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I am awarded Megabucks Salary sm2 but did not receive them.

Frequently, Salary Salary sm2 is confused with Megabucks sm. Different icon. Different purpose. Please visit the City Hall article for more information on Salary.

What does Salary do?

Salary is used by City Hall to auto-collect VAT (taxes) or census (population). Each collection costs 1 salary Salary sm2.

How do I remove neighbors?

On any game linked with Facebook, you cannot.

On any game not linked with Facebook (i.e., on the SQ-Network ), removal of friends is possible. For more information, see Neighbor Removal .

I'm not receiving any gifts from my neighbors

There are two potential causes for this issue:

  1. Your neighbors have "gifts for sending" to give but are not sending them to you. There are a variety of reasons why-- they may not have any "gifts for sending" that are on your wishlist; they may not be playing; they may just be unsupportive; etc.
  2. Your neighbors are not receiving any "gifts for sending" and cannot send any to you. If you are playing on the SQ-Network they may be suffering from a known issue 
I'm not receiving any gifts to give to my neighbors

There is a known issue that has been reported to Social Quantum since Feb 2013 that players are not receiving "gifts for sending" every 8 hours as posted on the official FAQ.

see When am I eligable for free gifts in the game?

Can I restart my (Facebook) game? No. [Source]