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Modern Architecture of Korea is a collection of Wheel of Fortune buildings that can be accessed through the Extra building menu and is available for a limited time.

It was first available for a limited time on September 17, 2018[1].

Buildings Available

Modern Architecture of Korea
Seoul Biophysics Laboratory.png
Seongnam University.png
Yongsan-gu Cosmetics Company.png
Seoul Biophysics Laboratory Seongnam University Yongsan-gu Cosmetics Company
3x2 Plot
1 minute build
3x2 Plot
1 minute build
2x2 Plot
1 minute build
31 Power sm.png and 18 Water sm.png 36 Power sm.png and 21 Water sm.png 24 Power sm.png and 16 Water sm.png
10,500 Population Limits.png and 600 Experience sm.png 13,300 Population Limits.png and 840 Experience sm.png 11,900 Population Limits.png and 860 Experience sm.png
500 Coin sm.png and 20 Experience sm.png every 5 hours
Coin per Minute: 1.67 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.07 Experience sm.png
510 Coin sm.png and 20 Experience sm.png every 4 hours
Coin per Minute: 2.13 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.08 Experience sm.png
630 Coin sm.png and 20 Experience sm.png every 6 hours
Coin per Minute: 1.75 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.06 Experience sm.png
Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png
Tangent Business Park.png
Game Company Office.png
Jung-gu Tower.png
Tangent Business Park Game Company Office Jung-gu Tower
3x2 Plot
1 minute build
4x2 Plot
1 minute build
4x2 Plot
1 minute build
42 Power sm.png and 26 Water sm.png 57 Power sm.png and 38 Water sm.png 78 Power sm.png and 46 Water sm.png
20,900 Population Limits.png and 1,400 Experience sm.png 36,600 Population Limits.png and 3,400 Experience sm.png 46,800 Population Limits.png and 3,900 Experience sm.png
1,400 Coin sm.png and 45 Experience sm.png every 7 hours
Coin per Minute: 3.33 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.11 Experience sm.png
2,500 Coin sm.png and 75 Experience sm.png every 8 hours
Coin per Minute: 5.21 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.16 Experience sm.png
3,500 Coin sm.png and 100 Experience sm.png every 9 hours
Coin per Minute: 6.48 Coin sm.png
XP per Minute: 0.19 Experience sm.png
Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png Can be sold for 300 Coin sm.png

Reward Building

After obtaining all Modern Architecture of Korea buildings through the Wheel of Fortune, you receive:

Seoul Finance Corporation

Seoul Finance Corporation
  • 4x4
  • 1 minute build
  • 160 Power sm.png and 160 Water sm.png
  • 11,000 Experience sm.png and 178,000 Population Limits.png
  • 19,900 Coin sm.png and 440 Experience sm.png every 10 hours
    Coin per Minute: 33.17 Coin sm.png
    XP per Minute: 0.73 Experience sm.png
  • Can be sold for 700 Coin sm.png

Achievement after building the Seoul Finance Corporation
Korean Architecture Enthusiast

"You built the Seoul Finance Corporation and got a new achievement - Korean Architecture Enthusiast!"

  • 20,000 Coin sm.png
  • 800 Experience sm.png
  • 03 x Glass Asset Glass.png


SQ Internal Info:
  • Name: Корейская современная архитектура (translates to Korean Modern Architecture)
  • ID: 10012280 (korean_modern_set)