Megapolis LogoFacebook Megapolis
Developer(s) Social Quantum
Platform(s) Wikipedia Logo Adobe Flash, Wikipedia Logo iOS, Wikipedia Logo Android
Release date(s) November 23, 2012
Facebook (Wednesday 12 December 2012)
Apple iOS (Wednesday 12 December 2012)
Android (Friday 30 November 2012; test release)
Apple iPad (iOS HD Version) (Thursday 31 January 2013)
Amazon App Store (Thursday 24 April 2014)
Galaxy Apps (Date Unknown)
Windows Phone Store (Friday 19 June 2015)
Genre(s) Wikipedia Logo Simulation (CMS)
Mode(s) Wikipedia Logo Single-player

Megapolis is a Wikipedia Logo Construction and management simulation Wikipedia Logo social network game developed by Social Quantum in 2012, where the player has to manage multiple virtual cities. The game is available as an Wikipedia Logo Adobe Flash application via Wikipedia Logo Facebook.[1] It officially launched on Facebook on December 12, 2012, along with iOS devices. Prior to that, a test version was released on 30 November 2012 on Wikipedia Logo Google Play Store for Android devices. Later, the game was also released on Wikipedia Logo Amazon App Store on April 24, 2014, and later on Wikipedia Logo Samsung Apps. A test version of the game was also available for Wikipedia Logo Windows Phone in Wikipedia Logo Belarus only[2], which was later released on June 19, 2015.


Players take control as the mayor of Megapolis, a virtual city where they have to manage finances and design, develop and add to the primary infrastructure of your the city.

Related games

A Russian version of Megapolis named Мегаполис (English: Megapolis) [3] is available for Android and iOS, and on Wikipedia Logo Vkontakte for PCs.

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