualified Specialists
Quest Qualified Specialists
April 16, 2013
70204 New Level of Energy
Quest New Level of Energy
April 16, 2013
70205 Pearl River Tower
Quest Pearl River Tower
April 16, 2013
70206 Max Power
Quest Max Power
April 16, 2013
70208 A History of the Sky
Quest A History of the Sky
April 19, 2013
70209 A Magnificent Cathedral
Quest A Magnificent Cathedral
April 19, 2013
70210 A Church on a Hill
Quest A Church on a Hill
April 19, 2013
Coastal Hotel
Basis of tourism
Quest Basis of tourism
First visitors
Quest First visitors
First floors
Quest First floors
Finishing operations
Quest Finishing operations
The beginning of the season
Quest The beginning of the season
Everything for your vacation!
Quest Everything for your vacation!
Spa Treatments
Quest Spa Treatments
For those who expect the best
Quest For those who expect the best
Quest Coastal Hotel (Quest)
April 23, 2013
70220 Megapolis Financial Block
Quest Megapolis Financial Block
April 26, 2013
70221 Big Financial Game
Quest Big Financial Game
April 26, 2013
70222 Accumulating Funds
Quest Accumulating Funds
April 26, 2013
70223 Next Step
Quest Next Step
April 26, 2013
70224 Gold Reserve
Quest Gold Reserve
April 26, 2013
70225 Financial Reserve
Quest Financial Reserve
April 26, 2013
70226 Water Supply. From Underground Sources
Quest Water Supply. From Underground Sources
April 26, 2013
70227 Water Supply. The Frame of a Big Construction
Quest Water Supply. The Frame of a Big Construction
April 26, 2013
70228 Water Supply. Specialist Work
Quest Water Supply. Specialist Work
April 26, 2013
70229 Upgraded Water Supply
Quest Upgraded Water Supply
April 26, 2013
70230 Ultradeep Artesian Well
Quest Ultradeep Artesian Well
April 26, 2013
70231 Nice Shop
Quest Nice Shop
April 30, 2013
70232 New Residents of Megapolis
Quest New Residents of Megapolis
April 30, 2013
70233 61 Stories of Glass
Quest 61 Stories of Glass
April 30, 2013
70234 The Jewel of India
Quest The Jewel of India
April 30, 2013
70235 Time for Some Good Music
Quest Time for Some Good Music
May 07, 2013
70236 In Living Color
Quest In Living Color
May 07, 2013
70237 Easy Living
Quest Easy Living
May 07, 2013
70238 Unique Parks
Quest Unique Parks
May 07, 2013
70239 A Home for Happy Living
Quest A Home for Happy Living
May 10, 2013
70240 Something Special
Quest Something Special
May 10, 2013
70241 Spring Has Sprung
Quest Spring Has Sprung
May 10, 2013
70242 Kaleidoscope of Dreams
Quest Kaleidoscope of Dreams
May 10, 2013
70243 The Sky is a Serious Business
Quest The Sky is a Serious Business
May 17, 2013
70244 Aviation Never Looks Back
Quest Aviation Never Looks Back
May 17, 2013
70245 Have a Nice Flight
Quest Have a Nice Flight
May 17, 2013
70246 Final Touches
Quest Final Touches (Quest)
May 17, 2013
70247 Plans for the Future
Quest Plans for the Future
May 17, 2013
70248 Airmail
Quest Airmail
May 17, 2013
70249 First Concourse
Quest First Concourse
May 17, 2013
70250 Long Flights
Quest Long Flights
May 17, 2013
70251 Air Superiority
Quest Air Superiority
May 17, 2013
70252 Regular Flights
Quest Regular Flights
May 17, 2013
70253 International Cargo Transport May 17, 2013
70254 The World's Finest Airport
Quest The World's Finest Airport
May 17, 2013
70255 Places of Interest
Quest Places of Interest
May 21, 2013
70256 Ice Arena
Quest Ice Arena (Quest)
May 21, 2013
70257 Battle on the Ice
Quest Battle on the Ice
May 21, 2013
70258 Business Tradition
Quest Business Tradition
May 21, 2013
70259 A New Wave of Residents
Quest A New Wave of Residents
May 21, 2013
70260 Living with Pathos
Quest Living with Pathos
May 24, 2013
70261 Walking with a Cup of Coffee
Quest Walking with a Cup of Coffee
May 24, 2013
70262 Man's Best Friend
Quest Man's Best Friend
May 24, 2013
Dinosaurs in Megapolis
Archaeological Excavations
Quest Archaeological Excavations
Research Facility
Quest Research Facility
History Comes to Life
Quest History Comes to Life (Dinosaur)
The Appearance of the Dinosaurs
Quest The Appearance of the Dinosaurs
The First Dinosaurs
Quest The First Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs and Scientists
Quest Dinosaurs and Scientists
Land of the Dinosaurs
Quest Land of the Dinosaurs
Quest Dinosaurs in Megapolis
May 28, 2013
70279 City of Flowers
Quest City of Flowers
May 31, 2013
70282 Living Space
Quest Living Space
May 31, 2013
70283 Offshoots of Yggdrasil
Quest Offshoots of Yggdrasil
May 31, 2013
70284 Pearl of Megapolis
Quest Pearl of Megapolis
June 04, 2013
70285 Taking it Easy
Quest Taking it Easy
June 04, 2013
70286 A Skyscraper Unlike Any Other
Quest A Skyscraper Unlike Any Other
June 04, 2013
70287 Healing Waters
Quest Healing Waters
June 04, 2013
The Land of the Dinosaurs
Safe Island
Quest Safe Island
Visit the Dinosaurs!
Quest Visit the Dinosaurs!
Amazing Cruise
Quest Amazing Cruise
Quest Dinopolis
History of Ancient Plants
Quest History of Ancient Plants
Short Holidays
Quest Short Holidays
Home Dinosaurs
Quest Home Dinosaurs
Dinosaur Park
Quest Dinosaur Park
Quest The Land of the Dinosaurs
June 07, 2013
70299 Houses and Parks
Quest Houses and Parks
June 11, 2013
70300 A Signal to Ships
Quest A Signal to Ships
June 11, 2013
70301 A Light at Sea
Quest A Light at Sea
June 11, 2013
70302 Doing Battle with a Ball
Quest Doing Battle with a Ball
June 11, 2013
70303 Water Sports
Quest Water Sports
June 11, 2013
70304 Peerless Pier
Quest Peerless Pier
June 11, 2013
70305 Luxurious Yachts
Quest Luxurious Yachts
June 11, 2013
70306 Summit by the Sea
Quest Summit by the Sea
June 11, 2013
70307 Birds of Megapolis
Quest Birds of Megapolis
June 14, 2013
70308 Banking
Quest Banking
June 14, 2013
70309 Large City Bank
Quest Large City Bank
June 14, 2013
70310 Shopping Mall
Quest Shopping Mall (Quest)
June 14, 2013
70311 Life in Megapolis
Quest Life in Megapolis
June 14, 2013
Baseball in Megapolis
Sports for the Strong
Quest Sports for the Strong
Sports for Everyone
Quest Sports for Everyone
Exhibition Game
Quest Exhibition Game
Major League
Quest Major League
Cheerleaders of Megapolis
Quest Cheerleaders of Megapolis
Sports Medicine
Quest Sports Medicine
Training Exhibition
Quest Training Exhibition
First Major Championship
Quest First Major Championship
Quest Baseball in Megapolis
June 18, 2013
70322 History of Cinematography
Quest History of Cinematography
June 21, 2013
70323 True Art
Quest True Art
June 21, 2013
70324 Home Movies
Quest Home Movies
June 21, 2013
70325 Megapolis Films
Quest Megapolis Films
June 21, 2013
70326 First Showing
Quest First Showing
June 21, 2013
70327 Star Hotel
Quest Star Hotel II
June 21, 2013
70328 Financial Studies
Quest Financial Studies
June 25, 2013
70329 Big Money
Quest Big Money
June 25, 2013
70330 A Fast Ride
Quest A Fast Ride
June 25, 2013
70331 Garden City
Quest Garden City
June 25, 2013
70332 New Areas
Quest New Areas
June 25, 2013
70333 Expanding Megapolis
Quest Expanding Megapolis
June 25, 2013
70334 Social Services
Quest Social Services
June 25, 2013
National Championship
Baseball; Main Championship
Quest Baseball; Main Championship
Baseball; My Team
Quest Baseball; My Team
Baseball; Sports Media
Quest Baseball; Sports Media
Baseball; Qualifying Round
Quest Baseball; Qualifying Round
Baseball; Time to Lay the Foundation
Quest Baseball; Time to Lay the Foundation
Baseball; Major Construction
Quest Baseball; Major Construction
Baseball; A League of their Own
Quest Baseball; A League of their Own
Baseball; Player Cards
Quest Baseball; Player Cards
Baseball; National Championship
Quest Baseball; National Championship
A Historical Promenade
Quest A Historical Promenade
National Pride
Quest National Pride
Independence Day (2013)
Quest Independence Day (2013)
Quest National Championship
June 28, 2013
70348 Living in Megapolis
Quest Living in Megapolis
July 02, 2013
70349 Man's Best Friend
Quest Man's Best Friend
July 02, 2013
70350 How Much is that Doggy in the Window?
Quest How Much is that Doggy in the Window?
July 02, 2013
70353 Pedestrian Promenade
Quest Pedestrian Promenade
July 05, 2013
70354 Upscale Apartments
Quest Upscale Apartments
July 05, 2013
70355 Quiet Streets
Quest Quiet Streets
July 05, 2013
70356 Fresh Greenery
Quest Fresh Greenery
July 05, 2013
70357 White Nights
Quest White Nights
July 05, 2013
70358 Marco Polo's Sails
Quest Marco Polo's Sails
July 05, 2013
Fall of a Meteorite
Law and Order
Quest Law and Order
Studying the Meteorite
Quest Studying the Meteorite
Safety Precautions
Quest Safety Precautions
Precise Data
Quest Precise Data
My Home is My Castle
Quest My Home is My Castle
Order in the City
Quest Order in the City
Transportation of the Meteorite
Quest Transportation of the Meteorite
Quest Fall of a Meteorite
July 09, 2013
70368 The Power of the Sun
Quest The Power of the Sun
July 12, 2013
70369 Scientific Knowledge
Quest Scientific Knowledge
July 12, 2013
70370 Solar Farm
Quest Solar Farm (Quest)
July 12, 2013
70371 First Upgrades
Quest First Upgrades
July 12, 2013
70372 Energy Research Institute
Quest Energy Research Institute
July 12, 2013
70373 New Solar Cells
Quest New Solar Cells
July 12, 2013
70374 New Power Installations
Quest New Power Installations
July 12, 2013
70375 The Study of Water
Quest The Study of Water
July 12, 2013
70376 Preliminary Research
Quest Preliminary Research
July 12, 2013
70377 Practical Trials
Quest Practical Trials
July 12, 2013
70378 Applied Hydrology
Quest Applied Hydrology
July 12, 2013
70379 Hydrology Research Institute
Quest Hydrology Research Institute
July 12, 2013
70380 Conserving Energy
Quest Conserving Energy
July 12, 2013
70381 Turbine Upgrade
Quest Turbine Upgrade
July 12, 2013
Danger from Space
Distant Asteroid
Quest Distant Asteroid
Space Research Center
Quest Space Research Center
The World's Finest Minds
Quest The World's Finest Minds
Insufficient Data
Quest Insufficient Data
Analyzing the Information
Quest Analyzing the Information
Big Gun
Quest Big Gun
Targeting System
Quest Targeting System
Reflector Antenna
Quest Reflector Antenna
Quest Bullseye!
Quest Danger from Space
July 19, 2013
70400 The Music of Nature
Quest The Music of Nature
July 23, 2013
70403 Touring Apartments
Quest Touring Apartments
July 23, 2013
70404 Chamber Sound
Quest Chamber Sound
July 23, 2013
70405 Cultural Heritage
Quest Cultural Heritage
July 26, 2013
70406 The Green Block
Quest The Green Block
July 26, 2013
70407 Apartments for Guests
Quest Apartments for Guests
July 26, 2013
70408 Circular Staircases
Quest Circular Staircases
July 26, 2013
Operation Cosmic Shield
Danger from Space
Quest Danger from Space (Step)
Megapolis Astronauts
Quest Megapolis Astronauts
Flight Control
Quest Flight Control
Stop the Asteroid!
Quest Stop the Asteroid!
The Astronauts are Heroes
Quest The Astronauts are Heroes
Preliminary Tests
Quest Preliminary Tests
It's Almost Launch Time
Quest It's Almost Launch Time
Testing the Rocket Complex
Quest Testing the Rocket Complex
Saving Megapolis
Quest Saving Megapolis
Quest Operation Cosmic Shield
July 30, 2013
70420 Airplanes and the Sea
Quest Airplanes and the Sea
August 06, 2013
70421 Tourism - Maritime Routes
Quest Tourism - Maritime Routes
August 06, 2013
70422 Tourism - Adventures at Sea
Quest Tourism - Adventures at Sea
August 06, 2013
70423 Tourism - Traveling by Yacht
Quest Tourism - Traveling by Yacht
August 06, 2013
70424 Tourism - Having Fun
Quest Tourism - Having Fun
August 06, 2013
70425 Tourism - Green Island
Quest Tourism - Green Island
August 06, 2013
70426 Tourism - Souvenirs
Quest Tourism - Souvenirs
August 06, 2013
70427 Tourism - Kids' Day
Quest Tourism - Kids' Day
August 06, 2013
70428 Tourism - Coastal Hotels
Quest Tourism - Coastal Hotels
August 06, 2013
70429 Tourism - the First Thousand
Quest Tourism - the First Thousand
August 06, 2013
70430 Tourism - Water
Quest Tourism - Water
August 06, 2013
70431 Tourism - Electricity
Quest Tourism - Electricity
August 06, 2013
70432 Tourism - Natural Resources
Quest Tourism - Natural Resources
August 06, 2013
70433 Tourism - Big Wave
Quest Tourism - Big Wave
August 06, 2013
70434 Tourism - Air Route
Quest Tourism - Air Route
August 06, 2013
70435 Tourism - Serious Profits
Quest Tourism - Serious Profits
August 06, 2013
History Comes to Life
World History
Quest World History
Historical Research
Quest Historical Research
Castle of Birds
Quest Castle of Birds
Luxury Castle
Quest Luxury Castle
Forest Manor
Quest Forest Manor
Dragon Castle
Quest Dragon Castle
Castle of the Ocean
Quest Castle of the Ocean
Romantic Castle
Quest Romantic Castle
Quest History Comes to Life
August 16, 2013
Large University
Large University
Quest Large University
University Administrators
Quest University Administrators
Incoming Freshmen
Quest Incoming Freshman
Student Life
Quest Student Life
Student Fraternity
Quest Student Fraternity
Quest Test
Student Party
Quest Student Party
House of Knowledge
Quest House of Knowledge
Quest Classroom
Quest Megapolis University (Quest)
August 27, 2013
Indian Summer
Tourism: Tropical Island
Quest Tourism - Tropical Island
Destination: Resort
Quest Destination - Resort
The First Flight
Quest The First Flight
The Ancient Citadel
Quest The Ancient Citadel
Haunted Fort
Quest Haunted Fort
Vacation Season
Quest Vacation Season
A Touch of Exotica
Quest A Touch of Exotica
Quest Landmarks
Tropical Paradise
Quest Tropical Paradise
Quest Indian Summer
September 06, 2013
Basketball without Borders
Megapolis Basketball League
Quest Megapolis Basketball League
Charity and Basketball
Quest Charity and Basketball
Youth Sports
Quest Youth Sports
Rehab Program
Quest Rehab Program
Healthy Lifestyle
Quest Healthy Lifestyle
Future Stars
Quest Future Stars
A Good Choice
Quest A Good Choice
Charity Program Complete
Quest Charity Program Complete
Quest Basketball without Borders
September 17, 2013
Basketball League Championship
Development League
Quest Development League
Team Selection
Quest Team Selection
Team Lottery
Quest Team Lottery
Megapolis Basketball Arena
Quest Megapolis Basketball Arena
Everything for Basketball
Quest Everything for Basketball
Opening Day Ceremony
Quest Opening Day Ceremony
More Fans!
Quest More Fans!
Hall of Fame
Quest Hall of Fame
Quest Basketball League Championship
September 24, 2013
Oktoberfest in Megapolis
Quest Oktoberfest in Megapolis
Official Hotel of Oktoberfest
Quest Official Hotel of Oktoberfest
Bavarian Cuisine for Oktoberfest
Quest Bavarian Cuisine for Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest Fairgrounds
Quest Oktoberfest Fairgrounds
Folk Festival for Oktoberfest
Quest Folk Festival for Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest Carousel
Quest Oktoberfest Carousel
Oktoberfest Stage
Quest Oktoberfest Stage
Oktoberfest Has Begun!
Quest Oktoberfest Has Begun!
Quest Oktoberfest
October 04, 2013
70499 Invite KAKAO Friends
Quest Invite KAKAO Friends
Release: Initial
70500 Invite 3 of your KakaoTalk Friends
Quest Invite 3 of your KakaoTalk Friends
Release: Initial
70501 Invite 5 of your KakaoTalk Friends
Quest Invite 5 of your KakaoTalk Friends
Release: Initial
70502 Invite 7 of your KakaoTalk Friends
Quest Invite 7 of your KakaoTalk Friends
Release: Initial
70503 Invite 10 of your KakaoTalk Friends
Quest Invite 10 of your KakaoTalk Friends
Release: Initial
70504 Invite 15 of your KakaoTalk Friends
Quest Invite 15 of your KakaoTalk Friends
Release: Initial
Yacht Club
Quest Sailing
Quest Windsurfing
New Sails
Quest New Sails
The Sea Is Calling!
Quest The Sea Is Calling!
Freestyle Waterskiing
Quest Freestyle Waterskiing
Yacht Berth
Quest Yacht Berth
The Megapolis
Quest The Megapolis
Yacht Construction
Quest Yacht Construction
Best Yacht
Quest Best Yacht
Quest Yacht Club (Quest)
October 15, 2013
70520 Tourism and the Environment
Quest Tourism and the Environment
October 18, 2013
70521 Birdsong
Quest Birdsong
October 18, 2013
70522 Bird Show
Quest Bird Show
October 18, 2013
70523 Zoo Directorate
Quest Zoo Directorate
October 18, 2013
70524 New Animals - Primates
Quest New Animals - Primates
October 18, 2013
70525 Primate Tour
Quest Primate Tour
October 18, 2013
70526 Protectors of Nature
Quest Protectors of Nature
October 18, 2013
70527 Real Predators
Quest Real Predators
October 18, 2013
70528 Visitors Safety
Quest Visitors Safety
October 18, 2013
70529 Wild Bears
Quest Wild Bears
October 18, 2013
Unknown Threat
Public Safety
Quest Public Safety
Searching for Victims
Quest Searching for Victims
Rescue Center
Quest Rescue Center
Rescue is Coming
Quest Rescue is Coming
Dangerous Radiation
Quest Dangerous Radiation
New Life
Quest New Life
Studying the Radiation
Quest Studying the Radiation
Hero of Megapolis
Quest Hero of Megapolis
Quest Unknown Threat
October 25, 2013
Megapolis Cup Regatta
Yachts, Set Sail!
Quest Yachts, Set Sail!
Ships and Cutters Show
Quest Ships and Cutters Show
Regatta Referees
Quest Regatta Referees
Flying over the Water
Quest Flying over the Water
Selecting the Best Teams
Quest Selecting the Best Teams
Yacht Workshop
Quest Yacht Workshop
Seats for Spectators
Quest Seats for Spectators
Megapolis Cup
Quest Megapolis Cup
Quest Megapolis Cup Regatta
November 05, 2013
It's Time to Innovate!
Innovative Technologies
Quest Innovative Technologies
Innovative Software Development
Quest Innovative Software Development
Education for Innovators
Quest Education for Innovators
Seminar on Innovation
Quest Seminar on Innovation
Innovative Programs
Quest Innovative Programs
Innovative Systems
Quest Innovative Systems
Testing Innovative Software
Quest Testing Innovative Software
Presenting Innovative Software
Quest Presenting Innovative Software
Quest It's Time to Innovate!
November 15, 2013
Large Family
Quest Large Family
A Place for Family Shopping
Quest A Place for Family Shopping
Family Lunch
Quest Family Lunch
For the Whole Family
Quest For the Whole Family
Getting Ready for the Megapolis Bowl
Quest Getting Ready for the Megapolis Bowl
Broadcasting the Megapolis Bowl
Quest Broadcasting the Megapolis Bowl
A Place to Celebrate
Quest A Place to Celebrate
Thanksgiving Parade
Quest Thanksgiving Parade
Quest Thanksgiving
November 26, 2013
70571 The Rocky Mountains
Quest The Rocky Mountains (Quest)
December 13, 2013
70572 Homes and Parks
Quest Homes and Parks
December 13, 2013
70573 Water and Electricity
Quest Water and Electricity
December 13, 2013
70574 Convenient and Cozy
Quest Convenient and Cozy
December 13, 2013
70575 New Construction
Quest New Construction
December 13, 2013
70576 City Roads
Quest City Roads
December 13, 2013
70577 Residential Construction
Quest Residential Construction
December 13, 2013
70578 The Simple Life
Quest The Simple Life
December 13, 2013
70579 Road to the Rockies
Quest Road to the Rockies
December 13, 2013
70580 Mountain Hotel
Quest Mountain Hotel