Grand Theater (Construction)
Grand Theater Construction
Plot 4x2 short
Cost 220,000 Coin sm
Megabucks sm
30 Power sm
20 Water sm
Provides 750 Experience sm
Population limit:

5,000 Population Limits

No periodic benefit
Construction Instant

The Grand Theater is an infrastructure building that was released in an update on 07.02.2013.[1] It can be upgraded one level, granting an increase to the Population Cap and periodic tax income.

A total of 35 assets are needed to complete construction of the Grand Theater. This is equivalent to 40 Megabucks sm if one were to buy every asset instead of waiting to receive them from neighbors.

Quests and Achievements



Grand Theater (Level 1)

Grand Theater L1
Requires Rewards
  • 40 Megabucks sm or 35 asset gifts
  • 50 (+20) Power sm and 35 (+15) Water sm
  • 35,000 Population Limits population cap (Total: 40,000 Population Limits)
  • 1,000 Experience sm when the last asset is placed
  • 2,500 Coin sm and 80 Experience sm every 12 hours
    Coins per Minute: 3.47 Coin sm
    XP per Minute: 0.11 Experience sm
  • Can be sold for 40,000 Coin sm
Asset Image Amount Price Cost
Column Asset Column x 10 1 Megabucks sm 10 Megabucks sm
Granite Slabs Asset Granite Slabs x 5 1 Megabucks sm 5 Megabucks sm
Lighting Equipment Asset Lighting Equipment x 5 1 Megabucks sm 5 Megabucks sm
Precious Wood Furniture Asset Precious Wood Furniture x 5 2 Megabucks sm 10 Megabucks sm
Tickets Asset Tickets x 10 1 Megabucks sm 10 Megabucks sm


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