Megapolis Wiki

This page contains many building textures that were released before the official inauguration of Megapolis International on November 23, 2012.


City Hall
City Hall (Prehistoric).png
Warehouse (Prehistoric).png
Academy of Sciences
Academy of Sciences (Prehistoric).png
Antique Park
Antique Park.png
Air Force Museum
Air Force Museum.png
Aquarium (L2)
Aquatic Center (L2)
Aquatic Center.png
Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe (Prehistoric).png
Archaeology Department (L1)
Archaeology Department.png
Argus Office Center
Argus Office Center.png
Artificial Ski Slope (L2)
Artificial Ski Slope.png
Bahrain WTC
Bahrain WTC (Prehistoric).png
Balloon Tent
Balloon Tent.png
Baseball Stadium (L2)
Baseball Stadium (Prehistoric).png
Basketball Court
Basketball Court (Prehistoric).png
Biotechnology Center
Biotechnology Center.png
Breeze Holiday House (L1)
Breeze Holiday House.png
Bridal Salon
Bridal Salon (Prehistoric).png
Bowling Alley
Bowling Alley (Prehistoric).png
Bullfighting Ring (L1)
Bullfighting Ring L1 (Old).png
Burger Joint
Burger Joint (Prehistoric).png
Cadet Corps
Cadet Corps.png
Café (Prehistoric).png
Calypso Mall
Calypso Mall.png
Camelot Castle (L1)
Camelot Castle.png
Capitol (Prehistoric).png
Casino (Prehistoric).png
Children's Medical Center
Children's Medical Center.png
Chocolate Store
Chocolate Store.png
Christmas Tree (L3)
Christmas Tree (Prehistoric).png
Chrysler Building
Chrysler Building (Prehistoric).png
Church of Christ the Savior
Church of Christ the Savior.png
Church of Kazan Mother Of God
Church of Kazan Mother Of God.png
Church of St. Nicholas
Church of St. Nicholas.png
City Library
City Library (Prehistoric).png
Clock Shop
Clock Shop.png
Conservatory of Adelaide (L1)
Conservatory of Adelaide.png
Crystal Hall
Crystal Hall.png
Crystal Shopping Mall (L1)
Crystal Shopping Mall.png
Dance Club
Dance Club.png
Deira Business Center
Deira Business Center.png
Design Bureau
Design Bureau.png
District Court
District Court (Prehistoric).png
Dolphinarium (L2)
Dolphinarium L2 Old.png
Drive-In Cafe
Drive-In Cafe.png
Driving School
Driving School.png
Drugstore (Prehistoric).png
Electronics Store
Electronics Store (Prehistoric).png
Expo Center (L1)
Expo Center.png
Football Stadium
Football Stadium (Prehistoric).png
Gas Station
Gas Station (Prehistoric).png
Golf Club (L2)
Golf Club.png
Heavenly Palace
Heavenly Palace.png
Hexagon Skyscraper
Hexagon Skyscraper (Prehistoric).png
Hioki Business Center
Hioki Business Center.png
Hospital (Old).png
Ioann Church
Ioann Church.png
Ivory Business Center
Ivory Business Center.png
Japanese Cafe
Japanese Cafe.png
John Hancock Tower
John Hancock Tower (Prehistoric).png
Jongno Tower
Jongno Tower (Prehistoric).png
Joy Hotel
Joy Hotel.png
Lippo Business Center
Lippo Business Center (Old).png
Lloyd's Insurance
Lloyd's Insurance.png
Lobster Restaurant
Lobster Restaurant.png
MegaTrade Corporation
MegaTrade Corporation.png
Menara Office Center (L1)
Menara Office Center (Prehistoric).png
Minimart (Prehistoric).png
Murphy Plaza (L1)
Murphy Plaza.png
Museum of Military History
Museum of Military History.png
Egyptian Museum
Egyptian Museum.png
Navy Museum
Navy Museum.png
Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle (Prehistoric).png
Nox Tower
Nox Tower.png
Office Building
Office Building (Prehistoric).png
Olympic Stadium
Olympic Stadium.png
Orchestra Hall
Orchestra Hall (Prehistoric).png
Parking Garage
Parking Garage.png
Patent Bureau
Patent Bureau.png
Perfume Salon
Perfume Salon (Prehistoric).png
Peterhof Church Corps
Peterhof Church Corps.png
Petronas Towers
Petronas Towers (Prehistoric).png
Pharmaceutical Company
Pharmaceutical Company.png
Pizzeria (Prehistoric).png
Police Station
Police Station (Prehistoric).png
Pub (Prehistoric).png
Racecourse (L2)
Racecourse L2 (Old).png
Riverside Museum (L1)
Riverside Museum.png
Rugby Arena (L1)
Rugby Arena.png
Sausage Bar
Sausage Bar.png
School (Prehistoric).png
Security Agency Armor
Security Agency Armor.png
Sherbank Office (L2)
Sherbank Office.png
Shooting Range
Shooting Range.png
Shopping Mall (L2)
Shopping Mall (Prehistoric).png
Shwedagon Pagoda
Shwedagon Pagoda.png
Sint Tower
Sint Tower.png
SIS Building (L1)
SIS Building (Prehistoric).png
Skoda Ice Arena
Skoda Ice Arena.png
Spinnaker Tower
Spinnaker Tower.png
SQ Mart Shopping Mall
SQ Mart Shopping Mall.png
St. Mark's Basilica
St. Mark's Basilica (Old).png
Steak House
Steak House.png
Strata Tower
Strata Tower.png
Supermarket (Prehistoric).png
Sydney Opera House (L3)
Sydney Opera House (Prehistoric).png
Taipei 101
Taipei 101 (Prehistoric).png
Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal (Prehistoric).png
Theater (Prehistoric).png
Trans-Atlantic Tower
Trans-Atlantic Tower.png
Transfiguration Church
Transfiguration Church.png
Transportation Tower
Transportation Tower (Prehistoric).png
Travel Agency
Travel Agency (Prehistoric).png
Traveler's Motel
Traveler's Motel.png
Trinity Temple
Trinity Temple.png
TV Tower
TV Tower (Prehistoric).png
UN Building (L1)
UN Building.png
Zoo (Prehistoric).png
Maritime Terminal - Helipad (L4)
Helipad (Maritime Terminal).png
Maritime Terminal - Large Pier (L5)
Large Pier (Maritime Terminal).png
Hotel Caspian (L3)
Hotel Caspian L3.png
Thermal Complex (L5)
Thermal Complex.png


Acacia Residential Complex
Acacia Residential Complex (Prehistoric).png
Albion Cottage
Albion Cottage (Prehistoric).png
Assol Residence
Assol Residence (Old).png
Babylon Residential Complex
Babylon Residential Complex (Old).png
Balgach Villa
Balgach Villa (World Capitals).png
Beetham Tower (L1)
Beetham Tower.png
Bigley House
Bigley House.png
Blue Cottage
Blue Cottage.png
Bristol Residential Complex
Bristol Residential Complex (Old).png
Building with Rooftop Pool
Building with Rooftop Pool.png
Cascade Luxury Residential Complex
Cascade Luxury Residential Complex.png
Cello Business Hotel
Cello Business Hotel.png
Chelsea Residential Complex
Chelsea Residential Complex.png
Colonist Residence
Colonist Residence.png
Colosseum Hotel
Colosseum Hotel.png
Continental Hotel
Continental Hotel (Old).png
Dream Residential Complex
Dream Residential Complex (Old).png
Edges Residential Complex
Edges Residential Complex (Old).png
Empire Residential Complex
Empire Residential Complex (Old).png
Galleon Residential Complex
Galleon Residential Complex.png
Goliath Residential Complex
Road Safety Center L2.png
Gothic Residential Complex
Gothic Residential Complex.png
Green Cottage
Green Cottage.png
Hotel Azure
Hotel Azure (Prehistoric).png
Large Korean House
Large Korean House.png
Luxury Apartment Building
Luxury Apartment Building (Prehistoric).png
Luxury House
Tropical Ecohouse (Old).png
Midsize Korean House
Midsize Korean House.png
Nautilus Cottage
Nautilus Cottage.png
Novus Residential Complex
Novus Residential Complex (Old).png
Opus House
Opus Apartments.png
Small Korean House
Small Korean House.png
Pearl Hotel
Pearl Hotel.png
Red Cottage
Red Cottage.png
Renaissance Hotel
Renaissance Hotel (Prehistoric).png
Residence with Veranda
Residence with Veranda (Prehistoric).png
Riviera Residential Complex
Riviera Residential Complex (Old).png
Royal Plaza Residential Complex
Royal Plaza Residential Complex.png
Suburban Condo
Suburban Condo (Old).png
Super Mansion
Super Mansion (Old).png
Two-Story Hostel
Two-Story Hostel (Prehistoric).png
Uniloft House
Residential Complex for Young Athletes L1.png
Villa Ambassador
George's Palace Villa.png
Yamato Villa
Yamato Villa (Old).png
Yellow Cottage
Yellow Cottage.png
Zodiac Residential Complex
Zodiac Residential Complex (Old).png


Aircraft Monument
Aircraft Monument (Old).png
Anchor Installation
Anchor Installation.png
Cactus Park
Cactus Park.png
Cancun Pool
Cancun Pool.png
Chimes Flowerbed
Chimes Flowerbed.png
Cupid Statue
Cupid Statue.png
Extravagant Flowerbed
Extravagant Flowerbed.png
Fight to Death Monument
Fight to Death Monument.png
First Settlers Monument
First Settlers Monument.png
Flower Bed (Red)
Red Flower Bed.png
Flower Bed (Blue)
Blue Flower Bed.png
Flower Bed (Green)
Green Flower Bed.png
Flower Bed (Yellow)
Yellow Flower Bed.png
Flower Bed (Purple)
Purple Flower Bed.png
Fruit Park
Fruit Park (Old).png
Fountain Garden
Fountain Garden.png
Hall of Imagination
Hall of Imagination.png
Heart Park
Heart Park.png
Horniman Gardens
Horniman Gardens.png
Hyacinth Flowerbed
Hyacinth Flowerbed.png
Joshua Park
Joshua Park.png
Large Park
Decoration Large Park (Old).png
Lion Statue
Lion Statue (Old).png
Lomonosov Square
Lomonosov Square.png
Marley Hall
Marley Hall.png
Park with an Elephant
Park with an Elephant.png
Park with Elephant
Park with Elephant (Old).png
Passion Monument
Passion Monument (Old).png
Pavilion by Fountain
Pavilion by Fountain.png
Playground (Old).png
South Flower Patch
South Flower Patch.png
Stone Pond
Stone Pond.png
The Motherland Calls
The Motherland Calls.png
Two Hearts Carousel
Two Hearts Carousel.png
Vladimir the Great Monument
Vladimir the Great Monument.png
Walk of Fame
Walk of Fame.png
Zipper Flowerbed
Zipper Flowerbed.png

Production Buildings

Household Goods Store
Household Goods Store (Prehistoric).png
Household Goods Factory
Household Goods Factory.png
Assembly Line
Assembly Line (Prehistoric).png
Experimental Greenhouse
Experimental Greenhouse (Prehistoric).png
Car Dealership
Car Dealership (Prehistoric).png
Research Center
Research Center (Prehistoric).png
BIGBON Pasta Facility
BIGBON Pasta Facility.png
Motodrome (L2)

Resource Buildings

Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine.png
Solar Power Plant
Solar Power Plant.png
Thermal Power Plant
Thermal Power Plant (Prehistoric).png
Nuclear Power Plant
Nuclear Power Plant (Prehistoric).png
Nuclear Power Plant 2
Nuclear Power Plant 2 (Prehistoric).png
Photovoltaic Power Plant
Photovoltaic Power Plant.png
Osmotic Power Plant
Osmotic Power Plant.png
Institute of Wind Energy (L1)
Institute of Wind Energy.png
Turbine Workshop (L2)
Turbine Workshop.png
Wind Farm (L4)
Wind Farm.png
Wave Power Plant (L5)
Wave Power Plant.png
Seismic Prediction Laboratory (L5)
Seismic Prediction Laboratory.png
Water Tower
Water Tower (Prehistoric).png
Improved Water Tower
Improved Water Tower (Prehistoric).png
Fortified Water Tower
Fortified Water Tower (Prehistoric).png
Ministry of Water Resources
Ministry of Water Resources.png
Water Treatment Plant (L5)
Water Treatment Plant.png

Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange (L1)
Stock Exchange (Prehistoric).png
National Bank of Megapolis (L1)
National Bank of Megapolis (Prehistoric).png
Megapolis Federal Reserve (L1)
Megapolis Federal Reserve (Prehistoric).png
Bull Statue
Bull Statue (Prehistoric).png
Bear Statue
Bear Statue (Prehistoric).png

Wheel of Fortune Sets

  • Amusement Park:
European Chapel Don Quixote Cafe Ferris Wheel Adventurer Attraction Pirate Schooner Magical Tree
European Chapel.png
Don Quixote Cafe.png
Ferris Wheel (Prehistoric).png
Adventurer Attraction.png
Pirate Schooner.png
Magical Tree.png
Reward: Fairy Tale Castle
Fairy Tale Castle (Prehistoric).png
  • Ancient Mesoamerican Architecture:
Caracol (L3) Temple of Warriors (L3) Sun God Statue (L3) Pyramid of Giza (L3) Temple of the Jaguar (L3)
Temple of Warriors.png
Sun God Statue.png
Pyramid of Giza (Prehistoric).png
Temple of the Jaguar.png
Excavation 1x1.png
Palamidi Fortress (L3)
Excavation 3x3.png
Palamidi Fortress.png
Olympic Stadium (L3)
Excavation 2x3.png
Olympic Stadium (Prehistoric).png
Apollo's Temple (L3)
Excavation 2x2.png
Apollo's Temple (Prehistoric).png
The Delphi Sanctuary (L3)
Excavation 2x3.png
The Delphi Sanctuary.png
Knossos Palace (L3)
Excavation 2x3.png
Knossos Palace.png
  • Las Megas Casino:
Golden Lion Triumph Fountain Las Megas Restaurant Sphinx Megas Tower
Golden Lion.png
Triumph Fountain.png
Las Megas Restaurant.png
Sphinx (Prehistoric).png
Megas Tower.png
Reward: Las Megas Casino
Las Megas Casino.png
  • Moscow Architecture:
King Bell King Cannon Yuri Dolgoruky Monument Road Palace Voskresensky Gates GUM Building
King Bell.png
King Cannon.png
Yuri Dolgoruky Monument.png
Road Palace.png
Voskresensky Gates.png
GUM Building.png
Reward: Historical Museum
Historical Museum (Prehistoric).png
  • Saint Petersburg Architecture:
Admiralty Spire Alexander Column Smolny Cathedral Bronze Horseman St. Bride's Bell Tower Chesme Church
Admiralty Spire.png
Alexander Column.png
Smolny Cathedral.png
Bronze Horseman.png
St. Bride's Bell Tower (Prehistoric).png
Chesme Church.png
Reward: Saint Isaac's Cathedral
Saint Isaac's Cathedral.png
  • Towers and Skyscrapers:
Reward: Heydar Aliyev Center
Heydar Aliyev Center.png

Construction Sets

  • Cybernetics:
Electrotechnical Institute (L1) Semiconductor Plant (L1) Computer Plant (L1)
Electrotechnical Institute.png
Semiconductor Plant.png
Computer Plant.png
Reward: Computer Hypermarket
Computer Hypermarket.png
  • Fighting Robots:
Research Institute of Military Equipment (L1) Guidance Calibration Center (L1) War Robot Plant (L1)
Research Institute of Military Equipment.png
Guidance Calibration Center.png
War Robot Plant.png
Reward: War Robot Arena
War Robot Arena.png
  • Patroleum Refining:
Distillation Column (L1) Auto Paint Saloon (L1) Polymer Plant (L1)
Distillation Column.png
Auto Paint Saloon.png
Polymer Plant.png
Reward: Oil Company Headquarters
Oil Company Headquarters (Prehistoric).png


Planetarium (L1) Space Research Institute (L1) Spacecraft Factory (L1)
Planetarium (Prehistoric).png
Sports Medicine Center L1.png
Spacecraft Factory.png
Reward: Radar Station
Radar Station.png
  • Numismatic:
Collection Service (L1) Regional Settlement and Cash Center (L1) Mint Building (L1)
Collection Service.png
Regional Settlement and Cash Center.png
Mint Building (Prehistoric).png
Reward: National Vault
National Vault.png

Special Buildings

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office.png
Gloria Hedge Fund
Gloria Hedge Fund.png
Tax Office (L1)
Tax Office (Prehistoric).png
United Tax Center (L1)
United Tax Center.png

Megabuck Special Buildings

Balmoral Castle
Balmoral Castle (Prehistoric).png
Eltz Castle
Eltz Castle (Prehistoric).png
Schloss Moritzburg
Schloss Moritzburg.png
Ostankino Tower
Ostankino Tower.png
Zhemchuzhina TV Tower
Zhemchuzhina TV Tower.png
Canton TV Tower
Canton TV Tower (Prehistoric).png
Moscow State University
Moscow State University.png
Hotel Ukraine
Hotel Ukraine.png
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs.png


Airport (Full)
Airport (Prehistoric) Area.png
Airport (Prehistroric).png
Airport Hub
Airport Hub.png
Passenger Terminal
Passenger Terminal (Prehistoric).png
Runway (Prehistoric).png
Control Tower
Control Tower (Prehistoric).png

Cellular Communication

Multi-Channel Base Station (L3)
Multi-Channel Base Station.png
Cellular Technologies Research Center (L3)
Cellular Technologies Research Center.png
Regional Cellular Network Center (L4)
Regional Cellular Network Center.png
Cellular Technologies Data Center (L3)
Cellular Technologies Data Center.png

Rail Transportation

Central Station (Full)
Central Station (Prehistoric) Area.png
Central Station (L3)
Central Station (Prehistoric).png
Cargo Terminal (L3)
Cargo Terminal.png
Control Tower (L3)
Control Tower (Central Station).png
Assembly Line (L3)
Assembly Line (Central Station).png
Administration Building (L3)
Administration Building.png
Eastern Train Station (L5)
Eastern Train Station.png
Small Train Station (L5)
Small Train Station.png
Railroad (Prehistoric).png
Railroad Tunnel 1 (L1)
Railroad Tunnel 1.png
Railroad Tunnel 2 (L1)
Railroad Tunnel 2.png
Railroad Tunnel 3 (L1)
Railroad Tunnel 3.png
Railroad Tunnel 4 (L1)
Railroad Tunnel 4.png
Rail Bridge (L3)
Rail Bridge.png

Subway Transportation

Large Depot (L4)
Large Depot.png
Improved Subway Station (L3)
Improved Subway Station.png

Bus Transportation

Bus Depot (L2)
Bus Depot.png
Transportation Research Center (L3)
Transportation Research Center.png
Bus Service Center (L3)
Bus Service Center.png
Communications Center (L4)
Communications Center.png
Bus Stop 1 (L1)
Bus Stop 1.png
Bus Stop 2 (L1)
Bus Stop 2.png
Bus Stop 3 (L1)
Bus Stop 3.png

Delivery Service

Dispatch Center (L3)
Dispatch Center.png
Distribution Center (L3)
Distribution Center.png
Delivery Service Office (L3)
Delivery Service Office.png

Racing Buildings

Racing Track (Full)
Racing Track Area.png
Boxing Club 1
Boxing Club 1.png
Boxing Club 2
Boxing Club 2.png
Boxing Club 3
Boxing Club 3.png
Boxing Club 4
Boxing Club 4.png
Pit Line (L1)
Pit Line.png
Center for Computational Aerodynamics (L1)
Center for Computational Aerodynamics.png
Racing School (L1)
Racing School.png
Dragstrip (L1)

Industrial Buildings

Industrial Port (Full)
Industrial Port Area.png
Shipping Line Management Center (L4)
Shipping Line Management Center.png
Shipyard (L6)
Shipyard (Prehistoric).png
Fishing Port (L2)
Fishing Port.png
Loading Station (L2)
Loading Station.png
Port Warehouse (L4)
Port Warehouse.png
Cargo Distribution Port (L3)
Cargo Distribution Port.png
Passenger Terminal (L5)
Passenger Terminal.png
Industrial Complex (L4)
Industrial Complex.png
Gold Mine (L3)
Gold Mine.png
Diamond Mine (L3)
Diamond Mine.png
Cutting Station (L3)
Cutting Station.png
Engineering Bureau (Sub Shop Building)
Engineering Bureau.png
Foundry Station (L3)
Foundry Station.png
Jewelry Trading House (Sub Shop Building)
Jewelry Trading House (Prehistoric).png
Business Center (L4)
Heliport Business Center.png
Saigon Business Center (Sub Shop Building)
Saigon Business Center.png
Warehouse I (L3)
Heliport Warehouse 1.png
Warehouse II (L3)
Heliport Warehouse 2.png
Gas Lift System (L1)
Gas Lift System.png
Investment Firm (L1)
Investment Firm (Prehistoric).png
Oil Exploration Tower (L1)
Oil Exploration Tower.png
Oil Pipeline
Oil Pipeline (Prehistoric).png
Oil Depot
Oil Depot (Prehistoric).png
Oil Loading Station (L5)
Oil Loading Station.png
Upgraded Distribution Warehouse (L1)
Upgraded Distribution Warehouse.png
Naval Base Cargo Terminal (L5)
Naval Base Cargo Terminal.png
Timber Loading Station (L5)
Timber Loading Station.png
Pyramid (L3)
Pyramid (Prehistoric).png
Karnak Temple (L2)
Karnak Temple.png

Military Buildings

Army Base (L3)
Army Base.png
Armored Brigade Base (L3)
Armored Brigade Base.png
Naval Base (L8)
Naval Base.png
Marine Corps (Sub Shop Building)
Marine Corps.png
Air Force Base (L8)
Air Force Base.png
Victory Square (L1)
Victory Square.png
Navy Headquarters (L2)
Navy Headquarters.png
School of Paratroopers (L2)
School of Paratroopers.png
Top Secret Facility (L2)
Top Secret Facility.png

Space Exploration

Rocket Construction Site (L4)
Rocket Construction Site.png
Design Department (L2)
Design Department.png
Testing Site (L4)
Testing Site (Prehistoric).png

Christmas 2012 Event

Snow Tile.png
Feilung Dragon
Feilung Dragon.png
Futsanlung Dragon
Futsanlung Dragon.png
Shen-Lung Dragon
Shen-Lung Dragon.png
Tianlong Dragon
Tianlong Dragon.png
Albion Cottage
Albion Cottage (Snow).png
Bosphorus Cottage
Bosphorus Cottage (Snow).png
Brick House
Brick House (Snow).png
Burger Joint
Burger Joint (Snow).png
Café (Snow).png
Christmas House
Christmas House (Snow).png
Church of Christ the Savior
Church of Christ the Savior (Snow).png
Dragon Tower
Dragon Tower (Snow).png
Fire Station
Fire Station (Snow).png
Green Park
Green Park (Snow).png
Grove (Snow).png
Kremlin (Snow).png
Large Wooden House
Large Wooden House (Snow).png
Mansion (Snow).png
Marienhof Cottage
Marienhof Cottage (Snow).png
Mosque (Snow).png
Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle (Snow).png
Oak (Snow).png
Oak Alley
Oak Alley (Snow).png
Office Building
Office Building (Snow).png
Police Station
Police Station (Snow).png
Poplar (Snow).png
Sakura (Snow).png
Siena Bungalow
Siena Bungalow (Snow).png
Small Japanese House
Small Japanese House (Snow).png
St. Basil's Cathedral
St. Basil's Cathedral (Snow).png
Statue (Snow).png
Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty (Snow).png
Townhouse (Snow).png
Wooden House
Wooden House (Snow).png