Neighbor Types

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Neighbors come in two types:

  1. Model Neighbors: Alice, Edward, Mike
  2. Human Neighbors

Model Neighbors

Model neighbors (also known as NPC: Non Playable Characters) are acquired as a player gains Experience Levels. Each Model Neighbor provides an example of how to lay out a city, provides Production Buildings which the player can access in order to increase Reputation and, once every 24 hours, will provide the player with free Assets that can be used for active Construction projects. A variable number of these assets are selected from the player's Wish List and others needed for active construction projects. If the player does not have any active construction projects, or if the assets provided will be the final asset(s) needed to complete an active construction project, then the player may receive free buildings instead of assets.

Alice, Edward and Mike start off giving the player 8 assets per day. At Level 36, they give a total of 11 assets per day. At Level 51, they give a total of 15 assets per day.

Human Neighbors

Human neighbors are acquired by inviting other players in the Social Quantum Network or Facebook Network to join the player as a friend (see below).

Human neighbors can:

  • Provide assistance with contracts - the amount of assistance that can be provided by each player is determined by their reputation
  • Provide assets as gifts - each player receives one free asset per human neighbor per day that can be distributed
  • Hire other players to fill certain job positions, such as at City Hall and Warehouses

Finding Neighbors

Facebook Network

Facebook invite neighbors
Facebook Neighbour Delete Butoon
Players can find neighbors from their Facebook friends, or by using the invite function to find a random player among the Social Quantum player-base.[1]

A Thread for finding fellow Facebook neighbors is on this wiki's forums (Neighbor Requests: Facebook thread in the wiki's Forums).

From late 2014 [When?] , Facebook players can remove neighbors. Also it became mandatory for two person to be neighbors for being able to send/receive gifts. Prior to that, one could send gifts no matter they are neighbors or not.

Social Quantum Network

On Social Quantum Network (SQ-Network), players are assigned a maximum number of neighbors they can invite (default is 14 neighbors). To increase the maximum number of neighbors a player can invite, they must spend 5 Megabucks per neighbor slot. However, players can have additional neighbors by accepting invitations from other players, although removal of these neighbors (see below) will not allow the player to invite a replacement.

When the number of neighbors a player has is less than their maximum number of neighbors (i.e.: when a player has an empty neighbor slot), the player may invite up to eight (8) neighbors selected by Social Quantum at random. The neighbor slots are filled on a first-come-first-served basis as each invited neighbor accepts the player's invitation, until the neighbor slots are full. A player may choose to skip inviting certain potential neighbors based on their Experience sm level, but will use up one of the 8 invitations for that cycle. Invitations can be sent once every 8 hours until all neighbor slots are full.

iOS players can select specific neighbors via Game Center at no cost in addition to the SQ Network Neighbors.

A Thread for finding fellow Game Center neighbors is on this wiki's forums (Neighbor Requests: Game Center thread in the wiki's Forums).

Android users that link their account to Google Play may invite their Google Plus circle members as Neighbors at no cost (in addition to the SQ Network Neighbors).

A Thread for finding fellow Google Play neighbors is on this wiki's forums (Neighbor Requests: Google Play thread in the wiki's Forums).

Removing Neighbors

Facebook Network

Players are not permitted to remove Neighbors.[2]

Social Quantum Network

Neighbors android client

Neighbors, Android Smartphone client.

Because of the maximum neighbor limit, SQ-Network players are allowed to remove human neighbors by doing the following:

  1. Select the Neighbor Icon
  2. Find the neighbor to be removed
  3. Select the trash-can icon in the upper right of the neighbor's tile.

NOTE: You can exceed your maximum number of neighbors when another player is randomly offered the ability to invite you as a neighbor. If you remove that player from your neighbors list, your maximum number of slots has not increased and you will not be offered the opportunity to replace that neighbor.

As of the iOS app update on 08.06.13, players can view a list of neighbors who are occupying invitation slots by accessing the Add Neighbors (Invite) window and clicking on the Neighbors Invited button in the lower left corner. The default number of invited neighbors is 9.

Identifying Inactive Neighbors

Neighbors are a valuable resource in Megapolis, and given the limited number of free neighbor slots in the Social Quantum Network, it is important to identify any inactive neighbors in your list. An "inactive neighbor" refers to a neighbor from who has not logged in to the game in some time. The result is you haven't received free gifts and neighbor's assist in those days. Some users might be titled as "Facebook User", "Player", "Game Center User" who are possibly the players who removed/blocked you from the network, or the player has revoked the rights from the game (not applicable for SQ network).

Disappearing Neighbors Glitch

This glitch was fixed in late 2013. It resulted from a player being able to accept an incoming friend request after another player has already done so, thus filling the inviter's maximum friend allotment. The game now indicates when the inviter cannot accept any more friends and does not add them to the player's friend list.

There is a well-documented glitch in the iOS version of the game in which a player accepts a friend request, the new friend appears in the player's friend list, but then disappears after the app is closed and reopened. It has been reported here that this glitch can be avoided by keeping the app open (sleeping the device is ok, but not exiting to the home screen) until the new friend has either sent the player a gift or assisted with a contract. It is not sufficient for the new friend to acknowledge the player's own gift or contract assistance or for the new friend to send other messages to the player.

Social Quantum has stated multiple times in the official Megapolis forum that the glitch will be fixed "soon", but this has not yet been done.


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