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Many buildings in Megapolis are based on towers and other structures that are among the tallest in the world. Th list below was initially based on data in the Wikipedia List of tallest buildings in the world, with additional buildings added as they are released by SQ. Structures must be over 150 m (490 ft) tall to be listed here.

For additional real world buildings, see Real World Buildings of Megapolis.



Megapolis Based on
Building Image Building Location Height m/ft
Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa.png
Burj Khalifa Dubai, UAE 828/2,717
Nephilim World Trade Center
Nephilim World Trade Center L3.png
Shanghai Tower
Shanghai Tower.png
Shanghai Tower Shanghai, China 632/2,073
Freedom Tower
Freedom Tower.png
One World Trade Center New York City, NY, USA 541/1,776
Taipei 101
Taipei 101.png
Taipei 101 Taipei, Taiwan 509/1,670
Taipei 101 (Night).png
Shanghai World Financial Center
Shanghai World Financial Center L2.png
Shanghai World Financial Center Shanghai, China 492/1,614
Petronas Towers
Petronas Towers.png
Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 452/1,483
Idaho Business Center
Idaho Business Center L3.png
Zifeng Tower Nanjing, China 450/1,480
Willis Tower
Willis Tower.png
Willis Tower Chicago, IL, USA 442/1,450
Willis Tower (Night).png
Kingkey 100
Kingkey 100.png
Kingkey 100 Shenzhen, China 442/1,449
Trump Tower
Trump Tower L2.png
Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago, IL, USA 423/1,389
Jin Mao Tower
Jin Mao Tower.png
Jin Mao Tower Shanghai, China 421/1,380
Jin Mao Tower (Night).png
Princess Tower
Princess Tower.png
Princess Tower Dubai, UAE 414/1,358
Al Hamra Tower
Al Hamra Tower.png
Al Hamra Tower Kuwait City, Kuwait 413/1,354
International Finance Center
International Finance Center.png
2 International Finance Centre Hong Kong, China 412/1,352
CITIC Plaza.png
CITIC Plaza Guangzhou, China 390/1,280
Shun Hing Tower
Shun Hing Tower.png
Shun Hing Square Shenzhen, China 384/1,260
Empire State Building
Empire State Building.png
Empire State Building New York City, NY, USA 381/1,250
Empire State Building (Night).png
Central Plaza
Central Plaza.png
Central Plaza Hong Kong, China 374/1,227
Central Plaza (Night).png
Bank of China
Building Bank of China.png
Bank of China Tower Hong Kong, China 367/1,205
Bank of America Tower
Bank of America Tower.png
Bank of America Tower New York City, NY, USA 366/1,200
Diamond Tower
Diamond Tower.png
Almas Tower Dubai, UAE 360/1,180
Helix Business Center
Helix Business Center.png
JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Dubai, UAE 355/1,166
Landmark Tower
Landmark Tower.png
Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower Hanoi, Vietnam 345/1,132
Landmark Tower (Night).png
John Hancock Tower
John Hancock Tower.png
John Hancock Center Chicago, IL, USA 344/1,127
John Hancock Tower (Night).png
Uniguard Tower, SQ City (Orange)
SQ City L3.png
Mercury City Tower Moscow, Russia 339/1,122
Dubai Torch
Dubai Torch.png
The Marina Torch Dubai, UAE 337/1,105
Tianjin Tower
Tianjin Tower.png
Tianjin World Financial Center Tianjin, China 337/1,105
Kerry Tower
Kerry Tower.png
Minsheng Bank Building Wuhan, China 336/1,102
Rose Tower
Rose Tower.png
Rose Tower Dubai, UAE 333/1,093
Changzhou Modern Media Center
Changzhou Modern Media Center.png
Modern Media Centre Changzhou, China 332/1,089
Longxi International Hotel
Longxi International Hotel.png
Longxi International Hotel Jiangyin, China 328/1,076
Iowa Business Center
Iowa Business Center L3.png
Q1 Gold Coast, Australia 323/1,058
Island Hotel
Island Hotel L5.png
Burj Al Arab Dubai, UAE 322/1,056
Nina Tower
Nina Tower.png
Nina Tower Hong Kong, China 320/1,051
Nina Tower (Night).png
Chrysler Building
Chrysler Building.png
Chrysler Building New York City, NY, USA 319/1,046
Ice Skyscraper
Ice Skyscraper.png
Rotterdam Business Center
Rotterdam Business Center.png
HHHR Tower Dubai, UAE 318/1,042
Telecom Tower
Telecom Tower.png
Menara Telekom Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 310/1,020
Ocean Heights Skyscraper
Seaside Summit.png
Ocean Heights Dubai, UAE 310/1,020
Stalagmite Skyscraper
Stalagmite Skyscraper.png
The Shard London, UK 310/1,020
Shard Tower
Shard Tower.png
Pearl River Tower
River Pearl Highrise.png
Pearl River Tower Guangzhou, China 310/1,020
Infinity Tower
Infinity Tower.png
Cayan Tower Dubai, UAE 306/1,005
One57 New York City, NY, USA 306/1,005
Northeast Asia Trade Tower
Northeast Asia Trade Tower.png
Northeast Asia Trade Tower Incheon, South Korea 305/1,001
Baiyoke Tower II
Baiyoke Tower II.png
Baiyoke Tower II Bangkok, Thailand 304/997
Kingdom Centre
Kingdom Centre.png
Kingdom Center Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 302/992
Mirabelle Tower, SQ City (light blue)
SQ City L4.png
City of Capitals Moscow, Russia 302/992
Zenith Tower
Zenith Tower.png
We've the Zenith Busan, South Korea 301/988
Zenith Tower (Night).png
Zenith Tower (Winter).png
Commerzbank Tower
Commerzbank Tower.png
Commerzbank Tower Frankfurt, Germany 300/980
Arraya Tower
Arraya Tower.png
Arraya Tower Kuwait City, Kuwait 300/980
Gran Torre Santiago
Gran Torre Santiago.png
Gran Torre Santiago Santiago, Chile 300/980
One Island East
One Island East.png
One Island East Hong Kong, China 298/978
Shanghai Wheelock Square Shanghai, China 298/978
Eureka Tower
Eureka Tower.png
Eureka Tower Melbourne, Australia 297/975
Media Tower
Media Tower.png
Comcast Tower Philadelphia, PA, USA 297/975
Obelisk Tower
Obelisk Tower.png
Yokohama Landmark Tower Yokohama, Japan 296/972
One Liberty Place
One Liberty Place.png
One Liberty Place Philadelphia, PA, USA 288/945
Trump Ocean Club International Hotel
Trump Ocean Club International Hotel.png
Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower Panama, Panama 284/932
Trump Hotel in Toronto
Trump Hotel in Toronto.png
Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto, Canada 277/908
Scotia Plaza
Scotia Plaza.png
Scotia Plaza Toronto, Canada 275/902
Yuksam Building
Yuksam Building.png
63 Building Seoul, South Korea 274/899
Yoyogi Skyscraper
Yoyogi Skyscraper.png
NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building Tokyo, Japan 272/892
Beekman Tower
Beekman Tower.png
8 Spruce Street New York City, NY, USA 265/870
Atlanta Plaza
Atlanta Plaza.png
SunTrust Plaza Atlanta, GA, USA 265/871
120 Collins Street
120 Collins Street.png
120 Collins Street Melbourne, Australia 265/871
Trust Tower
Trust Tower.png
Brookfield Place Toronto, Canada 263/863
Aqua Building
Aqua Building.png
Aqua Chicago, IL, USA 262/859
Aqua Skyscraper (Valentine's Day).png
Macau Grand Hotel
Macau Grand Hotel.png
Grand Lisboa Macau, China 261/856
Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center.png
GE Building New York City, NY, USA 260/850
Rockefeller Center (Night).png
Rockefeller Center (Winter).png
Vision Tower
Vision Tower L2.png
Vision Tower Dubai, UAE 260/850
Star Tower
Star Tower.png
West Tower at Zhejiang Fortune Financial Center Hangzhou, China 258/846
Hexagon Skyscraper
Hexagon Skyscraper.png
Devon Energy Center Oklahoma City, OK, USA 257/844
Hexagon Skyscraper (Night).png
MesseTurm Hotel
MesseTurm Hotel.png
Messeturm Frankfurt am Main, Germany 257/843
Toranomon Hills
Toranomon Hills.png
Toranomon Hills Tokyo, Japan 256/838
Elite Skyscraper
Luxury Highrise.png
Tower Financial Center Panama, Panama 255/837
Elite Skyscraper (Night).png
Panama Financial Center
Panama Financial Center.png
Evolution Tower
Evolution Tower L1.png
Evolution Tower Moscow, Russia 255/837
Highcliff Skyscraper
Highcliff Skyscraper.png
Highcliff Hong Kong, China 252/828
Highcliff Skyscraper (Night).png
Torre Bankia
Torre Bankia.png
Torre Bankia Madrid, Spain 250/820
Torre Bankia (Night).png
China Merchants Bank
China Merchants Bank.png
China Merchants Bank Tower Shenzhen, China 249/817
City Spire Tower
City Spire Tower.png
CitySpire Center New York City, NY, USA 248/814
Midtown Hotel
Midtown Hotel (Tokyo).png
Midtown Tower Tokyo, Japan 248/814
Conde Nast Building
Conde Nast Building.png
Condé Nast Building New York City, NY, USA 247/810
Palm Tower
Palm Tower.png
Palm Tower Doha, Qatar 246/806
Bank of Malaysia
Bank of Malaysia.png
Menara Maybank Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 244/799
Tokyo City Hall
Tokyo City Hall.png
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Tokyo, Japan 243/797
Soul Tower
Soul Tower.png
Soul Gold Coast, Australia 243/798
Soleil Tower
Soleil Tower.png
Soleil Brisbane, Australia 243/797
Philadelphia Hotel
Philadelphia Hotel.png
PSFS Building Philadelphia, PA, USA 242/794
BNY Mellon Center
BNY Mellon Center.png
BNY Mellon Center Philadelphia, PA, USA 241/792
Bahrain WTC
Bahrain WTC L4.png
Bahrain World Trade Center Manama, Bahrain 240/789
Four Seasons Hotel Miami Miami, FL, USA 240/789
United Tower
United Tower.png
United Tower Kuwait City, Kuwait 240/787
Atrium Compound, SQ City (green)
SQ City L5.png
Imperia Tower Moscow, Russia 239/784
Rappongi Hills Mori Tower
Rappongi Hills Mori Tower.png
Roppongi Hills Mori Tower Tokyo, Japan 238/781
Bow Tower
Bow Tower.png
The Bow Calgary, Canada 236/774
Centara Grand Hotel
Centara Grand Hotel.png
Centara Garden Bangkok, Thailand 235/771
Shinjuku Hotel
Shinjuku Hotel L1.png
Shinjuku Park Tower Tokyo, Japan 235/771
Baseball Federation Headquarters
Baseball Federation Headquarters L1.png
CCTV HQ Beijing, China 234/768
Tokyo Opera City Tower
Tokyo Opera City Tower.png
Tokyo Opera City Tower Tokyo, Japan 234/768
Pelli Tower
Pelli Tower.png
Torre UniCredit Milan, Italy 231/758
Heron Tower
Heron Tower.png
Heron Tower London, UK 230/755
Torre Espacio
Torre Espacio.png
Torre Espacio Madrid, Spain 230/755
Torre Mayor
Torre Mayor.png
Torre Mayor Mexico City, Mexico 230/755
City Centre Offices
City Centre Offices.png
Chelsea Tower Dubai, UAE 230/755
Chelsea Residential Complex
Chelsea Residential Complex (Night).png
Meriton Tower
Meriton Tower.png
World Tower Sydney, Australia 230/755
Time Warner Center
Time Warner Center.png
Time Warner Center New York City, NY, USA 230/755
California Plaza
California Plaza.png
Two California Plaza Los Angeles, CA, USA 229/750
Trade Tower
Trade Tower.png
Trade Tower Seoul, South Korea 228/748
West India Tower
West India Tower.png
60 Wall Street New York, NY, USA 227/745
Tornado Tower
Tornado Tower.png
Al Bidda Tower Doha, Qatar 227/745
Governor Phillip Tower
Governor Phillip Tower.png
Governor Phillip Towe Sydney, Australia 227/745
Oasis Skyway Garden Hotel
Oasis Skyway Garden Hotel.png
Oasis Skyway Garden Hotel Shanghai, China 226/741
Bell Atlantic Tower
Bell Atlantic Tower.png
Bell Atlantic Tower Philadelphia, PA, USA 225/739
Leadenhall Building
Leadenhall Building.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg 122 Leadenhall Street London, UK 225/739
Times Square Tower
Times Square Tower L1.png
Times Square Tower New York City, NY, USA 221/724
Malaysian Ministry of Land
Malaysian Ministry of Land.png
Menara Felda Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 220/723
Donau City Tower
Donau City Tower L2.png
DC Tower 1 Vienna, Austria 220/720
Fountain Place
Fountain Place.png
Fountain Place Dallas, TX, USA 220/720
Saint Luke's Tower
Saint Luke's Tower.png
Saint Luke's Tower Tokyo, Japan 220/720
Circle on Cavill
Circle on Cavill.png
Circle on Cavill Gold Coast, Australia 220/720
Al Tijaria Tower
Al Tijaria Tower new.png
Al Tijaria Tower Kuwait City, Kuwait 218/716
Shiodome City Center
Shiodome City Center.png
Shiodome City Center Tokyo, Japan 216/708
Chifley Tower
Chifley Tower.png
Chifley Tower Sydney, Australia 216/708
Para Business Center
Para Business Center L3.png
Riviera TwinStar Square Shanghai, China 216/708
Shangri-la Tower
Shangri-la Tower.png
Toronto Toronto, Canada 214/702
Kendall Tower
Kendall Tower.png
Eighth Avenue Place Calgary, Canada 212/696
Maxis Tower
Maxis Tower.png
Maxis Tower Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 212/696
Shinjuku Mitsui Building
Shinjuku Mitsui Building.png
Shinjuku Mitsui Building Tokyo, Japan 212/696
Grosvenor Hotel
Infrastructure Grosvenor Hotel.png
Grosvenor House West Marina Beach Dubai, UAE 210/690
Grosvenor Hotel (Night).png
Tour Montparnasse
Tour Montparnasse.png
Tour Montparnasse Paris, France 210/690
Sandy Bay Hotel
Sandy Bay Hotel.png
Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Singapore 207/679
Ningbo Chamber of Commerce
Ningbo Chamber of Commerce.png
Ningbo Chamber of Commerce Ningbo, China 207/680
Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower
Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower.png
Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower Tokyo, Japan 204/669
Stock Exchange
Stock Exchange.png
Hearst Tower (Charlotte) Charlotte, NC, USA 201/659
Coastal Hotels
Coastal Hotels L5.png
The Centaurus Islamabad, Pakistan 200/656
Intempo Skyscraper
Intempo Skyscraper.png
Intempo Benidorm, Spain 200/656
Batumi Technological University
Batumi Technological University.png
Batumi Technological University Tower Batumi, Georgia 200/656
Hotel Doha
Hotel Doha.png
Renaissance Doha City Center Hotel Doha, Qatar 200/656
Main Tower
Main Tower.png
Main Tower Frankfurt am Main, Germany 200/656
Main Tower (Night).png
Tower 185
Tower 185.png
Tower 185 Frankfurt am Main, Germany 200/656
Tower 185 (Night).png
Wangjing SOHO
Wangjing SOHO.png
Tower 3, Wangjing Soho Beijing, China 200/656
Marunouchi Building
Marunouchi Building.png
JP Tower Tokyo, Japan 200/656
Bund Center
Bund Center.png
Bund Center Shanghai, China 198/650
Roberts University
Roberts University L1.png
CityPlex Tower I Tulsa, OK, USA 198/648
Lake Point Tower
Lake Point Tower.png
Lake Point Tower Chicago, IL, USA 197/645
Sony Tower
Sony Tower.png
Sony Tower New York City, NY, USA 197/645
Maju Perdana One
Maju Perdana One.png
Maju Perdana One Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 196/643
Potential Tower
Potential Tower.png
Warsaw Business Center
Warsaw Business Center.png
Tornado Tower Doha, Qatar 195/640
Cascade Tower
Cascade Tower (Night).png
Menara Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 193/633
Zlota 44
Zlota 44.png
Złota 44 Warsaw, Poland 192/630
G. Fred DiBona Jr. Building
G. Fred DiBona Jr. Building.png
G. Fred DiBona Jr. Building Philadelphia, PA, USA 191/625
Turning Torso
Turning Torso.png
Turning Torso Malmö, Sweden 190/623
Flame Towers
Flame Towers L2.png
Flame Towers Baku, Azerbaijan 190/623
Flame Towers (Night).png
D-Cube City
D-Cube City.png
Daeseong D-Cube City Headquarters Seoul, South Korea 190/623
Innovation Center
Innovation Center.png
345 California Center San Francisco, CA, USA 190/620
Comerica Tower
Comerica Tower.png
One Detroit Center Detroit, MI, USA 189/619
Meridian Tower
Meridian Tower.png
Tower A, Varyap Meridian Istanbul, Turkey 188/616
Ningbo Fortune Center
Ningbo Fortune Center.png
Ningbo Fortune Center Ningbo, China 188/616
Lippo Business Center
Lippo Business Center.png
Lippo Centre Hong Kong, China 186/610
Hinter Tower
Hinter Tower.png
Etisalat Tower 2 Dubai, UAE 185/607
Hinter Tower (Night).png
Southern Pearl Hotel
Southern Pearl Hotel.png
The Pearls of Umhlanga Durban, South Africa 183/600
Capital Apartments
Capital Apartments.png
Capital Mansion Beijing, China 183/600
Hearst Tower
Hearst Tower.png
Hearst Tower New York, NY, USA 182/597
Shibuya Hikarie
Shibuya Hikarie.png
Shibuya Hikarie Tokyo, Japan 180/590
Hive Business Center
Hive Business Center.png
Park Towers at DIFC Dubai, UAE 180/590
Business Center
Business Center.png
30 St Mary Axe London, UK 180/590
Absolute World Towers
Absolute World Towers.png
Absolute World Mississauga, Canada 180/590
Investment Center
Investment Center.png
Bank of America Building Baltimore, MD, USA 180/590
Marina City Tower
Marina City Tower.png
Marina City Chicago, IL, USA 179/587
Crain Communications Building
Crain Communications Building.png
Crain Communications Building Chicago, IL, USA 177/582
Canterra Tower
Canterra Tower.png
Canterra Tower Calgary, Canada 177/581
Twist Tower
Twist Tower.png
Avaz Twist Tower Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 176/577
Crescendo Residential Complex
Crescendo Residential Complex.png
Edelweiss Moscow, Russia 176/577
International Trade Center
International Trade Center.png
One Financial Square New York City, NY, USA 175/574
Konaeva Street Building
Konaeva Street Building.png
Kazakhstan Railways Building Astana, Kazakhstan 175/574
Central Plaza One
Central Plaza One.png
Central Plaza 1 Brisbane, Australia 174/571
Umeda Sky Building
Umeda Sky Building.png
Umeda Sky Building Osaka, Japan 173/568
Shenfang Plaza Hotel
Shenfang Plaza Hotel.png
Shenfang Plaza Shenzhen, China 173/568
Edges Residential Complex National Bank of Abu Dhabi Headquarters Abu Dhabi, UAE 173/568
Commerce Square Residential Complex
Commerce Square Residential Complex L2.png
Commerce Square Philadelphia, PA, USA 172/565
ANZ World Headquarters
ANZ World Headquarters.png
ANZ World Headquarters Melbourne, Australia 172/564
Seventh Heaven Hotel
Building Seventh Heaven Hotel.png
Nordstar Tower Moscow, Russia 172/563
Dar Al Awadi Tower
Dar Al Awadi Tower.png
Dar Al Awadi Tower Kuwait City, Kuwait 171/561
Dar Al Awadi Tower (Night).png
Spiral Tower
Spiral Tower.png
Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers Nagoya, Japan 170/560
Sharq Tower
Sharq Tower.png
25th/26th February Towers Kuwait City, Kuwait 170/558
111 Huntington Avenue
111 Huntington Avenue.png
111 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA, USA 169/554
Crystal Tower
Crystal Tower.png
Soyak Kristal Kule Istanbul, Turkey 169/554
Zen Apartments
Zen Apartments.png
Zen Apartments Melbourne, Australia 168/550
Sonic Tower
Sonic Tower.png
Panasonic Tower Kuwait City, Kuwait 167/548
Philadelphia City Hall
Philadelphia City Hall.png
Philadelphia City Hall Philadelphia, PA, USA 167/548
Torre Latinoamericana
Torre Latinoamericana.png
Torre Latinoamericana Mexico City, Mexico 166/544
The Peak Apartments
The Peak Apartments.png
The Peak Apartments Sydney, Australia 166/544
Fujian Tower
Fujian Tower.png
Fujian Power Dispatching and Communication Building Fuzhou, China 165/541
Gothic Compound
Gothic Residential Complex.png
Cathedral of Learning Pittsburgh, PA, USA 163/535
Kaleidoscope Hotel
Kaleidoscope Hotel.png
Westin New York New York City, NY, USA 162/532
Hotel Complex
Hotel Complex (Auto Show) L1.png
Palazzo Lombardia Milan, Italy 161/529
Capital Gate Tower Capital Gate Tower Abu Dhabi, UAE 160/524
Fenchurch Street Tower
Fenchurch Street Tower.png
20 Fenchurch Street London, UK 160/525
Al Jon Tower
Al Jon Tower.png
Al Jon Tower Kuwait City, Kuwait 160/525
35 East Wacker
35 East Wacker.png
35 East Wacker Chicago, IL, USA 159/523
Philadelphia Residence
Philadelphia Residence.png
Residences at the Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia, PA, USA 158/518
Pitt Street Tower
Pitt Street Tower.png
Century Tower Sydney, Australia 158/518
Montevideo Tower
Montevideo Tower.png
Antel Tower Montevideo, Uruguay 157/517
Frankfurt Skyscraper
Frankfurt Skyscraper.png
Deutsche Bank Hochhaus Frankfurt, Germany 155/509
Aurora Residential Complex
Building Aurora Residential Complex.png
Vorobiovy Gory I and Vorobiovy Gory III Towers Moscow, Russia 155/509
"Aurora" Residential Complex (Night).png
Istanbul Plaza Hotel
Istanbul Plaza Hotel.png
Süzer Plaza Rit z-Carlton Istanbul, Turkey 154/505
Conrad Miami Hotel
Conrad Miami Hotel L4.png
Espirito Santo Plaza Miami, FL, USA 154/505
Bundle Matrix Tower
Bundle Matrix Tower.png
S-Trenue Tower Seoul, South Korea 154/505
Dubai Arch Tower
Dubai Arch Tower.png
Dubai Arch Tower Dubai, UAE 153/502
Jin Jiang Tower Hotel
Jin Jiang Tower Hotel.png
Jin Jiang Tower Shanghai, China 153/502
One Lincoln Street Building
One Lincoln Street Building.png
One Lincoln Street Boston, MA, USA 153/502
Hard Rock Hotel
Hard Rock Hotel.png
Carbide & Carbon Building Chicago, IL, USA 153/502
Bank of Yokohama
Bank of Yokohama.png
Bank of Yokohama HQ Tokyo, Japan 152/500
Transportation Tower
Transportation Tower.png
Transport Tower Astana, Kazakhstan 150/490
Centenary Tower
Centenary Tower.png
Millennium Tower Rotterdam, Netherlands 150/490
Beijing Financial Center
Beijing Financial Center.png
Zhongguancun Financial Center Beijing, China 150/490


Megapolis Based on
Building Image Building Location Height m/ft
Ryungyong Hotel
Ryugyong Hotel.png
Ryungyong Hotel Pyongyang, North Korea 330/1,083
Gate to the East
Gate to the East L4.png
Gate to the East Suzhou, China 302/990
Emirates Pearl Hotel Emirates Pearl Hotel Abu Dhabi, UAE 255/837
Emirates Pearl Hotel (Night).png
Kuwaiti Central Bank
Kuwaiti Central Bank.png
Central Bank of Kuwait Kuwait City, Kuwait 240/787
Torre Isozaki
Torre Isozaki.png
Torre Isozaki, CityLife Milan, Italy 207/679

Under construction

Megapolis Based on
Building Image Building Location Height m/ft
Kingdom Tower
Kingdom Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Kingdom Tower Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 1,000/3,281
Kingdom Tower (Night).png
Wuhan Greenland Center
Wuhan Greenland Center.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Wuhan Greenland Center Wuhan, China 636/2,087
World Tower
World Tower L2.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Burj Al Alam Dubai, UAE 510/1,673
Dubai Towers
Dubai Towers.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Dubai Towers Dubai, UAE 400/1,310
Dubai Towers (Night).png
Hilton Compound & City Center Tower, SQ City
SQ City L2.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Federation Towers Moscow, Russia 360/1,181
DAMAC Heights
DAMAC Heights.png
Damac Residenze Dubai, UAE 335/1,099
Run Hua Global Center
Run Hua Global Center.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Runhua Global Center 1 Changzhou, China 318/1,043
Namaste Tower
Namaste Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Namaste Tower Mumbai, India 316/1,037
Pinnacle Tower
Pinnacle Tower.pngPinnacle Tower New.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg The Pinnacle London, UK 288/945
Hanoi Lotte Center
Hanoi Lotte Center.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Lotte Center Hanoi Hanoi, Vietnam 267/876
56 Leonard Tower
56 Leonard Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg 56 Leonard Street New York City, NY, USA 250/821
One Bloor East
One Bloor East.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg One Bloor East Toronto, Canada 234/767
Emerald Tower
Emerald Tower.png
Emerald Towers Astana, Kazakhstan 210/689
SOCAR Tower.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg SOCAR Tower Baku, Azerbaijan 209/686
Ningbo Bank
Ningbo Bank.png
Bank of China Tower Ningbo, China 200/656
Fake Hills Residential Complex
Fake Hills Residential Complex (Building) L4.png
Fake Hills Tower Beihai, China 194/636
Torre Hadid
Torre Hadid.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Torre Hadid, CityLife Milan, Italy 175/574


Megapolis Based on
Building Image Building Location Height m/ft
Dubai City Tower
Dubai City Tower.png
Dubai City Tower Dubai, UAE 2,400/7,874
Nakheel Tower
Nakheel Tower.png
Nakheel Tower Dubai, UAE 1,400/4,593
Nakheel Tower (Valentine's Day).png
Agora Tower
Agora Tower L4.png
Azerbaijan Tower Baku, Azerbaijan 1,050/3,445
Volcanic Bacteria Farm
Volcanic Bacteria Farm L2.png
Dragonfly New York City, NY, USA 600/1,969
Astronomy Center
Astronomy Center.png
Crystal Island Moscow, Russia 450/1,476
Dynamic Tower
Dynamic Tower.png
Dynamic Tower Dubai, UAE 420/1,378
VolcEnergy Co. Building
VolcEnergy Co. Building.png
NOAH (New Orleans Arcology Habitat) New Orleans, LA, USA 366/1,200
Hermitage Plaza
Hermitage Plaza.png
Hermitage Plaza Paris, France 320/1,050
Sunrise Tower
Sunrise Tower.png
Sunrise Tower Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 280/919
Angkasa Raya
Angkasa Raya.png
Angkasa Raya Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 268/879
Lilium Tower
Lilium Tower.png
Lilium Tower Warsaw, Poland 260/853
Hashtag skyscrapers
Hashtag skyscrapers.png
Hashtag Skyscrapers Seoul, South Korea 214/702
Mingyu Financial Plaza
Mingyu Financial Plaza.png
Mingyu Financial Plaza Chengdu, China 207/679
Mingyu Financial Plaza (Night).png
Dorobanti Tower
Dorobanti Tower.png
Dorobanti Tower Bucharest, Romania 200/656
Penang Global City Centre
Penang Global City Centre.png
Penang Global City Centre Penang, Malaysia 200/656
Torre Libeskind
Torre Libeskind.png
Torre Libeskind Milan, Italy 160/525
Beach and Howe Tower
Beach and Howe tower.png
Beach and Howe Tower Vancouver, Canada 150/490


Megapolis Based on
Building Image Building Location Height m/ft
One Liberty Plaza
One Liberty Plaza.png
Singer Building New York City, NY, USA 187/612



Megapolis Based on
Building Image Building Location Height m/ft
Tokyo Skytree
Tokyo Skytree.png
Tokyo Skytree Tokyo, Japan 634/2,080
Canton TV Tower
Canton TV Tower.png
Canton Tower Guangzhou, China 600/1,969
CN Tower
CN Tower.png
CN Tower Toronto, Canada 553/1,815
Ostankino TV Tower
Ostankino TV Tower.png
Ostankino Tower Moscow, Russia 540/1,772
Oriental Pearl Tower
Oriental Pearl Tower.png
Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai, China 468/1,535
Kuala Lumpur Tower
Kuala Lumpur Tower.png
Kuala Lumpur Tower Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 421/1,381
Zhongyuan Tower
Zhongyuan Tower (Night).png
Zhongyuan Tower Zhengzhou, China 388/1,273
Novum TV Tower
Novum TV Tower L3.png
Tashkent Tower Tashkent, Uzbekistan 375/1,230
Berlin TV Tower
Berlin TV Tower.png
Fernsehturm Berlin, Germany 368/1,207
Tokyo TV Tower
Tokyo TV Tower.png
Tokyo Tower Tokyo, Japan 333/1,093
Eiffel Tower
Building Eiffel Tower.png
Eiffel Tower Paris, France 324/1,063
Sydney TV Tower
Sydney TV Tower.png
Sydney Tower Sydney, Australia 309/1,014
Aspire Tower
Aspire Tower (Night).png
Aspire Tower Doha, Qatar 300/980
Observation Tower
Observation Tower L4.png
Olympic Park Observation Tower Beijing, China 243/797
BT Tower
BT Tower.png
BT Tower London, UK 191/627
Towers of Kuwait
Resbuilding Towers of Kuwait.png
Tower I, Kuwait Towers Kuwait City, Kuwait 187/614
Towers of Kuwait (Night).png
Lightning Catcher Tower
Lightning Catcher L5.png
Space Needle Seattle, WA, USA 184/605
PL Peace Tower
Decoation PL Peace Tower.png
Dai Heiwa Kinen Tō Osaka, Japan 180/591
San Jacinto Monument
San Jacinto Monument.png
San Jacinto Monument Harris County, TX, USA 173/567
Portsmouth Tower
Portsmouth Tower (Night).png
Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth, UK 170/560
Washington Monument
Washington Monument.png
Washington Monument Washington D.C., USA 169/555


Megapolis Based on
Building Image Building Location Height m/ft
Star Shard Gift Store
Star Shard Gift Store L2.png
Tall Emblem Structure Dubai Dubai, UAE 170/558



Megapolis Based on
Building Image Building Location Height m/ft
Hassan II Mosque
Hassan II Mosque.png
Wikipedia FavIcon.svg Hassan II Mosque Casablanca, Morocco 210/690
Chicago Temple Building
The Chicago Temple Building.png
Chicago Temple Building Chicago, IL, USA 173/568
Mole Antonelliana
Mole Antonelliana.png
Mole Antonelliana Turin, Italy 168/550
Ulm Minster
Ulm Minster.png
Ulm Minster Ulm, Germany 162/530
Cologne Cathedral
Cologne cathedral.png
Cologne Cathedral Cologne, Germany 157/516

Under construction

Megapolis Based on
Building Image Building Location Height m/ft
La Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia.png
Sagrada Família Barcelona, Spain 170/560


Megapolis Based on
Building Image Building Location Height m/ft
Red Gate Bridge pylons
Red Gate Bridge L1.png
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, CA, USA 227/746
Sky Arch
Sky Arch.png
Gateway Arch St. Louis, MO, USA 192/630
Hudson Bridge pylons
Hudson Bridge L1.png
George Washington Bridge New York City, NY, USA 184/604
Wonder Wheel
Wonder Wheel L1.png
Singapore Flyer Singapore, Singapore 165/541
Ring of Life
Ring of Life.png
Ring of Life Fushan, China 157/515