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In the World of Animals Background.png
In the World of Animals is a timed quest in which the player has 168 hours to build and upgrade 6 new fixed structures with assets and/or diagrams leading to exclusive rewards. It was released on July 22, 2021.[1]
Requires Level 30
Character Minister of Tourism (Remake).png
Create a Safari Park in your Megapolis - an amazing place where travelers can interact with wild animals!
Ever dreamed of hot countries and amazing adventures? Would you like to ride an elephant or feed a giraffe? Then the new project will definitely interest you!
The citizens are asking the mayor to: build a Safari Park
The Safari Park is a great place for recreation, where ideal conditions are created for both tourists and wild animals!
This timed quest requires 569 Megabucks sm.png (for assets, if purchased) and 2,080,220 Coin sm.png (for contracts, diagrams, buildings and foundation purchases).
The step rewards (except for assets, structures and certificates) accumulates to 6,240 Experience sm.png and 64,900 Coin sm.png.

Stage 1 - Love for Nature

Quest Love for Nature.png
"The interest in meeting wildlife among the citizens grows every year. Let's create a jungle corner in the city, while creating the maximum level of comfort for our guests."

"Head to Tourist Island to find a location for your future Safari Park."

Visit Tourist Island 2.png Go to Tourist Island


"Great place, Mayor! Now you can get down to business!"
  • 190 Experience sm.png
  • 600 Coin sm.png

Stage 2 - Wildlife Reserve Center

Quest Wildlife Reserve Center.png
"Both guests and animals will feel at home in our park and the specialists of the Wildlife Reserve Center will take care of this."

"Take the first step towards creating a unique Safari Park - lay the Wildlife Reserve Center Foundation."

Wildlife Reserve Center Construction.png Start building the Wildlife Reserve Center
Costs: 48,000 Coin sm.png or 5 Megabucks sm.png
Gives: 120 Experience sm.png and 1,600 Population Limits.png cap increase


"Great start! Keep up the good work! Here are some free building materials to help you on the way. Check out your Storehouse!"

Stage 3 - Hunt for Experiences

Quest Hunt for Experiences.png
"Safari means “journey” in Swahili. Only hunting tours used to be called this name before, but safaris have now turned into hunts for experiences!"

"Build the Wildlife Reserve Center and start organizing the first zone. A meeting with elephants - the dignified giants, awaits the guests of the Safari Lodge!"

Wildlife Reserve Center L1.png Build the Wildlife Reserve Center
05 x Lighting Equipment Asset Lighting Equipment.png (from Stage 1 above)
Gives: 310 Experience sm.png and 4,800 Population Limits.png cap increase upon completion and access to Wild Animal Adaptation contract at the Wildlife Reserve Center
Safari Lodge Construction.png Start building the Safari Lodge
Costs: 45,800 Coin sm.png or 3 Megabucks sm.png
Gives: 450 Experience sm.png and 5,500 Population Limits.png cap increase


"Perfect! You follow the principles of ecotourism and care for the wildlife in the park."
  • 230 Experience sm.png
  • 1,000 Coin sm.png

Stage 4 - Wild Animal Adaptation

Quest Wild Animal Adaptation.png
"Transportation is always stressful, so we have to help our animals settle in a new place and make sure they are doing well."

"Start adapting wild animals in the park and continue building the Safari Lodge."

Safari Lodge L1.png Build the Safari Lodge Frame
05 x Aluminum Profile Asset Aluminum Profile.png
05 x Anchor Bolts Asset Anchor Bolts.png
Gives: 950 Experience sm.png and 12,500 Population Limits.png cap increase upon completion
Contract Wild Animal Adaptation.png Accept the Wild Animal Adaptation contract
Requires: Wildlife Reserve Center
Costs: 320 Coin sm.png and 30 minutes
Gives: 1,400 Coin sm.png and 13 Experience sm.png upon completion


"The animals are feeling great and they are full of energy! Accept these building materials as a reward for your efforts."
  • 260 Experience sm.png
  • 1,300 Coin sm.png
  • 05 x Glass Asset Glass.png

Stage 5 - Safari Lodge

Quest Safari Lodge.png
"A marvelous tropical landscape awaits you at the Safari Lodge - emerald green tea plantations, where elephants stroll between rows of tea bushes."

"Build a Safari Lodge and start setting up the Wild Playground, a special area where guests of the park can watch the life of lions and tigers."

Safari Lodge L2.png Build the Safari Lodge
04 x Rebar Asset Rebar.png
04 x Iron Beams Asset Iron Beams.png
02 x Palm Trees Asset Palm Trees.png
05 x Glass Asset Glass.png (from Stage 4 above)
05 x Sand Asset Sand.png
Gives: 1,900 Experience sm.png and 25,000 Population Limits.png cap increase upon completion, then 2,200 Coin sm.png and 71 Experience sm.png every 10 hours and access to Elephant Ride contract at the Wildlife Reserve Center
Wild Playground Construction.png Start building the Wild Playground
Costs: 62,900 Coin sm.png or 3 Megabucks sm.png
Gives: 450 Experience sm.png and 6,900 Population Limits.png cap increase


"You completed the task! Now there is a Tea Plantation in your Megapolis!"
  • 300 Experience sm.png
  • 1,600 Coin sm.png

Stage 6 - Wild Playground

Quest Wild Playground.png
"On the territory of the Wild Playground the predators can feel at home, but we will build a special observation deck for tourists so that they can observe the lions from a safe distance."

"Finish building a Wild Playground for those who like excitement and don't forget to arrange an elephant ride for those who prefer more peaceful activities!"

Wild Playground L1.png Build the Wild Playground
07 x Air Purifier Asset Air Purifiers.png
04 x Loudspeaker Asset Loudspeaker.png
05 x Underground Storage Tank Asset Underground Reservoirs.png
04 x Chain-Link Fencing Asset Chain-Link Fencing.png
09 x Surveillance Systems Asset Surveillance Systems.png
06 x Radio Equipment Asset Radio Room.png
Gives: 650 Experience sm.png and 14,900 Population Limits.png cap increase upon completion and access to Jeep Photo Safari contract at the Wildlife Reserve Center
Giraffe Hotel Construction.png Start building the Giraffe Hotel
Costs: 72,900 Coin sm.png or 5 Megabucks sm.png
Gives: 270 Experience sm.png and 5,700 Population Limits.png cap increase
Contract Elephant Ride.png Complete the Elephant Ride contract
Requires: Safari Lodge
Costs: 970 Coin sm.png and 1 hour
Gives: 4,200 Coin sm.png and 41 Experience sm.png upon completion


"Wonderful job! There's every kind of dun at the new Safari Park! Accept this Building Coupon for 10 materials as a reward for your efforts."

Stage 7 - Photo Safari

Quest Photo Safari.png
"A photo safari is great entertainment for those who want to feel like the hero of an adventure novel! You will dive into the world of the wilds and encounter graceful predators."

"The Giraffe Hotel is a corner of peace and tranquility! Hurry up and build it and set off on a photo safari."

Giraffe Hotel L1.png Build the Giraffe Hotel
05 x Butterfly Valve Asset Butterfly Valve.png
09 x All-Purpose Primer Asset All-Purpose Primer.png
08 x Plastic Windows Asset Plastic Windows.png
07 x Scaffolding Asset Scaffolding.png
08 x Maintenance Ladder Asset Maintenance Ladder.png
08 x Hardwood Plank Asset Parquet Plank.png
05 x Electric Planer Asset Electric Plane.png
Gives: 380 Experience sm.png and 11,500 Population Limits.png cap increase upon completion and access to Breakfast with Giraffes contract at the Wildlife Reserve Center
Contract Jeep Photo Safari.png Accept the Jeep Photo Safari contract
Requires: Wild Playground
Costs: 2,580 Coin sm.png and 2 hours
Gives: 11,200 Coin sm.png and 110 Experience sm.png upon completion


"The park visitors are delighted with their unique photos! Organize photo safaris more often!"
  • 400 Experience sm.png
  • 2,500 Coin sm.png

Stage 8 - Jungle Restaurant

Quest Jungle Restaurant.png
"After a day of adventures and thrills, it's great to take a breather and spend time enjoying gourmet food and great views."

"Build the Jungle Restaurant and upgrade the Wildlife Reserve Center"

Wildlife Reserve Center L2.png Upgrade the Wildlife Reserve Center to the Wildlife Reserve Administration
08 x Automatic Sprinkler System Asset Automatic Sprinkler System.png
07 x Winch Asset Windlass.png
14 x Paint Asset Paint.png
10 x Fiberglass Wallpaper Asset Fiberglass Wallpaper.png
08 x Facade Adhesive Asset Facade Adhesive.png
10 x Decorative Plaster Asset Decorative Plaster.png
08 x Solar Heating System Asset Solar Heating System.png
Gives: 560 Experience sm.png and 14,300 Population Limits.png cap increase upon completion and access to New Safari Tour Presentation contract at the Wildlife Reserve Center
Jungle Restaurant L0.png Build the Jungle Restaurant
Costs: 923,000 Coin sm.png or 3 Megabucks sm.png
Gives: 910 Experience sm.png, 11,000 Population Limits.png cap increase upon completion, then 1,500 Coin sm.png and 51 Experience sm.png every 15 hours


"You completed the task and you get building materials as a reward."

Stage 9 - Breakfast with Giraffes

Quest Breakfast with Giraffes.png
"The gem of our safari park is the Giraffe Hotel. Here tourists can relax in first-class rooms and chat with the giraffes who love to look into the hotel windows."

"Start your day by eating breakfast with giraffes and start working on the park with a new surge of strength - it's time to expand the Wild Playground."

Wild Playground L2.png Upgrade the Wild Playground to the Kingdom of Predators
09 x Paint Brush Asset Paint Brush.png
10 x Tickets Asset Tickets.png
12 x Paint Asset Paint.png
10 x Luminescent Lamps Asset Luminescent Lamps.png
10 x Palm Trees Asset Palm Trees.png
12 x Jet Ski Asset Jet Ski.png
07 x First Aid Kit Asset First-Aid Kit.png
05 x Weather Balloon Asset Weather Balloon.png
Gives: 1,200 Experience sm.png and 30,900 Population Limits.png cap increase upon completion, then 3,700 Coin sm.png and 130 Experience sm.png every 14 hours and access to Filming a Documentary About a Pride contract at the Wildlife Reserve Center
Contract Breakfast with Giraffes.png Complete the Breakfast with Giraffes contract
Requires: Giraffe Hotel
Costs: 6,280 Coin sm.png and 4 hours
Gives: 27,300 Coin sm.png and 260 Experience sm.png upon completion


"You're doing a great job! Keep up the good work!"
  • 540 Experience sm.png
  • 3,900 Coin sm.png

Stage 10 - New Route

Quest New Route (ItWoA).png
"The secret of success for a tourism business is searching for new routes and unusual places for recreation, as well as attention to detail."

"Upgrade the Giraffe Hotel so guests can enjoy five-star comfort and present your new safari tour. This will attract new visitors!"

Giraffe Hotel L2.png Upgrade the Giraffe Hotel to the Giraffe Boutique Hotel
10 x Facade Adhesive Asset Facade Adhesive.png
15 x Bracket Asset Bracket.png
08 x Water Cooler Asset Water Cooler.png
14 x Winch Asset Windlass.png
14 x Air Purifier Asset Air Purifiers.png
09 x Decorative Plaster Asset Decorative Plaster.png
12 x Lighting Equipment Asset Lighting Equipment.png
08 x Automatic Fire Suppression System Asset Automatic Fire Suppression Systems.png
Gives: 750 Experience sm.png and 20,100 Population Limits.png cap increase upon completion
Contract New Safari Tour Presentation.png Accept the New Safari Tour Presentation contract
Requires: Wildlife Reserve Administration
Costs: 9,610 Coin sm.png and 5 hours
Gives: 41,800 Coin sm.png and 410 Experience sm.png upon completion


"You did a brilliant job on this task and get valuable building materials as a gift."

Stage 11 - Documentary

Quest Documentary (ItWoA).png
"We were so good at recreating natural wilderness conditions that our Safari Park was chosen for filming a documentary about the life of a pride of lions!"

"Film a wildlife documentary and add the finishing touch to your Safari Park by building the Giraffe Comfortable Boutique Hotel."

Giraffe Hotel L3.png Upgrade Giraffe Boutique Hotel to the Giraffe Comfortable Boutique Hotel
08 x Brazilian Marble Asset Brazilian Marble.png
09 x Vase Asset Vase.png
12 x LEDs Asset LEDs.png
04 x Radio Equipment Asset Radio Room.png
10 x Fiberglass Wallpaper Asset Fiberglass Wallpaper.png
06 x Palm Trees Asset Palm Trees.png
10 x First Aid Kit Asset First-Aid Kit.png
09 x Tickets Asset Tickets.png
09 x Loudspeaker Asset Loudspeaker.png
07 x Jet Ski Asset Jet Ski.png
06 x Sand Asset Sand.png
10 x Glass Asset Glass.png
Gives: 1,500 Experience sm.png and 36,600 Population Limits.png cap increase upon completion, then 4,600 Coin sm.png and 160 Experience sm.png every 16 hours and access to Safari Style Gala contract at the Wildlife Reserve Center
Contract Filming a Documentary About a Pride.png Complete the Filming a Documentary About a Pride contract
Requires: Kingdom of Predators
Costs: 16,880 Coin sm.png and 8 hours
Gives: 73,400 Coin sm.png and 680 Experience sm.png upon completion


"The comfortable Giraffe Boutique Hotel is ready to receive its first guests!"
  • 760 Experience sm.png
  • 5,900 Coin sm.png

Stage 12 - High-society Gala

Quest High-society Gala.png
"Time to add some sparkle to our entertainment! Organize a High-society Gala and offer guests to dress in the safari style to give it a touch of the exotic."

"Build the Diving Island and go to the High-society Gala!"

Diving Island L0.png Build Diving Island
Costs: 862,000 Coin sm.png or 3 Megabucks sm.png
Gives: 900 Experience sm.png, 11,100 Population Limits.png cap increase upon completion, then 1,800 Coin sm.png and 68 Experience sm.png every 20 hours
Contract Safari Style Gala.png Accept the Safari Style Gala contract
Requires: Giraffe Comfortable Boutique Hotel
Costs: 28,980 Coin sm.png and 13 hours
Gives: 126,000 Coin sm.png and 1,300 Experience sm.png upon completion


"You created a magnificent Safari Park near Megapolis and you get a Charitable Foundation as a reward!"
  • 910 Experience sm.png
  • 7,300 Coin sm.png
  • Charitable Foundation


For completing Stage 12

  • Charitable Foundation
Charitable Foundation

Charitable Foundation

  • Fixed Plot
  • 55,100 Population Limits.png cap increase
  • 10,200 Coin sm.png and 280 Experience sm.png every 24 hours
    Coin per Minute: 7.08 Coin sm.png
    XP per Minute: 0.19 Experience sm.png
  • Access to Fundraising for the Wildlife Reserve contract at the Wildlife Reserve Center
Achievement after building the Charitable Foundation
Safari Organizer

"You created an incredible Safari Park and receive a Charitable Foundation and a new achievement as a gift!"

  • 30,000 Coin sm.png
  • 1,000 Experience sm.png
  • 3 Megabucks sm.png