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The Military Headquarters is an administration building located in the middle of the Megapolis Mainland, next to the Overpass. It was originally introduced on Mon March 14, 2016 as part of the timed quest called Military Base.[1]

The Military Headquarters is comparable to a production building with the difference that it generates military operations and that the requirements have to be produced at other production buildings, the so-called Military Factories.


Events and Achievements


Operation Window

Military Operations are devices for the player to reach next higher ranks. The operations are random generated and comprise one to six different vehicles with different quantity. The amount of military influence points 19px-MilitaryPoints.png and experience Experience sm.png of an operation is determined through the amount of each vehicle. The vehicles can be produced only at Military Factories and if the player should not produced all required vehicles, he can complete the operations with megabucks (1 — 9 Megabucks sm.png per missing vehicle). If an operation is scraped by the player (trash sign), after 15 minutes a new operation will be generated.

1st Box 2nd Box 3rd Box
 Required rank:
Special operations[b 1]
 Required rank:
Recruit's Ribbon
Simple operations[b 2]
 Required rank:
Platoon Sergeant
Demanding operations[b 3]
4th Box 5th Box 6th Box
 Required rank:
First Sergeant: Service Medal

Demanding operations
 Required rank:
Army Sergeant Major:
Battle Hero Ribbon
Median operations[b 4]
 Required rank:
Warrant Officer WO4

Median operations
7th Box 8th Box 9th Box
 Required rank:
First Lieutenant
Simple operations
 Required rank:
Colonel: Order of Heroism
Median operations
 Required rank:
Lieutenant General
Simple operations
  1. One incompleted prototype construction and 1 — 5 additional vehicles; after every prototype is built this box generates demanding operations in the following
  2. Operation category 1: Military vehicles with sparse 19px-MilitaryPoints.png and Experience sm.png (Examples: AS-68 Armored Car, FA-12 Fighter)
  3. Operation category 3: Military vehicles with many 19px-MilitaryPoints.png and Experience sm.png (Examples: CG-50 Cruiser, SB-30 Strategic Bomber)
  4. Operation category 2: Military vehicles with average 19px-MilitaryPoints.png and Experience sm.png (Examples: MP-55 Medium Tank, A-46 Assault Plane)

Bonus Military Points

Since the inauguration of unique military buildings the amount of military influence points for operations can be increased. If all buildings are fully upgraded the player receive additional 50% of the initial point amount.

Unique Building Bonus Points Rate
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Military Archive +4% 19px-MilitaryPoints.png +6% 19px-MilitaryPoints.png +8% 19px-MilitaryPoints.png +10% 19px-MilitaryPoints.png
Military Academy +6% 19px-MilitaryPoints.png +9% 19px-MilitaryPoints.png +12% 19px-MilitaryPoints.png +15% 19px-MilitaryPoints.png
Reserve Headquarters +10% 19px-MilitaryPoints.png +15% 19px-MilitaryPoints.png +20% 19px-MilitaryPoints.png +25% 19px-MilitaryPoints.png


SQ Internal Info:
  • Name: Военная штаб-квартира (translates to Military headquarters)
  • ID: 10020503 (military_pentagon_place)
Sometimes Military offers take place for 1 (seldom 2) day which multiply the amount of military influence points by two. The offers were released on: