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This help page is an editing guide.
It details processes or procedures of some aspect(s) of Megapolis Wiki's norms and practices.
If you want to suggest some changes to the process, contact one of the administrators.

There are many ways to contribute to this wiki, but it turns out that newcoming members have troubles to make proper edits. They often make uncomplete contributions due to lack of in-game information or use of the wiki templates.
And on this spot we want to help.

Getting Started

First you need templates where the game information will be inserted. The Template Library has all important templates for various page types. These blank templates be copied and used for working. Specific templates can be copied from the related page as well but since they are filled, it will makes the editing more inconvenient. Nonetheless, it is recommened to have a completely filled template as reference at one's fingertips.

To fill the templates you will need the game files. These are free accessible in the android folder:

[Internal Storage]/Android/data/com.socialquantum.acityint

Should you not have access to this folder because you don't own an android mobile device or for other reasons, contact us in Discord. For those who want to get the files by themselves, just connect your mobile device to your computer or laptop and go to upper stated path. In this folder you will need 5 following files:

  • city_quests.yml.XXXXX (quest & achievement data)
  • (quest description lines)
  • (news & reward lines)
  • city_hierarchy.yml.XXXXX (list of updata releases & data structure)
  • (name of buildings)

Don't tangle with the "XXXXX" label. These files are pure ASCII text files and can be readed by every text editor. These files are temporary and changes every time as a new game update is released. Megapolis is available in many languages but on this wiki we use the english version ("en" underlined).

As last step you need an efficient text editor. We recommend Notepad++ which can be downloaded at Of course, windows editor or TextEdit or other default editor can be used as well, but they are not as practical.

Using Game Files

Coming soon...

Short manual for Timed Quest page on Discord#general > "pinned messages" (old version, but it will do for the beginning)

Extracting Images

The following methode is no longer viable due to the shutdown of the Facebook server in July 2021.

Because most of the building do have animations, there is no possibility to get them as a simple image. And images of buildings which have been screenshot and photoshopped have not the same quality as the original and so, will not approved. Therefore we extract the original textures with some few simple steps.


For every building (and construction stage) there exists a Swf file (Adobe Flash) in that are the original images, which we want to get, and other information. There are many programms that can open Swf files but we need an overview of the seperate components. A good recommendation is JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler. It's free and does its job really good. Just accept the default settings at installing.
Tip: change Font size multiplier at 1.2 in Advanced Settings > Display.

Getting Swf Files

The Swf files have only the id names of the buildings wherefore we need the file. Just open it with yout text editor and search for the in game used building name you want to extract (e.g. "Aachen Cathedral"). You will see the id name on the left site of the equals sign.

Next step, we copy the id name (of course without the " " signs right and left) and paste it in this URL:[ID_NAME].swf
→ just replace [ID_NAME]

(alternative URL:[ID_NAME].swf)

When you press enter the file will be downloaded automatically on your computer (→ "Downloads").

Extracting with JPEXS

  1. Start JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler and open the downloaded Swf file from your download folder
  2. The several folders can be viewed in the left window, click on "images"
    JPEXS Swf Opened.png

  3. To the right there appeare many parts of the building and "versions" (2 versions for each rotation)
    JPEXS Img Folder Opened.png

  4. Select the neccessary images and export them as PNG files
    JPEXS Png Export.png

  5. The exported files will be saved in an extra generated folder called "images"


Since most buildings are made of 2 these images, they have to be overlayed by using photoshop. Here I can highly recommend Paint.Net (free download). The overlaying produces a higher file size, so if you should find a more usefull image of the building in JPEXS, then use that instead.

By naming the image we use the file again and copy the in game name of the building (in the example → "Aachen Cathedral.png").

Last but not least, at uploading the finished building texture you have to add the {{Sqimg}} license. You find it under "More Options" and then "Licensing", there you choose "This file is copyrighted by Social Quantum...".

Here is an outdated forum article: Forum:Extracting images