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Magnificent Las Megas Background

Magnificent Las Megas
Quest Magnificent Las Megas

Build and Upgrade:


Magnificent Las Megas (also known as Lights of the Night City) is a Timed Quest in which the player has 288 hours (12 days) to build and upgrade a total of 5 buildings with assets leading up to night-life related rewards. It opens up the new Las Megas game zone. It was released as part of an update on 11.14.2014.[1]

"Develop the gambling and entertainment industry, build key Las Megas buildings and get the exquisite Zayed National Museum as a reward!"

"It's time to start building the capital of entertainment! You'll get a bunch of rewards if you can please all those who love nightlife!"

"The residents beg the mayor: build nighttime entertainment centers"

"Open the wonderful Las Megas to the public and experience all the charms of life in a huge city that never sleeps! Its bright beckoning lights will attract many tourists and entertainment fans!"


Depending on how one plays the game, this quest may require approximately 185 Megabucks sm total (for assets) and 1,035,710 Coin sm (for building and foundation purchases) to complete fully.
For new players, even now, this timed quest automatically starts when player visits Las Megas for the first time.

Introductory Quest - New Heights

This is an introductory quest for players who are below Level 38


Reach level 38 and get the opportunity to build and develop a wonderful city for those that love nightlife – Las Megas!
Visit Las Megas 1 Reach level 38 [2]


Congratulations! You reached a new level and can begin building a city of entertainment – Las Megas!
  • 300 Experience sm
  • 5,000 Coin sm

Stage 1 - Romance of the Night

Lights all around, never-ending music and entertainment to suit any taste – that's the recipe for a wonderful night! Why not build an entire city for those that love nightlife?


Take a look at your land and imagine how the lights of Las Megas will shine! Soon you'll put all your plans into action!
Quest Romance of the Night Visit the Night Location – Las Megas


Perfect! You can already see how the lights of Las Megas will shine! It's time to start building!
  • 180 Experience sm
  • 10,000 Coin sm

Stage 2 - City Population

You plan to make Las Megas the capital of nightlife, and you can't have a capital without residents!


House new residents in Las Megas and collect taxes! As a reward, you'll get building materials for the Airport.
Residents House 200 residents in Las Megas
Megapolis Quest Coins Collect taxes 1 times


Stunning! You housed new residents in Las Megas! As a reward, you receive building materials for the Airport!
  • 220 Experience sm
  • 12,000 Coin sm
  • 5 x Steel Sheets Asset Steel Sheets

Stage 3 - On the Wings of Dreams

Gambling fans will soon start arriving in Las Megas. Your city should be attractive and comfortable for your guests!


It's time to start building a convenient airport and attractions to delight your city's visitors!
Airport (Las Megas) Construction Buy an Airport
Costs: 100,000 Coin sm or 2 Megabucks sm, 25 Power sm and 14 Water sm
Gives: 175 Experience sm and 12,000 Population Limits cap increase
Fountain with a Statue (Night) Install a Fountain with a Statue
Costs: 105,000 Coin sm or 2 Megabucks sm
Gives: 750 Experience sm and 11,000 Population Limits cap increase
Residents House 600 residents in Las Megas


Great work! You're making Las Megas an attractive and convenient tourist city, and you receive building materials for an Airport as a reward!
  • 370 Experience sm
  • 20,000 Coin sm
  • 5 x Bitumen Asset Bitumen

Stage 4 - Soft Landing

One of the most demanding parts of building an airport is the construction of its runway. Be sure to give this task all your attention!


Build a Runway in Las Megas and don't forget to buy new airplanes.
Lampion Residential Complex (Night) Build the Lampion Residential Complex
Costs: 106,000 Coin sm or 4 Megabucks sm, Power sm and Water sm
Gives: 1,170 Experience sm upon completion, then 582 Population sm and 27 Experience sm every 5 hours
Runway (Las Megas) Construction Build a Runway
Requires: Airport
10 x Bitumen Asset Bitumen (5 from Stage 3 above)
10 x Steel Chain Asset Steel Chain
10 x Steel Sheets Asset Steel Sheets (5 from Stage 2 above)
Gives: Access to purchase Airplanes
Turboprop Airplane Initial Buy a Turboprop Airplane
Requires: Runway
Costs: 50,000 Coin sm or 1 Megabucks sm
Gives: 125 Experience sm and 6,000 Population Limits cap increase


Stunning! You equipped your Airport with a wonderful runway and you receive building materials for a game center as a reward!
  • 300 Experience sm
  • 18,000 Coin sm
  • 5 x Surveillance Systems Asset Surveillance Systems

Stage 5 - Games Capital

Las Megas must become the world capital of games and entertainment. Build elite game centers – that's your main goal!


Lay the foundation for the main game center in Las Megas. Don't forget to collect taxes and set up an airbus service!
Contract Charter Flight Complete a Charter Flight
Requires: Turboprop Airplane
Costs: 11,610 Coin sm and 4 hours
Gives: 50,400 Coin sm and 142 Experience sm upon completion
Megapolis Quest Coins Collect 500 coins in taxes in Las Megas
Tessera Game Center Construction Buy a Tessera Game Center Foundation
Requires: 1,500 Population sm
Costs: 250,000 Coin sm or 3 Megabucks sm, 13 Power sm and 9 Water sm
Gives: 250 Experience sm and 15,000 Population Limits cap increase


What a success! Soon your game center will become the most visited place in Las Megas! For now, have some materials as a reward for building it!
  • 380 Experience sm
  • 30,000 Coin sm
  • 5 x Channel Asset Channel
  • 5 x Hard Hat Asset Hard Hat

Stage 6 - A Tournament to Remember

How can you attract the attention of tourists and gambling fans? Build game centers and set up extravagant tournaments!


Finish building the Tessera Game Center and hold a bowling tournament! As a reward, you'll get building materials for the Airplane Workshop.
Tessera Game Center L1 Build the Tessera Game Center
10 x Anemostat Asset Anemostat
20 x Channel Asset Channel (5 from Stage 5 above)
10 x Hard Hat Asset Hard Hat (5 from Stage 5 above)
10 x Surveillance Systems Asset Surveillance Systems (5 from Stage 4 above)
Gives: 550 Experience sm and 36,000 Population Limits cap increase upon completion and access to Bowling Tournament and Amateur Poker Tournament contract at the Tessera Game Center
Megapolis Quest Coins Collect taxes 2 times in Las Megas
Contract Bowling Tournament Accept a Bowling Tournament contract
Requires: Tessera Game Center
Costs: 14,900 Coin sm and 6 hours
Gives: 64,400 Coin sm and 179 Experience sm upon completion


The tournament didn't go unnoticed! Now more and more people are coming to Las Megas in search of entertainment! Have some materials as a reward!
  • 410 Experience sm
  • 25,000 Coin sm
  • 5 x Hydraulic Jack Asset Hydraulic Jack
  • 5 x Luggage Lockers Asset Luggage Lockers
  • 5 x Piles Asset Piles

Stage 7 - Airplanes

A fleet of modern airplanes guarantees comfort and safety for your guests. Las Megas needs an Airplane Workshop.


Your Airport needs a large number of modern planes. Start building them and you'll get materials for the Casino Bohemia as a reward.
Airplane Workshop (Las Megas) Construction Buy an Airplane Workshop
Requires: Airport
Costs: 100,000 Coin sm or 2 Megabucks sm, 12 Power sm and 8 Water sm
Gives: 150 Experience sm and 10,000 Population Limits cap increase
Airplane Workshop (Las Megas) L1 Build an Airplane Workshop
10 x Hydraulic Jack Asset Hydraulic Jack (5 from Stage 6 above)
10 x Luggage Lockers Asset Luggage Lockers (5 from Stage 6 above)
10 x Piles Asset Piles (5 from Stage 6 above)
10 x Roofing Slate Asset Roofing Slate
Gives: 250 Experience sm and 28,000 Population Limits cap increase upon completion and access to Intercity Flight contract after the Turboprop Airplane is upgraded to Jet Airplane.
Turboprop Airplane L1 Build a Jet Airplane
Requires: Runway (Level 2)
10 x Landing Gear Asset Landing Gear
10 x Hammer Asset Hammer
Gives: 175 Experience sm and 12,000 Population Limits cap increase upon completion and access to Intercity Flight replacing the Charter Flight contract on the airplane.


A great idea and great execution! You started building planes in Las Megas and you receive materials for the Casino Bohemia as a reward!
  • 430 Experience sm
  • 35,000 Coin sm
  • 5 x Granite Slabs Asset Granite Slabs
  • 5 x Sling Hooks Asset Sling Hooks

Stage 8 - Luxury and Excitement

Your main income will come from casinos, so try to make sure the casinos in Las Megas make an unforgettable impression.


Start building the awesome Casino Bohemia. Don't wait for construction to end, you can hold a poker tournament and get the materials you need right now!
Casino Bohemia Construction Buy the Casino Bohemia Foundation
Requires: 10,000 Population sm
Costs: 300,000 Coin sm or 5 Megabucks sm, 15 Power sm and 11 Water sm
Gives: 150 Experience sm and 10,000 Population Limits cap increase
Contract Amateur Poker Tournament Complete an Amateur Poker Tournament contract
Requires: Tessera Game Center
Costs: 17,400 Coin sm and 10 hours
Gives: 75,200 Coin sm and 454 Experience sm upon completion
Residents House residents 3 times in Las Megas


Risk is key! You held an excellent amateur poker tournament and you receive building materials for the Casino as a reward!
  • 450 Experience sm
  • 30,000 Coin sm
  • 5 x Concrete Rings Asset Concrete Rings
  • 5 x Searchlight Asset Searchlight
  • 5 x Cords Asset Cords

Stage 9 - Bohemian Rhapsody

Your city's main casino is its main landmark. Let's make it as chic, luxurious, impressive and exciting as possible!


Raise interest in the opening of the luxury Casino Bohemia in Las Megas. Hold an elite sports car exhibition!
Casino Bohemia L1 Build the Casino Bohemia Frame
10 x Granite Slabs Asset Granite Slabs (5 from Stage 7 above)
10 x Roofing Slate Asset Roofing Slate
10 x Sling Hooks Asset Sling Hooks (5 from Stage 7 above)
Gives: 300 Experience sm and 21,000 Population Limits cap increase upon completion
Casino Bohemia L2 Build the Casino Bohemia
20 x Concrete Rings Asset Concrete Rings (5 from Stage 8 above)
10 x Cords Asset Cords (5 from Stage 8 above)
10 x Searchlight Asset Searchlight (5 from Stage 8 above)
10 x Steel Chain Asset Steel Chain
Gives: 450 Experience sm and 57,000 Population Limits cap increase upon completion and access to Bingo Lottery and Sports Car Exhibition contract
Contract Sports Car Exhibition Complete a Sports Car Exhibition contract
Some devices shows only to Accept the contract, but does not work.
Requires: Casino Bohemia (Level 2)
Costs: 13,100 Coin sm and 9 hours
Gives: 56,600 Coin sm and 296 Experience sm upon completion


That was simply luxurious! The opening of the Casino Bohemia and the exhibition preceding it will be in the newspapers for a long time to come!
  • 480 Experience sm
  • 25,000 Coin sm
  • Zayed National Museum

Reward - Magnificent Las Megas

Zayed National Museum (Night)

Zayed National Museum
  • Level 38
  • 36 Power sm and 22 Water sm
  • 10,820 Experience sm and 188,000 Population Limits cap increase
  • 23,820 Coin sm and 570 Experience sm every 12 hours
    Coins per Minute: 33.08 Coin sm
    XP per Minute: 0.79 Experience sm
  • Can be sold for 420,000 Coin sm

Achievement after Building the Zayed National Museum

Achievement Gambling King

You built the Zayed National Museum in the capital of entertainment, Las Megas. You've earned a new title: Gambling King. Would you like to tell your friends?.
  • 900 Experience sm
  • 25,000 Coin sm
  • 2 Megabucks sm


  • Social Quantum's internal name for this quest is "Великолепный Лас-Мегас" which translates to "Gorgeous Las Megas".
  • Social Quantum's ID for this quest is 10020025.
  • The day-time version of the reward building, Zayed National Museum, was previously made available in 2013 briefly as a Megabuck purchase bonus.


  1. SQ Forum: Update 11.14.2014
  2. Before June 19, 2015, the goal was to reach level 38. On June 19, 2015, it was changed to level 15, which was again reverted back to level 38 on June 30, 2015
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